The Fix Was In For Hillary

Trump, Let's Cut The Red Tape & Regulations

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Andrew McCabe

Andrew McCabe, Second In Charge At The FBI Was In On The "Insurance Policy" 

Marco Rubio

Little Marco Pulls A Publicity Stunt - If I Don't Get A Bigger Child Tax Credit I Will Tank The Tax Reform

Bruce Nellie Ohr

It Gets Much Worse: More Anti-Trump Links To Top DOJ Official

Kristen Gillibrand

Kristen Gillibrand Is A Fraud Democrat - Stops Interview When Asked About Rapist Bill Clinton 

John Thune

Dems Fighting Tax Reform Because They Hate Tax Cuts 

Tavis Smiley

Left-Wing, Constant Trump Basher, PBS Host Travis Smiley Suspended - Allegedly Forced Women To Have Sex With Him To Keep Their Jobs

Ryan McConnell

GOP Strikes A Deal On Trump Tax Cuts


Look Who Calls Evangelicals An "Extremist Religious Group"

China N. Korea Border

China Planing Refugee Camps On North Korean Border

Ann Coulter

Coulter: Why I Secretly Wanted Moore To Lose, Brooks 2020


There Is Nothing More Despicable Than A Democrat

Robert Mueller Is The Cover-Up

The Spy In Your Pocket

Comey Clinton

The Fix Was In: Comey Edits Revealed - Complete Corruption

Jim Acosta

What Do You Do When A Idiot CNN Reporter Stands Up In Front Of Everybody & Gives False Stats About Mass Shootings In US

Illegal Aliens

4 Of The FBI's Top 10 Most Wanted Are Illegal Aliens

Trump Gorsuch

Dems Thought Obama Was Stacking The Courts, Then Trump Showed Up

Black Women

Black Women Credited For Defeating Roy Moore, Now They Demand To Be Paid

Rod Rosenenstein

Deputy AG Won't Say Whether FBI Paid For False Dossier - Fire Him Who The Hell Is In Charge 

Rod Rosenstein

Deep State Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein Refuses To Call For Special Counsel To Probe FBI Anti-Trump Bias - Fire Him  

Bill O'Reilly

O'Reilly: Tape Exists Of A Woman Being Offered Hundreds Of Thousands To Make False Claims Against Trump

Anderson Cooper

CNN's Anderson Cooper Blasts Trump On Twitter - Then Claims His Twitter Account Was Hacked

Bob Corker

RINO Corker: "I'm Really, Really Happy" With The Alabama Results 

Wall Street Main Street

Feds Dodd-Frank Tipped The Scales In The Wrong Direction - Of Course It Was Intentional

Ajit Pai

FCC Repeals Obama's Completely Misnamed "Net Neutrality"

FCC Ajiti Pai

Watch- Bomb Threat Jolts FCC As It Votes To Roll Back Obama's Government Controlled Internet 

Comedy & Tragedy

Comedy & Tragedy - Higher Education's Obsession With Gender, Intersectionality

Check Your Privilege

The Academic "Thought-Collective"


Holly Crap: MSNBC Analyst Says It's "Unfortunate" Voters Shape Public Policy - Now You Know

Donald Trump

While Everyone Was Focused On The Alabama Election, Trump Got A Big Victory In The Courts


Shocking, Scandalous: Liberal Lawmakers Trying To Bail Out Private Union Pensions With Taxpayer Money 


This Gets Really Bad: Deep State FBI Texted About Protecting Country Against Trump - Suggested An "Insurance Policy" Just In Case & These People Use To Lock Up The Mafia

April Ryan & Pecan Pie

Press Secretary Sarah Sanders Shuts Up The Pie Hole Of April Ryan With A Pecan Pie



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Recep Tayyip Erdogan
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The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons

The Daily Account's Daily Cartoon

Doug Jones

State Department Struck A Deal With Hillary

The Mueller Investigation Is Illegitimate & Corrupt

Akayed Allah 

Jonathan Turley

Jonathan Turley: Congress Should Investigate The Mueller Investigation

Peter Strzok

Ex-Mueller Aide's Texts Revealed: Read Them Here - Shocking


Levin: Smoking Gun? The Media Keeps Shooting Itself In The Foot!

Donald Trump

Do You Understand The Stakes Of Mueller Probe? If Not Read This


CNN Gave 27 Times More Coverage To Its Total Crap Trump-Wikileaks Story Than Its Retraction

Donald Trump

Trump Drags Red Herring Past Pack Of Yowling Democrats, Leads Them Off Alabama Race

Akayed Allah

NYC Bomber A Beneficiary Of Chain Migration & Visa Lottery Program

Trump Coke

CNN, MSNBC Cover President Trump's Diet Coke Habit Instead Of NYC Bombing

Bill De Blasio

GOP Tax Bill Will Cause Dem States To Face Reality


Liberals Threaten Companies Doing Business In Alabama If They Elect Roy Moore - Complete Insanity


Jay Sekulow 
In the past three months, airlines earned a record $1.2 billion just in baggage fees! But, I should say, they only received half of the money. The airlines lost the other half. They think it might be in Cleveland or Omaha — they’re not quite sure yet. - Harry Styles
Hillary Clinton 

Elizabeth Warren Is A Liar: She Is No More A Cherokee Indian Than I Am

Mueller Probe Reveals Unlimited Power Corrupts



Former Facebook Exec: Social Media Is Ripping Apart Society


Anti-Semite Barack Obama Compares Trump To Hitler

Robert Mueller

How Robert Mueller Sabotaged Counterterror Training In 2012

John McCain

John McCain Asks For More Twitter Followers, Thousands "Unfollow" Him

Working Homeless

Silicon Valley's "Working Homeless" Shows How Hard Life Is In "Democrat's Paradise"



Donald Trump

Trump Pays Tribute To Civil-Rights Heroes In Mississippi As Several Black Leaders Boycott His Visit

Harold Ford Jr.

You're Fired! MSNBC "Morning Joe" Contributer, Harold Ford Jr. Charged With Sexual Misconduct 

Alcee Hastings

Treasury Paid $220,000 To Settle A Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against Alcee Hastings - Now The Fraud Is Outraged The Settlement Was Paid

Sheikh Elsabagh

Texas "Religion Of Peace" Imam Calls For Destruction Of Israel & Its Allies - That Means You!

Trump Pensacola

Shock: Reporters Defend Trump From Liberal Lie That He Spoke To "Mostly Empty" Rally


HUD Counts 553,742 Homeless People On A Single Night - West Coast Cities Blamed For Increase

Aaron Zebley

Another One: Mueller's "Right Hand Man" On Russian Probe Represented Clinton IT Aide Who Set Up Unsecured Server

Alan Dershowitz

Why Did Michael Flynn Lie & Why Did Mueller Charge Him With Lying

Donald Trump Jr.

CNN Pulls A Brian Ross With Colossal Fake News Screw-Up About Donald Trump Jr.

Clinton Supporter

The Left Cannot Believe That It Lost The Election & Is Still Losing 


Terror Groups Converging With Organized Crime In Latin America

Andrew Torba

Discussing The Inner Workings Of Silicon Valley's War On Free Speech & Defeating Their Monopoly


UN Pushing For $65 Million To Teach Palestinians To Fight Israel

Jerry Brown

Governor Moonbeam, Claims Wildfires Are Caused By Global Warming - Facts Mean Nothing

Devin Nunes

Chairman Nunes: My Investigator Have Uncovered Evidence Of FISA Abuse

NFL Stadium

NFL Struggles To Fill Stadiums - Tickets Hit Rock Bottom

Food Stamps

Wisconsin To Start Drug Testing Food Stamp Recipients, Barely Defeating Intense Democrat Opposition

Antifa Portland

Antifa Beats Heads At Kate Steinle Memorial March In Portland Oregon - Watch

Al Gore

Al Gore's "Inconvenient Sequel" Lands On Oscar Shortlist Despite Fake & False Climate Science

Global Warming

Time Running Out For Global Warming Hoaxsters

10 Commandments

Atheists Lawyers Blasted In 10 Commandments Monument Fight

Donald Trump

Trump Hits CNN Hard Over Latest Fake News Stunt - Calls Them "Least Trusted Name In News" 


Deep State IRS Criminals Leak James O'Keefe's Donor List To Liberal News Outlets - This Is A Felony

Capital Building

Sex Scandal Storm About To Get Worse For Congress

Rudolph Conteras

Recused Judge In Flynn Case, Served On FISA Court - Did He OK Spying On The Trump Campaign

James Mattis

Trump Turned "Mad Dog" Mattis Loose On ISIS & They Are Toast

Robert Mueller

Uh-Oh...FBI Whistleblower Reveals Mueller Lied To Congress

Laura Ingraham

Rep. Matt Gaetz Tells Laura Ingraham: People Who Hate Trump Are Investigating Him 

Eric Prince

Obama Put Me Under "Illegal" Surveillance & Leaked My Info To The Washington Compost

Trump Obama

Trump Eviscerates Obama In New Video, "I Fulfilled My Campaign Promise"

Hillary Huma

When Lying To The FBI Wasn't A Crime - Obstruction Of Justice Was Coming From Inside The FBI

Natalie Jaresko

Federal Regulators Whining About Christmas Bonuses In Puerto Rico Enjoy Obscene Salaries

Jane Sanders

Bernie Sanders Wife's Land Deal Still Under FBI Probe



Trump Recognized Jerusalem Exactly 1 Year After Obama Stabbed Israel In The Back & Tried To Give Holy Sites To Islam

Ken Dilanian

NBC's Ken Dilanian Reports Democrats Were Peddling The Fake Dossier To Journalists

James Woods

James Woods Does It Again: Tweets Hilarious Videos Of 2 Of The Most Ignorant Liberals In America


So, You Mean Actually Killing Terrorists Works?

Florida Police

Liberalism Is A Mental Disorder: Florida Democrat Thinks You Should Be Punished If A Teen Steals Your Car

Al Franken

Reminder: Al Franken Never Apologized & Said His Accusers Were Liars As He Resigns 

John Conyers 

Pathetic John Conyers: His Seat Will Stay Vacant For Nearly A Year


Media Suffered Most Humiliating Debacle In Ages: Now Refuses All Transparency Over What Happened

Jerry Brown

"Evil" Tax Cuts? Nope, It's Blue State Panic


EU Takes Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic To Court To Force More Muslim Migrants

Sarah Silverman

Sarah Silverman "Scared" & "Shaken" At Sight Of American Flag - How Do You Get This Stupid? Watch

Hillary Clinton

New Poll Finds 92% Of Democrats Uninformed, Ignorant & Easily Played

Donald Trump

228,000 New Jobs In November

Robert Mueller

It Just Gets Worse: A Top Attorney In Mueller's Investigation Attended Clinton's Election Night Party


Muslim Students At Catholic University Complain Christmas Gets Too Much Attention

Hillary Resistmas

$107 Hillary Tree-Topper Ushers In "Merry Resistmas"

Trent Franks

Another One Bites The Dust: Rep. Trent Franks Resigns


DOJ Demotes Top Official Over Fake Trump Dossier Connection


US Justice Department Reminds Marijuana Businesses They Can't File Bankruptcy

Al Franken

The Jerk Resigns & Somehow It's Trump's Fault 

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There Needs To A Cleansing At The FBI & DOJ

The FBI Investigations Are Politically Tainted

Israeli American Flags 


Netanyahu Urges World To Follow US Lead On Jerusalem Recognition

John Bolton

Former UN Ambassador John Bolton: What The Hell Is Obama Doing - He Is Violating The Logan Act & Undermining Trump


People Of The Lie


Islam, Immigration & The Death Of Sweden

Al Franken

Senate Panel Seeks "All Records" Of Payouts For Lawmaker's Alleged Misdeeds - Don't Hold Your Breath

Jeff Sessions 

National Sheriffs Association Backs Sessions In Push To Defund Sanctuary Cities

Mika Brzezinski

MSNBC "Morning Joe" Moron Mika: Al's Resignation Just Doesn't Feel Right - Twitter Feels She's Wrong 

Mueller Clapper Brennan

Unprecedented "Stealth Coup" Attempt By Obama Intelligence Officials


What A Difference Trump Makes - Deportations Soar, Illegal Crossings Plummet


6 Facts The MSM Isn't Reporting About The Jerusalem Issue

Burning Trump's Picture

Nets Go Nuts, Over Trump's Jerusalem Move

Jack Phillips

4 Highlights From Christian Baker's Wedding Cake Case At The Supreme Court

John Conyers III

Meet John Conyers Appointed Successor

Robert Mueller

Second Prosecutor On Mueller's Team Outed As Staunch Anti-Trump Bias Hater 

Matt Drudge

Matt Drudge Zings Mueller Probe: "What Is The Punishment When The FBI Lies To Us"


The Daily Account's Daily Cartoon

The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons

The Dumbest Thing Ever Said On CNN

Flashback: How Is Muslim Immigration To Sweden Working Out

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The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons


The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons 


Tech Giants Online Censorship Of Christians Exposed


Best Travel Pictures Of 2017

Nicolai Sennels

Trump's Tweet Is Right On Muslim Migrant Violence In Europe

Muscle Car

Rarest Of The Rare Muscle Cars Under One Roof


Here's How Much Uber Drivers Really Make

Jeanine Pirro

Fox News Host Jeanine Pirro Hit With Speeding Charges, Clocked At 119 MPH

Junk Car

100 Year Old Garage & Junkyard



California Housing Crisis: It's A Broken System


25 Theme Park Attractions You Must Experience In 2018

Boston Herald

Boston Herald: Another American Paper Goes Bankrupt

America's Cup

Radical America's Cup Concept Faster & Safer

North Korean Farmer

North Korea's Poverty Is So Dire That Farmers Reportedly Steal Each Other's Feces

Santa Clara California

28 Safest American Cities To Live In


Alfa Romeo Bat 1953

Concept Cars That Never Made It To Production

Amelia Earhart

Now We Know

Mark Zuckerberg

Zuckerberg Fires Back At Former Exec. Who Feels "Tremendous Guilt" For What He Helped Make

Doomsday Bunker

Take A Look At The Largest Private Doomsday Bunker Community On Earth

Bruno Mars

World's Highest-Paid Musicians Of 2017

Boone Pickens Ranch

Boone Pickens Just Listed His 100 Square Mile Ranch For $250 Million - Take A Look


Robert Mueller 
Yestrerday's Headlines 
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The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons

Liberal Logic

Cell Phone Tower

Just So You Know: Google Tacks You Even If The Setting Is Turned Off 

Treed Tunnel

The Most Breathtaking Abandoned Places On The Plant

House Purchase

11 Home Buying Myths People Actually Believe

Welcome To California

Liberal Cities In California Becoming Homeless Wastelands As Socialist Policies Fail 

Europe Is Killing Itself

Debunking The Palestinian Lie

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