Donald Trump

Why Trump's Overseas Visit Is Historic

Former Ambassador To Saudi Arabia On Trumps Trip

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Revealed: Facebook's Internal Rulebook On Sex, Terrorism, Violence

Seth Rich

Bar Manager: Cops Never Talked With Staff About Night Seth Rich Was Murdered

Hillary Clinton

NYPD Has Pedophile Rico Case Against Hillary


Corporate A-Listers Descend On Riyadh For Trump's CEO Summit - Makes Obama Look Stupid


When Obama Disclosed Israeli Nukes, MSM Said Nothing

Solutions For Change

How This Non-Profit Is Solving Homelessness Without Government Funding


Harvard Study Reveals Huge Extent Of Anti-Trump Media Bias


Winning - Biggest Gang Sweep In Charlotte History Nabs 83 "Bloods"

Ivanka Trump

Embassies Courting Ivanka Trump


It's Time To Push Back Against Islamists In America

Obama Marine

Obama's DOJ Busted For Illegal Discrimination Against Our Own Veterans


Oregon Judge Promotes Lawlessness Legally

Trump's Spectacular Reception In Riyadh

Judge Throws Out Obama's Hero Clock Boy's "Discrimination" Lawsuit

Philip Haney

DHS Whistleblower Honored With Freedom Award


Make America Great Again: ICE Arrests More Than 30,000 Convicted Criminal Aliens - We Are All Safer

Swamp Monster

Levin Exposes Actual Disaster Due To Media Leaks

Sergey Lavrov

Russia's Foreign Minister Says Lying US Media Would Have Felt Right At Home Back In The Soviet Union

Squirt Gun

Dumb As They Come Dem Calls For Squirt Gun Control

Trump Saudi Crown Prince

Saudi Officials: Trump Visit "Essential To Our National Security"

Richard Blumenthal

Lying Liberal Congressman Blames Fake News For Failing Of Obamacare - Watch

Trey Gowdy

Trey Gowdy On The House Floor To Honor National Police Week & His Speech Moves People To Tears


Berkeley Invited Pro-Terror Groups To Planned Forum On "Responding" To Conservative Speakers


Pentagon's New Plan To "Annihilate" ISIS Fighters

Rex Tillerson

Tillerson Holds A Press Conference Without US Reporters

Mike Pence

Some Students Walk Out On Pence's Notre Dame Commencement Speech

Voters Georgia

Republicans Crush Liberals With Massive Victory In Georgia

Tom Perez

DNC Chair Heckled By Liberals Yells "Shut The F**K Up - Watch

San Francisco

San Francisco Nudists Celebrate "Summer Of Love" With Parade

Illegal Alien

Activist Illegal Alien Charged With 103 Acts Of Vandalism Many Anti-Trump

Ann Coulter

Coulter Names Those Who Should Worry About A Special Counsel & None Of Them Are Trump

Rod Rosenstein

Sorry Fake News: Rosenstein On Comey Memo, "I Wrote It, I Believe It, I Stand By It"

The Weiners

2 Losers: Abedin Finally Files For Divorce From Carlos Danger

Anthony Weiner

Carlos Danger Pleads Guilty - 21 Months & Now A Registered Sex Offender

Trump In Saudi Arabia
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  President Trump
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The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons The Daily Account's Daily Cartoon
Robert Mueller Trump

Dr. Ahmed On Melania & Ivanka On Wearing A Scarf In Saudi Arabia

James Comey Admits, Under Oath, No One Tried To Obstruct His Investigation

Tom Perez 

Anthoy Weiner

National Treasure: Anthony Weiner's Wiener Saved America

June Chu

Academia At Its Best: Yale Dean Placed On Leave, Calls White People "White Trash" 

Tom Perez

Hey Progressive Idiots, If You Don't Get It After Reading How The DNC Treats Its Own Employees Your IQ Equals The Current Temp At The South Pole 

James Comey

Under Oath Comey Said He Had "Not" Been Pressured To End Any Investigation

Donald Trump

Trump Campaign Had 18 Contacts With Russians - No Collusion Noted

James Comey

"Named" Former DOJ Spokesman Says Comey Is Trying To Take Down Trump

Bernie Sanders

Wealthy, "Socialism For You, But Not For Me", Bernie Sanders Again Fails To File Financial Disclosures

Maxine Waters

Mad Max Forgot: If You Live In A Mansion, Make Sure It's At Least Located In Your District

Two Americas

"The War Of Two Americas"

Kevin McCarthy

Flashback: Kevin McCarthy Said Trump Was On Putin's Payroll - Media Loved It


Bob Beckel

Bob Beckel Fired Again At FOX News

Lavrov Trump

Intel Officials Scoff At Hype Over Trump's Reported Sharing Of Information With Russians

Elizabeth Warren

Crackpot Pocahontas Says US Corporate Tax Rate Is "Not" High Enough - This Is Dems Savior In 2020

Alan Dershowitz

Dem Alan Dershowitz: I Haven't Seen Any Evidence Of Collusion - Even If There Was That's Not A Crime

Crown Prince Trump

Dems Have Gone To Far: Plan "International Resistance" On Eve Of Trump's Trip

Chelsea Manning

Guess Who This Is

Roger Ailes

Sick: Liberal Journalists Celebrate The Death Of FOX News Founder, Roger Ailes

Judge Napolitano

Judge Napolitano: Mueller Pick A "Two-Edged Sword"

Paul Ryan

Finally The RINO Asks A Good Question About James Comey

Chuck Schumer

Dems Poll-Testing Impeachment



Uh-Oh...More Than 7 Million Voter Registrations Are Duplicated In Multiple States & Worse 


This Is The Perfect Description Of The Difference Between Free Markets And Welfare Mentality

Newt Gingrich

Newt Offers Foolproof Strategy To End MSM Offensive On President Trump

Jerry Brown

Unbelievable: Gov Jerry Brown Just Called Taxpayers In California "Freeloaders" Over Their Outrage Of His Massive Tax Hike

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia Rolls Out The Red Carpet ForTrump

Jason Chaffetz

Confirmed: Jason Chaffetz Announces Early Resignation From Congress

Pat Buchanan

Pat Buchanan Asks The Question All Trump Supporters Are Wondering

Poland Militery

Poland Tells EU To Stuff-It: Would Rather Take Sanctions Than Muslim Migrants

Fake News

The Anonymous Sources Of Washington Post & CNN Fake News

James Comey

Everybody Knew The Showboating Attention Grabber Was Corrupt & Dirty...This Will Prove It 

Robert Mueller 
Hackers have stolen a copy of the new “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie and are holding it for ransom. Yeah. They could release this movie illegally. I guess you could say it’s a “pirated” video. - James Corden
North Korea 

Before & After Shariah Law, A Cautionary Tale

Sweden To Deport 80,000 Muslims To Try & Save Culture


Muslim Women

Austria Just Banned The Burqa


Obama's DOJ Refused To Hire Military Veterans For Jobs

College Gradulation

Parents Don't Know The Levels Of Sheer Lunacy On Campus


Victims Of Communism Memorial Group Tells Networks To Stop Whitewashing Crimes Of Socialist Venezuela

Donald Trump

Dems Making Early Calls For Trump's Impeachment

Osama Bin Laden's Son

Osama Bin Laden's Son, Now In His Late 20s, Vowing To Avenge His Fathers Death


Obama: It Was Courageous Of Me Not To Bomb Syria

Donald Trump

Liberal Professors Caught Planning To Undermine Trump's Voter Fraud Commission


Medicaid Blows $109 Billion On Promotional "Demonstrations"

Chuck Schumer

Chuck E. Cheese Is Disgusting - Will Block New FBI Director Until Special Prosecutor For Trump Russia Collusion


CAIR "Terrified" Jury Will Learn Of Its Radical Ties & It's A Terrorist Group

Nikki Haley

Haley Says: US Will "Tighten The Screws" On N. Korea, After Recent Missile Test

DNC Workers

DNC Workers Sue Party For Slave Wages - No Overtime Pay...While The Useful Idiots Were Marching For Employers To Pay $15

China Town

San Fran's Chinatown Suffers Tourism Decline...Look Who They're Blaming

Taliban Convoy

Taliban Parades Large Convoy In Afghanistan

Eric Holder

Ex-Attorney General, Eric Holder Is Furious That Sessions Is Fighting Crime Again

Victor Davis Hanson

Scholar Unravels "The Big Lie" Surrounding The Trump Campaign & Russian "Boogeyman"

Shannon Watts

"Loudest" Anti-Gun Group Ripped Apart By Fed-Up Staff & Self Promoting Tyrant Leader 

Paul Ryan

48% In Paul Ryan's District Would Vote For A Replacement


The Liberal Media Has A New Favorite Word & It's Not "Russia", Unprecedented" Or "Trump" 

Tom Perez

Nebraska Democratic Party Chair Blames DNC Head For Losing Omaha Mayoral Race

China Poultry

Trump Strikes Again: China To Import Poultry & Beef In New US Trade Deal


Donald Trump

Trump On Mueller: The Probe "Will Confirm What We Already Know"

Robert Mueller

7 Things You Should Know About The Appointment Of A Special Counsel To Investigate

David Clark

Sheriff David Clarke Says He's Joining DHS

James Comey

Comey's Revenge Is Not A Smoking Gun For Trump But A Legal Problem For Comey

Warren Sanders

Liberals Looking To 2020 See Pocahontas As Rightful Heir To Sanders Movement

Bill O'Reilly

Bill O'Reilly Has A New Gig

Trey Gowdy

Trey Gowdy Takes Himself Out Of The FBI Director Search

Tim Allen

ABC Canceling Tim Allen's Hit Show - Boycott Hits ABC

Ann Coulter

Ann Coulter Doesn't Like Trump Hiring Relatives


Trump Ordered Emergency Meeting Over Unprecedented Cyberattack

Ben Franklin

Ben Franklin, Liberty & The Fifth Commandment

Food Stamps

Winning! Illegals Afraid To Apply For Food Stamps - Applications Drop Off A Cliff

Bill Clinton

Go Back To July 19th, 1993 With Slick Willy

Muslims In France

Crisis Looms In Wake Of French Vote


Illegal Somali Immigrants Being Deported


Media Blacks Out Coverage Of Suit Against The DNC


8 Lies The MSM Told You About Comey Firing

James Comey

Comey Denied Leaking Under Oath - Just Days Before Leak From One-On-One Dinner With Trump

Trey Gowdy

Interviews Begin For FBI Director's Replacement

Melania Trump

Melania Trump Welcomes Military Spouses To White House

Donald Trump

Pat Buchanan: DC Elite Swamp Monsters Trying Everything To Overturn Election Of "Courageous" Trump

Rob Quist

Perfect Dem Candidate: Liar, Money Problems, Nudist Gigs, Bernie Sanders Supporter

Unnamed Sources

WAPO's Unnamed Sources Have Slutty Moms!


Liberals & Media Getting The Violence They Wanted

James Comey

White House Disputes False Report That Trump Asked James Comey To End Flynn Probe

Seth Rich

New Evidence, Seth Rich Had Contact With WikiLeaks Prior To Death

Hillary Clinton

I'm Baaaack! Launches Own Political Organization, "Onward Together" Probably Needs More Of Your Money

Kara McCullough

New Miss USA Dissed Man-Hating Feminism & The Left-Wing Loons Go Nuts Instead Of Congratulating Her

Maxine Waters

Lifetime Leech Mad Maxine Waters Has Her Own Russian Conspiracy, Some Of Her Investment Tied To Russia

White House

Trump Will Light White House Blue In Honor Of Fallen Law Enforcement - Something Obama Refused To Do

Antonin Scalia

Shocking: Justice Scalia Believed Supreme Court Was Being Surveilled By Obama

Eric Conn

Judge Pleads Guilty In Massive Social Security Fraud Case

Muslim Terrorists

University Of Chicago Supporting Terrorists

James Comey

Did Comey Drop The Susan Rice Unmasking Investigation Because It Implicated Himself


Intelligence Professionals Describe "Overwhelming" Threats To Homeland, Comey Firing Not Among Them

Maxine Waters

Mad Maxine Waters Has Passed Just 3 Bills In The Last 27 Years - See How Many Times She's Been Named "Most Corrupt"

Government Employee

Huge Six-Figure Payouts For Sick Leave For Public Employees Spur Outrage

Gay Parade

Kentucky Court Sides With Owner Who Refused Printing Gay Pride T-Shirts


MIT's Descent Into Communist & Islamist Arms - A "Captured" Campus

Jeff Sessions

Calls For Special Prosecutor Driven By Politics, Not Law


Oregon Student Reporter Fired For Catching What Muslim Does On Camera

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Why Can't Climate Change Scientists Answer This Question

No Taxes, No Services


Andrew McCabe

More Swamp To Drain: Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe Connected To Hillary Campaign - How About $700,000 Worth


Trump Launching Voter Fraud Commission To Clean Up US Voter Rolls

James Comey

10 Major FBI Scandals On Comey's Watch

Condoleezza Rice

Condoleezza Rice Praises The Trump Admin For Working With China On North Korea


US Experiment With Muslim Terrorist Rehab Fails 1st Test


Janet Napolitano

She's Back & Now Caught Lying To Californians

Illegal Aliens

33 States Follow Trumps Lead, Considering Crack Down On Sanctuary Cities

Rob Bonta

California: Trying To End Ban On Communists In Government Jobs

Stacy Washington

Columnist Who Defended NRA Quits After Being Suspended From Left-Wing St Louis Post Dispatch

Susan Rice

Susan Rice Refuses To Testify Before Senate On Russia Hacking & Her "Unmasking"

Hungary Border Wall

Hungary Electrifies Border Wall In Defiance Of EU Migrant Quota

Eileen Benthal

One Family's Nightmare With Obamacare

Sergei Lavrov

Russian Sergei Lavrov Praises Trump & Tillerson After Talks

Pat Caddell

Analyst Pat Caddell: Democrat Hypocrisy On Comey "Enough To Choke A Horse"

James Comey

Mark Levine: Trump Was Right To Fire "Drama King" Comey


The Daily Account's Daily Cartoon The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons

The Crazy World Of Maxine Waters

The Inconvenient Truth About The Democratic Party

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Amish Buggy

Climate Alarmists...I Can't Take You Seriously Until You Start Living Like The Amish

Car Battery

Facts & Myths About Your Car Battery

Dave Angie Dawes

Lottery Millionaire's Son Spent $2.8 Million - Then Sued His Father For More Cash


Can Pets Detect Human Emotion


In-N-Out Just Lost Its Title As America's Favorite Burger Chain


Unexpected Moments In History, One Of Them Was Woodstock

Bernie Sanders

WOW: DNC Just Admitted In Court They Had A Legal Right To Rig The 2016 Primaries


Unclaimed $24 Million Lottery Ticket - Are You Sure It's Not Yours


Here's How Many Planes Are Flying In The Air At Any Moment


Linkedin Top Companies 2917: Where The US Wants To Work Now

Gregory Meeks

There Are Lots To Choose From, But Representative Gregory Meeks May Be The Most Corrupt In Congress


How A 22-Year-Old Inadvertently Stopped A Worldwide Cyberattack

Miss USA

Miss USA: Meet All The Contestants

Carson Huey

The Big Man On Campus Stands 5-Foot-2 & At 14-Years-Old Is About To Graduate From Texas Christian University



Elephant Building

21 Ugliest Skyscrapers In The World

American Flag

Why Is The American Flag Reversed On Military Uniforms

White House

18 Wacky Facts You Never Knew About Washington DC

Loony Leftists

Video Proof Leftists Disagree With Opposing Views & Don't Know Why

TED Talks

12 Mind-Expanding TED Talks To Watch If You've Got 5 Minutes Of Less

Jail Cell

Spend The Night In Jail - Former Prisons Turned Into Hotels

Chinese Horseman

Scenes From Western China

Turning Point USA 
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Chuck Schumer


George Stang

Idiot, Oh That's Right He's A Liberal: Organist Paints Gay Slur On His Own Church To "Mobilize Movement" Against Trump

Nicolas Cage

Another Brainless Celeb Blew $150 Million & Owes The IRS $6.2 Million


New Investigation: Did Obama Undermine US National Security For Iran Deal

Elon Musk

Tesla To Start Selling Solar Roof Tiles 

Shariah Tenants From Hell – Landlord Must Pay Them $12,000

Ben Shapiro Fields Questions Thrown At Him

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Donlad Trump