Putin Trump

Peter Strzok, A Pom-Pas Ass

Everything In The Russian Indictment Was Known For A Year – Why Now?

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Tom Perez

DNC Chairman Squirms Away From Questions About Letting FBI Access DNC's Hacked Computers

Peter Strzok

Peter Strzok's Arrogance Is The Product Of A Corrupt FBI

Robert Mueller

A Russian Ham Sandwich - Mueller Indicts People He Has No Jurisdiction Over

Mark Meadows

Bombshell: Meadows Claims DOJ Refused To Notify Lisa Page Of Congress Interview Requests For 7 Months

Donald Trump

8 Key Moments In President Trump's UK Visit 

Donald Trump

Trump: Theresa May Has Wrecked Brexit - US Trade Deal Is Off, Watch


Oops: European "Resistance" Protesters Embarrass Themselves With NATO No-Shows

Tedra Cobb

Dem Caught On Video Saying "What I Can't Say" In Public

Joy Reid

Joy Reid Losses Over 20% Of Her Audience After Getting Caught Being A Homophobic & Lying About It

Nancy Pelosi

Are You Ready: Dems Insist Economic Boom, Job Growth Is Bad News For The US - Even The Dimwits Are Starting To Figure It Out


Liberty: Yours, Mine, & Ours

Walmart Caught Selling Anti-Trump T-Shirts

How Even Stupid People Can Overthrow Governments

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton Slams Trump Ahead Of Putin Summit

Theresa May

Theresa May Warns, There May Be No "Brexit"

Illegal Alien

Mexican National Gets Prison Time For Faking Citizenship & Stealing $350,000 In Benefits

Rod Rosenstein

House Conservatives Preparing To Impeach Rosenstein

Ben Smith

BuzzFeed, FBI Embraced Russian Dossier - Made No Effort To Verify

Trey Gowdy

Trey Gowdy Destroys FBI's Peter Strzok

Muslim Children

Revolt Grows Over Islamization Of US Schools


Court Rules TSA Perverts Immune From Sexual Assault Charges

Rod Rosenstein

Unprecedented: Deputy AG Asks 100s Of "Prosecutors" To Review Trump's SCOTUS Pick


Trump Admin Is Cutting Off Big Labor From Skimming American's Medicaid Payments & Unions Are Furious


Trump Has A Few Questions About Mueller's Indictment Of Russians

Sharyl Attkisson

Sharyl Attkisson Shares The 10 Things We Learned From Peter Strzok's Congressional Testimony 


Gospel Praise Song Blocked By Facebook

Robert Mueller

Pathetic Stunt: Mueller Indicts 12 Russians For Hacking DNC Emails As Trump About To Meet With Putin

Malcolm Nance

Russians Under The Bed: Greenwald Details MSNBC's Uncorrected Lies

Peter Strzok

Peter Strzok Shows He Is A Cocky Liar & Partisan Weasel

Robert Mueller

Witch Hunt Mueller Asks Court For 100 More Blank Subpoenas


5 Times Democrats Lied In An Effort To Terrify Americans

Brett Kavanaugh

What Brett Kavanaugh Was Caught Doing Hours After Trump's Nomination Will Silence The Critics

Lisa Page

Ex-FBI Lawyer, Lisa Page, Will Defy Congressional Subpoena



Nigel Farage
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Gohmert Strzok
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Public Union, Public Enemy

Obama Voter, Why I Left The Left & Support Trump


Shannon Bream

Fox Anchor Forced To "Bail" On Live SCOTUS Set After Threats, "Volatile" Scene


I'm A Teacher - Here's Why I'm Cheering My New Freedom From Unions

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez

Democrats Love Socialism Because They Want To Take Your Stuff & Enslave You

Donald Trump

Amazing: In 1984 The New York Times Said Trump Would Be Our Best President

Mourtala Madou

Muslim Migrant Beheads One-Year-Old & Stabs Wife In Germany - Merkel Bans Media Reporting


Canada: Muslim Migrant Acquitted Of Multiple Sexual Assaults, Judge Cites His "Different Cultural Background"


Readin, Writin, & Jihadin - The Islamization Of Our Schools

Robert Mueller

Mueller Will Not Present Collusion Evidence At Manafort Trial

Young Boy

Dems Outrage Is Disgustingly Selective: Border Children Have It Better Than Most US Foster Kids


Liberal Run States Impose New Individual Mandate Ahead Of Obamacare Rollback

Nancy Pelosi

Insane "Crumbs" Pelosi & Dems Blast President Trump's Outstanding Employment Numbers



Liberals Protesting

In Less Than 1 Hour: Liberals Protesting Trump's Brett Kavanaugh SCOTUS Nomination

Illegal Aliens

76% Of Illegal Alien Households With Children On Some Sort Of Welfare

Saira Rao

Meet A Democratic Idiot - She Has Given Up On "White People"

Car Wreck

Illegal Alien Kills FBI Agent & Fire Marshall, Gets Only $280 Fine

Mike Pompeo

Pompeo Hits A Snag In North Korea

Atlanta Riot

Atlanta Police Release Footage Of Anti-ICE Protesters: "To Be Clear, These Are Not Lawful Protesters"

College Students

College Students Hate Trump's SCOTUS Pick...That He Hasn't Made Yet - Watch

Peter Strzok

Peter Strzok Failed His Internal Polygraph Test, Yet Retained Security Clearance & Position On Clinton, Trump Investigations

Donald Trump

Trump's 2nd Supreme Court Decision Energizes White House

Air Conditioner

Left's Insanity: Feminists Say Air Conditioning Is Sexist...Have You Had Enough? - Watch

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Ignorant Socialist Ocasio-Cortez Says GOP "Terrified" Of Her Politics & Warns About Libraries





I don't know if anyone watched soccer today. Yeah? Today, big story: Croatia beat England in the semifinals of the World Cup. Croatia won. Which is nice. It's really nice. It's the first time in a while I've heard people say, "Way to go, Croatia." Something you don't hear all the time. "Good going, Croat." - Conan O'Brien

Trump Obama

Winning: Obama Created Worst Pay Gains Since Great Depression, Trump See Greatest Pay Gains Since Great Depression

John McAdams

Censorship Against Conservatives Is Real - Wisconsin Supreme Court Orders Univ To "Immediately Reinstate" Conservative Professor 


MSNBC Nuts Are OK With A Recession That Could Hurt Millions As Long As It Hurts Trump


Trump To Roll Back Obama-Era Affirmative Action Guidelines After Harvard Discrimination Case

Anfrea Mitchell

NBC's Andrea Mitchell Caught Red-Handed Broadcasting "Fake" News

San Francisco Homeless

Liberals In Charge: San Francisco Logs Over 16,000 Feces Complaints In One Week

Imran Awan

Debbie Wasserman Schultz's IT Contractor Stole The Democrats Server & Replaced It With A "Fake"


CNN Boasts About People "Not At All Proud" To Be American - On 4th Of July


#WalkAway Videos Is Becoming A Thing On Twitter

Devine Nunes

Nunes: Dems "Completely Destroyed The FBI, DOJ"


Liberals Socialist Paradise Venezuela Running Out Of Clean Water


Poll: Blacks, Asian. Hispanic Support Enough To Help Trump Win Re-Election


Oh My God! Obama Granted US Citizenship To 2,500 Iranian Officials While Negotiating The Nuke Deal & Giving Them Billions

Jennifer Rubin

Jennifer Rubin Proves She Is A Pig & An Awful Human Being


Unions & Teacher Unions Across America Face Uncertain Future After SCOTUS Decision 

Brian Ross

Brian Ross Leaving ABC After Botched Michael Flynn Report

Donald Trump

Trump's Trade Critics Are Wrong - His Tariffs Could Bring Major Benefits To America

Gun Fee Zone

Why The Capital Gazette Shooting Occurred In A Gun-Free Zone

Gustav Kasselstrand

Swedish Political Leader: What You Read About Sweden In Alternative Media Is True, We Are In A Low Intensive Civil War

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez

Dem Civil War Looming - Socialism Won't Sell In The Midwest



Brandon Straka

Gay Liberal Who Had Enough & Started The #WalkAway Movement Gets Thrown Out Of Store By Democrat Owner - Proof He Is Right


Millionaires Flee California After Tax Hike


More People Use A Gun In Self Defense Each Year Than Die In Car Accidents

Anti Trump Protesters

Thank God We Have A President That Will Stand Up To The Media, Hollywood & Leftist Mobs 

Robert Mueller

Mueller Now Targeting The NRA - This Hoax Must End

James Comey

FBI Leaked "Unverified" Russian-Trump Dossier Smear & Still Blocking Russian Intel On Lynch

 Insane Liberal

Video: Insane Foaming-At-The Mouth Leftist Goes On Unhinged Rant, Threatens To Expose Herself

Head Up Your Ass

Liberal Comedians Are Keeping Democrats Dumbed Down

Rand Paul

Man Accused Of Threatening To Kill Rand Paul & Family With An Ax Arrested

Obama Library

Surprise! US Taxpayers Will Cover Most Of The Public Funding For Obamaland Fiasco In Chicago

Dylan Matthews

Left's Loons At "Vox" Explain Why The American Revolution Was A Mistake & Why July 4th Should Be A Day Of Mourning


Antifa Takes Maxine Waters Advise - Attack Patriot Prayer Rally Again In Portland Oregon 

Maxine Waters

Peoples Cube: Fun Facts About Maxine Waters

Hillary Clinton

Poll: Top 4 Democrat Candidates For 2020 Revealed - It's Hilarious

Jeff Sessions

Sessions Reversal On 4 Obama Positions Validated By Supreme Court


Try Not To Laugh - Obama Brags About Advice He Gave Trump On Obamacare

John Kelly

Media Floats Chief Of Staff Replacements, WH Denies 

Rosenstein Jordan

Fireworks: Jordan Didn't Like Rosenstein's Flippant Answers Over Withholding Documents

Trump Foxconn

American Workers Thank Trump As Manufacturing Plant Breaks Ground

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Meet The Political Novice Who Beat Her Establishment Rival, Her Secret...The District Has Turned Almost Completely Hispanic


Crazy Liberals

Crazy Anti-ICE Liberals Protest An ICE Raid On Child-Sex Traffickers


ICE Seizes $43 Million Of Counterfeit Designer Goods From China

Thor Benson

Liberal Loser Burns American Flag To Celebrate Freedom He Hates

Alan Dershowitz

Alan Dershowitz Unloads On NY Socialist Dems & Martha's Vineyard Liberals

Illegal Aliens

Manhunt: 3 Illegal Aliens Wanted For Kidnapping, Raping Teen Sisters


Why Do Democrats Hate America

David Brock

Completely Nuts: Left-Wing Nut David Brock Convinced Trump Admin Using Nazi Code In Press Releases


Sweden To Hold Emergency Meeting Over Migrant Gangs

Maxine Waters

Wig Is Off! Mad Max Tears Into Chuck Schumer - Will Do Anything To Protect Power

Declaration Of Independence

242 Years Ago 56 Patriots Risked Everything For A Nations Freedom

Illegal Aliens

Are Democrats Ready To Make Immigration An Issue In The Midterms


Tech's "Dirty Secret" - App Developers Sifting Through Your Email

Mexican Flag

It's 4th Of July Weekend & Democrats Are Out Waving The Mexican Flag

Kirsten Gillibrand

Meet 2 Faced Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand...Wants To Abolish ICE

Gary Byrne

Ex-Secret Service Agent Files $1.5 Billion RICO Case Against Clintons

Phillip Kassen

Private Progressive Liberal Upper-Income School Quietly Segregating Students By Color


Horror In Iran: Regime Opens Fire On Demonstrators Protesting Lack Of Drinking Water

Jim Acosta

Former CNN Producer Torches Jim Acosta - You're "Truly Embarrassing" & Confirm Anti-Trump Media Bias

Declaration Of Independence

Facebook Decided The Declaration Of Independence Is "Hate Speech"

Gregg Jarrett

Gregg Jarrett: IG Report Shows James Comey Committed Criminal Act - Obstruction Of Justice, Watch

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My SSN Was Stolen By An Illegal Alien – How To Know If Yours Was Stolen

 Understanding Illegal Immigration For Dumbacrats


Bernie Sanders

Socialist Bernie Sanders Is No Socialist - Faking Socialism Earns Him Millions

Jim Jordan

Jim Jordan Exposes Paul RINO's Dirty Little Secret On Amnesty Vote


Teens Suspected In Maryland MS-13 Murder Are Unaccompanied Illegal Minors

Maxine Waters

Nut Job "Mad Max" Assaults Journalist In Washington - Charges Filed



How Does China Cheat On Trade? Let Us Count The Ways

Tom Perez

Meet An Idiot: DNC Chairman Tom Perez Introduces Obama As The "Real President" At A Fundraiser

Chuck Schumer

Of Course Chucky Cheese Schumer Has The Facts All Wrong On A Supreme Court Pick In An Election Year

Trump Putin

Trump-Putin Summit Set


Home Sweet Home: Obama Secretly Returns To Kenya Ahead Of Planned Trip


Rod Rosenstein

Rosenstein Testifies He Doesn't Need To Read FISA Applications He Signs...What???

Bill Clinton Lynch

Shocker Missed In IG Report: Bill Clinton & Loretta Lynch "Accidental" Tarmac Meeting Was No Accident


What Happened To The Fence Promised By The "Secure Fence Act Of 2006"

Jill Abramson

Jill Abramson: Ex-New York Times Editor, The "Narcissistic" NYT Is Making "Horrible Mistakes" Needs A "Course Correction"

Donald Trump

The Media Hates This: Trump Reminds Everyone Obama's Horrible Handling Of Illegal Aliens, Kept Them In Cages 





Dinesh D'Souza Destroys Leftist with Cold Hard Facts

Damning Video Of Darth Bader Ginsberg Trashing The US Freedom & Liberty

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Maxine Waters

"Mad Max" - "I Stand By My Speech" Calling Public To "Harass" Trump Staffers

Chuck Schumer

The Democrats: 10 Ways The Party Of Treason Betrays America

George Will

Swamp Monster George Will Calls For All Americans To Vote Against GOP & Trump

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez

Primary Winner Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Perfect Democrat, Spreads Hoax Stats On US Mass Shootings

Anthony Kennedy

Liberal Pundits Rip Kennedy, Demand Any Trump Nominee Be Stopped

Michael Moore

Michael Moron: Dem Dimwit Claims He'll Surround The US Capital To Stop Trump's SCOTUS Pick

Luis Gutierrez

Left's Amnesty Champ Luis Gutierrez Is Done & Moving To Puerto Rico


Media Ignores Threat Against Trump's Granddaughter, 4-Year-Old Chloe

Susan Rice

Bombshell: Obama's Cyber Chief Admits - Susan Rice Gave "Stand Down" Order In Response To Russian Meddling

Kathy Griffin

She's Back: Kathy Griffin To Melania Trump - F*** You...You Feckless Piece Of S***

Assange Comey

Julian Assange Was Ready To Provide Technical Evidence On Podesta Emails - Comey Turned It Down

Maxine Waters

Mad Max Calls For Attacks On Members Of Trump Administration

Capital Building

Trump's Right, It's Time To Ditch The Filibuster & Fix Our Broken Government

Driverless Car

Grocery Chain To Bring Driverless Cars Grocery Delivery 


How Does China Cheat On Trade? Let Us Count The Ways



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