Tea Party Reaction To The Latest Lerner Emails Erased

Even MSNBC Says Hillary's Email Stories Have More Holes That Swiss Cheese

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Zandria Robinson

University Of Memphis Professor, "Whiteness Is Most Certainly & Inevitably Terror"


Liberal Greed - Obamacare Co-Ops Hid Millions In Exec Pay, Consulting Fees

Supreme Court

Supreme Court Takes Up Dispute Over Union Fees


This Guy Is Wacked - Removes Anti-Slavery Clause, Then Attacks The Confederate Flag

Puerto Rico Flag

Another Fine Debt Crisis

Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz's New Book "A Time For Truth" Will Make Him More Enemies In The "Washington Cartel"

Rand Paul Marco Rubio

Which Republican Presidential Candidates Have Jump Ship On Marriage

Gay Pride Parade

Images From Weekend Gay Pride Parades - Content Warning

Elijah Cummings

Evidence Mounts, Top Dem Involved In IRS Scandal - Calls On Congress To End Investigation

Milton Friedman

 Milton Friedman Explained In 1997 Why The Euro Was Going To Be a Disaster


You've Been Warned, America - Gay Marriage Is Just The Beginning

Environmentalists Shipwreck

USA Sovereignty Ends


Ben Smith - Buzzfeed Is Pro-Gay Marriage, Neutral On Sharia Law


VA Waiting List Climbs To Huge Back Log Again

Kharron Nathan Green

50 Teens Storm Walmart In Destructive Rampage - Rev Sharpton Can't Even Spin This One

Hillary Clinton

New Emails Shed Light On Hillary's Relationship With "Sid Vicious"

Andrew Young

Andrew Young - The Wisdom Of A Real Civil Rights Leader

Egypt Car Bombing

Egypt's Top Prosecutor Assassinated - Obama Supported Muslim Brotherhood Suspected

Military Chaplanin

Pentagon Urged To Boot Chaplains Who Oppose "Gay" Marriage

Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush - Confederate Flag "Racist"

Gay Military

VA To Start Offering Military Benefits To Same-Sex Couples

Black Protesters

Black Lives Matter Mob Disrupts Chicago Gay Rights Parade - Car Drives Through Crowd & 2 Shot, Why Didn't You Hear This On The News?

Chris Hayes

Wacked MSNBC Blames "Morally Monstrous" European Banks For Greece's Problems - Ignores The Foolish Socialists Spending

Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush Disappointed To Learn Chelsea Clinton Made More Per Speech


Obama Defies Federal Judge - Refuses To Rescind Wrongly Issued Amnesties

Ayatolla Khamenei

Brilliant - Nuke Deal Will Leave Iran With 5,000 Centrifuges, Pakistan Only Needed 3,000


Obama To Take ACA Victory Tour To Tennessee, Where 28,000 Lost Insurance Coverage & Premiums To Rise 36%

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Lives The High Life While Unpaid Staffers Struggle To Survive

Cheryl Haim Saban

Univision Owner's Wife "Liable In Clinton Foundation Fraud"

Ed Royce

House Foreign Affairs Committee - Obama Hasn't Gotten Iran To Agree On Anything

Donald Trump

NBC Cuts Ties With Trump, But Stands Behind Liar Brian Williams


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The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons  The Daily Account's Daily Cartoon

Supreme Court Rules Against EPA

Geraldo, Coulter Debate Trump's Immigration Comments


Ben Carson

Ben Carson Wins Presidential Straw Poll


Road Rip-off - Cash Is Misspent

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Governor - Our Debt Is Not Payable, Worse Than Detroit


Barack Obama's Unholy Alliance - This Is Who America Elected

Hatch McConnell Corker

Looming $478 Billion Highway Funding Debate Stirs Tax Fight In Senate

Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck - Obamacare Vote Means US Is Done, "There's Nothing Left"


US Troops Put On Eating, Drinking Restrictions For Ramadan

Cars In Drivway

Florida City Council Considers Bill Telling Residents How To Park In Their Own Driveways

Mark Elias

Hillary's Campaign Lawyer & George Soros Behind Multi-State Anti-Voter ID Lawsuits

Putin Pugachev

The "Kremlin's Banker" Tells A Different Story Behind Putin's Rise



Jonathan Morris

The War Begins - 2 Gay Men Spit On Fox News Priest....Because He's A Christian

John Kasich

John Kasich To Enter The 2016 Race On July 21


What Tehran Teaches Its Kids

Religious Leader

Religious Leaders Reject Gay Marriage Ruling As Legal Battles Loom

Bernie Sanders

Weekend At Bernie's - Hey, I Was Way Ahead Of The Curve On Gay Rights


ISIS Reacts To US Gay Marriage Ruling By Throwing 4 More Gay Men Off A 5 Story Building

Dick Morris

Who Knew - Supreme Court Justices Can't Read

Confederate Battle Flag

Confederacy Purge, While World's Worst Villains OK, Mindless Hypocrisy 

Black Panthers

New Black Panther Party Calls For Mass Killing Of White People

Bernie Sanders

"Feel The Bern" Is The Sanders Surge Really Happening?

Gay Flag

ACLU - We're Not Defending Religious Freedom Laws Anymore

John Roberts

Ayatollah Roberts & His Sharia Council


Baltimore's Unemployed & The True Cost of Minimum Wages


It's Getting Harder & Harder To Provide Cover For Barack's Religion Of Peace


FBI Cyber Division Bulletin On Tools Used By OPM Hackers

Supreme Court

SCOTUS's Matryoshka Doll - Breathtaking Judicial Triumphalism

Donald Trump

Trump On Iran Nuclear Talks - Iranian Negotiators Are Dealing With Fools


Newspaper Faces Firestorm After Attempted Crack Down On Anti-Gay Marriage Op-Eds

Ted Cruz

America's Founding Fathers "Didn't Anticipate Judicial Tyranny On This Scale" - Proposes Constitutional Amendment

Supreme Court

Supreme Court Opens The Flood Gates To Swarms Of Lawsuits Against Religious Freedom

Antonin Scalia 
In a recent interview, the rapper 50 Cent said he is going to be supporting Hillary Clinton. Hillary would be excited but she doesn't get out of bed for less than a million cents. - Jimmy Fallon
Gay Marriage 

“Threat To Democracy” Supreme Court Ruling

Baltimore Leaders Lied, Told Riot Police To Stand Down


Illegal Aliens

Obama Instructs DHS To Detain Even Fewer At Southern Border


Wave Of Grisly Islamist Attacks Shocks World During Ramadan

Boehner & Obama

Obama Gives Benedict Boehner His First Ride On Air Force One As A Reward For Helping To Screw America

White House

White House Lit In Rainbow Colors To "Celebrate" SCOTUS Gay Marriage Ruling

Supreme Court

Lawyers Calling For 6 Supremes To Be Impeached - Ruling Snubs "Rule Of Law"

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Loses Union Support

Gustavo Gutierrez

Another Illegal Alien Deported 3 Times Kills Sports Journalist 

Chris Hayes

MSNBC Host Has To Issue On-Air Apology To Bill O'Reilly For "Complete Distortion"

Brian Williams

MSNBC Welcome Mat - Staffers Chanted "F--K" Brian Williams - He Won't Last


Cash Strapped VA Might Start Rationing Healthcare

John Boehner

Benedict Boehner - We Have To Crack Down On Conservative Factions Of This Party

John Boehner

Benedict Boehner Supports Punishing Rouge Republicans - Corruption Defined

Pamela Geller

12 Top Conservative Women In US Media Put On Radical Islam "Hit List"

Iran Flag

Insane - US Offers To Give Iran State-Of-The-Art Nuke Equipment

Lois Lerner

Finally, Federal Judge Orders Lerner's & Other "Lost" IRS Emails Turned Over 

Confederate Flag

A Town That Embraces The Confederate Flag

Ann Coulter

Coulter Clearly Tells You Why We Only Hear About White "Mico-Aggressions"

Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio Casts Deciding Vote For Obamatrade Without Even Reading It 

ISIS Victims

ISIS Released Their Latest Execution Video - Unthinkable Barbarity & Depravity

Adam Gopnik

What Do You Do With A Liberal This Stupid

John Koskinen

House Weighs Impeachment For IRS Commissioner


Health Insurer Fires 347 Workers Due To Obamacare

Donald Trump

Trump Puzzles The Pundits, Manhandles The Media & It's Working


IRS Permanently Destroyed Up To 24,000 Lois Lerner Emails "After" Subpoena

Bobby Jindal

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal Announces 2016 White House Bid

Donald Trump

Are Conservative Talking Heads Wrong - Trump Polling Second In New Hampshire

Global Warming

Left-Wing Radical EPA Boss - Climate "Deniers" Aren't Normal Humans

Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz - Obamatrade Enmeshed In Corrupt, Backroom Deals


Amazon Takes Down Confederate Flag, Continues To Sell Communist Merchandise

Solar Panels

Audit - Feds Are So Incompetent They Can't Keep Track of Bond Payments On Solar, Wind Projects   


Obama Hosts Israel-Haters At IFTAR Dinner

Jefferson Davis

Dems To Oust All Confederate Symbols In The US Capitol


Taliban Attacks Afghanistan Parliament, Killing 2, Wounding 31

Uber Car

Uber Bans Guns After Driver Uses One To Stop Attempted Mass Shooting


The Kids Are Coming Apart

Iranian Parliament

Iranian Parliament, Who Chanted "Death To America" Bans Inspections 

Jonathan Gruber

Jonathan Gruber, "American Voters Are Stupid," Played A Much Larger Role In Obamacare Law


Illegal Immigration Nightmare - Releasing Thousands Of Convicted Criminals Back Into Communities


Afghanistan's Most Dangerous Province & Getting Worse




"All About The Money" Sky High California Traffic Ticket Fines

A C Wharton

Liberal Loony Memphis Mayor Wants To Dig Up The Bodies Of Dead Confederate General & His Wife & Get Them Out Of Town

French Police

Muslim Beheads Man In French Terror Attack

Antonin Scalia

Scalia Blasts Obamacare Ruling, "Words Have No Meaning"

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Takes Private Jet To Give Speech On Social Inequality, Do You Get It?

John Roberts

Second Roberts Rewrite - Turns Courts & IRS Into Legislators

Jefferson Memorial

CNN Anchor Suggests The Jefferson Memorial Should Be Torn Down


Federal Judge Blocks Obama's Draconian Fracking Rules

Jerry Brown

California Government Entities Blatantly Violating Its Own Water Restrictions

Illegal Aliens

Illegal Aliens Still Coming - 85% Don't Show Up For Court Dates

Muslim Woman

Former ISIS Bride Recruiter Warns European Girls of Caliphate Horrors

Katherine Archuleta

18 Million OPM Personnel Files Hacked, But Hey, Agency Head Says Nobody Responsible

Government Worker

Amtrak Employees Claimed To Work 40 Hours Per Day

Nikki Haley

Not So Fast! Battle Brewing Over The Confederate Flag In SC


Supreme Court Says Government Seizure Of Raisins Unconstitutional


The Right To Bear Arms In Public - How Courts Have Ruled So Far

Mostafa Ahmed Awwad

Mostafa Ahmed Awwad, A US Naval Engineer Pleads Guilty To Spying - Hire More Foreign Engineers 

Karl Rove

Karl Rove - Violence Will Continue Until The 2nd Amendment Is Repealed 

Singles Nation

Singles Nation, Why So Many Americans Are Not Married


Shocking - Mayors Signing Up With Obama To Make Refugees "New American Voters"

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Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Paul E. Vallely, I'm Tired Of The Deceit, Lies & Deception

Flashback – Origins Of Political Correctness


Jeff Sessions

Senator's Warning On Obamatrade - Something America Has "Never Seen Before"

Gina McCarthy

Great News, House Republicans Cut The EPA Budget By $718 Million & Block Some Job Cutting Stupid Rules 

EPA Regulations

Obama's EPA Regulations - 6,552 X As Long As Constitution, 46 X As Long As Bible

Ted Cruz AP Photo

Yes It's True - AP Cropped This Photo For A Story On Ted Cruz - See The Real Photo

McConnell & Boehner

Conservative Rep, Scott Perry, It Takes "Moral Courage" To Stand Up To GOP Leadership 

Isreal Flag

"We're On Our Own" - How Obama Tore Apart The US-Israel Alliance 


IRS Tells Congress To Go Pound Sand After Demand For Investigation Of Unreported Donations To Clinton Foundation


List Of Cities Obama Is Importing Thousands Of Muslims To

Richard Higbie

State Department Whistleblower Employee Sets Up Web Site "Slamming" The Agency

UN Building

Sex & UN Peacekeepers - Their Shocking Misuse Of Power On Thousands Of Liberian Women


Confederate Flag

Should The Spineless Elected Officials In SC Be Removed Rather Than The Confederate Flag - They Don't Even Know Its History 


Just When You Thought The Appeasement Of Iran Couldn't Get Any Worse...

John Koskinen

IRS Commissioner - Sorry Hackers Stole Your Personal Info, But We Can't Protect You In The Future

 Alexis Tsipras

Greece - A Valuable Lesson In Basic Economics For Liberals


Everybody In The Federal Government Wishes They Worked At The EPA - You Can Be Found To Be Law Breaking, Corrupt & Continue To Receive Full Pay & Benefits


Supreme Court 
The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons The Daily Account's Daily Cartoon

Mark Steyn On Racism, Slavery & The Democratic Party

Why Greece's Debt Crisis Matters To The US

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 Ben Jones 

Joe Linder

Bloody Brawl Breaks Out Outside South Carolina Statehouse Over Confederate Flag

Haunted House

This Huge Gothic Haunted House Is For Sale For Only $59,000

Angel Falls

60 Landmarks You Must See Before You Die

Man Server Room

25 Highest Paying Jobs With The Most Openings Right Now


Turn Your Garage Into Some Really Cool Spaces


The Drunkest US States During The Summer

Pat Sajak

How Much Money Your Favorite Game Show Hosts Make

Summer Solstice

15 Things You Probably Didn't Know About The Summer Solstice


For The 7th Year, The Best Beer In America Is.....



James Altucher

I'll Never Buy A House Again


You Better Think Twice Before Shooting Down A Drone


This Simple Formula Will Help You Figure Out How To Leave Your Job & Work For Yourself


Artist Sues Starbucks For $750,000


Wanna Buy A Jetpack & Fly, Now You Can

Japan's Secret Bunker

Japan's Secret Bunker - Glimpse Of War's Final Days

Fried Rat?

KFC Runs DNA Test On Alleged "Deep Fried Rat" - Guess What They Found

2016 Camaro

Find Out Why The 2016 Camaro Is The Best Ever

New Horizons

NASA Spacecraft Launched In 2006 Approaching Pluto


Uh-Oh...NASA Finds Pyramid On Mars


America's Least Healthy Fast-Food Chains


Woman Unearths 8.52 Carat Diamond At Arkansas Park


America's "Plan B" For Iran's Nuclear Program

Sonic Dive-In

14 Things You Didn't Know About Sonic Dive-Ins


10 Wild Ways To Live On The Road

Jordan Spieth

Under Armor Hit The Jackpot On Its Jordan Spieth Bet


Charge Your Phone With Your Bike

Marijuana Edibles

Marijuana Edibles Is The Next Multimillion-Dollars Food Industry

A Rod Catch

The A Rod Baseball


10 Best Bakeries In America


 Mega Yacht 
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Bill Cosby Does It Again


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