Tom Perez

Andrew Cuomo Claims He's Undocumented

  Nunes: Comey Lied To Congress About The Fake Russian Dossier

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Facebook Blocks Prominent Gun Rights Organization - Nothing Has Changed

Scott Pruitt

EPA's Administrator Declares End To Obama's "War On Coal" - "EPA Shouldn't Pick Winners & Losers"

Illegal Aliens

Illegal Caravan Crushed, Only 50 Show Up At The Border

Solar Panels

Another Green Failure - German Solar Industry Crashes & Burns

Planned Parenthood

Liberal Civil War


Counter Revolution In The Sanctuary State

Mitt Romney

Utah Republicans Force Mitt Romney Into A Primary Election


California's New Sex-Ed Curriculum Is About To Roll Out...What You Need To Know


Why Clinton's Donors May Be Investigated In $84 Million Money Laundering Scheme


Weapons Grade Stupidity - CNN Reporter Sniffs "Sarin Backpack" To Prove Assad Responsible For Chemical Attack


IG Investigating Comey Memos, He Leaked Classified Info


Harvey, Ill Pension Crisis "Canary In The Coal Mine"

Release Of Comey's Leaked Memos Seals His Fake

Why So Many Are Homeschooling Their Children

Schultz Awan

Trump Is Right: Wasserman Schultz's Pakistani Mystery Man Has Documents Dems Don't Want Prosecutors To See

Tom Cotton

Sen. Tom Cotton Slams Dems Shameful Political Behavior For Blocking Trump's Nominations, Pompeo


Declining Quality Of Youth Is Making Army Recruitment Difficult


Has This Man Found A Way Out Of The Income Tax System

Angry Socialists

Angry Socialists Protest Navy Ship Commissioning Of USS Portland

Elizabeth Warren

Amnesty, Abortion & Big Spending: Inside The Left's Policy Playbook


Newly Discovered CDC Survey That Was Never Released Demolishes Anti-Gun Talking Points


Left Makes 2nd Amendment Fight Personal With Home Vandalism

Randa Jarrar

A Shocking Culture Of Murderous Hate At Fresno State

Chuck Todd

Hypocrisy Squared: Chuck Todd Questioned About His Wife's Company Being Paid Millions By Democrats


Mike Pence

The Gaystapo Coming At VP Mike Pence

Sean Hannity

Sean Hannity Targeted By Deep State With Illegal Leaks From HUD After Michael Cohen Raid

Deven Nunes

"Major Irregularities" - The Mystery Of How The Trump/Russia Investigation Started

Muriel Bowser

"Porker Of The Month" Washington DC Mayor Muriel Bowser 

Joe DiGenova

Joe DiGenova On Memos: "Comey Should Go To Prison"

Chuck Schumer

Shocking: Chuck E. Cheese Schumer Backs Trump's Approach To China, "He's On The Right Path"

Kim Jong Un

Gordon Chang: North Korea's Kim "Unnerved" By Trump's Syrian Airstrikes

Donald Trump

Trump: DNC's Lawsuit Has Opened The Door, Promises "Aggressive" Discovery

Comey McCabe

At Least 2 Comey Memos Passed To Friend To Leak To Press Contained Classified Info

John Brennan

Uh-Oh...CIA Chief John Brennan Made Secret Trip To Russia Around Same Time As Fusion GPS Produced Fake Anti-Trump Dossier

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How Socialism Ruined My Country

Levin Rips Comey – He's Acting Like “Bozo The Clown”

North Korea 

Andrew Cuomo

Idiot Left-Wing Nut Job New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo Issues Threat To Businesses In NY - Cut Ties With The NRA

Supreme Court

Supreme Court Hears Case On Internet Sales Tax

Food Stamps

Millionaire Protesting Welfare Abuse Collects Thousands In Food Stamps To Prove His Point

Hillary Clinton

FBI's Weasel Andy McCabe Faces Possible Criminal Charges - Are Hillary & Co. Next?

Lynch Comey

Comey Trashed Loretta Lynch To Trump - Eric Holder "Smarter"

Jim Jordan

Will Jim Jordan Be The New Speaker Of The House

Hillary Clinton

Collusion? In Washington DC? Let's Count The Ways

Florida Deputies

2 Florida Deputies Gunned Down In Cold Blood


Tourist Industry Begs The San Francisco Liberals To Clean Up The Filth

Anthony Weiner

Uh Oh...Bombshell Scandal Involving 650,000 Emails Anthony Weiner Was Keeping On His Computer For "Insurance"


3 Amigos: Did Comey Collude With Mueller

Rod Rosenstein

Guess Who Was In On Comey Memo Leaks To Media

Tom Perez

Insanity: DNC Files Suit Against Trump, Trump Jr., Jared Kushner, Paul Manafort, Russians, Wikileaks & Probably You For Disrupting Election

Mick Mulvaney

What!! Trump's Budget Director, Mick Mulvaney Will Ask Congress To Cut Some Planned Spending - The Swamp Will Go Nuts 

Michael Cihen

There Is No Such Thing As "Newsworthy" Exception To Attorney-Clent Confidentiality

Schults Awan

Democrats IT Staffer That Wasserman Schultz Refused To Fire: "I Control The White House On My Fingertips"

Andrew McCabe

DOJ Sends McCabe Findings To Federal Prosecutors For Possible Charges


Just So You Know: NBC Ignores McCabe's Criminal Referral, ABC & CBS Downplay

Rod Rosenstein

Rat Rosenstein Tells Trump He's Not A Target Of Special Counsel Or Cohen Probes - Who Believes Him?


Illegal Aliens Arrested Carrying "Assault-Style Firearms"

Trump Comey 



The tax deadline was extended by 24 hours yesterday. So, if you haven't done your taxes yet, well, you're too late AGAIN. - Jimmy Fallon


Nancy Pelosi

Pelosi Sends Bizarre Email Telling Supporters "Mueller Fired"

Illegal Aliens

Dozens Of Gang Member Released By Sanctuary Policies


Winning: Kroger Announces 11,000 New Jobs, Increased Wages Thanks To Trump Tax Cuts 

Judge Napolitano

Judge Napolitano: Comey May Damage Mueller's Investigation

Clinton Comey Lynch

Comey's Ego Declares War On Obama's DOJ

Laura Ingraham

You Go Girl! Laura Ingraham's Audience 20% Higher Than Before Boycott

Bill Kristol

After Syria, Will Never Trumpers Apologize For The Russia Smear?

Food Stamps

Food Stamp Usage Drops Over Half-Million In Single Month

Donald Trump

Poll: Young Americans Trust Trump More Than Media & Federal Gov't.

Joe Biden

Joe Biden: Republicans "Don't Want Black Folks Voting"

James Gagliano

Former FBI Special Agent Torches CNN's Brian Stelter's Lionization Of James Comey


Trump's Tweet Has Every Attorney In The Country Questioning Everything

James Comey

Trump: Slippery James Comey Will Go Down As The Worst FBI Director In History


"New Yorker" Columnist: Chick-Fil-A Is Evil & Must Be Banned From Our Holy City

Global Warming

Wish We Had Some "Global Warming" - Winter Storm Warnings For 11 States

Reba McEntire

Country Music Awards - Ignores Politics, Stays Positive

Kim Jong Un

North Korea's New Found Cooperation Takes Turn Before Trump Summit

Bill Clinton

Slick Willy Caught Ogling 2 Hot Girls With His Fly Unzipped 


Oil Prices Could Rally To $100 A Barrel

Trey Gowdy

Gowdy: Comey Has Politicized The FBI, It's Beneath The "Dignity" Of The Office

Russian News

With Mushroom Cloud Background, Russia State News Warns Citizens To Stockpile Food, Water To Prep For War



Entitlements: Moral Bankruptcy Fuels Fiscal Bankruptcy

City Inspector

City Inspector Say Combat Vet "Did Nothing" For Our Country While Telling Business To Take Down Military Flags - Gets Rude Awakening

Neil Gorsuch

Gorsuch Sides With Liberals On Supreme Court Case - Did He Blow It Or Maybe Not

Keith Ellison

Keith Ellison: "Women Are Dying" Because Dems Are Losing Elections - Liberalism Is A Mental Disorder


How The IRS Could Help Shut Down Islam Radicalization

Comey Lynch

Former AG Loretta Lynch Slams Comey Right Before His TV Interview

Obama VS Trump

This On Photo Says It All: The Difference Between Obama & Trump & How They Treat Terrorists 

Paul Ryan

Leaving Paul RINO Says Leaker & Liar James Comey A Man Of Integrity - Don't Let The Door Hit You On The Way Out

Barbara Bush

Barbara Bush Dead At 92

Andrew McCabe

Not Only Did He Leak & Lie, He Blamed Other FBI Officials For The Leaks

Marsha Pechman

Tyrannical US District Judge, Marsha Pechman, Thinks She's Commander-In-Chief & Rules Military Must Accept Mentally Ill Men Who Think They're Women

Syria Chemical Attack

France Issues Report Detailing Evidence Of Assad's Role In Chemical Attacks

Cory Booker

Dems Revealed: Cory Booker Shams American Workers For Tax Bonuses For "Driving Up Our Debt" - That Money Should Have Been Ours

Nikki Haley

Nikki Haley To Russia On Future Gas Attacks..."The US Is Locked & Loaded"

Jim Himes

Democrat Says Anyone Who Criticizes Mueller Or Comey Will Burn In Hell

Ayatollan Ali Khamenei

Iran: If Israel Attacks...Tel Aviv, Haifa "Will Be Destroyed"

Donald Trump

Left-Wing Loon Gets Crushed In His Lawsuit Against Trump

Racist Sign

College Racists Throw "No Whites Allowed" Pool Party

James Comey

Comey's Book - Designed To Damage President Trump & Nothing More


If You Already Thought Young People Were Stupid, Wait Til You Read This


On Tax Day, The Payers VS The Takers


Has Giving Leftists What They Want Made America Better?

Andrew McCabe

IG Report Shows Andrew McCabe Is A Criminal - So When Is He Going To Jail

Brent Bozell

Left's Jihad Against Conservative Speech, Greatest Censorship In History

James Comey

Gregg Jarrett: "Nothing Resembling The Truth" In James Comey Book

Jonathan Turley

Comey's Book Violates All Rules Of Justice & He Paints A Far Worse Picture Of Himself

Comey Clinton

After Taking Millions: Comey Kisses Up To Hillary & Wants Her Is See Him As "Honest Idiot"

Sean Hannity

Trump Lawyer's Previously Unnamed Client Is Sean Hannity


Restoring School Discipline Requires Expelling The Feds

Clinton Foundation

How The Obama Justice Department Tried To Shut Down The FBI's Investigation Into The Clinton Foundation

NRA & Trump

Taxpayer Funded NPR Claims The NRA Colluded With Russia To Help Elect Trump - This Goes Beyond Fake News

Rachel Maddow

The Madness Of Rachel Madcow"

Donald Trump

"Mission Accomplished"

Andrew McCabe

Andrew McCabe & James Comey Deserve Each Other


There Will Be Consequences

Maxine Waters

Flashback: Mad Max Calls Out Comey For "No Credibility" - Now Loves The Guy, Beyond Pathetic

Bible Constitution

Biblical & Constitution Illiteracy Is The Recipe For Tyranny

Horowitz McCabe

Inspector General Releases Full Scathing Report On Andrew, Should Go To Jail, McCabe

James Comey

Trump Derangement Syndrome - He Proves It With His Book

Obama Zuckerberg

Obama Campaign Harvested Data From 100 Million More Facebook Users Than Cambridge Analytica & The Zuck Was Proud Of It

Stephanie Hamill

DC's Stephanie Hamill Exposes Facebook's Devious Plan To "Steal The 2018 Election" For The Democrats

Alishia Wolcott

Asked To Sing The National Anthem Before A Baseball Game...Refuses Because They Strip 2nd Amendment Rights


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Blacks In Power Don't Empower Blacks

Your Not A “Birther” Obama's Birth Certificate Is A Forgery

Donald Trump 


How Did Clintons Massive Bank Fraud Get Missed By Rosenstein, Mueller Who Investigated Them

Sanders Warren

Communist "Resistance Warriors" Gather To Plot How To Deceive The Voters 


Arizona Court Rules Dreamers No Longer Eligible For In-State Tuition

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter Was Already Disorganized...Now It's Just A Joke

Mueller Rosenstein

Rosenstein Gave Mueller Permission To Request FBI Raid Office Of Trump's Lawyer

Mike Pompeo

New Pick For Secretary Of State, Mike Pompeo - Years Of Soft Policy Toward Russia "Now Over"

Maxine Waters

Watch Mad Max Get Schooled By Mick Mulvaney

Mark Levin

Levin: "It's Time For The Attorney General To Step Aside"

Richard Pan

It Begins: Left-Wing Fascist California Senator Introduces Bill To Kill Free Speech, Requires State Sanctioned Fact Checkers To Approve Online Content

Robert Mueller

One Dirty Cop: Mueller Investigating Trump Over $150K Donation To A Trump Charity From Ukrainian Who Gave Clintons $13 Million


Trump Creates Task Force To Fix US Postal Service

Brenna Spencer

Young, Good Looking, Pro-Trump Female College Student Who Posed With Handgun Sets The Left On Fire

Tom Fitton

FBI Just Notified Judicial Watch It Needs At Least 3 Years To Turn Over Strzok-Page Communications

Mark Levin

Levin: We Can't Trade Freely With China, They're At War With Us

Charlie Rose

CBS Exec Hypocrites - Freaking Out Over Looming Charlie Rose Expose'






Sessions Shuts The Door On Huge Obama Scam

Starbucks Giving Blacks Free Coffee For “Reparations”

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Illegal Aliens 

Dennis Paer

Whatever The Left Touches It Ruins

Illegal Aliens

GOP Voters: Reducing Immigration More Important Than Tax Cuts, Repealing Obamacare


Facebook Labels All Breitbart Stores "Intentionally Misleading"...Now You Really Know

Mike Lindell

Mike "My Pillow" Lindell Rocks It With Proud, Pro-Laura Ingraham Tweet


A Third Of Millennials Aren't Sure The Earth Is Round

Al Gore

40 New Scientific Papers Say Global Warming Does Not Exist


Insider: Obama Was A Celebrity Groupie, Fawned Over Them


Facebook Has Always Been One Big Swindle

Organic Milk

Outrageous: Feds Tell Dairy Farmer His Genuine Milk Is "Imitation"

Sheryl Sandberg

Bingo: COO Of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg Says Users Must Pay For Privacy 



Chappelle Nadel

Another Democrat Joins With Mad Max & Calls For Reparations For Slavery 160 Years Ago

Cory Booker

Left-Wing Nut Job Cory Booker Slams Mike Pompeo At Confirmation Hearing For Traditional Marriage Views 

Sean Fitzerald

Watch: Anti-Gun Propaganda In Public Schools


5 Compelling Reasons Why The YouTube Shooting Has Disappeared From Headlines

Super Tanker

Saudis Shouldn't Have Been Surprised By Missile Attack On Oil Tanker

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