Hillary Clinton

Why Is Baltimore Seeing A Surge In Violence

Mark Steyn Blasts Hillary's Campaign

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Eric Garetti

Labor Leaders Pushed For $15 Minimum Wage, Now Want An Exemption - You Can't Fix Stupid

Marilyn Mosby

What?  Baltimore Prosecutor, You Can Call Cops "Thugs" But You Can't Call Thugs, "Thugs"

Navy Fighters

"Frustrating" - US Pilots Claim Their Hands Are Tied Against ISIS

Gina McCarthy

EPA Grants Itself Power To Regulate What Ever They Want

Bernie Sanders

Weekend At Bernie's - We Must Steal The Money From The Rich & Let Government Pass It Around 

Al Gore

Former Top UN Climate Scientist Hands Fake Science Lover, Al Gore, A Devastating Truth Bomb


Terrorist Rockets Hit Israel - Again

Jeff Sessions

Uh-Oh...Jeff Sessions Read Obama's TPP Bill & Clearly Points Out It Destroys America's Middle Class

Tom Steyer

Is California Liberal Billionaire, Tom Steyer, Smarter Than A 5th Grader? It Looks Like He's Not

Antarctic Ice

Global Warming Continues To Pummel Polar Ice Caps - By Not Causing Them To Melt



New Energy VS The Birds

Obama To Use The UN To Stab Israel In The Back

Amtrak Is No Way To Run A Railroad

Noah Webster

"An Ignorant People Cannot Be A Free People"

Bill Clinton Sepp Blatter

Really? - Indicted FIFA Donated To The Clinton Foundation

Marie Harf

The Remarkable Rise Of The State Department's "Valley Girl" - She Was Must See TV For All The Wrong Reasons


Americans Starting To "Push Back" Against Illegal Muslim Growing Refugees

Ann Coulter

Fiery Ann Coulter Tears Up Univsion Standing Up For America

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Facilitated Weapons Deal For Clinton Foundation Donors

James Grant

James Grant - The Forgotten Depression

Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton Caught With A Mysterious Shell Company - The Sleaze Factor Multiplies


Public Schools Called "Gigantic Criminal Enterprise"

Hillary Clinton

Democrats Say It's OK If Hillary Lies To Them - Ominous Prediction About Hillary's Candidacy


Obama Sought To Create An "Islamic State" Back Before 2012

Bernie Sanders

Poor "Socialist" Sanders - Real Socialists Call Him A Sham

Amnesty Sign

Huge Lawsuit Against Obama "Couldn't Be More Crucial"


Obama Continues Illegally To Make Immigration Law Despite Court Rulings

Gaza City

Meet Israel's Neighbors - The Torturing, Killing In Gaza

Organic Food

Brilliant - Scientists Want To Tax Organic Products To Solve California's Water Problem


IRS Admits Thieves Stole Tax Info

Bob Woodward

Bob Woodward - Bush Didn't Lie About "WMDs"


How Is ISIS Run

Qassem Soleimani

Iran General - Obama Hasn't Done A Damn Thing To Fight ISIS

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Illegal Aliens 
The Daily Account's Daily Cartoon  The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons

What Happened To The “Summer Of Recovery”

Rick Santorum On Why He Is Running For President

  Iraqi Troops 

Donald Trump

The Donald - "I'm The Most Competent By Far" Of The Candidates

Ted Turner

Left-Wing Nuts Plan To "Pay" News Media To Cover Radical UN Agenda

Mike Lee

Mike Lee Says Chris Christie "Should Be Ashamed Of Himself"


Oakland Protests The Protesters, Protesting The New Protesting Policy

Bill Nye

Bill Nye, The Science Guy, Completely Blows His Credibility

Rosa Delauro

Another Liberal Telling You How To Live - Wants To Ban Tanning For Those Under 18


Iran To Cut Its Subsidies - Gas Prices Going Up 40%

Jeb & Columba Bush

The Mystery Of Columba Bush

Kim Kardashian

President Hillary Kardashian

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

The Notorious R.B.G.




Who Are The 2016 Swing Voters


EPA Under Fire For "Social Media" PR Campaign

Stephanie Rawlings Blake

Congratulations Mayor, 27 Shootings Over Memorial Day Weekend In Baltimore - Thugs Running Amok

Arlington National Cemetary

Why Do We Celebrate Memorial Day? Many American's Have No Idea

Hillary Clinton

What The State Department Didn't Want You To See In Clinton's Emails

Matt Drudge

Drudge Slams Boehner For Promising To Pass Obamatrade - "Clearly Treason"

Police Tape

New Orleans Cop Shot Dead In Cruiser

Baltimore Protester

Baltimore Cop - Morale "In The Sewer" Since Freddie Gray Riots


Congress Demands To Know How Many Terror-Tied Aliens Are Seeking Asylum In US

Minimum Wage

How Liberals Are Harming Immigrants & Others Who They Claim To Be Helping

Charlie Daniels

Charlie Daniels, "Lock & Load America, Trouble Is On The Way"

F-22 Raptor

Air Force General Warns - Budget Cuts Killing The Air Force

Pamela Geller

UK Rape Gangs - "This Is OK In Our Culture"

Piggy Bank

Is The US Government Preparing To Seize 401 (K) Pensions

Chris Stevens

Hillary Didn't Even Know The Dead Ambassador's Name


States Finally Starting To Rebel Against Obama's "War On Coal"

Judy Woodruff

PBS Judy Woodruff Exposed - Another Clinton Donor

Cleveland Protesters

Arrests Made As Protesters Flood Cleveland Streets After Officer Acquittal

Bill De Blassio

All 15 Charter School Applicants Rejected In NY - Their Standards Are To High For Our Liberal Children


DNC Official Twitter Picture For Memorial Day - Completely Misses The Meaning


I was surprised to hear this. Hillary Clinton’s Super PAC has reportedly been struggling to raise money. It’s gotten so bad, they may have to start reaching out to Americans. - Seth Meyers
Hillary Clinton 

Krauthammer, White House Sounding Like “Baghdad Bob”

Study The Past


Rick Perry

Rick Perry To Announce His 2016 Presidential Run With Navy SEALs


The New Global Warming Guru Is Mixing Science With Politics

Steven Crowder

Is "Thug" Really The New "N-Word"?

Cruz & Clinton

Ted Cruz Is Crushing Hillary In This Big Indicator


FEC Backs Off Regulating Political Internet Content...For Now

Freedom Of Speech

Majority Of Democrats Support Criminalizing Free Speech

Bill & Hillary Clinton

Surprise - Clintons Reveal, Under Pressure, Another $26 Million In Additional Donations


The Union That Refused To Leave

Mitch McConnell

Republican Controlled Senate Hands Obama A Major Victory


Civil Asset Forfeiture - Is It The Fancy Way Of Saying State-Sanctioned Theft


LA City Council Votes For $15 Minimum Wage

Diosdado Cabello

Top Officials In "Socialist Paradise" Venezuela, Being Investigated For Drug Trafficking

Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi

Read It & Weep - Liberals Claim Republicans Aid ISIS Recruitment


Stunning - New Judicial Watch Docs Reveal Obama & Hillary Knew Of Benghazi Attack 10 Day In Advance

Sid Blumenthal

Hillary Confidante Counseled State Department On Behalf Of Business Interests While Employed By Clinton Foundation


Members Union Dues Going To The Clinton Foundation

School Lunch

The Administration Has Heard Your Complaints About Lousy School Lunches - Their "Fix" Is Laughter

Marilyn Mosby

Over Her Head Mosby Wants A "Gag Order" In Baltimore


ISIS Takes Ramadi As Iraqi Troops Flee

Michael Johnson

Affirmative Action Firefighter Refuses To Fight Fires

Marie Harf

Flashback - State Department Marie Harf, Hillary Never Used Private Email For Classified Documents

Ben Carson

Ben Carson Wins SRLC Straw Poll


During Special Obamacare Enrollment Period, Zero People Enrolled In Crazy Expensive Hawaii Exchange

VA Hospital

New VA Hospital Project A Huge Mess As Price Tag Soars 

Joe Biden

Halfwit Biden Follows Obama's Talking Points To The Navy "Our Forces Will Have To Be Ready" For Global Warming Climate Change


Noted Climatologist Blasts Obama Over His Latest Crackpot Global Warming Claims

San Franciso Illegals

San Francisco Holds Special Graduation For Illegals - Who Paid For Their Education


Americans Greatly Overestimate Percentages Of Gays & Lesbians


Domino's Customers Call Obamacare Regs "Obnoxious, Costly, Annoying"


Feds Pay $8,000 To Teach Other Feds How To Use Email 

James McGovern

Democratic Lawmaker - $74 Billion Food Stamp Benefit To Low

Ann Coulter

Knowing What We Know Now, Would You Say Jeb Bush Is Retarded?

Gay Marriage

Study Of Attitudes To "Same-Sex" Marriage Retracted Over "Fake Data"

Ruben Gallego

Dem Rep. - The Border Is Never Going To Be Secure, It's Republican Double Speak

Bill Clinton

Congress Votes To Limit Ex-Presidents Taxpayer Funded Office & Travel Expense

Kim Jong Un

North Korean Submarine Launch Photos Were Fake


Iran Missile Launch Leaves Neighbors With 4 Minute Reaction Time

JP Morgan

5 Major Banks Guilty Of Currency Manipulation, Acting As A Cartel

Mitch McConnell

The Fake Republican Struggles To Save NSA Phone-Snooping Program

Mitch McConnell

Mitch McFraud Gives Obama His Jobs Destroying Trade Bill 

Gay Flag

Ireland Goes Gay


Hostess's Miracle Come Back Because Unions & Government Didn't Show Up To Help


Mess On The Hill - Senate Blocks House Bill On Surveillance Programs

Netanyahu Obama

Obama Urges American Jews To Accept Iran Nuclear Deal

Happy Meal Toys

13 Things Liberals Want To Ban


Chinese Military Using Jamming Against US Drones


Uh-Oh...NBC Calls Obama's ISIS Strategy "Definition Of Stupidity"

James Comey

FBI Admits No Major Cases Cracked With Patriot Act Snooping Powers

Sid Blumenthal

A Trip Down Memory Lane With Sid Vicious - Clinton's Sleazeball

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Less Popular Now Than In 2008 - What Sane Person Could Possibly Support Her?

TSA Body Scanners

Morons At Work - Government Selling $160,000 Naked Body Scanners For As Little As $10

GOP Canididates

Ten Is Too Few 

James P Hoffa

Teamsters Continue To Spend Big On Politics While Preparing To Cut Members Pensions


Boy Scouts Of American Forced To Ban Water Guns

Usama Bin Laden

Bin Laden Documents Released

Rahm Emanuel

Chicago Municipal Bonds Rated "Junk" - Another Democratic Run City


Say What? Obama Links Global Warming To Boko Haram, ISIS


Liberals At Work - Murders, Shootings Surge In Baltimore

Scott Walker

Scott Walker's Problem 


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Baltimore Violence Is Now Out of Control

True Dangers Of The “Taliban Five” About To Happen


Ben Stein

Hillary Clinton Hasn't Accomplished Anything In Her Life

Sunlight Foundation

How A Small Minority Funds Our Elections - The 1% Of The 1%

Loretta Lynch

New & Improved DOJ Plans To Pay "Community Organizers" $163 Million To "Build Trust"

Mohamed Morsi

Update - Obama's Hand Picked & Supported, Muslim Brotherhood, Ex-President Of Egypt Sentenced To Death 


Secret ObamaTrade Deal - You Stupid Republicans Have To Pass It To See What's In It

Golden Hammer

Amtrak Gets The Golden Hammer Award - "The Most Egregious Examples Of Government Waste"

Tea Party

Official Government Documents Label These 72 Types OF Americans As Potential Terrorists


Russian Aggression Prompts Baltic Nations To Seek Help From NATO

Hillary Clinton

The Clinton Foundation's Criminal Board Of Trustees

Muslim Leader

Muslim Leader Who Said Israel Is "Enemy Of God" Invited To White House

DHS Caught Moving Illegal Somalis & Africans Late At Night


Saudi Arabia

Arab Leaders Revolt Against Iran Nuke Deal 

Pope Francis Mahmoud Abbas

Pope Francis Just Called Palestinian Terrorist Leader Mahmoud Abbas "Angel Of Peace" - I'm Not Sure His Boss Would Approve

Bill De Blasio

NYC Left-Wing Mayor's "Pro-Crime" Policies Turning Central Park Back Into "Mugger Park" - Does it Get Any Clearer?


New Report - VA Wastes $6 Billion Annually - Doors Wide Open For Fraud, Waste & Abuse


Immigrants Applying To Enter US Legally Facing Longer Waits

The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons

Obama Sticks With Failing ISIS Strategy

“You Are White” You Don't Belong Here – Hispanic KKK

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Bel Air Mansion

Check Out This $500 Million Home Being Built In California


The Most Mind-Blowing Things I Learned In My First Year At Harvard Business School


Will The Future Internet Be Paradise Or Dystopia

Man & Woman

Can Just Two People Repopulate Earth?

Cut Ties

How Would You Like To Work At A Company With No Bosses

W T Waggoner Estate

Biggest Ranch In America Goes On Sale For $725 Million


7 Uncomfortable Truths About Living In Norway

Custom RV

12 Of The Coolest RVs On The Road

Lawn Painting

Is Your Lawn Brown? Paint It Green

Larry Ellison

Oracle Won Another Battle In Its Epic War With Google

Taco Bell Pizza Hut

Taco Bell, Pizza Hut Drop The Artificial Ingredients - Really?

Chinese Leaders

Need A Job? China Is Coming To America & They Are Hiring


These 3 Robots Will Change The World

David Letterman

Letterman's "Late Show" Finale Scores Huge Audience

Outrageous Limos

Limos You Won't Believe

Cruise Ship

Cruise Ship Runs Aground


Here Is The Safest Place To Sit On A Train


Which Airline Ranks Highest In Customer Satisfaction


ISIS Militants Using Russian Web Payment System To Raise Cash


Stock Market

Boomers, It's Time To Cash Out Of This Bubble

1931 Indianapolis 500

Watch & Listen To The 1931 Indianapolis 500

Tanishq Abraham

11-Year-Old Earns 3 Degrees One Year After Finishing High School

Andrew McCutchen

Take A Look At A MLB Player's Pay Stub


America's Most Stunning Waterfalls


Dr. Beach's Unofficial Favorite Beaches


This June Will Be Longer That You Thought


20 Metro Areas Where The Locals Are Least Likely To Feel Safe

Self Driving Car

Google's Plan To Eliminate Human Driving In 5 Years


Google To Put A "Buy" Button In Your Search Results

 Jet Bike 
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Chris Christie

Chris Christie For President


Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby Does It Again


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