Hillary Clinton

Mark Levin Slams Jorge Ramos For Having An Agenda

State Department Document Dump Adds To Hillary's Problems

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Donald Trump

A Revealing Clue


AP Sues The FBI Over "Fake" News Story

Joe Evans

Black Activist Asks Obama To Denounce The "Racist, #BlackLivesMatter"

Donald Trump

Planning The Coming "Trump Takedown"

Jefferson Davis Statue

University Of Texas Removes Jefferson Davis Statue


Delusional Dems Move Closer To Backing The Iran Nuke Deal & The Secret Parts No One Can Read

Davie Cameron

"Liberal Agenda" To Blame For ISIS Rise Says Ex-Army Boss


Obama's 6 Biggest Lies About The Iran Nuke Deal

Mt Mckinley

Obama Renames Mt Mckinley To "Denali" As Obama Was Visiting Alaska - Claims He Has The Authority

The Riddler

The Federal Government Has Become So Large, They Don't Even Know How Many Agencies It Has

Anchors Away

Politi-Speak; Who Needs Clarity?

Iran Will Inspect It's Own Nuclear Site, Of Course

Kim Davis

Supreme Court - Christian Clerk Out, LGBTQs In


If The Latest NLRB Ruling Stands, Millions Of Jobs Will Be Lost - Is This Still America?


Liberals, Don't Read This - As Americans Bought 170 Million Guns, Violent Crime Fell 51%


Walmart Reduces Employee Hours Following Wage Increases

Catherine Herridge

State Depart In "Clear Violation Of Law" By Not Investigating Hillary

Bobby Jindal

Jindal - "Immigration Without Assimilation Is Invasion"

Green Berets

Green Berets Becoming Very Concerned With Politicized Leadership  

Kathleen Wiley

Kathleen Wiley - Hillary "Wrote The Book On Terrorizing Women"

Donald Trump

The Assault On Trump Proves We Don't Have A 2 Party System Any More

Red Light Camera

Real American Heroes Getting Arrested



Chris Christie

Chris Christie Takes Heat For Being Right


EPA's Clean Power Fraud


Anti-Gun Stupidity - Honolulu Destroys $575,000 Worth Of Police Firearms

Bryce Williams

ABC News Still Has Not Reported Full Racist Manifesto Of The TV News Killer


NY Newspaper Refuses To Run Ads Targeting Labor Leaders - Is Strangely Honest About Why

Trump Carson

Latest Iowa Poll, Trump Leads With Carson Right On His Tail

Russian War Ships

Obama Focuses On Climate Change In Alaska As Russia Focus On Controlling The Arctic

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Really Is Coming For Your Guns

Ron Hickman

Sheriff Blasts #BlackLivesMatter "Rhetoric Has Gotten Out Of Control"

Shannon Miles

Houston Cop Killer Caught

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The Daily Account;s Daily Cartoons The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons

Trump's Right – Drug Smugglers Scale Fence With Ease

Trump Handles Stupid CNN Reporter

Bernie Sanders

ISIS Training Camps

Pentagon Not Targeting ISIS Training Camps - Do You Now Understand Whose Side Obama Is On

Chris Christie

Chris Christie - Immigrants Should Be Tracked Like FedEx Packages

Global Warming

Ex-NOAA Meteorologist - Employees Were Warned Not To Talk About Climate Natural Cycles


Baghdad - Is It Becoming "Hell" On Earth

Supreme Court

Feds Now Trying To Deny 2 More Constitutional Rights

Nikki Haley

Nikki Haley Has Gone Nuts


Which Republican Candidates Actually Cut Spending


VA Misusing "Vulnerable Vets" Benefits At A Staggering Rate

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Had Something No Other Secretary Of State Ever Had

Jorge Ramos

Jorge Ramos Is Not A Reporter - Make Sure You Understand Who He Really Is

Donald Trump

Nashville - Trump Wins Grassroots Straw Poll With 52%

Make America Great

Political Elite - Trump Is A Traitor To His Class

Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood Sues Alabama - State Has No Choice But To Fund Us

Stock Pond

Wyoming Man Challenges EPA's $16 Million Fine For Building A Stock Pond 


EPA Claims New Water Rule In Effect Despite Court Blocking The Power, Land Grab Rule

Lincoln Chafee

Democratic Presidential Candidate - We Want More Immigration Because It Means More Democratic Votes


ISIS JV Team Advances To Quarterfinals - Is The Real JV Team In Washington

Clarence Thomas

Hit Job


Trial Likely In "Muslim Mafia" CAIR, Undercover Sting

Al Sharpton

MSNBC Cancels Al Sharpton  

Hillary Huma

Hillary Squirms As Trump Calls Huma's Husband A "Perv" & "Sleazebag"

David Clarke

Sheriff Clarke Charges Obama With Starting "War On Police"

Common Core

Common Core Results Trickle In, Goals Not Being Met


Federal Judge Rules IRS Must Turn Over Records Of White House Seeking Taxpayers Information

Jeb Bush

Bush Fundraisers Exits Campaign Amid Sagging Poll Numbers

University Of Tennessee

UT Has Gone Completely Crazy - Going Gender-Neutral - You Must Not Assume Someone's Gender By Their Appearance

Martin O'Malley

Democratic Presidential Candidate O'Malley - DNC Has "Rigged" The Debates

Frank Luntz

Pollsters Dumbfounded By Trump

Supreme Court

No Free-Speech Rights On Supreme Courts Front Porch

Hillary Campaign
Right now members of the Republican National Committee are essentially the scientists in a movie realizing their creation has escaped from the lab. - Jimmy Kimmel

How Our Society Became So Stupid

Black Marine Tells The Truth About “BlackLivesMatter”


Ed Markey

Traitor Senators - Taking Money From Iran Lobby & Backing Nuke Deal

Kim Davis

Kentucky Clerk Tells Courts - I will Not Issue Marriage Licenses To Gays 


NLRB Rules Against Business - Changes What It Means To Be An Employer

Hillary Clinton

The Last Days Of Hillary

Coulter Trump

Ann Coulter Joins Trump In Epic Smackdown


VA Leaving Disabled Vets Unattended "We're Left To The Wolves"


First State Legalizes Taser Drones For Cops

Jose Earnets

Trump's Teleprompter Challenge Trips Up White House

Ann Coulter

Ann Coulter Forced To Correct Bill O'Reilly Again


EPA Withholds Mine Spill Documents From Congress - A Record Of Non-Cooperation

Lois Lerner

The IRS Agent From Hell Also Had A Secret Second Private Email Address 

Hillary Clinton

46% Believe Hillary Should Suspend Her Campaign

Paul Krugman

Liberals Favorite Loony Economist Says "Debt Is Good" As Markets Crash - Another Village Idiot

Lindsey Graham

Lindsey Graham - I Will Beat Trumps Brains Out In South Carolina - Even As He Is Way Behind In The Polls In His Own State


IAEA Says - We Need A Lot More Money To Carry Out This Iran Nuke Deal

Donald Trump

Its Called "Management" & That's How I'll Carry Out My Immigration Plan - Feds Have No Idea What That Is 

Highway 80

Court Orders Return Of Innocent Man's Money - Feds Say No


Obama Has The Power To Circumvent Congress On Iran Nuke Deal & Will

Bernie Sanders

How Bernie Would Handle Foreign Policy - He Wouldn't

Hillary Clinton

Inside Democratic Party's Growing Concerns About Clinton 

Carly Fiofina

Carly Fiorina Takes A Licking But Keeps On Ticking

Charlie Daniels

Ouch - Charlie Daniels Rips The Piss Poor Excuses For Public Servants


Obama Punishes Kansas For De-Funding Planned Parenthood

Bryce Williams

Corrupt, PC Media Conflicted Because TV Shooter Is Black 

Ried Obamacare

Obamacare Insurer In Nevada To Shut Down


Solyndra Lied To The Depart Of Energy To Get $535 Million Loan & The Dumb Asses Bought It 

Martan Dempsey

Pentagon's ISIS Analysis Altered - Who Is Altering Intel Reports 

Women In Militery

PC Crap Is Over - Women Are Injured Twice As Often As Men In Combat Training

Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton Is Pissed Off By Biden Hype

Bobby Jindal

Planned Parenthood Files Lawsuit Against Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal 

Xi Jinping

Is The Unthinkable Happing To China's President


ISIS Destroys Ancient Syria Site Palmyra

Donald Trump

Trump Polling Better With Non-Whites Than Bush Even After All Bush's Pandering To The Left

Diver Used Tires

Taxpayers Foot The Bill For Failed Environmental Project

Government Employee

Another Government Employee Paid To Golf, Play Pool & Do Nothing

Planned Parenthood

StemEspress - Researchers "Have Meltdowns" Over Abortion Organ Harvests

St Croix River

Bureaucrats Zeros Out Value Of Family's Land

Hillary Clinton

Looks Like There Was a Second Private Server While Hillary Was Secretary Of State

Elizabeth Warren

Biden Has A Pow-Wow With The Fake Indian, Elizabeth Warren





Federal Judge Blocks Obama's EPA Power & Land Grab

Megyn Kelly

Megyn Kelly Might Leave FOX...And Go "Mainstream"

Russian Flag

From Russia To Germany With Love


CBO - Deficit Will Double Over Next 10 Years

Carly Fiorina

Fiorina To GOP, Get Me In The Debate - CNN Excluding Her

Richard Jones

Trump-Loving Sheriff Doesn't Put Up With "Illegals"  

Caroline Kennedy

Ambassador Caroline Kennedy, Caught Using Private Email For Official US Business

Furguson Looters

Brilliant - Ferguson Judge Solves Nation's Racial Problems - Vacates All Arrest Warrants From Before 2015 - The Thugs Just Need A Fresh Start - You Have To Read This To Believe It

Donald Trump

Trumps Feud With Megyn Kelly Is Still On "I Don't Think Megyn Kelly Is A Quality Journalist"


Obamacare's Expansion Of Medicaid Is A Classic "Bait-&-Switch"

Illegal Alien

Jose Andre, An Illegal Alien Charged With Rape Of A Child In North Carolina

College Graduates

Campus "Sustainability" Indoctrinates College Students Far More Than You Think

American Heros

Everything You Need To Know About The American Heroes Who Stopped A Terrorist Attack In France

Harry Ried

Dirty Harry Vows To Support Iran Nuke Deal

Black Lives Matter

Major Fail - Majority Of Black People Believe "All Lives Matter" 

Beck & Trump

Very Sad, Glenn Beck Proves He Is A Huge Hypocrite In His War On Trump

Gunman In France

3 Americans Praised For Subduing Muslim Gunman On European Train

ISIS Beheadings

New ISIS Video Shows Young Boys Cutting The Heads Off Of Alleged Spies

Stock Trader

Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Abu Dhabi And Qatar's Stock Market Crashed 


Had Enough Crime Yet, America?

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A California Farmer's Story

Bernie Sanders Socialist Supporters – You Decide


Ben Carson

Carson Slams CNN For False Reporting & Not Being Responsible Media...The Usual

Cubans Escape

Cuba's Repression - 24,000 Risk Trip In 8 Months & Obama Loves The Dictators

Army Helicopters

Army Brass Putting Gender Politics Above National Security - Became Politicians In Uniform


Ex-White House Staffer "Hillary Must Never Be President"

Ayatollah Khamenei

The Ayatollah Just Gave A Speech "America Is The Enemy" & "We Will Confront Them With All Our Power" & Obama Is Giving Them Nukes

Guess What, It's Not 11 Million Illegals It's 30 Million 


Mexico Begins Charging Americans $20 Bucks A Piece To Enter Country

John Boehner

GOP Majority Again Refuses To Do What They Told The American People Was "Top Priority"

Mark Zukerberg

Trump's Battle With The Idiot That Got Lucky, Just Escalated

Green Jobs

Ballot Measure Promoted By Liberals Raising Taxes For "Green Jobs" Fails To Create "Green Jobs"

Ben Carson

Video - Ask Ben & He Answers Readers Questions

Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush Won't Say He'll Rip Up The Iran Nuke Deal - There You Go

James Craig

Battle Hardened Detroit Police Chief, Legal Gun Ownership Can Help Stop Crime

Bernie & Supporters

Settle Down Hippies, We're Not Ready For A Socialist...Yet


Foreign Criminals - Mexico Won't Take Them Back

Micheal Flynn

Safely Retired, Former Director Of DIA - WH Willfully Supported Al Qaeda & Muslim Brotherhood


The Daily Account's Daily Cartoon The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons

MSNBC Has Meltdown Over Jeb Bush's Comments “It's The Asians Fault”

Stump For Trump Gals Talk To Jorge Ramos

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50 Yard Line 


The Future Of The Internet Is In Space


The Highest Paying Jobs At Google

Ford Ranger

Ford Considering Bringing Ranger Back To The US

Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig Talks Booze & Fame

Police Officer

The 22 Most Dangerous Jobs

Jared Fogle

Looks Like The Fogle Foundation Was A Fraud Too

Woman Getting Married

Where Did "Mrs." Come From? Stuff Mom Never Told You

Man Playing Guitar

25 Things Learned In 9 Years Of Simplifying My Life

Mr 1500

How I Built My Family's Net Worth To $1 Million


Apple - $148 Billion Gone


Marvin Bagley

6' 11" High School Freshman Wanted By Every College

Eric Silverstein

This Guy Gave Up A 6-Fiqure Salary To Serve Tacos From A Truck

Fenway Park

Woman Hit By Foul Ball Behind Home Plate Sues Red Sox Owner

Air Force Bomber

Air Force Makes $27 Billion Accounting Error - Says No Big Deal

Stock Market

Dow Down 600, Wild Ride With Panic Buying & Selling

Leonie Muller

The German Millennial That Chose To Live On Trains Rather Than Pay Rent

Thoth 12-Mile Elevator

Insane 12-Mile-Tall Space Elevator

Air Travel

Remember The Golden Age Of Air Travel 

Hashima Island Japan

32 Chilling, Abandoned Places Will Give You The Creeps

WWll German Town

Amazing, Never-Before-Seen WWll Photographs


Subway Will Be Making 2 Drastic Changes To Save Its Business

Gas Stations

10 Things You Didn't Know About Gas Stations

Monk On Wind Turbine

Benedictine Monk On A Wind Turbine - Why?

New Cars

Car Buyers Haven't Been This Unhappy In A Decade

Spain's Bull Runs

Spain's Passion With Bull Runs Claims 10 Lives This Year

Woman With Viewer

5 Exciting Technologies That Will Be Here Before You Know It

Tom Brady

Trump Rips Roger Goodell Over Brady, Deflategate


Twitter Has Problems


Top 25 Corvettes At Woodward Dream Cruise

Jared Fogle

Subway Pitchman To Plead Guilty To Child Porn Charges



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Bill Cosby Does It Again


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