Steve Bannon's Exit From The White House Makes Trump's Admin Ordinary

Democrat Election Chief Admits Massive Voter Fraud “In Court!”

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Steve Bannon

Steve Bannon Exits White House, Says The Presidency Trump Campaigned For Is "Over" - Or Is It?

Donald Trump

Trump Heads To Camp David For A New Approach To Afghan & Middle East War

Confederate Monument

Even Leftist NPR/PBS Poll Shows Majority Of Americans Against Tearing Down Statues


Trump Justice Department Ends Obama's "Operation Choke Point"

Al Franken

Idiocracy Is Running Amok In America

Bob Corker

Pathetic Backstabbing RINO Bob Corker With A Conservative Rating Of "F" Calls For Trump To Bow Down To The Swamp

Maria Chappelle-Nadal

Shocking: Democrat State Senator, Maria Chappelle-Nadal Calls For Assassination Of President Trump

George Papadopoulos

Boom: More Holes Shot Right Through The "Trump Campaign-Russian Collusion" Fairytale

Jim Hinkle

Georgia Judge Resigns Under Pressure: Said "Nut Cases Tearing Down Monuments Equivalent To ISIS Destroying History" - He Told The Truth


Antifa Protesters Arrested In Chicago After They Attack Cops Outside Courthouse



Something Stinks About Charlottesville

The Reason Google Is Useless For Conservative Searches

The Civil Rights Con

White Supremacists

Why The Left "Loves" White Supremacists & Why Doesn't Everyone See Through This Charade

Yvette Felarca

Antifa Leader Yvette Felarca, A School Teacher, Says Violence Against The Far-Right Is "Not A Crime"

USC Mascot

Just When You Think The Totalitarian Anti-Confederacy Hysteria Can't Get Any More Absurd

Maxine Waters

Mad Max Calls Ben Carson & All Of Trump's Cabinet White Supremacist

Jesse Watters

Jesse Watters: The Left Named The Ideology Behind Charlottesville Attack, But Won't For Barcelona 

Abraham Lincoln Momument

Abraham Lincoln Monument In Chicago Torched - "An Absolute Disgraceful Act"


Communist Workers World Party Toppled Confederate Statue In Durham, North Carolina

Kim Dotcom

Kim Dotcom Warns...End Of Mueller - Wikileaks To Destroy Far Left Narrative & Mueller Knew


In Their Own Words: The Radical Political Goals Of Fascist - "Anti-Fascist" (Antifa)


Now You Know: Prominent Republicans Endorse Antifa


Steve Bannon

Steve Bannon Heads Directly Back To Breitbart News 

Joel Pollak

Breitbart Editor: People Hate CNN Because They Pretend To Be Objective, It's A Fraud

Esther Lee

NAACP Leader Offers Profound Take On The "Senseless" Destruction Of Historical Monuments

Jim Sciutto

This Is CNN - Correspondent Doesn't Realize Virginia Isn't In Europe

Steve Bannon

How Steve Bannon Blew Himself Up

Ben Carson

HUD Secretary Ben Carson's Home Recently Vandalized By Anti-Trump Criminals

Wolf Blitzer

No One Thought It Possible: CNN's Wolf Blitzer Sinks To Disgusting New Low - Says Barcelona Terror Attack A "Copycat" Of Charlottesville

Takiya Thompson

Takiya Thompson Arrested & Charged With Felonies In Confederate Statue Vandalism


If Liberals Want Racism Removed There Are 12 Memorials That Need To Go NOW! - They Won't Like It


Calexit III - Will California Leave The US

Steve Bannon
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The Daily Account's Daily Cartoon

The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons


North Korean Issues New Warning

The Left Loved Venezuela


Julian Assange

After Meeting With US Congressman, Assange Vows To Prove Russia Did Not Leak Him Documents

Angela Merkel

Trump Victory That MSM Will Never Tell You About - Germany Will Now Keep Its Promise

Jason Kessler

Charlottesville White Supremacist Organizer Was Former Occupy Wall Street, & Is An Obama Supporter 

Scott Pruitt

6 Months Later, EPA Employees Are Still "Crying At Their Desks" Because Of Trump

Antifa Thug

Black GOP Student Attacked By Antifa Thugs At Charlottesville Vigil

Robert Mueller

High-Ranking FBI Official Leaves Mueller's Russian Probe

Donald Trump

Documents Show Russians Sought Meetings With Trump Campaign...And Team Trump Declined

Deutsch Pence

Ritzy College Students Feel "UNSAFE" Because Of This Mike Pence Photo Taken 2,636 Miles Away - Complete Insanity

Kim Jong Un

Cheese-Chomping, Fridge-Raiding Despot May Be Suffering From "Roid Rage"

Antifa DC

Left-Wing Thugs Call For Escalated Tactics In Response To Charlottesville - Media Says Nothing


I read that New York City could host the World Cup in 2026. That’s right, thousands of people trying not to use their hands — or as that's called in New York, "riding the subway." - Jimmy Fallon
Wes Bellamy

Facebook Censorship Of Criticism Of Islam

Trump VS MSM


Debt Ceiling

Debt-Ceiling Fight Looms As Next Big Test For Congress - Political Theater Ahead


CNN Censors Trump Paid Campaign Ad, Again...Claims It Is False- You Decide

HR McMaster

HR McMaster Protecting Dozens Of Obama Hold Overs In Key National Security Council Jobs

James Damore

James Damore To CNN: I'm A Centrist, & They're Calling Me A Nazi"...So CNN Cuts That Out


Mark Levin Slams "Sick" Charlottesville Politicization - You Should Listen

DeRay McKesson

Black Lives Matter Activist Appointed To Baltimore Public School Administration - Baltimore Is A Lost Cause

Brahmos Missiles

India Defies China & Sells Short-Range Cruise Missiles To Vietnam


Why The Left Needs To Combat Political Violence On "Both Sides"

Soros Brock

Media Matters Playbook Leaked - Anti-Trump, Anti-FOX & Control Over All Political Discourse In America


When The Hell Will The Left Condemn Antifa

Black Mob

Black Homicide Rates Jump & The Left Says Nothing

James Comey Hillary

Furious Retired FBI Agent Slams Comey; Investigating Agents Weren't Even Consulted On His Decision To Let Hillary Go


Jihad At The Ground Level In Southern California


Liberals Are Out To Gentrify Churches


CIA Issues Chilling Report About North Korean ICBMs


He's Baaaack! Desperate Dems Draft Obama Out Of Retirement

Keith Ellison

Dems Are Insane: DNC Deputy Chair Says Kim Jong Un Is Acting More Responsibly Than President Trump 

Marco Rubio

Powerful Venezuelan Lawmaker May Have Issued A Contract Death Order On Marco Rubio - Very Serious

Women Soldier

Candidate To Be First Female Navy SEAL Officer Quits After One Week 

Colin Kaepernick

Lib Media Push Poll Backing Kaepernick Doesn't Go As Planned


Polls Don't Measure What You Think They Measure


The Threat Is No Longer The Russians...But Our Own Hypocritical Establishment On The Left

College Students

The Craziest College Classes Offered This Fall (& Why They're Worthless)

Paul Manafort

New Report Shows "Concrete Evidence" That Russia Collusion Is "Fake News"


Local CBS Reporter Assaulted By Antifa Protester A Day After Charlottesville Chaos - No Nazis Anywhere

Dunford Jae-In

Tensions Between The US & South Korea Actually Improve The Situation With China & North Korea

Sheriff Joe

Sheriff Joe Arpaio May Be Pardoned  

North Korea

What Nuclear War With North Korea Could Look Like - 8 Million Dead

American Flag

Freedom Caucus Launches Renewed Obamacare Repeal Push - It's About Doing What We Said

Elizabeth Warren

Pocahontas Panders To Illegal Aliens...Tells Them "You Are An American & This Country Has Your Back" 

Regina Mustafa

Muslim Convert Runs For Congress, But Stays Silent On Her Faith

Global Warming

Uh-Oh...Government Paid Experts Predicted An El Nino Weather This Fall, But We Will Get A El Nina

Charlottesville Car Attacker

Charlottesville Car Attacker Was "Infatuated With Nazis" & Antipsychotic Meds


CNN Doesn't Know The Difference Between Virginia & North Carolina

James Comey

Everybody Wants To Know How James Comey Walked Out The Door With Classified Documents

James Alex Fields

Ohio Man, 20, Identified As Suspect Accused Of Driving Car Into Charlottesville Protesters

Yale Library

Yale's Disgraceful Whitewashing Of History Continues

High Heels

Now Newsweek Criticizes Trump Women For "Normalizing" High Heels - More Left-Wing Loons

Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Media Completely Ignoring Lawsuit Against DNC & Wasserman Schultz

Jesse Lee Peterson

Rev. Peterson: "Devastation Will Come If Men Don't Turn Back To God" & Fight Evil


Google Warns 700 Publishers Digital Ads Will Be Blocked By Chrome Update 

Capital Building

Top 25 Conservatives In Congress

Al Gore Eclipse

Satire Or Maybe Not: CNN Predicts Trump Will Destroy The Sun On August 21

Elizabeth Warren

Leading Veteran Group Pulls Pocahontas Invite - "We Don't Want You" At Rally

Al Gore

Global Temperatures Are Cooler Now Than When Al Gore Won His Fake Nobel Prize

Kid Rock

"Kid Rock" May Be Ineligible For Michigan Ballot

Ben Shapiro

Ben Shapiro & The Rising Tide Of Young Conservatives

Oakland Antifa

Brilliant: Protesters In Oakland Shut Down Freeway To Protest The Protest & Violence In Charlottesville

Samantha Bee

Left-Wing Loon, Samantha Bee Tries To Attack Trump, Instead Insults Millions Of Americans


50% Of Americans Favor A Pre-Emptive Strike On North Korea, Even Though Many Can't Find It On A Map Of The World

North Korea Metro

Take A Look At North Korea's 360 Foot Deep Metro System, The People & A Very Rare Inside Video 

Donald Trump

Trump Condemns "Egregious Display Of Hatred, Bigotry & Violence" In Charlottesville

Illegal Aliens

Reminder: The Media's Reporting On Illegal Aliens & Federal Income Taxes Is All Wrong

Trump McConnell

Trump's Base Cheers Attack On Swamp Monster Mitch McConnell

Starbucks Refugees

Starbucks Hires Refugees - It Backfires Because There Is A Nasty Surprise You Don't Know About

Rush Limbaugh

Limbaugh: 1 Democrat "Blabbermouth" Holds The Key To Trump-Russia Fairytale

Jeffrey Lord

Jeffrey Lord Lashes Out Against CNN, Liberal Media Matters After "Sieg Heil" Firing

US Air Force

Trump Tells N. Korea, We're Locked & Loaded It's Your Move

Hillary Clinton

Hillary's "Resurrection" As An Ordained Methodist Minister?

Eric Bolling

Eric Bolling Fights Back

Hillary Clinton

When The Going Get Tough, The Clintons Get Going...To Another Country




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The Clintons & Their Canadian Connections

Mueller's Top FBI Aid Quits The Trump-Russia Collusion Investigation

 Kim Jong Un

HR McMaster

The "Higgins Memo" Fired NSC Aide Reveals Political Warfare Operation Targeting Trump

Beryl Howell

Uh-Oh...Judge Signing Off On Robert Mueller Russia Investigation Grand Jury Is Hyper-Partisan Lefty

Illegal Immigration

Shocker: Millennials Support Most Of Trump's Immigration Policies

Mitch McConnell

Watch Mitch McConnell Vent About Trump's "Excessive Expectations" 

Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio: Trump Immigration Bill Won't Pass The Senate


Mark Levin

Mark Levin Nails Mitch McConnell In Explosive Levin TV Episode

Donald Trump

Winning: Companies Hire More Americans At Higher Wages Instead Of Foreign Visa Workers


Denmark Combats Terrorism With "Hug A Jihad" Program - Good Luck With That 

Rahm Emanuel

Chicago Sues Justice Department Over Withholding Funds To Sanctuary Cities

Donald Trump

Trump Slashing Obama's Regulation Binge, Saves Businesses Billions


Rice Obama

America's Liar Finally Admits...The Obama Administration's Strategy On N. Korea Nukes Was A "Failure"

Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Dems TryingTo Dump Debbie

Seth Rich

Mueller Urged To Look Into The Real Crime, Seth Rich Murder & Who & Why They Did It

James Comey

Deep State Rewards Comey With Millions, Not Bad For Lying Under Oath, Leaking Classified Info, Abusing Power, Etc...

Trump Gou

More Winning: iPhone Supplier Foxconn Announces Second Plant Coming To Michigan


The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons

The Daily Account's Daily Cartoon

Shocking: MSNBC Promotes ANTIFA

Charlottesville Was A Setup

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Bush Obama Clinton 

The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons


The Daily Account's Daily Cartoon
Hillary Clinton 
Radical Mosques 

Solar Panels

What Happens To Solar Power During The Eclipse


What The Color Of Your Bread Bag Twist Tie Means

Abandoned Boat

40 Eerie Images Of Abandoned Transportation From Around The World 

Solar Eclipse

Man Has Permanent Vision Damage From Staring At The Sun During Partial Eclipse In 1962

Beach House

16 Cliffhanger Homes That Will Take Your breath Away

Lawton Chiles Middle School

Florida School Accused Of Offering Students "Front Of Line Pass" For $100 - Parents Outraged

Poland Spring Water

Poland Spring Water Is Committing "Colossal Fraud" Lawsuit Says

Route 66

How Much Does It Cost To Take An Epic 2,400 Mile Road Trip On Route 66

Union Pacific Railroad

Union Pacific To Lay Off 500 Managers & 250 Rail Workers

Nihar Suthar

Meet A 21-Year-Old Who Has Already Saved Over $100,000


US Tax Change Proposals Anger Builders, Realtors, Charities


Here's The Tax Bill On That $393 Million Mega Millions Win In Illinois


Maxine Waters

Where Does Mad Max Waters Get Her Money?


7 States That Tax The Poor The Most

Charter School

Charter Schools Boost Performance Of Nearby Schools 


WOW: This Kitchen Is For Sale Along With The Rest Of The House For $80,000,000

King Arthur

Movie Box Office On Track For Lowest In 25 Years


Night Riders In Hawaii

Mr Trash Wheel 
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Robert Smith

Meet The World's 10 Richest Black Billionaires


The Week TV Dramatically Changed

Border Patrol

California: 3 Dead In Crash Fleeing US Border Patrol

Scenic Road

Summer Road Trip: Set Out For All-American Scenic Road Trip

Solar Eclipse

12 Best Places In America To Watch The Total Solar Eclipse

Charlottesville White Supremacist Leader Is An Obama Supporter – What?

Kid Rock Just Got Some Great News

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