Adam Schiff

Giving People Like You Power Is Frightening

A Word To Google Feminists

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"Demo Memo" Omits Key Facts That Cover-Up Collusion Between FBI & Democrat Party


Google's War On Infowars: Watch These Inforwars Videos That Were Banned By YouTube


Gun Confiscation Center Opens In Seattle

Woman With Gun

Leftist Completely Nuts, Vice Is Shocked That NRA Thinks Women Should Be Allowed To Own Guns

Drew Griffin

This Is CNN...It's Vile & Disgusting

Gun Rights

Has Anyone Thought Of Trying To Enforce Existing Gun Laws Before Launching New Ones


Stanford University Promotes "Inclusivity" By Banning Men From The Gym Twice A Week - But Gender Neutral Bathrooms Are OK


The Coward Of Broward County

Mark Levin

Mark Levin & Charlton Heston: The 2nd Amendment Is More Essential Than The 1st

Dana Loesch

Feminist Panics After Dana Loesch Suggests Women Who Carry Guns Are Harder To Rape

Mahmoud Abbas

Abbas Threatens US With "Terrorists" Because Trump Cut Off Millions Of Dollars To Palestinians

President Trump And The Darkest Hour

How Old Should You Be To Legally Buy An AR-15

Exposing The Deep Rot In The Deep State


NRA Rips Corporate Sponsors That Cut Ties - Shameful Display Of Cowardice


List Of Companies Dropping NRA Partnerships After Florida Shooting

Donald Trump

Trump At CPAC: Conservatives Must Fight Pelosi & Dems


Obama Posts Chilling Message To Teens Marching For Gun Control "We've Been Waiting For You"

Muslim Child

"Baby Muhammad" Jihad: Europe's Future Nightmare

Rick Scott

WOW: Florida Gov. Rick Scott Turns Gun Grabber & Opposes Arming Teachers

Millie March

Not All Students Back Gun Control

Illegal Aliens

Winning: Federal Agency Now Serves "Americans" Not "Nation Of Immigrants"

Gun Free School Zone

Most Mass Shootings At K-12 Schools Happened After Gun-Free School Zones Made Into Law

Megan Barry

Nude Photos Show Evidence Of A Crime In Nashville Mayor Affair

Lawrence O'Donnell

MSNBC Host Says The Dumbest Thing Imaginable About Guns

Rick Gates

Ex-Trump Campaign Aid Pleads Guilty To False Statements In Mueller Witch Hunt

Ivanka Kim Jong Sook

Cheerleader-In-Chief Ivanka & First Lady Of South Korea Cheering At The Olympics - But Ivanka Echoes Her Fathers Tough Stance On North Korea


Police Announce Program To Illegally Stop People For "Safe Driving"


Liberal Run Paradise: Infectious Disease Expert Warns San Francisco Becoming Dirtier Than Slums In India & Brazil

Joseph Boeckmann

Homosexual Arkansas Judge Finally Jailed For Sexually Abusing Young Male Defendants 

Eric Bolling

This Is Powerful: Eric Bolling Shares Heartwarming Story About President Trump Calling Him About His Son


The Media Lied To You Again This Week: Obama Was No Tough Guy & Putin Knew It


Trump Considers Pulling ICE Out Of California To Let State Learn

Carlos Uresti

Jury Finds Texas Democrat Guilty Of Multiple Felonies Including Fraud

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The Daily Account's Daily Cartoon

The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons


Nigel Farage Speech At CPAC 2018

Criminals Don't Give A Damn About Gun Laws...Or Any Laws

CNN Townhall

Wayne LaPierre

Wayne LaPierre, CEO Of NRA Speaks At CPAC 

Mattew Avery Sutton

The Left Wastes No Time Smearing Billy Graham

David Clark

Is George Soros Puppeteering Parkland Survivors? Sheriff David Clark Says Yes

James Comey

What Is The FBI Hiding In Its War To Protect Comey

Susan Rice

Flashback Video: Susan Rice Says Trump's Claims He Was Wiretapped Absolutely False, "That Can Only Come From A FISA Court" 


Liberal Media Demands That Machine-Guns & Murder Be Banned

Supreme Court

Supreme Court Refuses To Hear Challenge To California Gun Law


Student Condemns University Of Maryland's English Only Alert System, Might Make Some Feel Inferior

Areva Martin

Fake News From The Left Is Everywhere: Celebrity Lawyer Says You Need ID To Vote But Not To Buy A Gun

Jimmy Dore

Jimmy Dore Destroys The Stupidity Of Mueller's Russian Bot Indictment

Ann Coulter

Amazing New Breakthrough To Reduce Mass Shootings

David Kramer

John McCain Associate, David Kramer, Takes The Fifth On Fake Trump Dossier Questions

Dana Loesch

NRA Spokeswoman, Dana Loesch, Goes To A CNN Town Hall - Insanity Ensues 

Pavlich Stelter

Katie Pavlich Destroys Anti-Rights CNN Leftist Brian Stelter, In Gun Control Debate

Chuck Schumer

Dem Leaders Demand $300 Million More To Fund FBI's Russia Witch Hunt

Carter Sessions

Sara Carter: Uranium One Informant Just Issued An Ultimatum To Sessions - Do Something Damn It!


Why Was Obama's Name Edited Out Of FBI Documents...Why Did He Ignore Evidence Of Russian Meddling

Government Employee

Why Are The Salaries Of A Quarter Million Federal Employees, Paid With Your Tax Dollars, A State Secret


Shocking To The Core: Ohio Court Strips Parental Rights In Favor Of Transgenderism

Devin Nunes

Devin Nunes Plays 10 Questions With Current & Former US Officials Over Dossier  



The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons

 The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons

Leadership Is Practiced Not So Much In Words As In Attitude And In Actions


The Islamic State Of Sweden

Rick Harrison On Students Readiness For The Work Force


Samantha Power

Judicial Watch Sues State Department For Samantha Power Documents - Her Illegal Unmasking

Richard Quest

While Arguing For Gun Control Like Europe, Dingbat CNN Host Refuses To Believe France Has More Mass Shootings & Most Countries Have Higher Murder Rates

Marsha Blackburn

Tennessee Prefers A Conservative To A RINO

Paul Cairney

Texas Sheriff Shocks MSNBC, Their School District Allows Teachers To Carry Firearms For The Last 4 Years


Useful Idiots Stage "Lie-In" Outside White House To Demand Gun Control

Moore NYT

Desperate To Show Collusion, NYT & Michael Moore Sucked In By Fake Russian Rallies - Mueller Indictment Shows

Columbine High School

Columbine Shooting Survivor Introduces Bill To Allow Teachers To Carry Guns In Schools  

Florida Shooting Victims

WOW: Dems Exploit Florida Shooting Victims & Bombard Them With Dem Talking Points


Facebook VP Says Russian Ad Buys Were "Not" To Sway Outcome Of The Election


Islamophobia Report Contains "Hate Crimes" Faked By Muslims As If They Really Happened - Shocking


Will Deep State Now Indict Obama For Interference In Egyptian, Israeli, Kenyan, German & British Elections

North Koreran Athletes

North Korean Olympic Athletes Not Winning Metals Fear "Hellish Gulag Fate"

Alyssa Milano

Meet Another Celebrity Idiot: Alyssa Milano Blames The NRA For Florida School Shooting - Luckily Dan Bongino Steps In & Exposes Her Ignorance

School Sign

Texas School District Gets It - How To Keep School Children Safe


Facebook Caught Red-Handed Defrauding Conservatives

Maxine Waters

Mad Max Supports Luis Farrakhan & The Nation Of Islam

Jerry Nadler

Dem Rep. Jerry Nadler Says The Russian Election Attack Is The Equivalent To The Attack On Pearl Harbor!!! - This Moron Is Actually In Congress!

Donald Trump

President Trump: Once Again, DOJ Indictments Prove Campaign Did Not Collude With Russians 

Andrew Weissmann

Mueller's Unscrupulous "Pit Bull" Busted For Withholding Evidence, Misconduct In Previous Cases


Lobotomized Liberals Blame All Men For Florida School Shooting



Supreme Court

Very Important Case: Unions Think You Should Be Forced To Pay For Their "Benefits" - Will Supreme Court Agree?


One State Wants To Take Voting Machines "Back To The Future"

Cold Medicine

CBS Peddling "Fake News" - Claims Easier To Buy "Assault Rifle" Than Cold Medicine

Trump Taliban

After 1 Year Of Trump, Taliban Send Pleading Letter To American Voters

Kamala Harris

60 Million Reasons Why Democrats Don't Actually Care About Protecting Children From Violence

Mike Flynn

Mike Flynn Moving To Withdraw Guilty Plea, Mueller Withheld Evidence 

Strzok Flynn McCabe

McCabe Altered Peter Strzok's Notes On General Flynn Interview - Then Destroyed Evidence

John Kerry

John Kerry Approved Visas For Russian Operatives To Enter US In 2014 & "Interfere" With Election

Rosenstein Mueller

The "Keystone Cops" Of The Corrupt Deep State & Their Inept Investigative Work Revealed Nothing

Clinton Franken

The Left Is Reaping The Whirlwind Of The Culture They Made & We Are All Paying The Price 

Illegal Aliens

Here Are Illegal Aliens In The MS-13 Gang That Liberals Love So Much

Rob Reiner

Outspoken Hollywood Lefty, Rob Reiner, Better Known A "Meathead" Claims Trump Is A "Mentally Ill Sociopath & Time To End His Sickness"

 Washington State

Washington State Liberal Loons Are Taxing People So Much They Changing Liberals Into Conservatives 

Hillary Clinton

If The Mueller Indictments Stand; It Means The Clinton Campaign Can Be Indicted For Chris Steele

Glenn Simpson

Federal Judge Deals Heavy Blow To Slimeballs Fusion GPS

Kelly Guthrie Raley

"Teacher Of The Year" At Her Florida School Pens A Mega-Viral Post That Doesn't Hold Anything Back For All The Right Reasons

College Students

National Crisis: Academia Has Brainwashed Millennials

Josh Powell

NRA Chief Of Staff: Pro-Athletes, Celebrities & Political Class Have Armed Protection, Why Not Our Children

Ron Wyden

Dimwitted Economy Challenged Dems Attack American Business...Stock Buybacks Is "GOP Tax Scam"


CNN Can't Let Go: Hung Up On Collusion Despite No Indictments - Now CNN Goes Hunting To Prove Its Reputation  


Donald Trump

Infrastructure: Will Trump Pay To "PLA"

San Francisco Streets

Liberals Paradise: Trash, Feces, Drug Needles & Diseased San Francisco Streets

Andreson Cooper

CNN & MSNBC Helped Russia Sow Discord By Promoting Fake Anti-Trump Rally

Kamala Harris

Commie, Kamala Harris Is Sad Because Fewer Illegal Aliens Are Applying For Financial Aid

Skid Row LA

L.A. Homeless Problem Getting Worse

Bartiromo Sessions

Jeff Sessions Finally Confronted On Why The Deep State Is Continuing Unobstructed

Donald Trump

Eye Popping Numbers Of Americans That Now Support Trump's Tax Reform

Bernie Sanders

Where's The Collusion Investigation Of Bernie Sanders

Clarence Thomas

Justice Clarence Thomas In Rare Public Remarks: Decries Victimhood Culture

Jeff Sessions

Finally AG Jeff Sessions Has Had It With The FBI - Will He Make Heads Roll

Laura Ingraham

Laura Ingraham: Time For Mueller To Question Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Susan Rice, Ben Rodes & Barack Obama

Robert Mueller

The Results Of 10 Months & Millions Of Dollars Of The Mueller Investigation: Huge Nothing Burger 

Bill Nelson

Sen. Bill Nelson Stop Lying About Watch List Gun Legislation

Keith Ellison

Keith Ellison, DNC Chief, Panics After Exposed For Meeting With Nation Of Islam Leader Louis Farrakhan 

Obama Medvedev

Everything The Media Accused Trump Of Doing With Russia, Obama Actually Did 

Nikolas Cruz

FBI Admits They Didn't Follow-Up On January Tip On Florida School Shooter

Bernie Sanders

DOJ Indictment Shows Russian Trolls Promoted The Bern & Jill Stein

Chris Farrell

Judicial Watch's Chris Farrell - FBI Should Completely Shut Down, Systemic Institutional Problems That Won't Be Fixed

Rick Scott

Florida Gov. Rick Scott Calls For The FBI Director To Resign After Botched Shooter Investigation - He Maybe Right

Olympic Skier

Olympics Viewership: Crash & Burn For NBC


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John Bolton On North Korea & Nikki Haley

Your Government Failed You At All Levels


Rebecca Sommer

German Activist Who Supported Muslim Immigration Changed Her Mind - After Helping Them They Just Call Me A "Stupid German Whore" - Must Read


The Progressives Legacy: Debt, Deficit & Entitlements


Your Disgusting UN: Former UN Official Says UN Aid Workers Have Raped Tens Of Thousands - Employs 3,300 Pedophiles 


Majority Of Muslim Migrants In Europe Believe In Supremacy Of Sharia Law - Do You Get It Now?

Donald Trump

After All The Washington Collusion With Russia: Trump Again Declares It's Time To" Drain The Swamp"



Pelosi Schumer

Thank You Chuck & Nancy: Republicans Now Up On Generic Ballot - How Stupid Do You Think Americans Are?

Jim Jordan

Jim Jordan: Border Security, A Wall, End Chain Migration, End Lottery First


To Call The US A "Banana Republic" Is An Insult To Real Banana Republics

Peter Strzok

Meet Inspector Clouseau: This Top FBI Dunderhead Was Texting From A "SCIF"

Sharyl Attkisson

Did The FBI Violate Its Own "Woods" Procedures With The FISA Court

Gun Free School Zone

Can Miss Crabtree Pack Heat? 18 States Allow K-12 Teachers To Carry

Nickolas Cruz

Nickolas Cruz: Reports & Warning Signs Missed By FBI, Cops, School

 Clinton Lynch Scalia

Everybody Knew This Was Coming: Clinton Offered Lynch Scalia's Supreme Court Seat On The Tarmac


Surprise, Surprise...Federal Judge In Los Angeles Rules ICE Detainers Un-Constitutional

James Comey

Comey's $2 Million Book Deal - He Has To Get FBI Approval, Who Approved It? 



The Daily Account's Daily Cartoon

The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons


Democrats Are Collapsing Heading Into The Midterms

Case Closed

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College Protest 


Why Didn't Mueller Indict CNN For Election Meddling???

Bryce Canyon

16 Travel Destinations For People Who Want To Get Away From The Crowds

San Francisco House

Take A Look At The Cheapest Home For Sale In San Francisco

San Franciso

San Fran's Mass Exodus: Sanctuary Status, Leftists Politics Driving Citizens Out


How Much Of Your $355 Ticket Is Profit For Airlines


Insanely Creepy Google Plans To Spy On You & Parent Your Kids

Robert Johansson

The Olympic's "Gold-Medal" Mustache

Solar Car

Sun-Day Driver - Solar Car Tested

Obama Portrait

The Weird Obama Portrait With Side-Splitting Memes

Tiny Towns

25 Tiny Towns For A Glimpse At How We Used To Live

Jeff Bezos

Washington Compost Staffers Fighting For Better Wages Told To Sit Down, Shut Up And Be Grateful For Jeff Bezos - Sounds Like A Chapter Out Of "Animal Farm"


14 Things Smart Homeowners Should Do Once A Month

People's Cube

Facebook Now Blocking The Very Funny Political Humor & Satire Website, People's Cube 

Cars Flooded

Hurricane Harvey Destroyed More Vehicles Than Any Single Event In America - This Is The Aftermath

NK Cheerleaders

The Idiot MSM's Glorification Of N. Korea's Brutal Dictatorial Family - This Is What Happens To The N. Korean Cheerleaders That Mess Up

Winter Cold

Land Of The Rising Cold: Japan Sees One Of Its Worst Winters In Decades


Post Office Manages To Spend Itself $540 Million More In Debt

Richard Nixon

Worse Than Watergate, Here's Why

Illegal Alien

Illegal Alien Deported 44 Times In 15 Years

Border Agent 
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