The Bizarre Hillary Show

White Suppression, The Big Lie

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Iran Trying To Buy Missile Technology Right Under Obama's Nose

Global Warming

Think Global Warming Was Bad, Wait Until You Meet "Sustainability"

Obama Golfing

Hey, "Global Warming" Poses Immediate Risks To Our National Security, Not Me

Rubio Clinton

See The Incredible Difference How Rubio & Clinton Treat A TMZ Reporter


LA School District Seeks Refund Over $1.3 Billion iPad Project

Annise Parker

Houston Pastors Fight Not Over With The Lesbian Mayor's Violations

Jeb Bush

Bush's Forgotten Book

New York Times

Lawyer Destroys The Completely Illogical, Fact-Less, Base-Less NYT Editorial On Legal Immigration  

Mike Huckabee

Mike Huckabee To Announce 2016 Plans On May 5th


Air Travel Cronyism, Feds Tilting Playing Field To Middle East Airlines 


In Bed With The Fed

Hillary's Biggest Problem, She's A Phony

What Exactly Does The UN Accomplish????

Hillary Clinton

Uh-Oh...Claims Of Hillary's Deleted Emails Contained Names Of Numerous Lesbian Lovers


California Attorney General Declares - Undocumented Immigrants No Longer Criminals


GOP 2016 Hopefuls In NH, Take Turns Attacking Hillary

Mike Huckabee

Mike Huckabee Suggests Military Recruits Wait Until Obama Exits Office To Enlist

Ted Cruz

My Vote On Loretta Lynch Is "Unambiguously" No

Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush, The RINO, Urges Republicans To OK Obama's Lawless AG Pick, Loretta Lynch

School Students

School District Excludes All White Students From Field Trips To Local Colleges


Why Is The VA Putting So Many Veterans On The Federal Gun Ban List?


Senate "Just Rewrote" Constitution To Give Obama More Power - This Will Shock You

Capital Building

House Passes Bill To Repeal "Death Tax"

Dave Daniel

Oregon Sheriff - "I Can't Enforce That Law"

Border Pictures

Border Cameras Show A Steady Stream Of Illegals & Drugs

Joan Cheever

Food Truck Owner Fined $2,000 For Feeding The Homeless

Opan Carry

Texas Set To Approve Open Carry

George Will

Celebrating The Disinvited - Free Speech Never More "Dangerously" Threatened Than Now


The Liar, Lies Again And Gets Corrected By South Korea

Missouri State

Shocking Liberal Intolerance Against Religious Freedom

Dan Joseph

Watch The Un-Educated College Students Support A $50 Minimum Wage 

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Visits College To See "Everyday Iowans" & Students Get Locked In Their Classrooms


Tennessee School Board Moves To Silence Conservative Member


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The Daily Account's Daily Cartoon  The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons

You Won't Believe What Obama Said

Friend Of Marine Imprisoned In Iran Blasts Obama


Hillary Clinton

Hillary Parks In Handicap Space & Doesn't Care

Illegal Aliens

541,000 Social Security Numbers Already Given To Illegal Aliens Despite Judges Stop Order 

Judith Curry

Renowned Climatologist Testifies, Human Caused Climate Change Is Bunk 


Mailman Drops In On Capital Lawn To Deliver, You're All Corrupt Message 

NSA Utah

Inside The NSA's War On Internet Security

Harry Reid

Dirty Harry - The Whole GOP Field A Bunch Of "Losers"

Trey Gowdy

Congressman Demands Answers On Secret Influx Of Syrian Refugees

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Has Racked Up 92 Brain Dead Congressmen Endorsements For 2016 


ISIS Running Training Camp On Texas Border

Tom Wheeler

Congressional Republicans Move To Over Ride FCC Net Neutrality Rules


Snow Storm

Oops...Another Global Warming Protest Hit With Snow

Hassan Nemazee

Iranian Convicted Of Fraud, Top Fundraiser For Clinton, Obama & Kerry


Veteran Awarded $21 Million After Being "Medically Abandoned" By VA

Melissa Harris-Perry

Another Left-Wing "Pay Your Fair Share," Doesn't Pay Her Fair Share - IRS Files Tax Lien Against MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry


US Military "Hostile" To Christians Under Obama - Morale, Retention Devastated

Dirty Harry

Uh-Oh...Dirty Harry's Story About His Injuries Is Starting To Fall Apart

Hillary Clinton

Hillary's Spontaneous Coffee Shop Stop Was Completely Staged

Allen West

Military Memo Tells Soldiers To Hide From Islamic Terrorists - Allen West Responds


Senate Approves Bill Changing How Medicare Pays Doctors

Hillary Clinton

Former Secret Service Agent "Everything About The Clintons Is Manufactured"

Loretta Lynch

AG Nominee Offers No Commitment She'd Investigate Hillary's Illegal Email Scam

New York Times

We Need An Ankle Bracelet For The New York Times

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Lies About Immigrant Grandparents

Josh Earnest

The White House Jester Says Obama Will Sign Senate Deal On Iran

Putin Rouhani

Russian Missile Sales To Iran - White House Claims Of Cooperation With Russia Collapses


After All The Turmoil & Protests In Ferguson, Only 19% Of Voters In That District Turnout  

Cash Burning

Feds Taxing More, Spending More, Running Bigger Deficit In 2015

Hillary Clinton

Anti-Hillary Posters Hit New York & Las Vegas

Global Warming

$500,000 Bet For "Bed-Wetting, Eco-Freako Useful Idiots"

Sally Kohn

Left's Rising Lesbo Media Star's Logic Skips Several Beats - Governments Force Isn't Really Force

Hillary Clinton is making income inequality a central theme in her campaign. Yeah, for example, today she pointed out that her husband makes $300 million a year. She has to get by on $200 million a year, and that's not fair. - Conan O'Brien

Why Students Support Hillary Clinton

America's Embarrassment Shows A Complete Historical Ignorance, She Was Probably Speaking To Dems


Iran Leader

Israel - Iran Boosts of Weapon Shipments To Terrorists In Expectation Of Lifted Sanctions

Will Stack

S.C. Man's Traffic Stop Video Really Goes Viral

BLM Rangers

Bundy Ranch Type Standoff Brewing In Oregon Between Miners & BLM


Why The Left Wants Iran To Get The Bomb

Sierra Club

Sierra Club & Bloomberg "Brag" About Putting 23,200 Coal Miners Out Of Work

Martin O'Malley

Potential Dem Rivals To Hillary Plug Away In Iowa

David Cameron & Obama

Secret US Memo - America's Special Relationship with Britain Is Over

Castro Obama

Raul Castro & Obama Meet Face To Face

Hillary Clinton

Uh-Oh...New Poll Says Dems Not Buying What Hillary's Selling


UN Goes Shopping At IKEA For ISIS Refugee Camps

Secret Service

Secret Service Officer Arrested In DC On Burglary Charge

Puerto Rico Flag

Bureaucratic Pinheads Deem Spanish Speaking Puerto Ricans Disabled & Qualify For Social Security 

Barbara Streisand

Babs Unhinged - The New Economist Of Hollywood Makes A Fool Of Herself


EPA Is Out Of Control - Common Coolants Most Go & The Industry Is Worried

Raul Castro

Obama Will Soon Remove Cuba's Thug Dictator From US Sponsors Of Terrorism List

Ben Carson

Ben Carson Tries to Clarify His 2nd Amendment Stance At The NRA Meeting

Hillary Clinton

If You Had Any Questions - Hillary Supported Trade Deal As Secretary Of State After $100 Million Bribe To Clinton Foundation

Trey Gowdy

Congress Going After The Truth In Hillary's Email Scandal With The "Transcribed Interview"

Obamacare User

Obama Gave Obamacare An 8 Out Of 10, But Yelp Reviewers Blast Away



Narendra Modi

India - We Won't Bow To Western Pressure On CO2 Emissions

Huma Abedin & Hillary

IG Investigating Huma Abedin's Job Under Hillary Because She Was A Paid Lobbyist The Whole Time 


Government Porker Of The Month


American's Job Divide - Young VS Old

Capital Building

Left-Wing Protester Blows His Brains Out At US Capital Building


Are More People Really Getting More Health Care Because of Obamacare

Rand Paul

Rand Paul Shunned By NRA

Rand Paul

Watch Rand Paul Handle An NBC News Anchor 

Marie Harf

"Are We In Nursery School?" - David Brooks Slams The Sorority Girl's Talking Points


"The Right To Bear Arms?" - Gun Grabbing Sweeping The Nation


Obama's Gun Control Backfires - Industry Sees Unprecedented Surge

Bill Haslam

Republican Governor Pulls A Fast One On The NRA Convention In Nashville

Michael Slager

White Cop Charged In Shooting Of Black Man Much Different Than Ferguson

Ann Coulter

Can The Left Come Up With One True Story


How California Went Dry

Lois Lerner

IRS & Congress Hold Our Liberty In Contempt

Luis Gutierrez

There Is Hope - Congressman Luis Gutierrez Called "Communist" & "Traitor" In LA - Video


Obama Admin Continues To Hide How They Are Spending Your Money

Illegal Alien

62% Of Americans Want US To Deport Illegal Aliens

Bowe Bergdahl

Bergdahl Reached Out To Afghanistan Before Leaving

Bill De Blasio

Benedict Bill - De Blasio Won't Back Hillary & Leaves Dems And Hillary Fuming


Oil-Rich Nations Are Dumping US Assets At A Record Pace

John Koskinen

Happy Tax Day - You Won't Believe What The IRS Just Spent Millions On  

Andrew Cuomo

StartUp NY Program Creates A Whopping 76 Jobs, Cost Taxpayers $53 Million

Bill De Blasio

NYC Mayor - No More Cops

Hassan Rowhani

Israel Is Not The Problem


Judge Gives Black Armed Robbers Light Sentence, 3-Year-Old Victim Is Too Racist

Iran Nuclear Plant

Senate Panel Votes To Force Obama To Give Congress A Say On Iran Nuke Deal

New York Times

NYT Again Prints Massive Lie - This Time About NRA's Convention In Nashville


Brilliant - UN Gives Iran Leadership Posts In Several Agencies, Including One For Women

California Farmer

Are California Farmers Stealing Water?...Or Not

Asleep At Work

Federal Employees Owe More Than $3.5 Billion In Delinquent Taxes 


IRS Ignores Deadline To Produce Details Of Conservative Targeting

Genaro Cisneros-Delgado

Illegal Alien Caught After High Speed Chase Has Only Been Deported 20 Times

Lois Lerner

The IRS Agent From Hell Warned IRS Employees "Emails Can Be Seen By Congress"

Dick Durbin

Senators Demand Probe Into Guest-Worker Program & American Layoffs


Liberal Lunacy - California Dumps Millions Of Gallons Of Water To Make "Fish Happy"

Gay Wedding Cake

Ask "Gay" Bakery For Cake & Get Charged With A Crime

Shawn Manning

Fort Hood Victim Denied Benefits Despite Purple Heart

Hillary Clinton

Here Comes Hillary

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Flashback – Obama Praises Communist Mentor Frank Marshall Davis

IRS Takes Farmers Funds Under “Laundering Law”


Martin O'Malley

Possible Hillary Rival Imposed A "Tax On Rain"


No, I Will Not Affirm Israel's "Right To Exist"

Pat Buchanan

We Must Stand For Our "God-Given" Rights & Constitution Principle, & If It Comes To Civil Disobedience, So Be It

Lee Kuan Yew

The Man Who Solved The Welfare State Problem & Liberals Hate Him


Gay Leader To Churches - Support Homosexuality Or Be Taxed

Flashback - John Kerry Says, Give Iran Nuclear Fuel


Lois Lerner

Judge Orders IRS To Release List Of Tea Party Groups Targeted - Lawless DOJ Refuses To Prosecute


Seattle's Minimum Wage Law - A Slow-Motion Face Plant Right Before Our Eyes

Ted Kennedy

You Just Paid $38 Million For The Ted Kennedy Shrine - The Liberal Knows How To Spend Your Money Even When He's Dead

John Koskinen

Don't Call The IRS, We Aren't Answering The Phone, We'll Call You

Mohammed Javad Zarif

Iran's Chief Negotiator Says Obama Is Lying About The Agreement - Now We Have 2 Known Liars, Lying About Who Is Lying


He Lied To You Again - Verifying Iran Nuke Deal Not Possible, Experts Say

Thomas Jefferson

Convention Of The States - The Solution

Yazidi Women

Iraq - Yazidi Women "Raped In Public" & Sold To ISIS Fighters

Jeh Johnson

DHS Chief - Yes Tens Of Thousands Of "Unaccompanied" Kids Still Crossing Into The US


"Appropriate & Necessary" Is Whatever We Say It Is


The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons

One Year Later, The Bundy Standoff – You Decide

Hillary Clinton's Campaign Manager Steps Forward & Explains Her Strategy

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Football Stadium 
Snow Storm Wyoming 

Mount Robson

10 Spectacular Rail Journeys You Probably Never Heard Of

Mail Carrier

The Worst Jobs For 2015

The Lone Ranger

The Biggest Box Office Bombs In Movie History

Pot Smokers

Which Countries Have The Most Marijuana Users Around The World

X Band Radar

Pentagon's $10 Billion Bet Gone Bad

1954 Corvette

Barn Find - 1954 Corvette Sitting In The Barn For 50 Years


McDonald's Plans To Roll Out Bigger Burgers

Sarah Theebom

I Haven't Shampooed My Hair In 6 Years


Airlines Brace For Lack Of Qualified Pilots

Leo DiCaprio

Hollywood Salaries Revealed


Would You Ride The "Flyboard?" Watch


Is McDonald's Broken?


America's Fastest Growing & Fastest Shrinking Cities

Danica Patriick

What If Ricky Popped The Question Right Now

Grand Canyon

Developers Plan A Grand Canyon Mall


The IRS Has New Favorite People To Audit

Johnny Manziel

Are The Browns Trying To Dump Johnny Manziel

Twin Peaks

"Breastaurants" Are Big Business

Ricks American Cafe

The 40 Best College Bars In America


Yacht Of The Week - 278 Foot ModCat Project

Cathryn Parker

LA Identity Theft Suspect Had 74 Aliases

Kendall Schler

Woman Stripped Of Marathon Win, Didn't Actually Run In Race

1971 Ford Torino GT

10 Most Affordable Classic Muscle Cars

Rock House

Wanna Buy A "Rock House" For $4.2 Million?

Piggy Bank

9 Basic Money Saving Advice Tips No One Follows...But Should

Leavenworth WA

18 Of America's Most Charming Small Towns

SNL Hillary Clinton

SNL "The Clintons Are Back"


Walgreens To Close 200 US Stores

Garbage Truck RV

Man Turns Garbage Truck Into Unbelievable RV

Google Glasses

10 Biggest Tech Flops Of The Century

 Rodgers Brady Manning  
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Bill Cosby Does It Again


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