More Terror In France, Jihadists Attack A Church  
DNC Convention Stage

Shocking Corruption: Clinton Cash – Watch This

DNC Chaos – Delegates Boo & Shout For Bernie At Invocation

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Donna Brazile

Brilliant - New DNC Boss Also Bashed Sanders In Leaked Emails

Philadelphia Police

Philadelphia Police Furious At DNC For Inviting Anti-Police Speakers, No Pro-Police Speakers

Julian Assange

Julian Assange, The Documents Show Hillary Clinton Is "Corrupt"

DNC Convention

Chaos, At Opening Of DNC Convention - New Chair Woman Silenced 

Debbie Waserman Schultz

The Real Implications Of Wazz-Up Schultz's Resignation

Gun Stock Pile

German Authorities Find "Weapons Of War" During Raid Near Radical Mosque

Electrorial map

A Field Guide To A Shifting Electoral Map

Terry McAuliffe

Virginia Governor Defies His Own Supreme Court, Vows To Let 200,000 Felons Vote In Election Anyway

Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz Writes A Political Suicide Note

Donald Trump

"The Fix Was In" -  In The Democratic Campaign, Trump Called It Months Ago 


Attack Of The Killer Refrigerators

Hillary - Lies, Misdemeanors, Felonies & Treason

Obama's Divide-And-Rule Presidency

Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Wazz-Up Schultz Booed Off Stage & Escorted Out By Security

Bernie Supporter

DNC - Party Disunity On Day One

Soviet Flags

Soviet Flags Proudly Fly At DNC Convention

Hillary Clinton

Judicial Watch Goes To Court After Hillary Refuses To Testify

Sharyl Attkisson

White House Still Hiding Photos Of Obama On Night Of Benghazi Attack

Black Lives Matter

Dems To Unleash Arsenal Of Their Own Grieving Moms & Make Philadelphia Cops Furious

Syrian Refugees

Obama's Syrian Refugee Program Has Only Allowed 0.3 % Christians In

Debbie Wasserman Schultz

After Wazz-Up Schultz Kicked Out Of DNC - Hillary Names Her Honorary Chair Of Campaign Team


Generals Believe Obama Using Troops In Mosul Offensive To Influence Election 

Ted Cruz

Top GOP Donors Slam Ted Cruz, Good Luck Running In 2020


Bernie Sanders Signs

Bernie Fans Claim Their Signs Are Being Seized At Convention

Bernie Sanders

"The Bern's" Memo - I Want A Plane Or I Won't Fold

Rafael Cruz

Wikileaks DNC Document Dump - Trump Was Right About Rafael Cruz

Hillary Clinton

Brace For It - Hillary Complains About Being Held To A Higher Standard Than Everybody Else


How Much Kool-Aid Does It Take To Miss The Liberal Craziness

Sanders Supporter

Sanders Supporters March & Chant "Lock Her Up" At DNC Convention

Dolly Kyle Hillary

Clinton Tell-All Book Author Has A Message About Hillary - All America Needs To Hear

Hillary Clinton

Will The Election Be Settled By October Surprises

Malik Obama

Obama's Half Brother, Malik, I'm Voting For Donald Trump

Black Lives Matter

Judge Sends Lawyer To Jail For Wearing "Black Lives Matter" Pin In Court


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Hillary Clinton
The Daily Account's Daily Cartoon The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons
Donald Trump

Obama – Honesty Is Absolutely Necessary When You Are President – You Will Not Believe What You Are About To See

Ivanka Trump's Address To The RNC Convention

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Ted Cruz

Very Sad - Lawmakers Now Say Cruz Destructive, Ego Mad, Furious


ISIS Terror Attack In Afghan Capital, 80 Killed Hundreds Injured

Hillary Clinton

Hillary's Legacy Of Death, Destruction, Terrorism And Weakness

Planned Parenthood

Alaska Supreme Court Shoots Down Parental Notification For Underage Abortions

Palin Trump

When I Learned Who Donald Trump Really Was

Hillary Clinton

After Trump's RNC Speech, Hillary Should Be Running Scared

Black Trump Support

EPIC! Black Trump Supporter Blasts CNN Crank Who Accuses Trump Of Being Racist - Watch

Rachel Maddow

Watch What MSNBC Considers Journalism - Warns Viewers Before Showing Anti-Hillary Buttons At RNC Convention

Hillary Clinton

Hillary's Mentor Is A Communist & We Have Liars In The Republican Party

Loretta Lynch

Justice Department Sues Pennsylvania Town For Rejecting Mosque - Do You Understand Who Obama Is Now?

Tim Kaine Hillary Clinton

Meet The Grifters - They Both Love Cronyism, Corruption, Bribes & Lies

Tim Kaine

Uh-Oh...Tim Kaine On Video, Lying To American Public Is Unforgivable - Hillary Vetted Her VP Like Vetting Muslim Migrants

Terry McAuliffe

Longtime Clinton Crime Family Corny, Virginia Governor's "Felons For Hillary" Shot Down By State Supreme Court

Hillary Clinton

Wikileaks Email Revelation - Hillary Has No Real Support, Must Pay Off Youth Voters & More Scoops 

Cleveland Police

Trump Calls To Thank Cleveland Police Chief & Officers For Keeping RNC Convention Safe


Obama Attacks Trump On Vision - So Automatically You Know Trump Is Right

Charles Grassley

FBI Tells Senator To Go Pound Sand On Questions Of Hillary's Illegal Emails

John Kerry

America's Embarrassment Says Air Conditioners As Big A Threat As ISIS


Philadelphia Refuses To Remove Felons From Voting Rolls Despite Lawsuit

Debbie Wasserman Schults

Leaked Emails Show DNC Officials Conspiring Against The Sanders Campaign


Tim Kaine

Kaine Promises Amnesty For Everyone "In First 100 Days"

Debbie Wazzerman Schults

Democratic Party Chair, Wazz-Up Schultz To Lose Convention Role - Caught Actively Discrediting Bernie Sanders Campaign 


WOW - CNN Probably Regrets Polling Viewers After Trumps RNC Speech

Donald Trump

Which Part Of Donald Trump's Speech Resonated With People The Most?


It's Really Hard To Argue With Trump About This 

Obama & Hillary

One Huckster Hawks Another


Libs In Charge Of Violent Baltimore Furious That Trump Mentioned Violent Baltimore

Donald Trump

Trump Acceptance Speech Gets 32.2 Million Plus Viewers

German Terror Attack

Terrorist Attack In Munich, 9 Killed Many More Injured

Terrorist Attack

2nd "Allahu Akbar" Terrorist Attack In Germany This Week



Following the outrage that Cruz did not endorse Trump last night, Cruz’s wife, Heidi, was escorted from the convention by security as people yelled, "Goldman Sachs!” Careful, Republicans — if you say it three times, Hillary will appear. - Seth Meyers

Iran's Nukes

Refresher On Hillary's Lies

Socialism Makes You Selfish


Rudy Giuliani

Rudy Giuliani - Hold On "We Can Reopen The Case Against Hillary"

Howard Kurtz

Trump Turns Serious, Rolling The Dice On A Policy-Packed Speech


Milo Yiannopoulos Twitter Ban Clearly Shows Social Media Bias


Americans Satisfaction Drops To 17% - This Administration Is The Cause

Ann Coulter

Ann Coulter Tells Reporters To Consider Landscaping Career If Trump Loses

Ted Cruz

GOP Officials Rip Cruz For Withholding Trump Support

Rush Limbaugh

Rush Explains Why Trump Let Cruz Speak Knowing What He Was Going To Say

Trump & Cruz

WOW - How Is Trump Taking Cruz Betrayal

Clinton Cash

Shocking - Meet The Two Biggest Grifters To Ever Run For President


While The IRS Was Busy Persecuting Conservative Groups Its "Security" Program Got Scammed For $3.1 Billion


Inside The IRS - The Bill Henck Story & You Will Be Disgusted

Republican Convention

GOP Convention's Unofficial Slogan "Lock Her Up"

White House

Obama Won't Put Blue Lights On White House To Honor Murdered Police

Ben Carson

Ben Carson Speaks On Trump's Behalf & Hammers Hillary's Record

Muslim Refugees

Obama's UN Program Secretly Flooding Refugees Into These States & Cities

Turkey's Flag

How Safe Are US Nukes In Turkey As It Turns To A Radical Muslim State

Ailes & Murdoch

Mutiny At FOX News - As Ailes Gets Pushed Out Will The News Anchors Go With Him

Don Lemon

Watch Sheriff Clarke "Destroy" CNN's Left-Wing Liberal Don Lemon Over Black Livers Matter 

Nice France

Why Nice Was An Unsurprising Location For A Terrorist Attack

Government Regulation

"Government Is The Problem, Not The Solution" 

Donald Trump

Trump Watches Cruz Booed Off Stage, Didn't Honor Pledge - Trump On Cruz "No Big Deal" Now You Know Who He Is

Melania Trump

Hard To Believe - DOJ, A Government Agency, Uses Social Media To Slam Melania Trump 

Donald Trump

Trump Speaks To America's Forgotten Men & Women In Big, Bold Speech

Hillary Clinton

Latest Guccifer 2.0 Leak Reaffirms Primaries Were Rigged For Clinton - "The Bern" Got Burned

Black Lives Matter

Cops Plead With Mayor To Remove Black Lives Matter Banner From "City Hall"

Paul Ryan

GOP Brass Finally Rally Behind Trump After Nomination

Republican Convention

GOP Platform Backs Right To Work US Labor Policy

Illegal Aliens

Illegal "Nullification Of Immigration Law" Seen As Obama Legacy

Chris Christie

Christie - Cruz Is "Selfish" & Richly Deserves" His Reputation On Capital Hill


State Depart Admits Secret Document Kept From Public Lifting Iran Nuclear Constraints - When Will This Man Go To Jail 

Hillary Clinton Obama

What If The Fix Was In For Hillary At The Obama Justice Department

Melania Trump

Melania Trump - Becoming U.S. Citizen Greatest Privilege On Earth, Huge Difference In First Ladies


As World Reels From Islamic Terror Attacks - CAIR Hands Out Chewing Gum At RNC To Treat "Islamophobia"

Donald Trump

That's Entertainment? Liberals On More Than 20 TV Shows Attack Trump

Indiana Billboard

Billboard In Indiana Causes Uproar For Telling The Truth

Nude Women At RNC

100 Nude Women Showed Up To Protest At The RNC Convention

Case Western Reserve University

PC Out Of Control - Snowflakes Afraid Of Police Presence During Convention, Force University To Provide Counseling & Safe Space 

Paul Manafort

Trump Ready To Define True "Change" At The Convention

Milwaukee Officer

Milwaukee Officer Ambushed In Squad Car, Shot 3 Times Hours Before Baton Rouge Shootings

Scott Pelley

Broadcast Networks Spend 23 Seconds On Obamacare Co-Ops Failures... All Year


Peter Thiel

Silicon Valley Giant, Peter Thiel RNC Speech - Dems Fake Culture Wars Only Distract Us From Our Economic Decline

Clinton Trump

Poll: Trump & Hillary Tied In Battleground State Of Ohio After Hillary Spends Millions On Ads & Trump Spends Nothing

Roger Ailes

Roger Ailes Is Out At FOX News

Planned Parethood

Planned Parenthood Closes 6 Low-Profit Clinics That Don't Perform Abortions

Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz Forced To Pause Speech As Trump's Plane Flies Over Event - This is Actually Very Funny

Jeb Bush

No Wonder Jeb's Mad At Trump - Each of His 3 Delegates Cost Him $50 Million A Pop

Ed Anderson

Ohio Delegates Want Kasich To Back Trump

Cato Institute

25 Years Of Reforms In Ex-Communist Countries - Why Doesn't The Left Learn Anything

Donald Trump

If You Didn't Like Trump Before, You'll Love Him Now

Police Tape

Another Police Officer Shot & Killed In Kansas

Voting Button

Watchdog Group Finds N.C. County Has More Registered Voters Than Citizens

Marilyn Mosby

Judge Acquits 4th Cop In Freddie Gray Case - Racist, Activist Prosecutor Should Resign

Hillary Clinton

New Liberal ABC/Washington Post Poll Is Devastating To Hillary 

Paul Manafort

Trump Campaign Calls Kasich Convention Absence "Embarrassing"

Latino Supporters

Latino Leaders Switch Gears, Announce Plans To Back Donald Trump

Gavin Eugene Long

Baton Rouge Shooter Gavin Long Was Nation Of Islam Member

Franklin Graham

Franklin Graham - Over 100,000 Muslims In America Approve Of Jihad


The Nine Steps To Obama's Divide & Destroy America Agenda

Obama Golfing

Despot Ruler Of Turkey Shuts Down US AirBase & Obama Goes To Play Golf

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Eric Trump – It's Time For A President With Common Sense

What They Haven't Told You About Climate Change

Donald Trump


6 Of 7 Remaining Obamacare Co-Ops On The Brink - This Man Is A Moron

Obama Erdogan

Obama Supports The Islamist Muslim Brotherhood Approach To Foreign Policy

James Comey

"Gag" Order - FBI Agents Working On Hillary's Emails Case Sworn To Secrecy

Fishing Boats

Regulation Nation - Feds Demanding Struggling Fishermen Pay The Huge Cost For "At-Sea" Monitors

Samatha Power

US Ambassador To The UN - We Are Stepping Up Our Mass Intake Of Muslim Immigrates 

Leslie Geissler Munger

State Of Illinois Facing $8 Billion Deficit - The Math Challenged Liberals Must Be Competing With California To See Who Can Ruin Their State First  


Why Hillary Needed A Private Email Server

Syrian Refugees

Obama Accelerating Muslim Refugees - This Is Treason to Every American

Michael Flynn

Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn - I Was Fired For Calling Our Enemies "Radical Jihadis"


New State Law Establishes Permanent "Muslin" Advisory Council, Christians & Jews Not Allowed

Hillary Clinton

14 Internet Memes - Each Picture Worth A Thousand Words 

Muslim Terrorists

French Prisons Are "Radical Islam Terrorist Universities"


Obama - The Most Corrupt & American-Hating President In US History

Jeb Bush

Ultimate Insider Jeb Bush Lays Out Post-Trump GOP Plan - We Have Got To Take Back Control From The Voters

Dsllas Police

The Rest Of The Story - Dallas Protesters "Laughing & Dancing" While Officers Mourn

When Freaking Liberals Run A "Jobs Program"


Slain Baton Rouge Officers
The Daily Account's Daily Cartoon The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons

Drop That Red Cup – City Criminalizes College Parties

Trumps New Tax Plan Includes Major Cuts

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Amazing Treehouses, You Won't Believe Your Eyes

Glass Bottle

Man Faces Prison For Allegedly Trying To Recycle Bottles In Michigan


Trouble In Paradise - Tourism In The Age Of Terrorism


Largest Medicare Fraud Bust In Florida Ever

Toyota Truck

Toyota Buys Back A Tundra With 1 Million Miles On It

Michael Jordan's House

Why Michael Jordan's House Has Been On The Market For 4 Years

Pickup Truck

Insane Pickup Trucks From "Scrapin The Coast 2016"


9 Places With The World's Clearest Water


Cruise Ship

Cruise Ship Workers Reveal What Life On Board Is Really Like


How Many Calories Your Favorite Cocktails Really Have

Keith Richards

Long Term Celebrity Marriages

Welcome Sign

15 Weird Abandoned Places To Explore


Starbucks Will Put An End To An Unexpected Consequence Of Offering Free Wi-Fi


10 Things A Burgler Doesn't Want You To Know

Travis Kalanick

Uber Executives Live In A Constant State Of Terror 

SpaceShip Yacht

The "Spaceship" Yacht Concept Actually Hovers Above Water


Gas Prices

Why Do Gas Stations Still Put 0.9 Cents On A Gallon Of Gas

Space Mysteries

7 Space Mysteries Scientists Can't Explain

Levi Joseph

How This Intern Spent 40 Days Living In His Car & Managed To Show Up For Work Every Day In A Suit

Papa Johns

Papa John's Became The First Pizza Chain To Make A Massive Change

Future Of Retail

Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory Is The Blueprint For The Future Of Retail


11 Surprising Jobs Where You Can Earn More Than $100,000 A Year

Mars Rover

You Would Be Surprised How Far The Mars Rover Has Traveled On Mars In 4 Years

1937 Studebaker

8 Obscure Design Classic Pickup Trucks



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Black Stainless

Black Stainless Appliances Poised To Go Mainstream

Gas Pumps

13 American Gas Locations Have Prices Above $4, Several Above $5

Lawn Mowing

The Shrinking Of The American Lawn


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