George Ciccariello

Obama Official May Vindicate Trump Over Wiretapping Claims

Trey Gowdy Tells Chuck Schumer “Spare Us Your Advice”

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Evelyn Farkas

Former Obama Official Slips & Discloses They Were Getting Intelligence On Trump Team

Judicial Watch

Judicial Watch Releases New Clinton Emails Containing More "Classified" Info - The FBI Is Corrupt

Upset Parent

Peel Student Told "God Loves Only Muslims" - Computer Lab Becomes Mini-Mosque

The Fixer

Detailing The Commission Of Comey Crimes

Mitch McConnell

McConnell Guarantees Gorsuch Will Be Confirmed

Lt.Gen. Thomas McInerney

Lt. Gen. McInerney - "Barack Obama & Hillary Clinton Are Both In Violation Of The Espionage Act"

Paris Riots

Paris Riots - Mainstream Media Is Not Reporting This

Ramtin Sabet

Muslim Cop Fired For Anti-Semitic Remarks, Now Claims "Islamophobic" Harassment In Law Suit

NATO Headquarters

Montenegro Joins NATO, 2 Republicans Vote No

Rush Limbaugh

Rush Exposes Yet Another Media "Hit-Job" On Trump

California Charges Pro-Life Activists With 15 Felonies

So How Did The California Drought End?

DHS Names Local Jails That Won't Hold Illegal Aliens

Illegal Aliens

Feminists Silent On Illegal Alien Violence & Danger Posed By Sanctuary Policies

Computer Classroom

More Of The Education World Should Look & Act Like This

Melania Trump

Melania Trump Delivers Pro-Women Speech & Liberals Viciously Attack Her

Michelle BuBois

Dem Lawmaker Tips Off Illegal Aliens ICE Raids Are Coming

Tom Perez

New DNC Head Asks "All" Staffers For Resignation Letters

Hillary Clinton

New Clinton Email Lawsuit Seeks Assessment Of Criminal Handling Of Classified Emails 

Abdul Based

Muslim Cab Driver Assaults Female Passenger

Anthoney Weiner

Anthony The Pervert Weiner's Underage Victim Is Furious With FBI - Comey "Helped Abuse To Continue"

Coal Plant

Trump's Executive Action On Clean Power Plan Signals US Exit From Obama's Stupid Paris Climate Treaty

Donald Trump

Trump Ends Obama's "Blacklisting" Contracting Rule 



New Poll - Voters Say Taxes Are Too High, Want Reform This Year

State Department

State Department Employee To Face Charges For Lying To FBI & Taking Gifts From Chinese Officials


The VA Was About To Blow $10 Million On 25 Parking Spots & That's Not The Worst Part


Sessions Urged To Clean Up "Ideological Rot" Of Obama's Bureaucrats At Department Of Justice

Sean Spicer

White House Slams "Entirely False" Report By The Washington Compost

TSA Patdown

Mom Films Her Disabled Son's Cringe Worthy Encounter With TSA, Causing Them To Miss Their Flight 

Global Warming

Climategate: Judicial Watch Sues For FOIA Records Between Key Obama Scientists Involved In Global Warming Controversies


The Russian Farce

California Split

The California Split Gets Serious - "Calexit"


London Muslim Terrorist Was On Welfare Before The Attack


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The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons The Daily Account's Daily Cartoon

Malkin: Ted Koppel Exposed The Liberal Media Elite

Hispanic Contractor Explains Why He Is Bidding On The Wall


Orange Coast College

Professor Recorded In Hateful Anti-Trump Rant Gets Faculty Of The Year Award

Trump & Media

Conservatives Abused By "Media Who Don't Represent 75% Or More Of The Country"


CNN Puts Out "BS, Fake News" On Supposed Trump-Russia Collusion

Bernie Sanders

The Bern Says He'll Introduce "Medicare For All" Bill - Forgets To Say Who'll Pay

Tomi Lahren

Conservative Fire Brand, Tomi Lahren Is Out At The Blaze


3,083 Immigration Detainer Requests Ignored By Local Law Enforcement From Jan 28 To Feb 3, Feel Safer Now?

Sandra Hehir

Illegal Alien With Long Rap Sheet Strangles This Teacher's Aide To Death In Her Boston Home

Capital Building

The US Senate Just Sold Out Your Internet Privacy

Justin Trudeau

Canadian PM, Trudeau, Proposes Massive Defense Budget Cuts

Patricia Arquette

The Insanity Of The Loony Left Has No Boundaries: Actress Patricia Arquette Suggests London Terror Attack Was Set-Up By Trump


Mo Brooks

Alabama Congressman Files "One Page" Bill To Repeal Obamacare - Now We Will See Who Really Wants To Repeal It


Unlocking Our Immense Oil & Gas Supply Can Make America Great Again

Nicolas Maduro

Venezuela's Toxic Brew: Failed Narco-State Meets Iran Backed Terrorism

Ted Koppel

Ted Koppel Tells Sean Hannity He Is "Bad For America"

Jeff Sessions

Jeff Sessions Warns Sanctuary Cities


California City Threatens Property Owners: If You Oppose Tax Hike You Lose Police Protection


NYT Admits CNN, MSNBC, All Networks But FOX Are Ignoring The Rockville Illegal Aliens Rape


Obama's Plot To Sabotage Trump

Donald Trump

Trump To Undo Obama's Job Killing Emissions Plan On Tuesday


Liberal Loon Judge OK's Petition For America's First "Genderless" Person - Read It & Weep


60 Minutes

CBS's 60 Minutes Piece On "Fake News" Ends Up Being "Fake News"


Iran Slaps Sanctions On 15 "US-Based" Companies

Jean Ziegler

UN Demands Europe Punish "Delinquent" Poland, Hungary For Refusing Migrants

Jared Kushner

Jared Kushner To Lead New WH Office Using Business Ideas To Fix Gov't Bureaucracy 

Neil Gorsuch

Where Dems Stand On Trump's Supreme Court Nominee

James Comey

No, Trump Isn't Under Criminal Investigation By The FBI

Fallon Fox

Very Disturbing Trend Shocking The Sports World

Lindsey Graham

Left Is Going Insane Under "Destructive" Schumer 

Abraham Lincoln

Chelsea Clinton Triggered By Abe Lincoln In "MAGA" Hat - The Dimwit Gets Trolled With Hilarious Responses

Chuck Schumer

The Toothless Tiger, Chuck E. Cheese


 Paul Ryan

A woman was arrested yesterday morning for trying to scale a White House fence for the second time in a week. The Secret Service said, “We wish you were living here, too, Mrs. Clinton, but you can’t keep doing that.” - Jimmy Fallon

London Terror Attack

Sheriff Slams Lawmaker Who Was Warning Illegals About ICE Raids

Let's Make Fun Of Loony Lib Rachel Maddow One More Time



Remember The Left-Wing "Economic Boycott" Of North Carolina Because Of Its Bathroom Bill, Nobody Else Remembers Either Because It Was A Complete Failure

Syrian Refugees

Nebraska Dems Welcome Refugees With Baskets Full Of Goodies.....Including Voter Registration Forms

Alcee Hastings

Definition Of A Democrat: Alcee Hastings Paid Girlfriend $2.4 Million In Taxpayer Money - Republicans Are "Nasty" To The Poor

Rosa DeLauro

Unhinged Democrat Goes Off On House Floor - Watch


Don't You Wish All Stupid Fed Policies Must Come To An End, This One Is - RIP CAFE

Paul Ryan

GOP Insiders Discussion About Replacement Of Paul Ryan As Speaker

Tommy Alvarado Ventura

Illegal Alien Deported 4 Times & MS-13 Gang Member Sexually Abuses Girl 2


FEC Swamp Monster Dems Again Trying To Regulate The Internet For Political Content

Keystone Pipeline

State Department To Approve Keystone Pipeline Permit On Friday


Loons In Canada Pass "Anti-Islamophobia" Bill - God Help Them

Seth Rich

Who Killed Seth Rich, His Family Wants To Know & The Clintons Aren't Talking

Tom Perez

New DNC Chief Finds Out Liberals Are Freeloaders 

John Podesta

Congressman Calls For Investigation Into The Guy With Real Russian Connections, John Podesta


Is It Possible For CNN To Ask A Dumber Question Than This - You Decide

Chelsea Clinton

Chelsea Clinton Gets Lifetime Achievement Award For Doing Nothing


Left-Wing Group Offers $15,000 A Month To Form "A-Teams" To Fight President Trump

Rep. Devin Nunes

House Intelligence Committee Chair Rep Devin Nunes Comes Forward - Yes, There Was Surveillance On Trump

Hillary Ronen

San Fransicko Lawmaker Proposes Bill To Penalize Construction Companies That Build The Border Wall

Jeff Merkley

Trump Derangement Syndrome: Dem Rep Jeff Merkley Call Gorsuch "Illegitimate" & SCOTUS Seat "Stolen"


FBI Probing Whether "Conservative Websites" Colluded With The Russians - Idiots, Go Investigate Obama's Wiretaps


How The Government Ruined US Healthcare & What We Can Actually Do About It

Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan Unmasks Himself As Biggest Threat To GOP & Trump Presidency


Whistle Blower Comes Forward With Massive Amount Of Data Proving Obama & Crew Spied On Everyone

Amy Klobuchar

Just How Dumb Are Democrats??

Elijah Cummings

Political Hack, Elijah Cummings Attacks The Messenger

Devin Nunes

Devin Nunes: NSA To Release "Smoking Gun" Showing Obama Admin Spied On Trump

Chuck Schumer

Chuck E Cheese Schumer's Empty Filibuster Threat


The Selective Morality Of The Transgender Agenda 

Donald Trump

Trump's Approval Polls Remain Very Misleading

James Comey

Comey Knew & Falsely Denied Surveillance

Susan Rice

One Of The Worst Liars In The Obama Admin, Susan Rice, Now Tries To Lecture Trump About Making False Statements, Pathetic

Rockville Rape

WOW...Shocking Admission On Univision: Obama's Policy Led To Rockville Rape, Trump's Policy Would Have Stopped It 

Rockville Highschool

Rockville High School Rape - It's Time To End The Illegal Alien Crisis

Patrick Leahy

Liberal Lawmaker Tells Nominee Gorsuch, "Originalism Remains Outside Mainstream" 

Rachel Maddow

You Won't Believe Who Rachel Maddow Is Blaming Her Huge Trump Tax Fiasco On

Border Patrol

Democratic Party's Donkey Mascot Should Be Swapped For A Coyote Because They Want To Fill The Country With Illegal Aliens

Michael Savage

Confirmed: Conservative Radio Talk Show Host Was Target Of NSA Spying

Judge Napolitano

FOX News Pulls Judge Napolitano Over His Trump Wiretap Claims

Flint Water

Liberals Freaking Out-Trump's EPA Releases $100 Million Grant To Flint To Clean UP Their Water, Obama's EPA Wouldn't

James Comey

Comey Won't Commit To Investigating Obama Officials Leaking Documents

Kim Jong Un

Kim Jong Un: If A Single Bullet Is Fired, We Will Nuke The US

Louie Gohmert

WOW: Rep Louie Gohmert Says Paul Ryan Lied To Trump

Nazi Soldiers

Left-Wing Insanity: Liberals Claim Trump Is Waging War On...Well We're Not Sure, But It Must Be Something

Adam Schiff

When Adam Schiff Sold His Soul, His Country & His Faith To Become A Democratic Party Puppet

Doug Bergum

North Dakota Governor Approves Concealed Guns Without A Permit

Ayatollah Khamanei

Inside Report: Iran Already Intimidated By Trump

James Comey

James Comey Seen Leaving The White House

Al Gore

Wrong On Every Prediction, Al Gore Now Claims Global Warming Caused Brexit

Diane Feinstein

Poster Child For Term Limits, Diane Frankenstein Pretends Merrick Garland Is The SCOTUS Nominee

Rasmea Yousef Odeh

Convicted Palestinian Terrorist, Rasmea Odeh, Agrees To Leave US In Exchange For No Jail Time

Scarborough Shoal

China Denies South China Sea Construction Project On Philippines Island  

California Capital

California Goes Beyond The Land Of "Fruits & Nuts" - Considering Bill To Allow Government To Decide What Political Statements Are Misleading

Khalid Masood

London Terrorist Details: Here's What You Need To Know


Substantial Numbers Of Non-Citizens Vote Illegally In US Elections


ICE Agents Outnumbered 5 To 11,000 Illegals, Cheer New Trump Hires 

Rand Paul

Rand Paul Cheers House Conservatives Blockade Of Ryancare Bill

Illegal Aliens

Federal Law Enforcement Resources Overwhelmingly Spent On Immigration Crime

Mark Meadows

Freedom Caucus Head, Mark Meadows,"Still A No" On AHCA


Obama White House Received Surveillance Of Trump, Transition Team, Aides Then "Unmasked" & Distributed 

Chuck Schumer

Chuck E. Cheese Schumer & The Dems Prepare For All Out War Over SCOTUS Pick Neil Gorsuch

Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin Urges Trump To Dump The Chump



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Renting Freedom

Medicare For All? Why It Can't Work

Neil Gorsuch


A Lefty-Loony Claims To Be "Non-Binary" What Happens When You're This Stupid

Sanctuery Cities

Illegal Alien, Criminal Loving Sanctuary Cities Risk $870 Million


$21.8 Million In Obamacare Tax Credits To Individuals Who Were "Not" Eligible To Receive Them


Career EPA Bureaucrats Fighting New Management, Direction & Cuts

Trump Saudi Prince

Saudi Prince Offers Troops To Fight ISIS To Trump - Obama Rebuffed His Offer

Toronto Imam Says Muslims Will Eventually Kill All Jews

AG Sessions Open To Using Outside Counsel To Probe Obama's Lawless DOJ - Credibility Needs To Be Restored 


Immigration Judges Dispatched To 12 US Cities To Speed Deportations

PC Police

Upscale East Coast College Puts Out A New "Guidelines For Inclusive Language" - Insanity

Hillary Clinton

How Politico Became Hillary's (Anti-Constitution, Anti-Journalism, Anti-Conservative) Lap Dog

Martin O'Malley

Good News: Martin O'Malley Is Running For President Again In 2020


Gun Permits Skyrocket In One Deep Blue State Last Year - For Good Reason

Malik Obama

Obama's Brother Shares Photo Of Obama's Kenya "Certificate Of Birth" - He Has Claimed His Brother Was Born In Kenya From The Beginning

United States

US Would Easily Win Any Trade War

Nikki Haley

Nikki Haley Demands UN Withdraw Report Branding Israel "Apartheid" State - Defund The Bastards

Countries Refus To Thak Back Criminals

23 Countries Refuse To Take Back Criminal Illegal Aliens

Hannity & Williams

CNN's Fake News Continues: CNN Falsely Accuses Sean Hannity Of Pulling A Gun On Juan Williams


The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons

Corrupt Weaponizing' Of Intelligence Collection

If 60 Minutes Is Right & Pizzagate Is Fake News...Explain This

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Dustin Johnson  


Original "Bullitt" Mustang Found In Mexico

Andrea Mueller

Women In Motor Sports

Liliane Bettencourt

The Richest Women In The World

Romanieo Golphin

Meet The 7-Year-Old Whiz Kid Dubbed "The Next Einstein"

Woman On Phone

9 Bills Where You Can Cut A Better Deal 

Irish Castle

21 Spectacular Pictures That Will Make You Want To Travel To Ireland

1940's House

100 Years Of Holmes - Tour A House From Every Decade

SeaTac Airport

10 Beast Airports In North America

Cliff Skywalk

Would You Set Foot On These Terrifying Tourist Attractions


There Is A Problem In The Auto Loan Market - "Subprime Credit Losses Are Accelerating"

Laser Weapons

Laser Weapons Are Real

Prison Tunnel

29 Cartel Members Break Out Of Mexico Prison Through Tunnel

Big Bang Theory

Here's The Insane Amount Of Money The Cast Of The Big Bang Theory Will Have Made By The End Of Season 12

Apple iPad

Apple Released A New iPad, Cheaper, Faster



Walmart Has Taken The Law Into Its Own Hands


A Huge Factor Shaping Starbucks & Dunkin Donuts Coffee Shop Of The Future

Lyndhurst Castle

10 Most Magnificent Castles In The US

Dr Vance Lassey

A New Kind Of Doctor's Office That Charges A Monthly Fee & Doesn't Take Insurance 

Chuck Berry

Rock "n" Roll Legend Chuck Berry Dead At 90

Incredible Home

Some Of The World's Most Incredible Homes

4500 HP Camaro

WOW - 4,500 HP Camaro


Blackbird SR-71 
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Google's new Campus

This Is What Google's Incredible New Campus Will Look Like

Social Security

7 Tips To Live Well On Social Security Alone

Shaquille O'Neal

Shaquille O'Neal Joins Growing List Of Black Athletes Who Think The Earth Is Flat


Stunning Photos Show Dubai Has Become The Manhattan Of The Middle East


PGA Pro-Golfer Ain't Afraid Of No Gator - Watch

Shocking Video – Radical Islam's Children

Gingrich: Lack Of FBI Aggressiveness On Leaks Is Disturbing

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