Paul Lee Cruz Johnson

NY Sheriff Praises Trump's Efforts On MS-13 Gangs

Mark Levin: What Is Mueller's Intention

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Arab Nations

Arab Nations Urge Qatar To Meet Requests To End Crisis

David Brock

David Brock's Left-Wing Group Files Another Lawsuit Against Trump - Will Use "Cutting Edge" Litigation To Get Rid Of Trump

Ted Cruz

4 GOP Senators Announce They Won't Support The Senate's Draft Of The Obamacare Replacement Bill

Mitch McConnell

Here's What You Need To Know About The Senate Health Care Bill

Nancy Pelosi

Oops...Dimwitted Dem's "Resistance Summer" Turns Out To Include Pelosi


Now Anthem Plans To Pull Out Of Obamacare In Indiana & Wisconsin

Donald Trump

Trump Calls For Barring Immigrants From Welfare For Five Years

Jon Ossoff

"Get Your Ossoff My Lawn" Why Dems Lost My Home District

Tom Perez

Dems In Disarray: Perez Posts Worst Fundraising Since 2003

Jeh Johnson

Former DHS Chief Testifies The DNC Rejected Help Following Their Emails Being Hacked 


How Low Can She Go, Is Hillary Winning

Message For Today's Feminists

Megyn Kelly's Stunt Was No Hit

Illegal Aliens

At Least 1.4 Million Illegal Aliens Working Under Stolen Social Security Numbers & The IRS Sucks At Catching Them

Steve Scalise

30 GOP Congressmen Have Been Attacked Or Threatened Since May

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp Slams Trump - "When Was The Last Time An Actor Assassinated A President?"

Muslim Migrants

3 Muslim Migrants Viciously Beat A Disabled Man In Sweden - Another Example Of How Sweden Is Enjoying Its Cultural Enrichment

Camille Paglia

Feminist Icon Camille Paglia Blasts MSM & Democrats For Destroying Journalism

Cops In Michigan

"Allahu Akbar" Terror Attack In Flint Michigan

Global Warming

"Climategate Emails" Global Warming Computer Models Were Wrong - Duh!!

Hillary Clinton

What!! Hillary Clinton Still Has A State Department Security Clearance

Soros McCain

The Swamp Monster & The Swamp Dweller's Unholy Alliance

Newt Gingrich

Gingrich: Democrats Said Georgia Was A Referendum On Trump.  They're Right...Trump Won


Paul Ryan

RINO Ryan: Trump's Request To Defund PBS Is A $500 Million "Micro-Detail" I Won't Get Involved In 


Baltimore Police Union: City Has No Plan To Fight Crime

Chuck Grassley

Chairman Of The Judiciary Committee, Chuck Grassley Blasts James Comey For False Trump Narrative 

Jane Sanders

Bernie Sanders Wife, Jane Sanders Lawyered Up In Federal Probe Of Burlington College

Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Liar Wasserman Schultz Contradicts DHS Chief - They Never Contacted Me About The DNC Hack Before I Was Thrown Out For Lying, Colluding & Corruption 

Tesla Battery

Tesla Batteries Not Remotely Green, New Study Finds

Jon Ossoff

Really? Georgia Loser Who Out Spent His Rival By 10's Of Millions Complains About Money In Politics, Yes Really


LGBT Community Now "Demanding" Permanent "Rainbow Crosswalks" At Taxpayer Expense In Cities Across The Country

Minimum Wage

Harvard: California Minimum Wage Hikes Have Led To Major Restaurant Closings

Bridge Repair

Would More Government Infrastructure Spending Boost The US Economy

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Dems On CNN
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The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons The Daily Account's Daily Cartoon
Karen Handel

“The Deep State” A to Z

US Still Pressuring China To Run Interference On North Korea

Jet On Fire

Seth Rich

Independent Group Releases New Report On Seth Rich Murder Investigation

Ann Coulter

The Left Has One More Argument: Kill Them!

Donald Trump

Trump Tells China Their Efforts To Rein In Kim Jong Un Failed

Dark Money

What Is Dark Money

US B-1Bombers

US Orders Supersonic B-1Bomber Fly-Over North Korea - Sooner Or Later Little Kim Is Going To Meet Them

Robert Mueller

Shocker: Hillary Had FBI's Robert Mueller Deliver Russian Uranium Deal On "Secret Tarmac Meeting"

Mahmoud Abbas

Mahmoud Abbas Lied To Trump As Palestinians Praise Terror Attack On Jews

Warmbier Obama

Outrage Over Obama's Bungled Release Of Otto Warmbier


Illinois Careens Into Financial Meltdown - Even The Lottery Is Not Safe In This "Banana Republic"

Bernie Sanders

Socialist Bernie: Resist In Unprecedented Ways & Fight Back In Every Way You Can


Brussels Train Station

"Allahu Akbar" Shouting Muslim Terrorist Blows Himself Up In Brussels Train Station


Good News For Iowa: The Only Obamacare Insurer Left In Iowa Is Only Hiking Rates 43.5% This Year


Idiots At ABC Produce A Video "How To Take Down A Shooter When You Don't Have A Gun" If This Video Doesn't Convince You That A Gun Is The Best Tool To Take Down A Shooter, Then Nothing Will

Times Square Church

Muslim Burst Into NY Times Square Church Yelling "Allahu Akbar" - Media Says He's Just Homeless & Mentally Ill

Hussein Torres

Muslim Girl Killed By Illegal Alien Was Not Islamophobia, But The Left Doesn't Care 

Bible & Flag

Christian's Relationship To US Government

Adam Schiff

Democrats Block Key Witnesses From Testifying In Russia Collusion Charade 

Scott Pelley

Just A Last Reminder From Replaced CBS Scott Pelley: GOP Baseball Shooting Was "Self-Inflicted"


Calls To Nix August Recess Gain Steam As GOP Agenda Hits Roadblocks

Voter Fraud

Recalculations Of Illegal Votes By Noncitizens Puts Number Closer To Trump's

CNN Trump

Oops...CNN's "Trump Hater" Poll Doesn't Go Quite As Planned

Jon Ossoff

Wealthy California Liberals Fail To Buy An Election In Georgia

Jill Stein

The Green Party Means Never Having To Say "You're Sorry"

Muslim Jihadists

2 Muslim Jihadists Arrested In New York With Bombs & Grenade Launchers

Justin Trudeau

Canadian PM Gushes As Canada Criminalizes "Wrong Pronouns" - Fines & Jail Time

Iran Missile Launch

Unexpected New Player Jumps Into Fight Against ISIS

James Comey

James Comey Had Hillary's Backup Email Device The Whole Time!!!

Mitch McConnell

What's Going On With The Senate's Health Care Bill?

Supreme Court

Supreme Court Unanimously States That "Hate Speech" Is Still Free Speech


Why The GOP Is Struggling To Repeal Obamacare



Qatar Airways today was named “Airline of the Year” at the Paris Air Show. While United was named “Heavyweight Champion” by the WWE. - Seth Meyers


CNN Twists The News On Michigan Muslim Terrorist

Media Is Out To Nullify The Election For The First Time


Newt Gingrich

Mueller Should Recuse Himself - We're Right Back Where Comey Was

Adam Schiff

Idiot: Now Somebody Is Obstructing The Russian-Trump Collusion Probe & Needs To Continue

Illegal Aliens

One Environmental Lawsuit That Liberals Want To Ignore

Yevgenity Nikulin

FBI Finds Russian Hacker Offered Bribes By Dem Party Operatives To Say He Hacked DNC Email For Trump

Jon Ossoff

Golden State Candidate In Georgia: Received 7,200 Donations From California, 800 From Georgia & Doesn't Even Live In The District

Seth Rich

Eye Witness Comes Forward With Shocking Revelation On Seth Rich


Syrian Muslim Refugees Throw Rocks & Bricks At Canadian Dupes Who Welcomed Them

Colin Kaepernick

Unemployed Colin Kaepernick Making Headlines Again For A New Disgraceful Stunt

Joanne Deborah Chesimard

Who Is The Cop-Killed Trump Said He Wants Extradited From Cuba


Flashback To 2003: See Islam's 20-Year Plan For Conquering The US


Tax Competition: So Powerful Even Politicians Feel Compelled To Cut Taxes For Rich People

David Clark

Sheriff David Clark Has Withdrawn His Acceptance For The Role Of Deputy Secretary Of The Department Of Homeland Security

Oval Office

Trump's Photo With Rhode Island "Teacher Of The Year" Goes Viral


The List Of Attacks Against Conservatives Is Mind Blowing

Rod Rosenstein

Anonymous Sources Anonymously Say They Must Remain Anonymous But Rod Rosenstein May Recuse Himself Because He Screwed Up

January 2000

Until Trump, Feds Were Still Doing Paperwork On Y2K Bug


Bernie's Socialist Paradise Venezuela: The Oppressed People Just Set Fire To Supreme Court Building

Jim Devine

Race To The Bottom: Dem Strategist Invites Leftists To Hunt Republican Congressmen

Maddow Hodgkinson

Alexandria Shooter Called Rachel Maddow's Show "One Of My Favorite TV Shows" - Now We Know Why He Did It

Swamp Monster

DC Is A Swamp, The Washington Post Confirms It

Pelosi Schumer

Mark Levin Calls It: Dems Using Mueller To Impeach Trump


John Kasich

Ohio Governor John Kasich, Who Played Santa Claus With Obamacare & Harmed Ohio, Now Fighting To Keep It

Sean Spicer

Sean Spicer Looks For Replacement To Take His Spot

Joy Reid

MSNBC's Joy Reid: Yeah He Just Got Shot, But Lets Not Forget Steve Scalise Is A Racist

Loretta Lynch

Senate Republicans Want To Question Loretta Lynch On Conduct In Hillary Email Case

Elizabeth Warren

Crazy Fake Indian Attacks Trump: "You Ain't Seen Nasty Yet"

All Lives Matter

Liberal Logic: Saying "All Lives Matter" Is Wishing Death Upon Black People


Small Town Locals Demand Answers After ISIS Flag Found Hanging From Public Park Fence


ICE Gets Huge Victory After Picking Up Hundreds Of Violent Iraqi Immigrants - Guess These Guys Weren't Properly Vetted

Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood Donates Millions To Dems That Gave Them Taxpayer Dollars 

Fake News Protest

WOW, Watch This CNN=Fake News Protest In Atlanta


Check Out This List Of The First Black President's Accomplishments That Liberals Love


Steve Scalise Upgraded To "Serious" Condition - Able To Speak To Family

Dianne Feinstein

The 84-Year-Old Senator, A Left Coast Loon From California, Dianne Frankenstein Will Run For Another Term


Democrats Declare War On The United States...Again

Sean Hannity

Hannity: Deep State's Massive Effort To Destroy Trump

Louie Gohmert

Congressman Says "There Is No Collusion" Between Trump & Russia - This Investigation Should End Now

Gregg Jarrett

Legal Expert: Robert Mueller Should Disqualify Himself Because Of His Relationship With Comey & The Law

Congressional Baseball Game

Fake News: CNN Reports Only Democrats Prayed For Wounded Scalise

Bill O'Reilly

O'Reilly Is Not Done - Putting Together A Team To Launch A New Project

Kelly Jones

Megyn Kelly's Dumpster Fire Burns Out Of Control After NBC Host Was Secretly Taped


Shots Fired In Indiana At Truck Flying "Make America Great Again" Flag

New York City

For New York City's Municipal Workers, A Supplementary Welfare State

John Kerry

Near-Unanimous Vote, Senate Passes Iran Sanctions Bill John Kerry Opposed

Trump Mueller

The Disconnect In The Search For Russia-Gate


WikiLeaks: CIA Has Hacked American's WiFi For Years

Donald Trump

Trump: "America First" Agenda On Track Despite "Distraction Of The Witch Hunt"

Benjamin Stowe

1995 The Globe's Normal Mean Temperature Was 15.4C Today We Are Told It Is 14.8C

Matt Drudge

Matt Drudge "Burns" GOP For Disloyalty To Trump

Solar Panels

2 Solar Companies Want Tariffs & Special Treatment - Here's Why That Would Harm Green Technologies

James Comey

Judicial Watch Seeks FBI Documents "Unlawfully Removed" By James Comey

Claudia Tenny

GOP Female Congresswoman Receives Death Threat: "One Down 216 To Go" - How Serious Are These Death Treats Now?

Trump Heads To Camp David

Trump Spends Weekend At Camp David

Donald Trump

How Will Trump Deal With A Stacked Deck? 

Michael Skramo

Progressive Tolerant Sweden: Citizen Recently Converted To Islam Calls For Islamic Jihad Attacks In Sweden

Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren To Get Her Own Action Figure Doll - Will There Be A Pocahontas Model

Antifa Note

This Is Getting Serious - The Left Are Trying To Start A Civil War - Read This Note Distributed In Georgia

Donald Trump

Rasmussen Poll: Trump At 50% Approval

Loony Left

Oregon Adds "Third" Gender Option To ID Documents - Biologically Impossible, But The Governor Is Even Loonier

Jay Sekulow

Comey's Revenge Testimony: Ex-FBI Director's Case Collapses Like A House Of Cards

Robert Mueller

Trump's Allies Train Their Sights On Robert Mueller - May Not Be Objective

Hillary Clinton

Oh My God...You Will Never Guess Who Hillary Is Now Comparing Herself Too

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Another CBS Fake News Story Debunked

Rice Unmasking Info Will Be Locked In Obama Library For 5 Years

Republican Shooting 

White House

White House: Trump "Has No Intention" To Fire Mueller

Cressida Dick

Utter Insanity: London Police Chief Praises The Diversity Of "Victims" Of London Bridge Attacks

Global Warming

97% Of Climate Scientists Agree About Global Warming, Is & Always Has Been A Load Of Liberal Crap


Good News: Illegal Aliens With Old Deportation Orders Are Being Detained

Alexander Acosta

Great: Labor Department Rolls Back Obama's Stifling Franchise Rules

San Joaquin Valley

California Drought Gets Over A Trillion Gallons Of Fresh Rainwater: The Liberal Morons Let It Drain Into The Ocean

James Comey

Explosive: Comey Covered Up Massive Obama Admin Spying On US Public - Including Citizen Trump

Chris Matthews

MSNBC's Loon, Chris Matthews Admits Trump-Russia Collusion "Came Apart" With Comey Testimony

Bernie Sanders

Hypocrite Of The Decade - Income Is In The 1% Plus 3 Expensive Houses & Keeps Every Dollar 

Benjamin Franklin

Judicial Watch: New Emails Prove Hillary Lied About Everything


Maxine Waters

Wait Till You See What "Mad Max" Had To Say About Comey & Trump - It Confirms Her IQ Is The Same As The Current Temp Of The South Pole


ISIS Burns 19 Yazidi Girls To Death In Iron Cage After They Refuse Sex To Jihadis

Chris Farrell

Judicial Watch Investigator: Inside The FBI Comey Is Considered A "Dirty Cop"

James Comey

There Really Was Obstruction Of Justice & 10 Other Things We Learned From Comey's Testimony

Ted Lieu

Democratic Rep From California, Ted Lieu: Publishes Guide On How To Leak Secrets To The Press 

The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons

BlockStack: New Internet That Brings Privacy & Property Rights To Cyberspace

Where Is The GOP Backing Of President Trump

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The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons

The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons
 Donald Trump 
  Donald Trump 

Gay Men

Here It Is: First Legal All-Male, Polygamist, Three-Way Gay Marriage

Retail Stores

A Key Portion Of The Retail Apocalypse Has Been Going On For Decades

Statue Of Liberty

30 Geography Facts Everyone Gets Wrong

Ice Breaker Ships

Ship Of Fools - Global Warming Study Cancelled Because Of "Unprecedented Ice"

Rob Gronkowski

Rob Gronkowski Responds To Report That He Racked Up $100K Bar Tab At Casino

Yymyakon Russia

7 Of The Most Extreme Towns On The Planet

Cop Hating Protester

Watch This Obese Cop Hating Liberal Protester Blocking Traffic In St Louis Do Battle With A Had Enough Driver



Canadian Sniper Shot An ISIS Fighter From 2 Miles Away


Harley-Davidson Trying To Buy Ducati


US Crude Enters Bear Market After Tumbling Below $43

Carrie Fisher

Carrie Fisher Had Heron, Cocaine In Her System When She Died


Why Root Beer & Burger Chain A&W Is Planning A Comeback


McDonald's Nixes Olympics Sponsorship After 41 Years

Ship Wreck

100-Year-Old Ship Wreck Found


Bed Bug

These Bugs Disappeared For 40 Years, Now Beg Bugs Are Back With A Vengeance


8 New Skills You Can Learn By Watching YouTube

USS Fitzgerld

USS Fitzgerald Inquiries Intensify


Should Transgenders Be Permitted To Serve In The Military

Heat Storage

New Technique Stores Summer Heat Until Needed In Winter


The Highest Temperature Ever Recorded On Earth


Faith & Films: The Bright Future Of Faith-Friendly Films


  Brooks Koepka 
Yestrerday's Headlines 
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Liberal Logic 

Bull Shoals Lake

The Strange Reason This Part Of Arkansas Gets So Many Earthquakes

Chevy Bolt

We Drove Chevy's Electric Bolt For A Day & Had Massive Range Anxiety

Neiman Marcus

Debt-Laden Neiman Marcus Abandons Hope Of A Sale

Bill Cosby

Mistrial In Bill Cosby Sexual Assault Case

Whole Foods

Amazon Buys Whole Foods Markets, Rocks Grocery Business

Chinese Plant In Ohio

Culture Clash At A Chinese-Owned Plant In Ohio

Ben Shaprio Schools Bernie Sanders On Free College

Shariah Law In Dearborn Michigan

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