Ukraine Military

IRS - Chief Says We're Not Hiding Anything, But He Is

Paul Ryan – Losing The 50-Year Old War On Poverty

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Gun Carrying Doctor "Saved Lives" By Shooting Hospital Gunman

Illegal Aliens

Surprise - Illegal Alien Children Fail To Appear In Court


Hamas Murders 25 Palestinians & Blames Israel

Alaska Mine

EPA's Abuse Of Power Over Alaska Gold Mine

Muslim Women

Just So You Know - Muslim Militants Order Female Genital Mutilation In New Islamic State


Obama Warned About Illegal Alien Crisis In 2011 - Did Nothing To Stop It

Joe Carr

Will Tea Party's Joe Carr Defeat Lamar Alexander In Tennessee

Vet Arrested

Elderly Vet Arrested For Asking Officials At Public Meeting To Speak Louder - Watch & You Decide 


FEC Chairman Warns Book Publishers At Risk Of Regulation - Trashing The 1st Amendment

Illegal Aliens

Another California Town Rejects Illegal Aliens

Jew-Seeking Missiles, Secure Border And Other Nonsense

10 Reasons I'm No Longer A Leftist

They Shoot Illegals, Don't They?

James Carville

The Left-Wing Raging Cajun -Obama "Doesn't Really Care" What The American People Think


IRS Scandal Gets Worse - They Also Targeted Churches


You Just Paid $34 Million For A Soybean Program In Afghanistan That Failed

San Francisco

Only In Liberal Paradise San Francisco - Landlords Must Pay Renters Tens Of Thousands To Move Out


Sneak Attack Planned On The US Economy Right After The November Elections By The Obama Admin

Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Wazz-Up Schultz Gets Her Facts Wrong Again & Doesn't Care - Dems Love Her

John Koskinen

IRS Chief Eviscerated In "You Lie" Moment - Watch


Agents Get Subsidized "Obamacare" Using Fake IDs - Processing Centers Told Not To Look For Fraud


Border Patrol Points Gun At Boy Scout's Head For Taking A Picture

Food Stamps

Only In Washington Is A $2 Billion Over Payment A Good Thing

The Daily Outrage

Obama Campaign

Obama Campaign Charging Dimwit Dems $5K To Work On Dems Campaigns For Free

Martin O'Malley

Libs Have Run 8,000 Businesses & 24,000 Jobs Out Of Maryland

Charles Krauthammer

Krauthammer, The World Has Gone To Hell & Obama's Out Playing Golf


Small Town Just Told Obama To Pay His Own Damn Way When He Is Fundraising In Their Town

Illegal Aliens

Non-Border State Governors Demanding Answers From Obama On Illegal Alien Dumping In Their States 


Obama's Maniacal Fundraising For The DNC & You Are Paying For It

Job Corps

Government Funded Youth Program Allegedly Ridden With Corruption, Rape, Drug Abuse

Social Security

Social Security's New $300 Million Computer System Doesn't Work


Health Care Monopoly Driving Doctors Out Of Business

Women With Guns

The Truth About Armed Self-Defense For Women

Ayatolla Ali Khamenei
 The Daily Account's Daily Cartoon The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons

Watch Spokes Person For CAIR - Now You Know What The Problem Is

Welfare Doesn't Cure Poverty, It Causes It


Michael Moore

Liberal Hypocrisy - The Fight For The Worker, Capitalism's Bad Mouth Piece Owns 9 Homes

Major Garrett

WOW - CBS News Files Formal Complaint Against WH For Lack Of Transparency

City Gas Station

Kentucky Town Opens Gas Station To The Public - Good Idea Or Bad, You Decide


Stunning - Forget Learning Anything - University Says Grades Should Be Distributed Equally Based On Ethnicity

Ben Carson & George Bush

Run Ben Run - Will Dr. Ben Carson Run?

Honduran Mother

Honduran Mother Explains Why She Illegally Entered The US With Her Child


WH - We Haven't Changed The President's Schedule Amid Crisis Because It Might Scare People

Global Warming

Global Warming? US Temps Up 0.1 Degrees Above 20th Century Average, But 2014 Coolest Since 1993

Kerry Bentivoio

Congressman Exposes Truth Behind Illegal Alien Children

Hillary Clinton

Hillary's Greed Is Destroying Her Presidential Campaign


David Perdue

Outsider Businessman Defeats GOP Establishment Insider In Georgia

Hand Gun

Liberals Run Another Good Wage Manufacturing Company Right Out Of Their State

David Dewhurst

Texas Lieutenant Governor - 25% Of Illegals Apprehended Have Criminal Records

Kim Kardashian

Now The Morons At The EPA Caught Spending Hours In Kim Kardashian Celebrity Worship

Puerto Rico

Suddenly, US Territories Exempt From Obamacare Requirements

Illegal Aliens

How Much Does It Cost To Smuggle Illegal Aliens Into America

Airplane Crash

Pro-Russian Rebels Hand Over Black Boxes - Release Malaysia Air Victims Remains


Shocking - IRS Seeks Help Destroying Another 3,200 Hard Drives

William Binney

Whistleblower - IRS In Cahoots With NSA


Obama To Sign Executive Order For LGBT Workers, But Not For Religious Groups

Steven Salaita

Lefty Loon Virginia Tech Professor Likens Israel To ISIS - And He Is A Teacher

Kim Jong Un

The Half Pint Dictator Claims The Viral Dancing Video Starring Him Is An Act Of War


Federal Courts Issues Conflicting Rulings On Legality Of Obamacare Subsidies

Pat Quinn Security

Thug Politics In Illinois - Security Guard Throws Videographer Out Of Taxpayer Funded, Public Event On Public Street

Ted Nugent

See How Liberals Just Used The "Race-Card" To Try & Silence Ted Nugent

Lois Lerner

IRS Tech Experts Finally Admit Lerner's Hard Drive Only "Scratched" Not Destroyed

Rocket Attack

Airlines Ban Flights To Israel After Rocket Strikes

Illegal Alien Children

Texas Company Received $120 Million So Far This Year To Shelter Illegal Children

Israeli Tanks

Escalating Violence In Gaza

Detroit City Workers

Detroit City Workers & Retirees Vote In Favor Of Pension Cuts


"I saw that Hillary Clinton visited the headquarters of Twitter and Facebook yesterday. Hillary would also have visited LinkedIn, but she already knows what job she wants." –Jimmy Fallon

Social Unrest Guaranteed

President Of Honduras Take On Why His Children Flee To The US



Who Is The Ass - Hamas Turns Donkey Into Suicide Bomber 

Edward Snowden

I Spy Edward Snowden - Exclusive Interview About Everything

Dan Bongino

Another Dire Warning From Obama Ex-Secret Service Agent

Elizabeth Warren

The American Indian Princess's 11 Principles Of Progressivism Must Be Describing Venezuela 

Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz - Abolish The IRS & Station All 110,000 Agents On The Southern Border

Rick Perry

Rick Perry, Version 2.0


Christian Holocaust Underway In Iraq & The World Looks On

Bill Maher

Daily Caller Editor Drops Some Truth On Bill Maher's Audience & The Audience "Applauds"

Muslim Teacher

"Christians Lie" Being Told To Students As Introduction Of Sharia Law In Britain Classrooms

Border Patrol

Snipers High-Caliber Gunfire Sends Border Patrol Scrambling On Rio Grande


Large Scale Survey - Only 1.6% Of Americans Identify As Gay Or Lesbian

Eric Garner

Shocking - Watch NYPD Take Down & Kill This Man For Doing Nothing 

California Couple

Only In California - State $500 Fine For Watering Lawn, City Says $500 Fine For Not Watering Lawn


Another Billion-Dollar Company Just Left The USA & Moron Politicians Don't Care

Holly Fisher

Watch This Military Wife's Response To Liberals Wanting To Kill Her Is Incredible

Downed Airliner

Terror In The Skies, What Really Happened

Krauthammer & Obama

Krauthammer - Obama's "Privacy" Strategy On Illegal Aliens Is "Absurd" 

Ted Cruz

If You're Looking For A Reason To Applaud Republican Senators, This Is It


Congress & White House Has Really Screwed You - Federal Debt Held By You Will Exceed 100% Of GDP Soon

Isreali Tanks

Israeli Forces Attack Gaza


Goofy Libs Didn't Want To Pay For Healthcare For Smokers, No Helmet, Poor Diets So What About Pot Smokers? 

Steve Forbes Now Owned By A Chinese Company - Watch Out

Ivanpah Solar

Solar Thermal Electric Generation - Still Not Cheap & Not Green


Another 22 Shot In Gun Free Chicago In Just 12 Hours - Hey Libs, Evidentially The Bad Guys Can't Read

Putin & Obama

Bill Kristol, "Scary That We Have 2 More Years Of Obama's Foreign Policy"

Bradley Manning

Convicted Bradley Manning To Begin Gender Treatment While In Prison At Your Expense


Obama Had The IRS Target Jews Before Conservative Groups

Illegal Aliens

Feds Ask Massachusetts To House Illegal Aliens In Unused Shopping Malls - WTF

Hillary Clinton

6 Astounding Examples Of Left-Wing Loon Hypocrisy

Russian Seperatist

Chaos As Pro-Russian Rebels Stymie Plane Investigation

Gaza City

20-Year-Old Living In Gaza Says What He Really Thinks About Hamas

Computer Hard Drive

After Judge's Order, IRS Still Can't Find Lois Lerner's Hard Drive


As The Ukraine Crisis Unfolds, The Commander-In-Chief Orders Burger & Fries Then Attends A Dem Fundraiser

Illegal Aliens

Sneaky Obama Regulation Can Force Cities To House Illegal Aliens


Snowden - NSA Employees Passing Around Private Nude Photos Intercepted From Spying


Now Centers For Disease Control Testifies before Congress Because They Are Major Screw Ups 

White House

White House Ignores Another Subpoena From The House- Claims It's None Of Their Damn Business

Hilda Solis

Another Former Obama Administration Secretary Caught Illegally Fund Raising For Obama


Walgreen May Ditch US For Switzerland - Congress & President Still Don't Get It

Josh Earnest

More Of The Same - WH Says We've "Substantially Improved The Tranquility Of The Global Community" - Reporters How Showing Up For Laugh Of The Day


Judge Tosses Senator's Obamacare Lawsuit

Zach Taylor

Former Border Patrol Agent Warns What's Coming


Documented Report - Obama Was Warned About The VA 5 Years Ago


Getting Closer To The "Truth" On Benghazi

Illegal Aliens

Obama Not Shipping Illegals To Vulnerable Dem Districts


Bad News...For Global Warming Nuts - The Penguin Population Is Increasing

Lois Lerner

The IRS Agent From Hell's Hard Drive Was Destroyed & Now More Emails Are Lost 


You're Not Going To Believe This - 10 Congressional Caucuses You Might Not Believe Exist


Victim's Body Crashed Through My Roof, She Landed In The Kitchen


Gaza - Hamas Runs To Shelter In Crowded Towns Using Civilians As Shields

Chris Van Hollen

Lib Dem - Legalizing Illegal Aliens Will "Reduce The Deficit" - Deceitful, Dishonest & A Liar 

Al Gore

Study Reveals A Shocking Trend Common Among Global Warming Alarmists 

Mark Levin

Levin - "This Is One Very Sick Man"

Eric Holder

Here You Go, Gangster Government - DOJ, There's No Need For Special Prosecutor In IRS Scandal

Igor Strelkov

Laughing Rebels As The World Is In Shock At The Terror In The Sky


President Psycho - The Joker Unleashes Medical Plague On America

Mark Levin

Mark Levin Rips Jon Stewart "Leibowitz" On His Israeli Jokes


Saudis Show Obama The Door - Don't Trust The SOB Anymore

Chris McDaniel

Chris McDaniel's Lawyer Just Delivered A Shocking Update On Mississippi Voting Scandal

Ann Coulter

Happy 30th Birthday, Central American Humanitarian Crisis

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News Busted

Watters World Interviews Liberals Who Want Free Stuff

Roger Simon

Global Warming

Global Warming Sheeple Are Going To Hate This - Coldest Antarctic June Ever Recorded


Illegal Aliens

Illegals "Bigger Invasion Than Normandy"

Pakistan Book

Shocking What This Texas Rancher Found On His Property


National Debt

Shocking - Your Children's Share Of The National Debt Is Skyrocketing 

Mike Dickinson

"Left Wing Liberal" Running For The House Offers $100,000 For Revenge Porn Of College Student - Will Someone Really Vote For This Jackass 

Mark Levin

Sarah Palin Is Right - Obama Should Be Impeached & It Would Be An Open & Shut Case

Illegal Aliens

Obama Admin Continues To Block States From Stopping "Noncitizen Voters" 


Illegal Aliens Costs California Taxpayers $25.3 Billion Per Year


Hillary Clinton, Bathhouse Barry & Jeremiah Wright's "Gay Cover" At Trinity Church


Rush Blasts "Lunatics" Running Black "Plantation"

Your President Has Completely Lost It, Claims "We're Better Off Than When I Took Office"

Ray Nagin

Ex-New Orleans Mayor Sentenced To 10 Years For Being A Politician - You Know, Money Laundering, Bribery, Extortion, Etc... 

Obama Biden

Al Qaeda Is Alive - GM Drivers Are Dead, Any Questions?

Immigration Servies

Outrage - Illegal Aliens Released In US Given 3 Years Until Court Date 

Catherine Engelbrecht

"It's A Mess" - 6.9 Million Multiple Voters Found In 28 States


You Need To Know - Obama Planned The US Invasion Of 2014 Years Ago


The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons

What Are The Chances? (An IRS Love Song)

Denish D'Souza Slams Obama's Handling The Border Crisis


Mark Zuckerberg

How The Zuck Might Become The World's Richest Man


NASCAR Is In Big Trouble As Team Values Continue To Shrink


California Agencies Hiring "Water Cops"

Caeser's Atlantic City

"Ocean's Eleven" Robbery Of Caesar's Atlantic City Casino & They Actually Get Away

Francis Marshall

Debt Collectors Harass Debt-Free Woman For Years - What Is The Law

Elle Macpherson

Elle "The Bod" McPherson Flaunts Her Bod In A Bikini At Age 50

1937 Bugatti

Best Garage Finds Of All Time


The More People Are Exposed To Socialism, The Worse They Behave

Neil Armstrong

The Surprising Reason Neil Armstrong Was The First Person On The Moon

Cell Tower

Creative Makeover For Ugly Cellphone Towers


Check Out This Tree That's Bigger Than The Average Walmart


Uh-Oh...GM Issues 6 More Safety Recalls

Brooklyn Bridge

Uh-Oh...One Of America's High-Profile Terrorism Targets & Under Constant Security - Evidently Was Not Last Night 


Absolutely Absurd - RJ Reynolds Hit With $23 Billion Court Judgment In One Case 

Restaurant Menue

11 Psychological Tricks Restaurants Use To Make You Spend More Money


America's Bowling Alleys Are Striking Out

Chinese Women Drivers

Plus-Sized Parking Spaces For Chinese Women Drivers

Uber Driver

How Much Do Uber Drivers Really Make - Not As Advertised


Companies Are Scamming Students With Loan Debt

Burger King

Burger King's 33-Year-Old CEO Is Completely Reshaping The Company


How Staples "Penny Sale" Blew Up In Its Face

Inside Iran

An Unprecedented Look Inside Iran That Few Americans Will Ever See

Beach Hole Collapses

California Man Dies After Beach Hole Collapses


You May Want To Think Twice About Using AirBnB - Renter Won't Leave

Cake In A Can

Harvard Students Invent Cake In A Spray Can

James Garner

James Garner Dead At 86

Women With Guns

Her Right To Bear Arms - The Rise Of Women's Gun Culture

Samsung Galaxy 5

Ditched The iPhone For A Samsung Galaxy S5 & Was Blown Away


Public Schools Really Need To Change The Way They Pay Teachers

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Chris Christie

Chris Christie For President


Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby Does It Again


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