Cell Phone

North Korea Tells US To Be Ready For Consequences

Libtards Upset By Thanksgiving

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Another Liberal Run City, Baltimore, "Out Of Control Genocide"

Maxine Waters

Sheriff David Clarke Shreds "Carnival Barker" Mad Max For Praising Pervert John Conyers


Climate Change Alarmism Is "Garbage In, Garbage Out" - NASA Physicist


Asked To Verify Trump Dossier In August Subpoena, FBI & DOJ Refuse To Respond

Michael Flynn

Michael Flynn Cooperating With Mueller - Investigation Was Suppose To Be Over By Thanksgiving

Ron DeSantis

Pressure Mounts To Disclose Names Of Lawmakers Who Settled Harassment Claims


NFL Ratings Slump Getting Worse

Fusion GPS

Fusion GPS Paid Liberal Reporters To Push Their Propaganda Against Trump & Funded By Russians

Ann Coulter

The History Of Sex In America, Part 1

Ajit Pai

New FCC Head: Killing Net Neutrality Will Set The Internet Free 

Shocking: Black-On-White Violence & The Left Continues To Ignore 

Robert Mueller Is The Cover-Up

Lock Up Lois Lerner

Mitch McConnell

Mitch McConnell Losing His War Against His Own Republican Base

Illegal Aliens

Illegal Aliens Block Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade - Watch


Lefts Insanity: We Should Have Let The Pilgrims "Freeze To Death"

Amanda Shaeffer

45 Pennsylvania Teachers Resign Due To Student Violence 

Tyson Plant

Trump Wins Again, More Manufacturing

Joe Barton

Another Stupid Pervert Lawmaker Caught Sexting Graphic Nude Photos/Videos - Anthony Weiner Would Be Proud 


Dumb Sensors, Deadly Consequences


Illegal Alien MS-13 Member, In "Sanctuary" County - Decapitated Man, Cut His Heart Out


Wyoming Record Snowfall - 100 Inches

Supreme Court

Trump's Historic Impact On The Federal Court System Will Help The Nation Prosper For Decades To Come

Donald Trump

Trump: Spending Cuts, Welfare Reform Come Next

Brian Shaw

Do The Anthem-Kneelers Care That Rookie Officer Brian Shaw Was Murdered

Michelle Melania

One First Lady Called It A Prison, The Other Called It An Honor - Can You Guess Which Is Which 

John Conyers

John Conyers Attorney Hints, There Are Many More Members Who Will Have Allegations Against Them 

Al Frankin

Shock Poll: Just 22% Of Minnesotans Think Al Franken Should Stay In The Senate - Which Is Probably Up Significantly From Right After His Election  

Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton Still Mum On 26 Flights Aboard "Lolita Express" To "Orgy Island"

Bernie Sanders

Liberal Movement Bails On Bernie - Searching For Someone Else To Run For President

Little Sisters Of The Poor

Little Sisters Of The Poor Forced Back Into Court

Bob Brady

Swamptastic - Dem Congressman Who Oversees Sexual Harassment Settlements Under FBI Investigation

Illegal Aliens

Trump Drops The Hammer On Illegal Alien Child Sex Offenders


NFL Stadium
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Leftist Hotel
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The Daily Account's Daily Cartoon

The Daily Account's Daily Cartoon


North Korea Defector & US Strategy

Now Hillary Blames Obama For Election Loss


Al Frankin

The Real Al Franken: A Nasty Jerk

Donald Trump

About As Pathetic As You Can Get: Newsweek Compares Charles Manson To Donald Trump

Rogeilo Martinez

Media Blackout: After Illegal Aliens Murder Border Patrol Agent By Crushing His Skull


White House Petition Demands Details Of Congressional Sexual Assault Settlements - $17 Million In Taxpayer Money

Cell Phone Tower

Just So You Know: Google Tacks You Even If The Setting Is Turned Off 

Nanaci Howe

Stanford Dean Caught Engineering Disruption Of Conservative Speaker - The University Is Just An Antifa Recruitment Center

Steve Mostyn

Uh-Oh...Clinton Mega-Donor Dies Of Gunshot Wound To The Head

Mitt Romney

Mitt The "RINO Romney" One Step Closer To Senator From Utah


Americans Are Moving - States With Lower Taxes On Business & Personal Income Have Higher Economic Growth


Cops Stop Woman Praying At Home - Case Goes To Supreme Court


Tampa Bay Church 
CBS just fired Charlie Rose after allegations of sexual harassment. Yep. They told him to clear out his desk, put on some pants and leave. - Jimmy Fallon
Al Franken 

Here's Why Australia's Gun Ban DID NOT Work

Trudeau Welcomes ISIS Fighters To Canada


NFL Stadium

NFL Week 11 - The Boycott Continues

Deep State

Deep State Criminals: FBI & DOJ Did Not Verify Phony Trump Dossier Before Requesting FISA Spy Warrant On Trump Campaign

Corrine Brown

Washington Is A Crime Scene: Dem Congresswoman Corrine Brown Found Guilty OF Stealing Scholarship Money From Children - Blames Racism

Angela Merkel

Angela Merkel's "Energiewenda", A Move Away From Fossil Energies To "Green" Energies Is A Colossal Embarrassment

Lavar Ball

Lavar Ball Isn't Thankful That Trump Kept His Son Out of Jail In China - Then Calls Trump A "Jackass"

Clinton Trump

One Year Later Still A Sore Loser - No, I Can't Say The 2016 Election Was "Legitimate" - She's Right, She Tried To Rig It

Mandalay Bay

Breach Of Adjoining Door In Stephen Paddock's Room Proves Involvement Of More Than One Las Vegas Gunman

Gloria Allred

Pathetic Gloria Allred Refuses To Turn Over "Fake Yearbook" For Third Party Analysis

Kay Ivey

Alabama Governor - I'm Voting For Roy Moore

Saudi Prince Muhammad

New Saudi Prince Muhammad Plans War On Iran With Israel, They Both Agree Iran Biggest Threat To Region

Colin Kaepernick

A History Lesson For GQ & Its "US Citizen Of The Year" Ignorant Colin Kaepernick

Glenn Beck

America's Slide Toward A "Total-Control" Government

Al Franken

Everybody Was Warned Years Ago About Al Franken

Jim Acosta

CNN Hack Asks If Roy More Is "A Creep" Right In The White House Press Briefing

Putin Clinton

Clinton-Russia Tapes Exist & They Are Damning

Illegal Aliens

Catch-And-Release Is Back On The Texas Border

Kim Jong Un

Kim Jong Un: Trump Is "Sentenced To Death"

Kevin Neal

California Shooter Was Barred From Owning Guns: Ooops...Liberals Think Gun Control Really Works

Border Wall

Company Buys Land To Block Trump's Border Wall

Donald Trump Jr.

Was The Trump Tower Meeting With Donald Trump Jr. A Setup - Dirty As You Get

Border Patrol

Illegal Aliens Killed Border Patrol Agent By Crushing In His Skull With Rocks

Bill Clinton

Gillibrand's Criticism Of Bill Clinton An "Earthquake In The Democratic Party"

Kathy Griffen

Desperate Kathy Griffin Makes A Home Video To Blame Everyone Else For End Of Her Career

Climate Change

Companies Invent..."Climate Leave"

Lee Sepanek

Christmas Display Draws Crowds For Decades - City Steps In & Shuts It Down

Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin: Men Don't Mess With Me Because They Know I'm Probably "Packing"

Neal McCoy

Leave It To Country Music To Stand Up For America With This Viral Hit


ICE Arrests 267 MS-13 Gang Members In "Operation Raging Bull"


Remember When Civil Rights Groups Wanted Police Bodycams? Look What They Are Saying Now


Muslim College Basketball Player Tossed Off Team For Disrespecting US Anthem

Steve Bittel

Now The Florida Democratic Party Chair Resigns Over Sexual Behavior

Evil Clowns

Late Night Evil Clowns


Packin Pastor Shoots Intruder - His Family Is Safe

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Says The Dumbest Thing Ever About Bill's Problems

Government Worker

Governments Have A Huge Gender Hypocrisy Gap

Mark Levin

Creeps On The Hill - Leaders Of House & Senate Knew All About This & Did Nothing - They Should Step Down

NYC Terror

Terrorism Report: 2016 Was Deadliest Year For The West Since 9/11

Clive Bundy

Bombshells In The Bundy Ranch Case: Government Witness Confirms Bundy's Claims

Mitch McConnell

The Elite Swamp Monster Has An Appalling Response To Al Franken's Groping & Sexually Harassing Women Allegations

Hillary Clinton

Judicial Watch: New Hillary Classified Emails Showing More Pay-To-Play


Marcedes Benz

Mercedes Benz Already Adding Jobs In South Carolina

Roy Moore

Roy Moore & The Yearbook

Capital Building

Judging Judge Moore: Swamp's Moral Authority Is Based On What Exactly?

Government Agency

Obama's Government "Hardest Hit Fund" Blows Off Order To Repay $8.1 Million Wasted On Parties, Gifts, Lunches

Bob Menendez

Senate To Reopen Ethics Investigation Into Menendez Corruption

Michelle Melania

What A Difference Between First Ladies

Capital Building

Meet The 13 Republicans Who Voted "No" On The Tax Bill

Cash Bribery

FBI Informant In Clinton Uranium One Bribery Case Has Video Of Briefcases Full Of Money

Uranium Containers

Uranium One Informant Sued To Recoup More Than $700K In Lost Bribes


10,744 More Kennedy Assassination Records Released

Supreme Court

Trump Adds 5 Names To Supreme Court Contenders List


Dems Blame Trump For Obamacare Rate Hikes

George Carlin

Left-Wing Loon Vox Media Employees To Vote To Unionize After 3 Left-Wing Websites Just Closed Down Because Of Unions

Al Franken

Senator Al Franken The Perv - When A "Grope Is Just A Grope" & The Swamp Gets Deeper

Capital Building

Stop The Spending - Tax Reform Isn't Enough

Ann Coulter

Yes, Virginia, Immigration Is Turning The Country Blue

Roy Moore Signature

Gloria Allred Refuses To Answer If The Roy Moore Signature Is Forgery


ICE Agents Rebel, Trump Betrayed Them By Retaining Obama's People


Tom Cotton "Reminds" Democrats The Obamacare Individual Mandate Is A Tax


Man Killed In Year's 600th Homicide Among 5 Shot Tuesday In Gun Controlled Chicago


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Destroying Socialism

Bernie Sanders Is In “Awe” Of Canada's Free Healthcare


Jackie Speier

SHOCK: $15 Million In Taxpayer Money Has Been Paid Out To Settle Congressional Sexual Harassment Lawsuits

Free Speech

Professor Under Attack For Refusal To Use Gender Neutral Pronouns

Swamp Monster

Senate Swamp Monsters Throw Swamp Water On Trump's Successful Economy


As Communism Turns 100, A Brief Look At The Death & Destruction It Has Wrought

Devin Nunes

It Just Gets Worse: Investigators Suspect Reporters Were Paid To Spread Russia Collusion Claims


Welcome To California

Liberal Cities In California Becoming Homeless Wastelands As Socialist Policies Fail

Turning Point

Socialist Students Refuse To Join Conservatives For Food Drive - Who Are The Brainwashed Idiots


Iran Is Building A Military Base In Syria: "Israel Will Not Let This Happen"

James Comey

Comey's Draft Statement On Clinton's Emails Shows The "Fix" Was In


CNN Isn't Just Left Leaning - They Are Simply Fabricating The News - Watch




79% Of Households Hit With Obamacare Tax Make Less Than $50,000 

Hillary Clinton

Corrupt Clinton Foundation Under Severe Financial Strain - Corporations End Contributions

Gregory Thatcher

YES: Free Speech & Pro-Life Win, California Professor Who Tried To Prevent Pro-Life Students Message Ordered To Pay $17,000

Bill Nye

Bill Nye, The Not-So-Science Guy Gets Slammed - You're Nothing More Than An Actor/Comedian With An Opinion

Donald Trump

Trump To North Korea: "Do Not Underestimate Us"


The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons

The Daily Account's Daily Cartoon

Newt Gingrich & The “New World Order”

Obamacare Mandate Crushing Families

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Rusted Car

Man Forgets Where He Parks His Car - Then Finds It 20 Years Later


How China Cheats


5 Big Brands That Won't Be Around Much Longer

Water Pipes

$300 Billion War Beneath The Street


Walmart - Woman Caught Attempting One Of The Most Interesting Robberies We've Ever Seen

Great Pyramind

New "Voids" Found In The Great Pyramid In Egypt 


Swiss-Designed All-Electric Supercar To Tackle Tesla

Self Driving

Las Vegas Self-Driving Bus Crashes In First Hour Of Service

Tesla Roadster

Tesla's New Roadster Will Be The Fastest Production Car Ever Made 

Brick Laying Robot

Caterpillar Backs Bricklaying Robot

Parking Sign

Parking Sign In Washington DC - Now You Know The Problem

Maxine Waters

What Does "Mad Max" Waters Actually Do In Congress


Inside Bono's Boundless Hypocrisy

Charles Manson

Charles Manson Dead At 83

Corvette ZR1 2019

2019 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 By The Numbers

Ted Turner

15 Incredibly Successful People Who Never Graduated College

Harvey Weinstein

The "Weinstein Ripple Effect" - 26 Powerful Men Accused Of Sexual Misconduct

Mark Halprerin 

NBC Fires Mark Halperin As More Creepy Sexual Misconduct Surfaces



Bill Clinton 
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Pot Smoker

The Next 15 States Likely To Legalize Marijuana

Car Salesman

Here's What "Call For Price" On A Dealer's Website Really Means


Shaq: How Spending $1 Million In One Day Changed My Financial Strategy Forever

Danica Patrick

Danica Patrick Prepares For Career Transition

Dinesh D'Souza Meets A Patriot

A Lying Pathetic Woman

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