Trump Obama Sessions

Devin Nunes On Spying, FBI, DOJ

Netanyahu: Iran Trying To Conquer The Middle East With The Money From The Nuke Deal

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Paul Ryan

GOP "Entertaining" The Idea Of Ousting Speaker Ryan Before Summer's Out


Stupidest Media Headlines: Spy Not Spying On Trump, Spy Was To Protect Trump

Andrew Cuomo

NY Gov. Cuomo's Post-Santa Fe Attack On Trump Gets Fiery Response From Grieving Mom

Mark Levin

Levin: "Greatest Perpetrator Against The American People In 2016 Was The Federal Government"

Donald Trump Jr

Donald Jr. Now Russian Collusion Is Out & Saudi Arabia Collusion Is In

Claire McCaskill

Another Dem Who Values "Obstructionist Politics" Over Keeping The Country Safe

George Papadopoulos

Small Foreign Policy Adviser To Trump Campaign, Papadopoulos, Something Wasn't Right In Those Meetings  

Planned Parenthood

Trump Admin Announces New Rule That May Defund Planned Parenthood


IG Refers FBI & DOJ Officials For Criminal Prosecution

Robert Mueller

Federal Judge Who Ripped Mueller Team Obtains "Scope Memo" Detailing Russia Probe


How Trump Is Reshaping American Foreign Policy In The Middle East

Why Isn't Michael Avenatti In Jail?

Minnesota Taxpayers Involuntary Funding $100 Million In Cash To Jihadists

John Brennan

Partisan Hack, Ex-CIA Chief Brennan Fires Warning Shot At Paul Ryan & Mitch McConnell

Deep State

Deep State Is In Deep State Of Desperation

Dannel Malloy

Democratic Governor: Screw The Constitution, Give Up Your Guns


Disney Cancels Christian Event, Continues With Homosexual Celebrations


New Jersey Taxpayers Forced To Cough Up $5 Million College Tuition For Illegals


New Inspector General's Report Will Expose The MSM As Treasonous


More Fake News From The Associated Press: Rips Trump Tax Cut & Leaves Out Half The Story

Sean Hannity

Is Hannity Leaving FOX?

Nicolas Maduro

Nicolas Maduro Seeks Second Term In Isolated, Ruined Venezuela

Michael Avenatti

The Lawyer Turned Pimp, Avenatti Had A Terrible Week


Obama's Campaign Paid $972,000 To Law Firm That Secretly Paid Fusion GPS In 2016

Stefan Halper

Records Show FBI "Informant" Stephan Halper Was Paid $282,000 In 2016 For Spying On Trump & $129,280 In 2017

Jake Tapper

Flashback: Jake Tapper Condemns President Trump For Accusing Obama Of Spying On His Campaign - Watch


Flashback: Obama, I Guarantee There Is No Political Influence In Any Investigation By DOJ Or FBI, Period. Complete Lie


Insane Bloomberg Article: Voters Miss Obama & His "Corruption Free" Administration

Stefan Halper

Cambridge Professor Outed As FBI Informant Inside Trump Campaign

John Cox

Trump Endorses John Cox For California Governor

Jonathan Oddi

The Man Who Shot Up A Trump Resort - Raises May More Questions

Mueller Stone

Still Fishing: Mueller Subpoenas Second Roger Stone Aide

Gina Haspel

Gina Haspel Confirmed As CIA Director - First Woman To Lead Agency

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Liberal Logic




Trump Demands DOJ Investigate Spying

Results VS Resistance



N.Y. Times Confirms Obama Spied On Trump

Iran Protest

Deadly Protests Continue In Iran: "Streets Look War-Torn"


Man Fired Shots Inside Trump National Doral Resort In Florida 

Hillary Clinton

Clinton Campaign Funneled $150,000 To Hillary Clinton's Personal Company

Rudy Giuliani

Rudy Giuliani Claims That Mueller's Team Admitted They Can't Indict Trump

Kim Jomg Un

Buying Time? N. Korea Threat To Cancel US Summit Calculated To Hide Nukes

Mark Zuckerberg

New Coalition Forms To Combat Censorship Of Conservative Speech Online

Donald Trump

Backing The Blue: Trump Calls For Attacks On Police To End At Annual Memorial Service

Devin Nunes

Devin Nunes: Congress Has Seen No "Credible Evidence" Justifying The Russian Investigation


Miracle In Gaza: Allah Heals Palestinian Jihadi On Crutches






A lot of celebrities are going to be at the royal wedding this weekend, like Serena Williams and the Spice Girls. But Yanni had to RSVP no. He said, “I think I got the invitation by mistakeThis envelope was addressed to Laure. - Jimmy Fallon



Manhattan DA Says He'll Stop Prosecuting Pot Possession

Ivanka Trump

New York Daily News Slammed For Mocking "Deplorable" Ivanka Trump As "Daddy's Little Ghoul" - The Resistance Is Pathetic

Daniels Avenatti

The Hooker & The Pimp: Avenatti Comes Up With $8 Million Out Of Thin Air

Mike Pence

VP Pence - Trump "Made History" With The Opening Of US Embassy In Jerusalem

US Embassy Jerusalem

Iranian Group Offers $100,000 To Blow Up New US Embassy In Jerusalem

Nancy Pelosi

Botox Pelosi Vows To Raise Taxes If The Blue Wave Hits - Left-Wing Loons Promise To Confiscate More Of Your Money & Somebody Will Vote For That

Gina Haspel

White House Crusades For Gina Haspel's CIA Confirmation


Federal Tax Cuts Give Many States Cash Windfall

John Bolton

John Bolton Predicts The US Will "Overthrow" Iran By 2019


Conservative College Speaker Says More Leftists Are Coming To Her Speeches To Listen

Stormy Daniels

MSM Forgot To Mention Stormy Daniels Was Arrested For Beating Her Husband & She Tried To Run For Congress In 2009 

Michael Avenatti

Stormy Daniels Pimp Lawyer Has A Bar Complaint, Dozen Tax Liens, 46 Lawsuits Against Him

David Hogg

"Camera Hogg" Tries To Fight Dana Loesch Over The NRA & Loopholes - It Doesn't End Well


Starbucks: Bathrooms For Everyone

Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz: Tax Dollars Going To "Anti-American Dictator" In Nicaragua

Sydney Ramsey Laree

Finally, Antifa Who Assaulted Pro-Trump Reporter Sent To Prison

Jim Carrey

Leftist Loon, Jim Carrey's Art Work Now Targets "Psycho" Mike Pence

Donald Trump

Trump Schools Diplomatic "Experts" On How To Make A Deal

Saddam Jamel

Trump Announces Capture Of The Top 5 "Most Wanted" ISIS Terrorists

Brzeinski Scarborough

Morons At "Morning Joe" Ignores Hostage Release To Talk Baseball & Then Bash Trump Anyway


Welfare With No End In Sight Is A Terrible Fate


Pennsylvania Primaries Could Herald Shift Of Power In US House

Laura Ingraham

Laura Ingraham Is Back & Her Ratings Boom On FOX - Leftists Boycott Backfired

John Kerry

John Kerry Spotted With Iranian Diplomats In Paris As Iran Threatens To Release Names Of Obama Officials Who Took Bribes To Pass The Sham Nuke Deal

Mary Fallin

Oklahoma Governor Refuses To Sign "Constitutional Carry" Law Rebuking Gun Owners & The NRA

Robert Mueller

CBS Skips Reporting Its Own Bad Poll For Mueller...So Fox News Hosts Report It


Inside The Mind Of The Hate-America Left

Trump UAE

Winning: Trump's America First Agenda Wins Trade Dispute With United Arab Emirates

Michael Avenatti

The Creepy Porn Lawyer, Michael Avenatti Has Trouble Brewing - He Isn't What He Appears


Democrats Trying To Figure Out How To Run Against An Improving Economy 

Rush Limbaugh

Rush: WaPo Knows "Secret Source" Obama's Deep State Spy Inside The Trump Campaign

Lily Allen

Typical: Virtue-Signaling Leftist Worth Millions Reneges On Housing Refugees, Houses "None" Instead

Chuck Schumer

Trump Calls Out "Crying Chuck Schumer" Over His Hypocrisy On Iran Deal 

John Kerry

The Iran Deal Facts: What The MSM Isn't Telling You About The JCPOA

 George Soros

Anti-American, Anti-Trump Globalist, George Soros Targeting Infrequent Voters In Battleground States

50 Cent

Even "50 Cent" Is Upset With Big Tech's Censorship

Trump Kim

Here Is Were The Trump-Kim Summit Is Expected To Take Place


It Continues: Twitter Is Banning Conservatives For Posting Facts

Scoot Pruitt

The Real Story Of Scott Pruitt's Trip To Rome - Not The Fake News

Eric Schneiderman

Progressive Woman Beater Hypocrite AG, Supported Women's Causes As A Cover


1 Million People Flee Venezuela Amid Crisis - Ain't Socialism Grand

Mark Harris

Pastor Mark Harris Beats Republican Incumbent In North Carolina Primary


Black Woman Accuses Cop Of Racism...Then The Body Cam Footage Comes Out

Robert Mueller

Indicted Russian Firm: Mueller Trying To "Justify His Own Existence" & "Induct A Russian...Any Russian"

James Comey

Have Republicans Caught James Comey In A Bald-Faced Lie?

David Chong

School Board Member & Gun Store Owner Told To Resign

Elizabeth Warren

Watch: Senator Pocahontas Caught In Her Own Lies

Paris Police

Muslim Immigrant Goes On "Allahu Akbar" Yelling, Knife Stabbing Spree In Paris

Robert Mueller

How Did Robert Mueller Manage To Indict An Imaginary Defendant?

Church Bombing

3 More Churches Bombed In The Country With The Largest Muslim Population

Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami

Religion Of Peace - Threatens Destruction Of Israel...Again

Maxine Waters

Outrageous: Pathetic Leftist Mad Max Explodes On House Floor - I Resent "Making America Great Again" - Watch

John Kelly

Liberals Cry Racism When John Kelly Speaks The Truth On Illegal Immigration


Not Only Did Obama Have Trump's Campaign Wiretapped, Obama's FBI Had A Spy Inside The Campaign

Gaza Fire

Today's "Peaceful Palestinian Protest" - Grenades, Pipe Bombs, Burning Tires & Setting Fire To Gaza Gas Supply


Facebook's Enabling Of Islamic Jihad Kicks Into High Gear - Here's Proof

Sheldon Adelson

Casino Mogul Sheldon Adelson, Cuts $30 Million Check To GOP Amid Dems "Blue Wave" Fears

Keith Ellison

Deputy Chairman Of The DNC, Keith Ellison Wearing "I Don't Believe In Borders" T-Shirt - Now You Know

Illegal Immigration

The Left's Making A Mockery Of Legal Immigration


The Stormy Daniels Network May Ratings Already Collapsing By 20%

Robert Mueller

The "Russian Collusion" Trial Is On & Mueller May Be The First Casualty

Michael Avenatti

Feds Want To Know How Stormy Daniels Lawyer Got Michael Cohen's Banking Records 


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Rachel Maddow Exposed: Fusion GPS Paid Her For Fake News Stories

    Obama On His Heels, New Evidence On Wiretapping & Spying


Gina Haspel

CIA Nominee, Gina Haspel Doesn't Deserve To Be A Target In The Left's "War On Women"

James Comey

James Comey's Tortured Trump Collusion Logic - This Guy Use To Be The Head Of The FBI


39% Of Colleges Have 0 Republican Professors

Deep State

Deep State Has "Weaponized" Security Clearances Against Trump

Maxine Waters

Video Of The Day: Mad Max Claims Republicans Will Have To "Prove Their Patriotism" By Impeaching Trump

Mick Mulvaney

US Budget Director Proposes $327 Million Cut For Congress - The Porkers Squeal

John Kerry

John Kerry's Spokesperson Just Admitted He Is Actively Violating The Logan Act

Pence Grenell

Wait, This Wasn't Supposed To Happen...Mike Pence Swears In Gay Ambassador Rick Grenell With His Partner By His Side 

Mollie Hemingway

Mollie Hemingway: Media Errors Are "All In One Direction"

Jim Kallstrom

Former Asst FBI Director: Comey "Lost His Mind"..."This Is Third World Country Stuff" - Who Are Crooked Clapper, Brennan To Threaten POTUS

Nino Perrotta

Scott Pruitt's Head Of Security Takes On "False Dirty Laundry" Being Spread About EPA - Watch

Chinese Bank

Chinese Banks Are Big...Too Big?

Tom Barrack

Mueller Questioned Trump's Close Friend Tom Barrack

Devin Nunes

Devin Nunes: AG Jeff Sessions Should Be Held In Contempt Of Congress

Roger Stone

Mueller Now Focusing On Roger Stone







Jeff Sessions Is The Most Dangerous Man In America

Brexit: Why Britain Left The European Union

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Black Americans 

Blue Wave

Democrats See The Blue Wave Slipping Away


Looks Like Facebook's Attorney, Colin Stretch, Lied To Congress While Under Oath

Hogg Kasky

Watch: Far-Left Parkland Activists Make New Absurd Claims On CNN 

John Kerry

John Kerry Colluding With Iran To Undercut Trump - Logan Act Prohibits Private Citizens Acting On Behalf Of US

Robert Mueller

Congressmen Drop 50 Page BOMB On Robert Mueller, Dems Freak

Eric Schneiderman

New York Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman, Resigns After 4 Women Accuse Him Of Sexual & Physical Abuse 

Robert Mueller

Another Lawmaker Blasts Mueller "If He Doesn't Have Evidence Of Trump-Russia Collusion Shut It Down Now"


Brain Dead Left-Winger Holds Lightsaber Rally To Celebrate "Star Wars" & Defend Obamacare


Google's Insane Campus Is What Happens When You Politicize Everything


A Partial List: 56 Things The Left Stands For

Prisoners Released

3 Prisoners Released From North Korea: "God Bless America, The Greatest Nation In The World"

Build The Wall

Backlog Of Illegal Immigration Court Cases Over 1 Million 


The Staggering Statistics The NSA Doesn't Want You To Know

Donald Trump

The 2016 Election Was Far From A Fluke 

Robert Mueller

Another Judge Rejects Mueller's Request

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