Senator Exposes The Corrupt NAACP

Ben Shapiro Explains Why Obama Is A Criminal

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Trump's Inauguration - Schedule Of Events

Bernie Sanders

The "Bern" Lectures Navy SEAL Veteran - The VA System Does Not Provide Bad Healthcare

Chelsea Mannin

Obama "Commutes" Bradley/Chelsea Manning's Prison Sentence

Bill & Hillary

The Clinton Global Initiative Filed To Shut Down - Pay-To-Play Is Over, They Have Nothing To Sell


Very Sad, Journalists Should Be Skeptical Of Info From Intelligence Officials - Can Trump Turn That Around

Left-Wing Bomb Plotters

James O'Keefe Catches Left-Wing Libs Plotting To Blow Up The Inauguration

Muslims Deerborn Michigan

Flashback - Dearborn Michigan Muslims Attack Christians

Marilyn Mosby

US Federal Judge Drops The Hammer On Race-Baiting Prosecutor, Remember This Pathetic Woman

Donald Trump

Trump Vows To Get To The Bottom Of "Russian Hacking" Claims Within 90 Days - Intel Agencies Not Playing Straight


National Security Expert - Obama Has Kept Americans In The Dark About Threats To The US 


DOJ's War On Cops Targets Chicago

Trump Was Right About Little Marco

California Is Paving The Road To Hell


Trump Is Locked In Combat With The MSM - With More Combat Coming


Obama Illegally Transfers Another $500 Million Of Taxpayer's Money To Dubious Climate Change Fund 

Never Trump

"Never Trump" Republicans Shocked, They Can't Find Jobs In Trump's White House

John Lewis

John Lewis & 30 Other Dems "Flip The Bird" To America - If Trump Makes America Great Again They Will Throw Us Out Of Office

John Lewis

Trump Said John Lewis District In Georgia Is Crime Infested - Atlanta Journal-Constitution Prints Fake News To Cover The Real Crime Rate

Maxine Waters

Mental Midget Libtard Maxine Waters Tries To Explain Why Donald Trump Should Be Impeached Before He Takes Office - Californians Love This Nut

John Lewis

Fake News Or Just A Liar - John Lewis Claims This Is His First Inauguration Boycott

Ben Smith CNN

Fake News Reporter, Criticizes Fake News Editor, For Publishing Fake News & The Stupid Show Is Call "Reliable Sources"

Politics & Money

American Politician: Yes We Are Corrupt


Porkers Of The Month - They Were All Sneaky Republicans Trying To Get Around The Earmarks Ban


Government Employee

Trump Eyes 10% Spending Cuts, 20% Slash Of Federal Workers - Will It Get Done

Edward Snowden

Russia Extends Residence Permit For Edward Snowden

Car Burning

This Story Is Completely False & It Is Everywhere - "Ads In 20 Cities Offer Big Bucks To Trump Inauguration Provocateurs"


Rush: "Poor Obama" Blames Me For His Partisanship

Noura Erakat

US Professor Says Palestinian Truck Attack On Israeli Soldiers Not Terrorism

Michelle Malkin

Conservative Michelle Malkin Praises Trump For Having A Laser Focus On Issues That Matter

Mason Weaver

Ex-Black Panther Slams John Lewis & He Is Right - Watch


Obama Fundamentally Changed A Country He Did Not Like

Lewis & King

MLK's Niece Blasts John Lewis For His Contrived Vilification Of Trump 


Food Stamp Recipients Can Do What Now?????

Clinton Foundation

Heads Are Finally Beginning To Roll At The Clinton Foundation




Washington DC
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The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons The Daily Account's Daily Cartoon

Judge Jeanine Destroys Mentally Unstable Liberals

DisruptJ20's Plans For Violence At The Inauguration


Syrian Refugees

Settlement Jihad! America's 2nd Colonization

Loretta Lynch

13-Month Investigation By The "Corrupt" DOJ Into The Chicago PD Concludes They Are Guilty Of "Excessive Force" 

White House Press Room

Press Association Says Moving The Press Corps Out Of The White House "Unacceptable"

Black Rioters

Hundreds Of Thousands Of Democrat Rioters Head To DC To Ruin Inauguration


Terrorist Group "CAIR" Tells Trump To Drop Franklin Graham From Inaugural Prayers

Peter Thiel

WOW...Trump Supporter, Peter Thiel Considering Bid For California Governor

Angela Merkel

Why The Globalists Want Open Borders

Nancy Pelosi

Pelosi Blames George W. Bush For Obama's National Debt - Liberals Believe You're Stupid - Watch This Buffoonery


Obama Designates 5 More Last Minute Monuments - Has He Grabbed Your Property Yet?

Michael Steele

Obama Left Democrats Decimated & They Continue To Alienate Voters



John Lewis

37 Year Swamp Monster's 8 Other Extremist Racist, Helped No One, Outrages


Islam: The Cause Of Persecution Of Christians In 35 Of 50 Most Persecuted Countries

Cory Booker

Cory Booker Became A Left-Wing Hack Politician

Laura Ingraham

Laura Ingraham Considering Challenging Left-Wing Loon Tim Kaine For Senate In Virginia

John Lewis

30 + Year Swamp Rat, Rep. John Lewis Took His "Illegitimate" President Feud With Trump Straight To The "I Can Make Some Money" Off This From Dimwitted Dems 

White House Press Room

Perfect - Drug Testing Floated For White House Press Corps

Don's Johns

Oops...Portable Potty Name "Don's Johns" Not Quite Right For Inauguration Day

Glen Greenwald

Glenn Greenwald - Unelected, Very Powerful Faction Are Waging "Open Warfare" On Trump

Deep State

The Deep State Strikes Back & The Permanent Target Is Donald Trump

Ben Carson

4 Former HUD Secretaries Endorse Dr. Ben Carson

John Brennan

Trump Blasts Treasonous CIA Chief, John Brennan - How Much Damage Has He Done?


There Is A CIA Treason Plot Going On Right Now

Dr. Will Happer

Trump Meets With Prominent Princeton Scientist, Dr. Will Happer To Discuss Global Warming

Rand Paul

Rand Paul Puts Out Obamacare Replacement Plan

Newt Gingrich

Gingrich: Intel Appointees Betrayed Agencies - Need Overhaul

Anthony Scaramucci

Trump Will Continue To Go Over The Mainstream Media & Go Directly To The American People


The Invisible Atrocities In The Streets Of Paris By Islamic Immigration

Errol Schwartz

Very Unusual - Obama Ordered Head Of DC National Guard To Step Down "During" Inauguration

Andrea Bocelli

Andrea Bocelli Did Not Back Out Of The Trump Inauguration Because Of Boycotts...But Because Of "Death Threats"

Trump Protesters

How Political Correctness Hijacked Trump Inauguration Protester's Brains



College Lecture Hall  
President Obama today awarded Vice President Joe Biden the Presidential Medal of Freedom With Distinction, which is an honor only three other people have been given over the last 30 years. Then Biden gave Obama his highest honor, double finger guns with a wink. - Seth Meyers
Rudy Giuliani 

Ted Cruz Owns Lying Muslim Advocate

Tomi Lahren Fires Back At Meryl Streep



EPA Refuses To Pay Claims In Mine Spill

Ben Carson

Carson Tells Pocahontas - Equal Rights Does Not Mean Extra Rights!

Time Warner

Time Warner Owns CNN - Shares Take A Beating As Americans Catch On To Their Propaganda

Julian Assage

Julian Assange Would Agree To Extradition If Obama Pardons Chelsea Manning

Petro Poroshenko

Now Claims Of Ukrainian Efforts To Sabotage The US Election


What Comes After The Repeal Of Obamacare


Why Is Obama Moving Troops Into Poland & Provoking Russia Right Before The Inauguration

Chuck Schumer

Chuck E. Cheese Schumer, I Oppose Jeff Sessions Nomination

Marine Obama

Active Duty Marine Sets America & The Liar-In-Chief Straight


Obama Just Finished Giving Nukes To Iran 

Cory Booker

Cory Booker Breaks Precedent & Testifies Against Jeff Sessions - 1 Year Ago He Was Praising Him 


Spy Who Prepared Fake Dossier On Trump Identified


Obama Puts His Presidential Records "Off-Limits" For 12 Years


US Small-Business Optimism Index Surges By Most Since 1980 Now That America's Biggest Mistake Is Leaving


Radical Left-Wing Activists Planning To Turn Inauguration Into One Of The Biggest Riots In US History

Muslim Brotherhood

Ted Cruz Reintroduces Bill Designating Muslim Brotherhood A Terrorist Organization To Get Them & The Muslim President Out Of The White House 

Cedric Richmond

Black Caucus Chairman Threatens Violence Over "Cops As Pigs" Painting In Capital Building

Cops As Pigs

It's Baaack! Congressional Black Caucus Re-Hangs "Cops As Pigs" Painting In The Capital Building


This S.O.B. Is Trying To Control Future US Elections

Donald Trump

Trump Stands With Police On Appreciation Day - Dems Ignore Them!

Donald Trump

Intel Community Finally Backing Off Trump Attacks...For A Minute


Fake News, Fake Media, Fake History, Fake Truth - The Enemy

Elizabeth Warren

Nutty, Nasty Pocahontas Tries To Trap Ben Carson At Nominee Hearing


Popular Conservative Channel Removed By YouTube

Repeal Obamacare

Repeal Obamacare Now, But Don't Replace It!


Afghanistan's "Ghost Soldiers" Take Scary Toll On US Taxpayers

Christopher Steele

Picture Of Former British Spy, Now In Hiding, Who Put Out The False Trump "Dirty Dossier"


This Cowboy Is Not Crying That Obama Is Leaving...Here's Why

College Professors

Midwestern Legislators Take Aim At Academic Tenure-For-Life

David Shulkin

Trump Taps Current VA Official, David Shulkin, To Turn Troubled Agency Around

Gen. James Mattis

Retired Gen. James Mattis Tells House Dems, I'm Not Going To Show Up

Newt Gingrich

Gingrich To Trump - You Should Suspend That CNN Reporter


National Reciprocity Bill Will Apply To Non-Residents Gun Carry Permits

Esteban Santiago

Well, Well...The Ft Lauderdale Airport Shooter Had Converted To Islam

Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep Just Got Checkmated By A Real Hero


Washington Compost Oozes & Swoons How Obama Amazed & Graced Us With His Passion

Dora Robaina

Grandma Rips Off Medicare In The Corrupt Lucrative Miami Medicare Rackets 

Car In Snow

Man Gets Ticketed For Warming Up His Car...In His Own Driveway - Is Land Of The Free Gone?


Double Standard - Obama's 09 Cabinet Picks Slid Through, Trump's Face Hold Up & Scrutiny By Disgruntled Dems

Iran Missiles

Iran Spends Obama's Nuke Money On Arms, Terrorists, Missiles


Kamala Harris

California Left-Wing Loony Tunes Questioning The "CIA Director" Nominee On Climate Change & LGBT Issues...Time Wasting Moron

Michael Cohen

Trump's Attorney Michael Cohen Smeared In "CNN & BuzzFeed" False Report - Watch

Arundel High School

Maryland Schools Put On High Alert After Receiving Racial Threats, But Guess Who Was Behind Them

Ivanka Trump

Ivanka Trump Heading To Washington

Mitch McConnell

Republican Senate Takes First Step To Repeal Obamacare


Obama Administration Is Destroying Public Records Right Now


Chicago Thugs Now Targeting Amazon Delivery Trucks


Trump's First Press Conference - Calls "Buzzfeed" Pile Of Garbage & CNN Fake News


Chicago Homicides Even Higher Than Reported

White House

John Kerry Apologizes To LGBT Community & No One Is Sure Why?


Obama's Farewell Speech - The Constitution "Just A Piece Of Paper"

Ann Coulter

Tips For Hate Crime Hoaxers


The Left-Wing Loons Want To "Redistribute" Your Wealth & Your Freedom

Jeff Sessions

Disgusting, Leftist Insults Sessions...Tells Him To Return His Asian Granddaughter To The "Toys R Us" He Got Her From

Meryl Streep

Remember When Meryl Streep Gave A Standing Ovation To A "Child Rapist?" - Watch

Julian Assange

Julian Assange Blasts "Embarrassing" US Intel Report - It Wasn't The Russians For The Last Time

Hillary Clinton

FBI Finally: Hillary's "Private" Email Server Was Hacked & Now It's Worse Than Just Negligence


Obama Has Given More Than $10 Billion To Terrorist Iran & Somehow America Has Not Put Obama In Jail 

Michelle Obama

The Mooch Tells Muslims "This Country Belongs To You" - The Dumbass Americans Will Pay For IT - Now You Know

 Donald Trump

Forget The Attacks On Him For A Minute - Economic Growth Estimated To Double In 2 Years Due To Trumps Policies


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The Illegal Invasion Of America

Trump Wins Again



Federal Judge Issues Nationwide Injunction To Stop Obama's Illegal Transgender Order

James Clapper

DNI Chief - Russians Did Not Change Any Vote Tallies In US Elections

Muslim Refugees

"Settlement Jihad" The Trojan Horse Right Before Your Very Eyes


California's Liberal Loons Legalize Child Prostitution


Obama Orders A "Blacklist" Of Companies Doing Business In Israel's West Bank, Guess Why



Political Meme

300 Of 2016's Best Political Memes


This Pathetic Lying Muslim Claims There Is No "Growing Crime Wave" Which Is Completely False - He Has Damaged America & Most American's In It

Illegal Aliens Bus Stop

Outrage - Instead Of Deporting Illegal Aliens, Fed Puts Them On Buses Headed To Your City

Jared Kushner

Trump Son-In-Law, Jared Kushner, To Be Named As White House Senior Adviser

Kurt EichenWald

After Making A Complete Ass Out Of Himself With Tucker Carlson - Newsweek Reporter Admits He Lied About Trump Mental Hospital Claim


Obama Spouts Off About How The Nation Owes Him Massive "Thank You" For His "Accomplishments" - Watch His Parallel Universe


Proof: The Democratic Party Has Remained The Same Since The Days Of Slavery

DHS Officers

The Stunning Case Of DHS Officials Taking Millions In Bribes 


The Islamization Of Britain In 2016 - This Is Very Scary

Jeff Sessions

Blatantly Racist Group, NAACP, Goes After Jeff Sessions For Prosecuting "Voter Fraud" - How Stupid Is That?

The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons

Laura Trump On Trump Family Inauguration

Now The Libtards Are Concerned About Executive Power

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Mental Hospital

15 Terrifying Abandoned Places In The US

Giant Alligators

Giant Alligator Caught On Video In Florida

Burt Reynolds Trans Am

Burt Reynolds To Sell His 600-HP Vintage Trans Am

Robert Bobroczky

Meet The 7 Foot, 7 Inch High School Basketball Player


IRS To Delay Tax Refunds For Millions Of Low Income Families

1955 Mercedes 300SL

Incredible Barn/Hanger Find

AirBus Plane

Airbus Plane Of The Future, Gyms, Cafes, Beds


Cyber Security

Fired IT Worker Changed Password & Wants $200K To Fix It - Welcome To The Brave New World

Baker Electric Run

Presidential Cars: The Coolest Cars Owned By US Presidents


Latest State Moving To Kill Its Income Tax

Ice City

Check Out This Enormous "Ice City" At Night

Girls Getaway

26 Under-The-Radar Girl's Getaway Destinations In The South

Tiny Home

Things That Might Happen If You Buy A Tiny House


Here's What It's Like To Interview For The CIA, From People Who Have Done It


1970 GMC

6 Offbeat Vehicles From Barrett-Jackson's 2017 Sale

Cheese Burger & Fries

Move Over McDonald's - 5 Fast Food Companies Taking Over The World


Is This The Sexiest Ship At Sea?

Round House

Amazing Round Houses From Around The World

Donald Trump

Trump Will Remain A Billionaire Despite Giving Sons Control

Drive Thru Tree

California's Famous Drive-Through "Tunnel Tree" Brought Down By Winter Storm

Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa Will Crush Google



Lava Pours Into Ocean  
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Liberal Logic 


Here We Go - Loan Boom Echoes Subprime Crisis

8 Pound Burger

This 8 Pound Burger Is Called "The Grim Reaper"


2 Large American Cities In The Worst Financial Shape

Pick Up Truck


White House

Inside Look At Moving Day At The White House

Flyboard Air Demo

Greatest Trick Plays In Football History

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