Hong Kong

CDC Press Conference On First US Ebola Case

Trey Gowdy Tears Up Another Bureaucrat Pinhead

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NASA Satellite

Weather Satellite Data - No Global Warming For 18 Years

Young Americans For Liberty

YAL Movement Takes Off In Of All Places, Southern California - Thanks Obama

Supreme Court

If You Use Facebook, Pay Taxes, Drive A Car - Take Note Of The Supreme Courts October Term

60 Minutes

Media Ignores Obama's 60 Minutes Ratings Collapse - Down 69%

Supreme Court

Supreme Court Allows Ohio Voter Fraud Prevention Law To Take Effect

Tom Steyer

Amazing Carbon Hypocrites - Greens Fossil-Fuel Profits

Christina Ayala

State Rep. Arrested On 19 Voting Fraud Charges - Hard To Get Arrested For A Crime That Doesn't Exist


Obama Calls Yemen "Model" For ISIS Fight, As Diplomats & Americans Leave

Capital Building

Tax Breaks Worth $85 Billion About To Expire - Unless Congress Acts

Samatha Lewthwaite

Is This The Female Version Of Joseph Goebbels




The Lie That Will Start A World War

Is Islamism A Totalitarian System Like Nazism & Communism

Homo-Eduphobis - The Gay Fear Of Educated People

Austan Goolsbee

Court - Obama Can't Hide This White House Adviser's Law Breaking

Iraq Christains

Baghdad "Christianity Could Be At An End Here"

Wisconsin Flag

Mexican Consulate Brings ID Services To Wisconsin

Rand Paul

Obama Acting Like "Third World Autocrat" Who Does "Whatever The Hell He Wants"

Secret Service

After Security Breach -Many High Level Around The Clock Secret Service Meetings Decided To Install A Front Door Lock

Anne Armstrong

Rhode Island Candidate Running For Governor On One Issue - Weed 

Common Core Math

Kid Makes Politicians Look Silly With Insane Common Core Math

Tomahawk Missile

Brilliant - Navy Running Out Of Tomahawk Missiles


Obama Faces Backlash After Blaming Intel Community For Missing ISIS Problem

Suhaib Webb

Imam Of Oklahoma Beheader's Mosque Apologizes To ISIS - Not America

The Daily Outrage

VA Hospital

Government Corruption - One Of The Most Stunning Instances Of Bureaucratic Abuse


First Ebola Case Diagnosed In US


What You Need To Know About Ebola

Cover Oregon

Oregon To Pull The Plug On Their Obamacare Website After Spending Hundreds Of Millions Of Dollars


Secret Service Missed Man With Gun In Elevator With Obama

Paper Work

Banks Spend 37 Million Hours On Paperwork


Obamacare Access Shock

Tom Perez

Will Obama Replace Holder With Left-Wing, Scandal Plagued, No Respect For The Law, Tom Perez

Joe Biden

What It Cost A Small County To Provide Protection For A Biden Private Trip

White House

Uh-Oh...White House Intruder Got Much Farther Into The Building Than Reported


Marketing Genius - Apple Claims NSA Can't Get Into Your iPhone 6





HHS Secretary – You Are Better Off With Obamacare

Loch Ness Socialism


Jon Karl

ABC Reporter Asks White House How They Missed All The Intelligence On ISIS - Probably Got Fired

Donna Brazile

Left-Wing CNN Political Contributor Claims Hong Kong Protesters Inspired By Ferguson, Missouri 


CNN Blasted For False, Biased Coverage Of Sarah Palin Supposed Brawl


The "Anti-War. Nobel Peace Prize Winning" President

People Cheering

Locals Cheer At Stopping HHS From Housing Illegal Aliens In Their Community

Janet Napolitano

Is "Big Sis" Coming Back


US Forest Service Wants You To Get A Permit To Take A Picture On Public Land

Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz Clinches Straw Poll Gold

World Map

US Government Is Warning You To Say Away From These Countries


Cop Shot In Ferguson - Suspects Still At Large


After Obama Touts Success Against Terrorism In Yemen, State Department Issues Travel Warning

Madam Secretary

How Much Is CBS Willing To Lose On The Hillary Clinton Infomercial


Revolutionize Voting, Let's Vote By Cellphone - So We Can Control Who Votes

Emeril Lagasse

Celebrity Chef Emeril Slams "Obama Nonsense"

John Boehner

Obama Is Acting On His Own Without Congress On ISIS

Al Qaeda

Al Qaeda Fires Rockets At US Embassy In Yemen

Mark Rivera

How Screwed Up Schools Are - Football Player Rescues Kid From Bully & Gets Suspended

Oklahoma Beheading

Here We Go - Authorities Calling Oklahoma Beheading "Work Place Violence"

Alec Baldwin

What It Was Like Being Engaged To A Hollywood Liberal

JayKeen Yisrael

Shocking Story - Converted To Islam, Then Beheads Co-worker In Oklahoma - Religion Of Peace 


DNC Losing Women In Droves - They Figured It Out


7 Other Lone Wolf Islamic Attacks Inside The US

Lena Dunham

5 Reasons Why You're To Dumb To Vote

Yemen Rebels

How Yemen's Capital Was Seized By Rebels

Ed FitzGerald

Fumbled Bid For Governor Imperils Ohio Democrats

Bike Riding

Feds Spend $300,000 Studying How To Ride A Bike

Chuch Todd

Chuck Todd Is Officially Irrelevant

Raul Grijalva

Dem Congressman - No Difference Between Legal & Illegal Immigrants


NRA Out Gunned In Washington

Alton Nolen

Muslims Shouting "Praise Allah" Surround Cops At Beheading Press Conference

Chelsea Clinton gave birth to a daughter named Charlotte this weekend. Hillary Clinton was really excited until she remembered that you have to be 18 to vote. - Seth Meyers

Radical Imam “You Should Be Proud To Be A Terrorist

Moroccan Soccer Fans Chant ISIS, ISIS – Hope You Understand Now



Bakers Found Guilty Of Discrimination For Not Making A Lesbian Cake 


Obama Giving $313 Million To Muslims For Mortgages - That Is Your Money

Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin Goes Rogue On Pennsylvania Avenue


Automatically Re-Enrolling In Obamacare Pose Dangers

Fred Duval

Dem Candidate For Arizona Governor Is The Definition Of Hypocrisy

Samira Salih

ISIS Tortures & Executes Female Human Rights Activist


Just So You Know, Oct 1st Will Mark 18 Years Of No Global Warming


White House Accused Of Altering Press Pool Reports - Yes, He Knows It

Communist Party

One Climate Change Movement Finally Admits True Agenda


Argentina Uses Drones To Root Out Wealthy Tax Evaders - Hope White House Doesn't Read This

British Policman

How Gun Control Made England The "Most Violent Country In Europe"

Dr. Caleb Rossiter

Left-Wing Scientist Calls Obama "Delusional" On Global Warming


Outrageous - Obama Just Criticized America & Defended Islam In The Same Speech

Terrorist Camp

US Strikes Al Qaeda Veterans, The Khorasan Group

Robert Kennedy Jr

Watch RFK Jr At Climate Change Rally Refuse To Lead By Example


Illegals On Obamacare - Feds Bend Over Backwards To Give Illegals Obamacare

John Kerry

Global Warming - Don't Take My Word "Mother Nature Is Screaming At Us" - OK John, We Won't


Obama's Stated Efforts To Cut Red Tape Actually Cost Businesses, Taxpayers $23 Billion


Uh-Oh...Obamacare Enrollees Dropping Like Flies

Mariam Al-Mansouri

She's Real - UAE's 1st Female Fighter Pilot Carried Out Strikes

Mexican Flag

Mexifornia - City Council Candidate Receives Death Threats Over Mexican Flag Flap

Iraq Temples

ISIS Destroys & Plunders Ancient Iraq Erasing Crucial Human History Forever

Eric Holder

Holder Has Caused "Lasting Damage" To US

Tom Perez

Amazing - Department Of Labor Employees Rally Claiming Top Officials Discriminate - It's Almost Funny

Hillary Clinton

Make Sure You Understand Who This Woman Really Is

Dirty Harry

Dirty Harry & The Dems Raising More Money Than Their GOP Opponents


Waiting To Die In Aleppo


Politicians Put 5% Tax On Exercise Somebody Elected Them


Teachers Have Been Duped - Union Spends 3 Times More On Itself & Politics


Obama Pledges Billions Of Your Tax Dollars To Nations For Global Warming


China Tells Obama To Stick His "Climate Change Scheme" In His Crack Pipe & Smoke It


California Weighs "Radical" Changes To Justice System To Combat Over Crowding - Let-em Out


Uh-Oh...Intel On The Ground Claims The Khorasans Are As Fake As The Kardashians


New Yorkers Angered At Trash Heap Left By Climate Marchers


Obama Forbids FBI To Use Religion To Identify Terror Threats - As ISIS Openly Recruits In US Mosques


5 States That Could Decide Control Of The Senate

Steve Hayes

The SOBs Put Me On The US "Terrorist Watch List"


Poll - Public Appetite For Religion Increasing

Ben Carson

"Strong Likelihood I'll Run In 2016"


US Immigrant Population At Record 43.1 Million in 2013

Eric Holder

Court Orders DOJ To Turn Over Fast & Furious Documents

Karl Rove

What Karl Rove Won't Tell You


First Infantry Division Ordered To Iraq - They Wear Boots

Lead Ammo

UN Proposes Global Lead Ammo Ban - Daily Account Proposes Global Ban On UN

Muslim Woman

Muslim Woman Risks Her Life To Give You Unprecedented Look At Life Under ISIS

Vincent Cianci

Ex-Mayor Convicted Of Racketeering Does 5 Years, Now Running For Mayor & Leads In Polls

Rush Limbaugh

Stop Rush Campaign Nothing But Mass Deception


It Just Gets Worse - IRS Also Targeted Organizations Teaching The Constitution


Court Forces D.C. To Allow Public To Carry Concealed Handguns

Burger King

Brilliant - Bureaucratic Pinheads Make The US "Inversion" Deal-Making Worse - The Level Of Stupidity Is Mind Numbing

Lois Lerner

I'm The Victim Here...Not The "Asshole" Conservatives


State Lawmaker's Sneaky Way of Giving Themselves Raises 

ISIS Fighters

They're Back - Some Americans Who Fought With ISIS Return Home

John Kerry

Kerry Denies Concessions To Iran On Nukes - Does Anyone Believe Him

Polar Bear

UN Climate Summit - The Dirty Little Secret About Global Warming

Paul Babeu

Sheriff Calls For US Troops On Rio Grande "We Can Protect Korean Border But Not Our Own"

Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama Hits Trail For Endangered Dems - No One Wants Barack

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton & Saul Alinsky Letters Revealed


Another Alaska Physician Shuts Down Practice Due To Obamacare

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Eric “The With-Holder” - Lawless Lawman

Dan Rather Award For The Most Stupid Media Analysis



8th Century Neanderthals, ISIS Bans Math, Social Studies, Sports & Music For All Children


James Golden

Rush Limbaugh's Call Screener "What Liberalism Has Done To Black Communities Is Horrific" 

Fed Employee

Poor & Taxpayers Have Lost, While Bureaucrats Have Won The 50 Year War On Poverty


Baghdad Bureau Chief - The White House Lied To Americans For Years About The Condition Of Iraq 

James Conway

Obama's ISIS Strategy Doesn't Have "A Snowball's Chance In Hell Of Succeeding" 

Hillary Clinton

Name One Thing Hillary Has Accomplished Besides Lying, Cheating, White House Furniture Stealing & Fooling You

Ezekiel Emanuel

Obamacare Architect - The Optimal Time To Die Is 75


Despite Record High Taxes - Feds Still Running $600 Billion Deficit

Common Core

Where Do States Stand On The Common Core Standards 

Benghazi Security Contrators

Yes There Was A "Stand Down Order" & We Broke It To Save Lives

Jack Lew

Brilliant - Treasury Secretary Promises No More "Inversions" - We're Going To Make-em Pay


The Syrian Civil War Is On The Verge Of Getting Even Worse

US Election Map

Count Down - Latest US Election Polls 

Arab Leaders

This Is Not What Democracy Looks Like

Steve Koonin

Uh-Oh...Former Obama Science Advisor Says Wait A Minute, Global Warming Is Not Settled Science


The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons

Judge Napolitano Excoriates Holders Time In Office

Obama & Clinton Foreign Policy – You Decide

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  Michael Phelps     

Windows 10

Microsoft Unveils Windows 10

Kyle Behm

Workplace Personality Tests, Are They Fair


The College Majors With The Biggest Lifetime Earnings

Ball On Mars

Curiosity Rover Finds A Mysterious Ball On Mars

Danica Patrick

They Say Danica Patrick Is Getting Faster

New Yorker

Meet 12 Unforgettable "Humans Of New York"

George Clooney

Bye Bye Bachelorhood - Clooney Weds

Gwyneth Paltrow

One Of Hollywood's Airheads & Her Wackiest Beliefs 

Jack Ma

China's New Richest Man


Elizabeth Holmes

Forbes Youngest Billionaires - 11 Under 40

Water Rationing

Stage 1 Water Rationing Hits California

John Cusack

Hollywood Sucks Most Of The Time

Sean Groubert

Shocking Video - Cop Shoots Unarmed Driver - You Decide

520 Park Ave

The $130 Million NYC Apartment


What is Worth More To Hackers Than Your Credit Cards


Cory The Kid Is 10-Year-Old CEO Of Successful Business


Sweet Dreams - Hammocks Suspended Over The Alps

First Computer

First Century B.C. - Was This The World's First Computer

Self Driving Car

6 Inventions That Could Change The World


AIG Suing The US Government For $40 Billion

V8 Chainsaw

Hot Rod Anything - V8-Powered Chainsaw


Millennials Are Completely Redefining What It Means To Own Something


World's Largest Passenger Plane To Fly World's Longest Route

iPhone 6

Here Is What It Really Takes To Bend The iPhone


Are Gas Prices Headed Below $3


Comcast's Infamously Bad Customer Service Isn't Incompetence - It's A Choice

Ginni Rometty

The 10 Most Powerful Women In Business

Quantum Droplet

WOW - Physicists Make Big Leap In Quantum Teleportation

Math Problem

Watch Adults Try Fifth Grade Math Problems


Self Driving Truck  
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Bill Cosby Does It Again


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