Border Wall

The Current Southern Border Fencing

The Media Covers Town Halls Very Different

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There Were Many More, But 33 Completely Fake Stories In The Presidents First 33 Days

Keith Ellison

Leading DNC Candidate Is A Racist, Bigoted Muslim Who Said "Black People Have No Obligation To Obey Government" 

Hillary Clinton

She's Baaack!! Not In Jail Yet, Hillary Has A Message For Dimwitted Dems 

Meryl Streep

One Of Hollywood's Liberal Queens, Meet Meryl Streep The Cheapskate 

Nancy Pelosi

Watch - There Is Something Very Wrong With Nancy Pelosi On Stage

Betsy DeVos

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos: Obama's Transgender Orders Was Another Overreach

Chicago Police

Chicago Homicides Outpacing Last Year, 7 Killed In One Day

James O'Keefe

Boom: James O'Keefe Drops First Round Of CNN Footage

Kim Jong Un

The Bad Hair Cut Dictator Lashes Out At His Only Ally - China

Milo Yiannopoulos

Milo Is Out At CPAC, Out At Breitbart & Out Of A Book Deal


Church, State And Melania Trump

California Can't Afford To Fix Dams, But They Want To Give Free Healthcare To Illegal Aliens

Deconstruction Of America Has Stopped

Sean Spicer

Spicer Rips CNN Russia Report "Dishonest, Irresponsible, Pathetic"

Judge Jeanine

Judge Jeanine: It's Time To Stop The "Criminal Enclaves" Known As "Sanctuary Cities"

Steve Bannon

How Steve Bannon Conquered CPAC & The Republican Party


Liberal Over Priced Starbucks Brand Took A Major Hit When It Announced It Would Hire 10,000 Muslims

Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett's $5 Billion Plus "Trump Bump"

Sean Hannity

Sean Hannity: Trump Needs Your Help To Succeed

Donald Trump

Trump Cuts The Deficit By $12 Billion His First Month


Beyond Shocking: Letter Sent Home To All Parents, Chicago Public Schools Promise To Obstruct "The Enforcement Of Federal Civil Immigration Law"


Lawmakers Request Probe Of $418 Million Arms Sale To Kenya On Obama's Last Day

Police Officer Funeral

A Life Long LE Officer Observes: "California Kills Cops"

Robert Rosebrock

Double, Triple Insanity: Veteran Faces Trial For Posting Flags At VA Site

Scott Walker

Wisconsin's Scott Walker Proposes Welfare Reforms, Example For The Rest Of The Country

Burgess Owens

NFL Great Burgess Owens: The Left Destroyed Strong Black Communities

Jerry Brown

Californians...You're Insane!

Guillermo Lasso

WOW - Brexit, Trump's Nationalism Continues To Ecuador

Mike Pence

Pence Assures Conservatives Trump Will Keep Promises That Got Him Elected


WOW: 300 Scientist Write to Trump To Pull Out Of UN Climate Agency

Capital Building

Conservatives To Congress: Get Moving We Are Taking Notes For 2018

Travel Ban

California Libtards Pass A "Travel Ban" Prohibiting Travel Of University Students To "Anti-Gay" States - Houston...America Has A Problem

Dr. James Reed

If You Think What The BLM Did Was Wrong At The Bundy Ranch - Look What They Did To This Man

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DC Rioters
The Daily Accounts Daily Cartoon The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons

Finnish Lady Describes The Real Muslim Immigrant Problem

Trump Is In A Real War With The Media



Bombshell: Major Ad Agency Suspends Infowars Over Support For Trump

Illegal Aliens

The Labyrinth Of Illegal Immigration

Garret Grimsley

Muslim Convert Arrested Right Before He Planned Terrorist Attack In North Carolina

Maxine Waters

Dumber Than A Pile Of Rocks, Maxine Waters Now Calls Trump Cabinet Picks, "A Bunch Of Scumbags!!"

Kirsten Gillibrand

Dem Senator Concedes, Neil Gorsuch Is A Lock For Confirmation, We're Just Going To Screw With Republicans First

James O'Keefe

James O'Keefe From Project Veritas, Soon To Release Footage From Inside MSM Newsrooms "WikiLeaks Style"

Muslim Brotherhood

Here Is a Reason Why The Media Are The Enemy Of The People


School Cancels "High Five Friday" With Police On Campus, Because Some Students May Be "Uncomfortable"

Donald Trump

Trump At African-American History Museum: We Must "Fight Bigotry, Intolerance & Hatred"


Trump's DHS Shifts Funds From Defending Illegals To Helping Their Victims


The Spooks Have Come Home To Roost

STL Cemetery

Hundreds Help VP Mike Pence Clean Up Vandalized Jewish Cemetery

North Dakota Protesters

North Dakota Officials "Plead" With Protesters To Leave

Mitch McConnell

American Gigolos

Transgender Sign

The Insanity Is Almost Over: Trump Admin To Lift Transgender Bathroom/Shower Order

Lincoln Chafee

Some Top Democrats Starting To Slam The Dishonest Media

Illegal Aliens

Report: Illegal Aliens Cost To American Taxpayers - Very Conservative Report

Paul Krugman

Leftist Economist Paul Krugman Hasn't Be Right On Anything & The Left Loves Him

Vitaly Churkin

Liberal Loons Fake News Gears Up, Claims Trump Assassinated Russian Ambassador Vitaly Churkin

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Has Been Run By Democrats For Years & They Have Run Out Of "Other Peoples Money"



Alan Colmes

Shocker: Alan Colmes Dies At 66

Elizabeth Johnston

Facebook Suspends Christian Homeschool Mom's Account Over Posts Citing Bible On Homosexuality


Brilliant Bureaucratic Pinheads: Philadelphia Soda Tax Fizzles In First Month & Layoffs Begin 

Mark Levin

Mark Levin: Obama...Not Trump, Is Anti-Semitic & The Biggest Funder Of Terrorism In The World

Jason Chaffetzs

Chaffetz Demands Answers To Latest ATF Scandal - Swamp Monsters In The ATF

MSNBC Morning Joe

MSNBC "Morning Joe" Anchor: "It's Our Job To Control What People Think" - Watch

Illegal Alien

13% Of Illegal Aliens "Admit" To Being Registered To Vote


Where Is The Outrage Over Jewish Travel Bans From Muslim Countries


Pathetic - NBC's Shameful Headline & Story Shows The Damage They Are Doing To Americans

Donald Trump

Trump's Coming Battle With The Federal Reserve


A new report projects that by 2020 the legal marijuana industry will create more than a quarter of a million jobs for people to be late to. - Seth Meyers

Ex-CIA Dem Says Spy Plot Against Trump Is Real

Nikki Haley Blasts The UN At First News Conference



A Civil War For Control Of The US Government Has Erupted Between "The Deep State" & Donald Trump

Ice Agents

Trump Means Business - "Illegal Alien Criminals" Days Are Numbered

Ever Valles

Another Illegal Alien Released With An ICE Detainer From A Sanctuary City Commits Murder

Joe Scarborough

MSNBC Show Warns Everyone That Trump Supporters Are Mentally "Unbalanced" - They May Cause Terror Attacks Like Oklahoma City

Donald Trump

No, Trump Didn't Say Sweden Had A Terror Attack Last Night, Yes He Is Right About Sweden's Immigration Problem

Caleb O'Neil

Student Who Recorded Professor's Anti-Trump Tirade Gets Suspended

Border Fence

A Border Wall Easily Pays For Itself

Ice Agents

Obama's Pro-Immigration, Catch & Release Policies Are Over

Swamp Monster

Confirmed: Republican Elite Swamp Monsters Stalling Trump's Agenda 

Ann Coulter

Ann Coulter Calls "Day Without Immigrants" Protest A Huge Success

North Korea

Opening Up The Hermit Kingdom

Brigitte Gabriel

Feminists Are "Useful Idiots" In Coalition With Islamists

Voter Sign

Uh-Oh...2013 Study Shows Nearly 2 Million Non-Citizen Hispanics Illegally Registered To Vote & Trumps Voter Fraud Study Is Just Beginning

Don Lemon

CNN's Don Lemon Reacts To A Trump Supporter Guest Calling CNN "Fake News" 

Donald Trump President

Who Rules The United States? Bureaucrats Fighting To Keep Controlling You

John McCain

Jackass John McCain Trashes Trump In Europe

April Ryan

April Ryan Told Trump At Press Conference I'm "Just A Reporter" - Not True

April Ryan

It Gets Worse: April Ryan Accuses A Trump Aid Of Physically Intimidating Her...Oops, The Exchange Was Recorded


Nestle Leaves California To Get Away From Anti-Capitalist Lawmakers & Activists - The Exodus Continues

Sean Spicer

Fake News, Mobilization Of 100,000 National Guard "100% Not True" 


ISIS Suicide Bomber

Former Guantanamo Detainee Turns Up As Suicide Bomber For ISIS

College Students

Black Ivy League Snowflake Student Talks About Traumatic Experience That Led Him To Skip Class For A Month 

Rosa Maria Ortega

Vaya Con Dios, Illegal Alien

Mike Pence

Pence Pressures NATO To Pay


MeatLoafGate - A Prime Example Of Why Big Media Is Headed To The Garbage Dump

Harim Uziel

L.A. "Legal" Hispanic Trump Supporter Blasts City For Protecting "Illegal Aliens"

Hillary Clinton

At Last, A Website That Allows Hillary Fans To Exist In A Comforting Alternate Reality

Betsy DeVos

Democrats Are Obsessed With Power, Not Effective Education


Russian Military Aggression Has Backfired On Moscow

James Rosen

James Rosen: Nothing Trump Has Done Approaches Obama's Conduct Toward The Press


Obama's Shadow Government Is Organizing To Undermine Trump


How Long Before Chris Christie Joins The Trump Administration?

Chuck Shumer

Poll: Americans Want Dems To Start Cooperating With Trump

ICE Agents

ICE Hits Back Against "Fake News" - Under Obama We Rounded Up 350% More Illegals & The Press Said Nothing!!!!

Reince Priebus

Priebus On CBS Questioning "Fake News" Public Should Take Fake News Seriously

Geert Wilders

Geert Wilders: I Want To Regain Our Country & Free The Netherlands From "Moroccan Scum"

Jill Sundberg

Illegal Aliens Kill Mother Of 4 - In Gruesome Washington Killing

Juanita Broaddrick

Brutal! Juanita Broaddrick Destroys Chelsea Clinton On Twitter

French Police

French Police Flee Armed Mob As Week-Long Riots Spread To City Center


Obama Relaunches Efforts To "Fundamentally Change America"




CEO's Praise House GOP Border Tax Proposal - Swamp Monsters Paid Off By Lobbyists Hate It


What Exactly Is The "Deep State" People Are Talking About

CNN Host

"Fake News?"...You Bet

Alexis Tsipras

Don't Look Now, But Greece Is Broke Again

Washington Post

Washington Post Actually Takes Russian Government Money For Publishing Propaganda


Trump Is Right, MSM Ignores Immigration Mess In Sweden

John McCain

Recent Behavior Suggests It's Time For John McCain To Retire

New Black Panthers

The New Black Panther Party - Black Racism Personified

Mike Pence

VP Pence Reassures World Leaders US Will Hold Russia Accountable

Tucker Carlson Mexican Official

Tucker Carlson Rips Mexican Official Plotting To Sabotage US Court System

Donald Trump

Americans Brimming With Optimism On The Economy

Illegal Aliens

The Truth About Sanctuary Cities & Crime Rates

James Comey

FBI Suddenly Releases Trump File With Shocking Contents... Something Is Very Wrong With Comey


Hospital CEO Wins Major Court Victory After Accusing CNN Of "Fake News" Reporting

Illegal Aliens

Did You Notice "A Day Without Immigrants" Protest? No One Did Either - Here Is A Great Story About 12 Who Were Fired

Glenn Greenwald

Glenn Greenwald: Pelosi & Schumer Leading Collapsed Party Of Shills

Hillary Clinton

Dems Are A Pack Of Hypocritical Hyenas - Hillary's Campaign "Aids" Met With Chinese Ambassador

Jill Stein

She Can't Let Go: Jill Stein Still Bitching About The Election

Scott Pruitt

Scott Pruitt Confirmed To Lead The EPA

Robert Harwood

Vice Admiral Robert Howard Turns Down The OfferTo Be National Security Adviser


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Illegal Immigration Hurts Black Males Most

Obama's “Organizing For Action” Behind Protests At GOP Town Halls


Netanyahu Trump

Restored: 5 Ways Trump Has Improved US-Israel Relations

JK Rowlings

Rich Liberal J.K. Rowlings Demands Trump Open Borders To Anyone, But Refuses To House Even One Immigrant In Her 18 Spare Bedrooms 

Edward Snowden

Is Russia Mulling Edward Snowden's Extradition To US

Mohamed Bailor Jalloh

Muslim In The US National Guard Gets 11 Years For ISIS Plot To Kill Pamela Geller

George Soros

George Soros Has The Left-Wing Libs Fooled - He Is A Big Investor In Fossil Fuel Firms


Yusra Khogali

One Of The "Black Lives Matter" Founders Says White People Are "Sub-Human" & Suffer From "Genetic Defects"...Think She Is Racist?

Syrian Refugees

Refugee Secrets & It Costs You Billions

Muslim Terrorists

72 Convicted Terrorists Have Come From Countries On The Travel Ban List 

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter Is A "Tax Exempt Group" Filled With Corruption & Racism - Obama's Legacy 

Border Crossing Detention Center

Trump Is Already Winning: Drop In Illegals Crossing Border Force Detention Center Closing


The Quran Teaches Muslims - It Is OK To Deceive & Lie To "Non-Believers"


Ask This Guy If Border Walls Work, He Will Know He Has One

Bobby Rush

Dem Rep Accuses Chicago Cops Of Racial Profiling After Being Pulled Over...Body Cam Tells A Different Story, Including Fools Elected This Guy

Government Regulations

Trump Has Already Cut Nearly 3 Billion In Regulations....1 Trillion To Go

Donald Trump

Trump Cabinet Delays Longest Since George Washington


The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons The Daily Account's Daily Cartoon

Rush Limbaugh On Donald Trump & The Media

What Young Conservatives Feel They Are Entitled To

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Jourdan Ducan

The Best News Story, By Far, You Will Hear Or See Today


The Most Corrupt Countries In The World


Cereals With More Sugar Than A Donut


9 Things That Crush The Value Of Your Home

Capital Building

5 Best & Worst Paying Government Jobs

Folding Canoe

Folding Canoe Can Get Stuffed In A Bag

Walmart Craft Beer

Walmart Sued For Misleading Customers With Fake Craft Beer




Susan Aikens

Another Reality Show Star Who Got Rich & Famous & Now Suing

Monster Energy Girls

What Is The Internet's Horror Over NASCAR Monster Energy Girls

China Stockmarket

China Has A $9 Trillion Problem

Joel Schneider

Marijuana Entrepreneur Brings In Over $1 Million A Year Running A "Bud & Breakfast" Hotel

Self Driving Car

Shocker! World's First Self-Driving Car Race Ends In A Crash

Salt Truck

1,200 Feet Down In A Salt Mine, Praying For Snow


Here's Why It's A Smart Time To Buy A 4K TV


One Winning Ticket For $435 Million Powerball Jackpot

Costa Rica

We Moved From New Jersey To A Villa In Costa Rica & Only Pay $400 A Month

Snapchat Spectacles

Snapchat Spectacles, The Trendy Social Media Wearable

1967 Camaro

19-Year-Old Buys 1967 Camaro New...& Still Has It

Driverless Trucks

Driverless Trucks May Swallow One Of The Most Common US Jobs

The Internet Of Things

$6 Trillion Will Be Invested On IOT Solutions


Why Some Of The Kennels In Your Popcorn Don't Pop

Rock And Roll Nuns  
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When Will You Stop Letting Democrats Lie To You?


Credit Score

3 Fastest Ways To Improve Your Credit Score

Cassis De Pecol

This 27-Year-Old Just Became The First Woman To Visit Every Country In The World

Dodge Challenger

Dodge Rolls Out The Demon


Hooters Opens New Concept "Hoots" & Yes The Girls Are Gone 

Dumber Than A Box Of Rocks, Communists Protest Trump

Ben Shapiro – Socialism Is Always A Bad Idea

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