Israel Tanks

Ferguson And The Real Race War

The Truth About Ferguson

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Fighter Jets

US Ramps Up Airstrikes In Iraq After Execution Video

Shawn Parcells

Ferguson, You Got Another Problem Mike Brown Autopsy "Expert" Is A Fake


SEIU Begs Workers To Keep Paying Because Now They Have A Choice

Jay Nixon

Rush To Judgment - Missouri Governor Calls For "Vigorous Prosecution" Of Darren Wilson

Autopsy Report

Uh-Oh...Over A Dozen Witnesses Back Darren Wilson's Story


As Ferguson Violence Flares, Fingers Point To Outsiders

Joe Biden

Joe Biden Stonewalled FOIA Request To Hide His Outrageous Personal Travel Costs 

Lois Lerner

The Consequences of Unaccountability

Linda Ronstadt

Airhead Of The Day, Linda Ronstadt "No One Is Illegal,The Border Should Be Wide Open & They Should Just Come"

Western Land

Another Western Land Grab By The Administration




Setting The Iraq Record Straight

Victim Mentality Afflicts Black Americans

The Media & The Mob


Faces Of Delay - Heart Breaking Stories Of The VA Delivering "Death Sentences" To Veterans

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton "Caught Misleading" The Public


Only In LA - Los Angeles Considers Paying People To Vote

Mark Pryor

Desperate Dem Runs An Pro-Obamacare Ad But Won't Say The Law's Name 

Eric Holder

Holder Going To Freguson - I'm From The Government & I Always Conduct "Fair" Investigations

Cornel West

Left Wing Radical Cornel West - Obama Is A "Disgusting" Black President

Military Vehicle

Suddenly US Alarmed Over Militarization Of Cops

Gina McCarthy

EPA Exceeds Its Authority - Congress Must Act

Chuck Norris

How Do You Convince Gun Owners To Vote - Get Chuck Norris To Make A Video Like This

Richard Nixon

Actions Over Words - How Nixon Saved The State Of Israel

The Daily Outrage


Obama Drops Quick Statement On Foley "Beheading" Then Hits The Links

Darren Wilson

Ferguson Cop Has Shattered Eye Socket After Attack By Michael Brown

Police Shooting

Have You Heard About The Black Cop Kills White Man?  Didn't Think So

Ann Coulter

No Facts, No Peace


The More Teachers Learn About Common Core, The More They Hate It

Ferguson Looters

Ferguson Looter "I'm Proud Of Us. We Deserve This"

Michelle Obama

Georgia School District Tells Michelle Obama & The Feds To Get Out Of Town


GOP Warned - Conservatives Ready To Revolt

Kurdish Fighters

Kurdish Fighters Lean On The Job & On The Front Line


Just So You Know - 65 Former Lobbyists Currently In Obama Administration



 The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons The Daily Account's Daily Cartoon

You Must Watch This Video & Then Decide How You're Going To Explain This Woman To Your Children

IRS Official Can't Name One Person She Worked With


Jet Fighter

Obama's Defense Cuts Jeopardize US Tech Edge For A Generation

Melissa Harris-Perry

Amazing - Left Wing Melissa Harris-Perry Doesn't Let Facts Get In The Way Of Her Michael Brown Shooting "Rant"

Rick Perry

Rick Perry Gets A Taste Of Democrat's Lawfare - Must Watch

Jesse Jackson

The Race Hustler, Carpet Bagger Gets "Booed" In Ferguson For Asking For Donations

Barajas Family

Texas Father Goes On Trial For Killing Man Who Killed His 2 Sons

Hillary Clinton

The Question Is Not If Hillary Should Be In The White House, But If She Should Be In Jail

Michael Brown Shooting

Now We Have A Hoax - Facebook Posting From "Darren Wilson" Details Shooting

Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden's Epic Heist - He Took A Lot More Than The Media Is Telling You

Little Girl

Watch Obama Get "Daisy Nuked" On His Failure In Iran

Birth Certificate

New Challenge To Obama's Eligibility - Will The Supreme Court Hear This Case

Black Mobs

Why So Much Anger In Ferguson - 10 Facts About The Massive Economic Gap Between White & Black America


Garbage In, Global Warming Out - 17 Years Of Weather That Won't Cooperate 

Joe Piscopo

Joe Piscopo - Confessions Of A Disillusioned Democrat

Elias Pompa

In Poorest Texas County, Sheriff & Deputies Fight Illegal Aliens Alone


Obama Returns To Washington For 2 Days - Won't Say Why


UFO Caught By News Crew Covering A Forest Fire


Shocking - Government Spending Per Household, Exceeded Median Household Income 3 Years Straight

Mary Landrieu

Now She Is Caught Using Taxpayer Money For Private Charter Flights

Texas National Guard

Mexico Protests Texas National Guard On US Border


Senate Dems Wary Of Obama Trashing The Constitution On Immigration

Razor Wire

The Feds Buy Border Fencing To Be Erected 6,600 Miles Away From The Rio Grande

Yazidis People

The Final Solution - Why Muslims Want To Kill The Yazidis By Genocide


White House Rejects "Freedom Of Information Request" To Determine How Secure Obamacare Website Really Is

Man With Guns

Looting Gone Wild - Ferguson Store Owners React With Clear Message To Criminals

Ferguson Protesters

Protesters Storm Governor's Office In Downtown St. Louis


We're From The Government & We're Here To Rewrite Your Sermon

Dan Borgino

"President Chaos" Ex-Secret Service Agent Unloads On Obama

Kurdistan Women

Meet The Women Ready To Fight ISIS In Iraq

Border Fence

Local Residents Prevent Shelter For Illegals From Opening... In Mexico

Allen West

Allen West - Obama Is An Islamist & Here Are Just 6 Examples

"Last week it was revealed the CIA has been spying on the Senate Intelligence Committee, which is the committee that's supposed to supervise the CIA. Who do these people think they are? Facebook?" –Jimmy Kimmel 

Liberal Success Story – It's Free To Swipe Yo EBT

Democratic Cities Are Dangerous Places


Iraq Dam

US Launches Airstrikes To Help Retake Iraq Dam Held By ISIS

North Korea

North Korea Grapples With Implications Of High-Rise Collapse

Social Security

Another Massive Failure - Social Security's "Ticket To Work"


CNN Lies About Tear Gas In Ferguson

Gene Simmons

Gene Simmons Tells A Liberal, PC Huffpo Host, You Have To Speak "Goddamn English"

Michael Brown

Michael Brown's Robbery Tape Humiliates Media's "Gentle Giant" Narrative

Iraq Wheat

ISIS Seizes Control Of Iraq's Oil & Wheat

Tom Coburn

Tax Credits Meant To Help Poor Communities Spent On Doggie Day Care, Sculptures & Breweries

Kay Hagan Thom Tills

Republican Challenger Pulls Ahead Of Dem Senator In North Carolina


Iraq Woes Should Lead To New Strategy In Afghanistan

Hillary Clinton Reset

Liberals Suddenly Realize Their Ideas Don't Work After All


850 Days Of "The Grossest Incompetence" By The IRS - Pinhead Bureaucrats Celebrate 

White House

7 Biggest Intelligence Failures Under The "Heard It On The News" Obama Administration

Caeeie Nation

California Is About To Pass A Bizarre Law Making Sex A Legal Nightmare For College Males


When The Lights Go Out Forever

K Street

The K Street, No Lobbyists" President

Michael Brown

Fatally Shot Teen In Ferguson, Was A Suspect In A Strong-Arm Robbery

Robin Williams

So Sad - Robin Williams Hung Himself With A Belt


The Export-Import Bank Is A Fraud On US Taxpayers & He Knows It

David Axelrod

Former Obama Propaganda Minister Takes Out John Kerry With Friendly Fire 

Bill Ackman

Bill Ackman Files Lawsuits Against US Government For Theft - Very Serious

 Ben Carson

"Bet On It" Ben Carson Serious About Running In 2016


Letter From Inside Gaza Tells Of Digging Tunnels & A Unbelievably Cruel Hamas

Rick Perry

Rick Perry Indicted For Abuse Of Power In Texas - You Decide

Joe Scarborough

Joe Scarborough - Obama Facing 30 Years Of Disparaging Memoirs From Insiders

British Person

ISIS Openly Recruiting In Downtown London

Mark Steyn

Mark Steyn VS Michael Mann's Lawsuit - If This Trial Ever Goes Ahead Global Warming Is Toast

Michael Mann

Global Warming Scientist Suing Group Claiming His Research Is Fraud

David Clarke

Pro-Gun Rights Sheriff Defeats Gun Control Rival In Primary That Drew National Attention

Wind Farm On Farm

Bizarre - When State-Subsidized Industries Attack Each Other

Garbage Truck

Only In LA - LA To Pay $26 Million After Banning Garbage Worker Naps

Russian Military Vehicle

Russian Military Vehicles Cross Into Ukraine

Black Panthers

Confirmed - Eric Holder Protected, New Black Panthers In St Louis Encouraging Violence Against Cops


If Obamacare Wasn't Hurting Everyone This Would Be Hilarious - Union Hospital Cuts Staff Thanks To Union-Backed Obamacare 


The New Old Obama VA Is Using Very Sneaky Back Door Trolling For Gun Owners

White House

White House Eases Lobbyist Ban


Make Sure You Understand This True Evil - ISIS Cuts 5-Year-Old Christian Boy In Half

Cash For Clunkers

New Study "Cash For Clunkers" An Even Bigger Lemon Than Thought

Obama Kennedy

NJ Town Upset Over Name Change From "Kennedy Center" To Obama Center"

Al Sharpton

Race Baiter Al Sharpton Rushes To Missouri To Somehow Try & Stir The Pot

Hillary Clinton

The Pant Suit Narcissist Also Requires "Presidential Suite" 5 Other Rooms, Private Jet & More 

Rick Perry

Famous Liberal Harvard Law Professor "Outraged" By Rick Perry Indictment

Latrina Reed

Swindled Obamacare Believers Now Paying The Price

Illegal Aliens

Feds Release 7,173 More Illegals & Coming To A Neighborhood Near You

Al Gore

Oops...Qatar, Owner Of Al Jazeera & Backer Of Al Qaeda Doesn't Want To Pay Global Warming High Priest Al Gore For His News Channel

Texas Rancher

Texas Rancher's Biggest Fear Is Getting Sued By Illegals Trespassing On Land

Jeff Bell

The Most Interesting Candidate In The World


Ferguson - Looters Strike Again, Looting The Very Business Michael Brown Allegedly Robbed

John Kerry

While The World Is On Fire, The US Secretary of State Works On Important Issue In The Solomon Islands

Diane Black

Obamacare's Inability To Verify Applicant's Citizenship Status Will Cost Taxpayers Billions


Criticism - Obama Program Even Gives Cops Grenade Launchers

Bowe Bergdahl

6 Of Sgt Bowe Bergdahl's Platoon Mates "We Know He's A Deserter"

Al Sharpton

Uh-Oh...Ferguson Protesters "Lash Out" At Obama & Race Baiter Sharpton

Ferguson Riots

NAACP Takes Ferguson Shooting To The United Nations - What?

Polic & Protesters

Reminder - You Have The Right To Record The Police


6 Years Late - Media Starts To Blast Administration's "Spin"

Gaza Destruction

Buyers Remorse In Gaza

Israel Flag

Why Do Most Jews Stay With Obama - His End Game Will Be Their Nightmare

Soledad O'Brien

Conservative Calls Out Former CNN Reporter For Working For Islamic Extremist Backed "Al Jazeera"


Even CNN Speaking Out About Obama's Vacation While The World's Chaos Continues


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The Difference Between Stealing & Wealth Redistribution If You Are Confused

The Murderer In The Kremlin


Jeanine Pirro

Hey Mr President, Wake Up - They Are Coming For Us


Obama's Monsters Ball - Opens White House To Some Of Africa's Most Evil Dictators

US Army

Obama's Drastic Cuts To The Military, While Allowing Our Borders To Be Over Run & Spending Billions On Illegals 

Voter Fraud

State Moves To Shut Down Vote Fraud - After 2 Years Of Litigation 

John Brennan

WOW, 20 Left-Leaning Groups Call For The Lying CIA Chief To Resign - Lefties Don't Like You Spying On Them

Eric Holder

Epic - This Gun Manufacturer Just Stared Down Eric Holder & Told Him To Shove It

Mary Landrieu

True Liberal - Bills Taxpayers $46,575 For Staff Retreats

Kim Jong Un

The Little Dictator Has A Big Problem, His Military Is Falling Apart & His Regime Is Next

Border Fence

Leaked CBP Report Shows Entire World Exploiting Open US Border  


Man Overboard - Obamacare Enrollment Is Sinking Fast 

Shocking - Watch Border Patrol Confesses Citizenship "No Longer Matters" 

Barney Frank

Former Dem Congressman & Habitual Liar, Elmer Fudd, Accuses Obama Of Lying To American People - He Would Know

David Horowitz

Obama's Treachery - Why Are Republicans Treating Obama's Presidency As Normal & Not A National Disgrace 


Obama Will Say Anything "Pulling US Troops Out Of Iraq Was Not My Decision" - Watch Him Say The Exact Opposite   


janet Napolitano

Big Sis's Final Fleecing - $1.7 Billion "State-Of-The-Art" Flop

James O'Keefe

James O'Keefe - If You Think The US Borders Are Safe, You're Wrong


The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons

Inside The New Islamic State – Must Watch

WOW - Black Man Goes On Epic Rant Against Ferguson Black Rioters

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 Seattle & Denver 


Will Remodeling My House Increase My Taxes - DUH!

1954 Ferrari

Wins Best Of Show

Shipwreck Bottle

200-Year-Old "Drinkable" Bottle Of Booze Found In Shipwreck


What Is The Cheapest Form Of Media Entertainment


New iPhone To Use Expensive "Sapphire" Screens


New Electric American Supercar

Warren Buffett

17 Facts About Warren Buffett & His Wealth Will Blow Your Mind

Hydrogen Cars

Are Hydrogen Cars A Threat To Electric Cars

McDonald's Restaurant

Join The Mile Fry Club. McDonald's Opens An Airplane Restaurant

Skinny Model

Is This Model Too Skinny? Internet Lynch Mob Blasts The Gap For Using Her

Space Station

Surprising Life Found "Outside" The Space Station

Mo'ne Davis

She's A Hit - Mo'ne Davis Becomes 6th Girl To Get A Hit In Little League World Series

Beer Drinking

The Most Powerful Man In The Beer Industry & You Know Nothing About Him

Google Car

Test Driving...Or Not Test Driving A Google Self Driving Car

Neil Stammer

FBI Nabbed A 14-Year Fugitive & Juggling Star By Accident


No Bidders For Possibly Booby-Trapped House

East St. Louis

The 10 Most Dangerous Cities In The US


Walmart's Supercenters Are Becoming A Major Problem


America's 10 Fastest Growing Retailers

Rocky Mountains

Ken Burns Shares Secrets Of Rocky Mountain National Park

Floating Cabin

When You See This Maine Floating Cabin - If It Isn't Summer Heaven Nothing Is

Solar Plants

Solar Plant Killing Birds, Called "Steamers" - One Every Two Minutes


The Highest Paying Jobs At Google

Sim Bhullar

Meet Sim Bhullar, King's 7-foot-5 Center


Georgia DOT Blames The Sign Marker For Misspelling "Aquarium" - But The DOT Crews Put It Up 

Edible Cups

Fully Biodegradable & Edible Cups

Lauren Bacall

Lauren Bacall Dead At 89

Man & Van

Man Leaves Job & City Behind To Live Out Of Van - Could You Do It?


Now Everyone Is Recording Their Nightmare Comcast Calls


Fake $100 Bills So Good Almost Nobody Noticed

Grand Canyon 
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