Donald Trump

Cavuto Confronts Jill Stein Over Recount Watch The BS

Coming To America

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Border Patrol

Huge Surge At US Border - 2,000 A Day


Do You Want Some "Fake News" Then Listen To The Fed's Unemployment Rate


Radical Left Group Demands WWI Memorial To Fallen Soldiers Be Torn Down Because It Includes A Cross

Fake News

"Fake News" Becomes The Left's New Favorite Weapon

Antonin Scalia

Trump's SCOTUS Candidate Most Like Scalia

John Kelly

Trump Picks Gen. John Kelly For DHS Secretary

Mike Pence

Pence Vows To Deliver A Conservative Wish List


Facebook & The "Fake News" Crackdown

Terry Branstad

Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad Accepts China Ambassador Post


This Guy Lies To Everyone: Watch Few US Troops Clap For Obama, As He Lies, During Final National Security Speech

AirForce One

Trump's Tweet About AirForce One Was Misleading


Hillary's Real Strategy In Launching The Recounts

The Ultimate Symbol Of Trump Derangement Syndrome

Liberals Outraged Trump Is Using A Phone

Scott Pruitt

Trump To Nominate EPA Critic, Scott Pruitt To Lead Agency - Thank God


8 Years, $85 Million In Obama's Expensive Vacations & The Number Will Go Much Higher

US Steel

US Steel To Bring Back 10,000 Jobs Thanks To Trump

Michael Moore

So Sad, Left-Wing Jabba The Hutt Calls For Protesters To "Disrupt" Trump's Inauguration

Van Jones

The Messy Truth About Van Jones - The Left Never Learns 


After Clicks, BuzzFeed Jumped The Shark - "White People Are A Plague To The Planet"

Scarlett Fakhar

Anchorwoman Fired For Pro-Trump Post On Facebook - Goes Nuclear On Station

Department Of Energy

Abolish The Department Of Energy, Yesterday If Possible - It Produces Zero Value

Trump Street Sign

Liberal Loony Chicago City Council Approved The Removal Of Trump Street Signs - Does Nothing About The Murder Rate

Hillary Clinton

So Far In Michigan, Voter Fraud Favored Hillary Not Trump


Hillary Clinton

It's Over - Federal Judge Lifts Order To Recount Michigan Ballots - We Are Almost Through With The Clinton Corruption

Army Navy Game

Trump To Attend Army-Navy Football Game That Obama Skipped Every Year- Great To Have An American President Again

Doansld Trump

Trump Effect Already: Boeing Calls Trump "Lets Work Together To Hold Down The Airforce One Costs"

Louie Gohmert

US Geological Survey (USGS) Gives "Blank Documents" To Congress Trying To Hide Lab Data Manipulation - You Paid Fed Engineers To Lie

IIhan Omar

Another Hoax? Muslim Lawmaker Claims Islamophobic Attack


National Concealed Carry Reciprocity Bill Drawn Up For Next Congress


California Legislature's Number One Priority Is Apparently Stopping Trump's Immigration Plans

Kid Rock

Patriotic Kid Rock Releases "Make America BadAss Again" T-Shirts & Hats  


Obama's Rogue NLRB Wiped Out 91 Legal Precedents Without A Single Republican Vote

Supreme Court

US Supreme Court Throws Out $399 Million Judgment Apple Had Won Against Samsung

Obama's Legacy The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons

This Will Put You In The Holiday Spirit - “It's The Most Wonderful Time In 8 Years”

Massive Waste In The Department Of Defense

Trump Rouhani

Donald Trump

Did Trump Actually Win The Popular Vote?

Joe Biden

Say It Ain't So Joe...Biden Says He May Run For President In 2020

Pearl Harbor

Obama's Speech Declares "Bitter" WWII Veterans Need To Get Over Attack On Pearl Harbor

Animas River

Remember The Damaging EPA Spill They Never Had To Answer For - Trump Effect May Bring Them To Justice

Keith Ellison

New Dem Darling, Keith Ellison Is Not Only Muslim But A Proven "On Tape" Liar - Fits Right In

Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi Called On To Apologize For Disturbing "Racist" Remarks About Ben Carson

Illegal Aliens

How Trump's Plan To Deport Criminal Illegal Aliens Would Work

France Bus

France: Jihadis Take Over Transportation Companies


Muslim Migrants Bring A Nasty Gift To Our Country & Obama Knows All About It

Counting Votes

Wisconsin Recount Update - 500 Precincts Completed & Trump Up 2 More Votes On Hillary 

John Culberson

Rep John Culberson Claims He Just Handed The "Off" Switch To Trump On Sanctuary Cities

Ray Buckley

Meet Ray Buckley, Might Actually Become Chairman Of The Democratic Party

Hillary Clinton

Oops...Hillary's Wisconsin Recount Backfires, Trump's Lead Widens

Ben Carson

The Doctor Is In! - Ben Carson Becomes Secretary Of The Department Of Housing And Urban Development

Black Lives Matter

Judge Sends Black Lives Matter Idiots Who Blocked Highway To The Slammer


California Pensions Underfunded By $1 Trillion - $93K Per Household

Oregon Land

Government Tries To Strong Arm Their Way On To Resident's Land, He Shuts Them Down With Amazing Response


Leftists Get A Taste Of Their Own Medicine & Freak Out

Bowe Bergdahl

Army Deserter, Bowe Bergdahl, Asks Obama For A Pardon - Doesn't Want To Be Tried Under Trump's Real Military

Mike Rowe

Fan Calls Out "Blindly Patriotic" Mike Rowe For Defending US Flag & He Goes Off Like A Freedom Bomb


China Has Run Off The Cliff So Fast, People Seem To Think They'll Make It To The Other Side

Trump Rally

Trump Continues His "Thank You" Tour In N.C.

Somali Refugees

Obama Steps Up To Highest Level Ever, Undocumented Somali Refugees Entering US 

Jill Stein

Voluntary Deep Blue Philadelphia Recount Is Done...Hillary Picks Up 5 Votes


John, Tony Podesta & More On PizzaGate

Dick Cheney

Hilarious: Dick Cheney To CNN Reporter - Trump Took Us To Point Where We Don't Need You Guys Anymore - Watch


United Nations General Assembly Passes 6 Outrageous Anti-Israel Resolutions

Fake News

Fake News, 5 Fake Stories The Mainstream Media Reported As Real


Congress Gives FBI Power To Hack Computers Of Millions Of Americans 

Keith Ellison

Why Isn't The Media Demanding Muslim Keith Ellison Publicly Renounce His "Racist Anti-Semitic" Past


Donald Trump began his post-election victory tour last week. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton has wandered so far into the woods she found the Blair Witch. - Seth Meyers
Muslim Mullahs 

Flashback: Highlights From The Blithering Idiot, Just Think About Those Who Voted For Her

Boom! Trey Gowdy Joins Trump And Attacks The Media


US Schools

If You Want To Learn To Hate America Your Nearest Public School Or College Is Waiting For You 

Bernie Sanders

Loony Socialist Bernie Rips Trump On Not Helping "Working People"...What? Poor Guy Gave The Wrong Speech

Trumps Cabinet

Trump's Outsiders - What "Drain The Swamp" Really Means

Hillary Clinton

Hillary & Soros Still Trying To Steal The Election, The Latest


Here It Comes...Left-Wing Loons Claiming Trump Is "Inheriting Obama's Economic Boom" Now You Know How Stupid They Think You Are

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed - Obama

9/11 Mastermind Terrorist Reveals Obama's Plan To Fight Terrorists Is A Joke, Trump's Will Work

Nancy Pelosi

House Dems To Perform Election "Autopsy"...A Lobotomy Instead, Would Solve The Problem

Chip Joanna Gaines

Buzzfeed Won't Stop Hounding Chip & Joanna Gaines Show Until It Features The LGBT Community

Lindsey Graham

Lindsey Graham Putting The Amnesty Loving "Gang Of Eight" Back Together - He Learned Nothing  


Obama Lets In 2,500 Muslims From Terror Nations After Australia Rejects Them & Seals All Info On Who They Are - Do You Get It Now?

Border Patrol

Assaults On Border Patrol Agents Jumps 200%

Gen James Mattis

Gen James "Mad Dog" Mattis Selected For Next Secretary Of Defense


Top Chicago Hospital Drops Out Of Obamacare


Senate Unanimously Votes To Extend Iran Sanctions

Howard Kurtz

Media Now Hitting Trump Appointees For Threatening Obama Policies

Trump's Plane

Trump's Pilot Has Fun Taking On Celebs Who Were Going To Leave US - Audio Goes Viral

Jill Stein

Bad News For Hillary, Pennsylvania Judge Blocks Stein's Election Recount Petition, Wisconsin Judge Blocks Recount By Hand 

Sarah Palin

Trump Considering Sarah Palin In Administration

Donald Trump

Trump Already Winning & He's Not Even President Yet


The US Golfing Administration Claims Dems Lost Election Because FOX News Is On In Every Bar & Restaurant - Somehow This Guy Was President


Illegal Alien Sign

Obama Lied - Damning Report On Illegal Alien Entries Now Available


Well, Well...Now Nabisco Wants To Talk To Trump

Michigan Attorney General

Michigan AG Files To Block Frivolous Election Recount


It's A New Record: Americans Not Participating In The Labor Force Nears 100 Million - He Is Doing It By Design

Voter Fraud

Massive Voter Fraud Uncovered In Nevada & No Recount There


A World Under Shariah Law, US Policy Isn't Multiculturalism, It's National Suicide

Jill Stein

Jill Stein Drops Election Recount Effort In Pennsylvania

Jennifer Palmieri

"The View" Trump Won Election "Illegitimately" Because Of Racists, FBI & Lies - Watch

Jill Stein

Very Sad - Jill Stein Admits There's No Evidence Of Voter Fraud In The 3 States They Picked


Your Federal Government At Work - Collects $83 Billion In Fines & Spends It With No Oversight 

Illegal Aliens

HHS Cuts $167 Million From Other Programs To Pay For Services To Illegal Alien Youth...For One Month

Alisyn Camerota

CNN's Useful Idiot, Alisyn Camerota Suggests Non-Muslim Women Should Start Wearing Hijabs

Anthony Weiner

The Weiner Man, AKA "Carlos Danger" Hit With $65K In Fines For Misusing Past Campaign Funds

Home Of Trump Supporter

Pro-Trump Veteran Supporter's House Ransacked, Touched & Graffiti

Donald Trump

Trump's "A-Team" - Trump Assembling A Who's Who Of Conservatives For His Cabinet

Stephanie Thompson

OSU "Diversity" Officer Wants "Compassion" For The Buckeye Jihadist - Just A Little More Love & The Muslim Terrorist Would Have Been Fine

Fidel Castro

Liberals Throw Their LGBT Allies Under The Bus

Hillary Supporters

Tired Dem Donors Feel Like Their Money Got Burned

Elaine Chao

Trump Nominates Elaine Chao To Be Transportation Secretary


Obama Warns Against Blaming Islam After Ohio State Attack - It's "All" About Islam



Lying Moron: No, Obama, You Presided Over A Loss Of Manufacturing Jobs & Failed To Deliver On Exports

Cleta Mitchell

Conservative Attorney On Obama: "We Have Been Living Under A Dictatorial Tyrant For The Last 8 Years" - It's No Longer Racist To Tell The Truth

Election Map

America Rejects "Coastal Elites" Trump Won 3,084 Of 3,141 US Counties


One Of The Most Ridiculous Moments In The Clinton Campaign

Green Party

Uh-Oh...Green Party Releases Statement: They Don't Want Anything More To Do With Jill Stein

Michael McCaul

McCaul: Yes We'll Build A Wall & Mexico Will Pay For It & We'll Start Enforcing The Law

William Tucker

Pro-Trump, Anti-Black Graffiti Vandalizer Caught - Surprise, A Black Dem...Another Day Another Hoax

Donald Trump

CNN Apologizes After Joking On Hot Mic About Trump's Plane Crashing

Melania Trump

Melania Trump Unleashes Fury On "Autism" YouTuber & Loud-Mouth Rosie O'Donnell

Nancy Pelosi

House Dems Just Proved Liberals Are Clueless

J Christian Adams

Ex-Obama DOJ Officials Says Obama May Dump A "Surprise" On President Trump

Mark Meadows

Conservatives In The House Prepare List Of Regulations Trump Can Eliminate On Day One

Keith Ellison

Dem Darling Keith Ellison Advocated For A "Black State"

Elizabeth Warren

Pocahontas Preposterous Argument: Asserts Americans Secretly, Or Something, Want Democrats Agenda

Fire In Tennessee

Beyond Deplorable - Anti-Trump Protesters Laughing, Wishing Trump Supporters Houses Burn Down In Tennessee

Donald Trump

Twitter Says They Will Ban Trump If He Violates Rules

Mitch McConnell

The Unpatriotic RINO Mitch McConnell, Trump Is Wrong On Flag Burning

Gregg Abbott

True American Patriot - Texas Governor Greg Abbott To Sign Law Banning Sanctuary Cities


Cuban-Americans Ashamed, Humiliated By Obama's Comments On Castro's Death - Watch

Fidel Castro

What Colleges & The Media Don't Tell Millennials About Cuba



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Hillary's Final Disgrace

Just Say “Merry Christmas”




Court Spanks "Transgender" Obsessed Obama Again - Do You Know Why He's Obsessed With Transgenders?

Mark Zukerberg

Zuckerberg Sells His Soul To China


The Fake News Of CNN

Frence Muslims

While Muslim Migrants Burn Down Country, France More Concerned About Boycotting Israeli Products

Haitham Ibn Thbait

Muslim Leader In America: "Islam Is Not Here To Integrate, Islam Is Here To Dominate!" - Do You Get It Now?


Obama Admin Fines Police Department For Not Hiring Non-Citizens

Uncle Sam

When It Comes To Fake News, US Government Is The Biggest Culprit


If You Thought America's Largest Mistake Was Riding Off Into The Political Sunset, Think Again - He Is Not Done Trying To Destroy America

Government Waste

New "Federal Fumbles" Report On Shocking Government Waste 

Washington Post

Make No Mistake - The "Washington Compost" Is A Useful Idiot Tool Of The Political Elite 


This Muslim Hack - Tells Trump He Must Stand Up To Putin Like He Did While Giving A Speech In Germany

Fake News Stories

Tip Of The Iceberg - 12 Fake News Stories From The Mainstream Media

Border Patrol

Obama Completely Shuts Down Border Patrol Aerial Surveillance Program

Muslim Brotherhood

Good News, Trump Prepares To Label Muslim Brotherhood A "Terror Organization"

Head Up Your Ass

It Takes A Village Of Idiots To Raise A Liberal

Partial List Of "Fake" News Sites For Google To Target - Every Conservative Site You Know Is On It - Google Is Evil


  Trump & Joanna 
The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons The Daily Account's Daily Cartoon

Ohio State University Students Can't Say “Terrorism”

The Fight For Mosul Is Far From Over

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30 Most In-Demand Jobs Around The World

Amazon Go

Amazon's Grocery Store Has No Cashiers, No Registers & No Lines


Sears On The Brink Of Catastrophe

Millennium Tower

San Francisco's 58 Story Millennium Tower Really Is Sinking & Faster Than Previously Thought


8 American Towns That Do Christmas Right


US Passport Changes Are Coming: Here Is What You Need To Know

Wedge-Shaped House

Wedge Shaped House


Starbucks Plans To Add 12,000 Cafes Over The Next 5 Years


This House Could Be Built Using A Hex Key In Under 24 Hours


Scientists See Electricity Pass Through Water Molecules For The First Time

Christmas Train

Decked Out Christmas Train Collects Donations & Food For Food Banks

Diesel Pump

4 Major Cities Plan To Ban All Diesel Vehicles

Toyota SUV

All Caught On Tape, Watch This Woman Turn Her Toyota Into A Battering Ram In A Parking Lot

Shipping Container Homes

15 Stunning Homes Made Out of Shipping Containers





Just When You Thought California Couldn't Get Any Worse - They Now Regulate Cow Farts


Scientists Turn Nuclear Waste Into Diamond Batteries That'll Last For Thousands Of Years


Ohio Firefighter Shot, While On Scene Of House Fire


25 Things In Your Attic Worth A Lot Of Money

Nikola One

Straight Out Of The Future, America's First Hydrogen-Powered Semi


China Is Building A Life Size Replica Of The Titanic

Santa Claus

Beautiful Christmas Trees That Will Put You In The Holiday Spirit


Police Tape 
Santa Claus  
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States Where Poverty Is Worse Than You Think

Ceola Waddell

Only In LA - Homeless Man Turned Freeway Overpass Into Personal "Paradise" With Jacuzzi & Beds

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Best New Vans For Small Businesses

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Self-Driving Cares Are Just The Beginning

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19 Hilarious Tweets About Thanksgiving

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