Capital Building

Jim Jordan: American People Need To See The “FISA Memo”

  Illegal Aliens Commit More Crimes & Dems Want More Of Them

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Illegal Aliens

Illegal Aliens Cheer As DACA Shutdown Hits

California Capital

California: Democrats Want Businesses To Give Half Their Tax-Cut Savings To The State

 Kevin McCarthy

House GOP Leadership Sends Members Home - Schumer Is Going To Shut It Down


The "Imposter-In-Chief" Surfaces From The Swamp & Promises He'll "Rip Trump A New One"

Paul Ryan

Ryan To Schumer: Do Not Shut Down The Federal Government

Melania Trump

First Lady Melania Trump Marks First Year With Grace & Dignity

Stock Market

The Dow's 31% Gain During Trump's First Year Is The Best Since FDR

Hillary Clinton

Newsweek Claims 2016 Election Can Still Be Given To Hillary

Samatha Power

You Won't Believe The Biggest Regret Samantha Power Has

Rahm Emanuel

Yes It's "Possible" Sanctuary City Mayors Can Be Arrested

Cory Booker

Loud Mouth Cory Booker Now Starts Going Nazi On Trump's Cabinet Officials


What I Learned In The Peace Corps In Africa: Trump Is Right

Facebook's Expanding Insanity

Happy Birthday General Robert E. Lee

Newt Gingrich

Gingrich: Trump's First Year Proves We Are Incredibly Fortunate To Have Him As Our President


FISA Surveillance Program: What Is It & Why Is It So Controversial

Chuck Schumer

Fierce Battle Erupts Over Releasing Intelligence Report - Dems Never Want You To See It

New Border Wall

Border Wall Prototypes Thwart US Commandos In Tests

Obama Comey

Fusion GPS Founder: FBI May Have Paid Expenses For Anti-Trump Dossier Author

Matt Gaetz

Matt Gaetz: "I Believe People Will Go To Jail Over This Intel Memo"


Shocking FISA Abuse Memo Will End Mueller Investigation - GOP Lawmakers Demand It Be Released To The Public

John Kelly

Chief Of Staff John Kelly Explains The Wall Different Than Trump & The Media Goes Nuts

Fake News Roundup

Breitbart's Fake News Awards

Capital Building

Congressional Democrats Want To Turn US Into A "S***hole"

Govt. Shutdown

A Look Back At Every Government Shutdown In US History

Supreme Court

Supreme Court Will Rule On Trump's Travel Ban


DC Bars Gear Up With Shutdown Specials


College "Free Speech Zones" Take A Major Hit From The Court

Polar Bears In London

Scientists Say "Mini Ice Age" Possible - Global Warming Frauds Have It Covered 

Rush Limbaugh

Rush: Democrats Are Putting Illegal Aliens Ahead Of Active Duty Military Members

Illegal Aliens

California Neck Stabber Is Illegal Alien Deported 7 Times

Libby Schaaf

Oakland Mayor Willing To Go To Jail To Protect Illegal Aliens - Won't Lift A Finger For Veterans


California Cities Prepare For Alleged ICE Sweeps

Clinton Lynch

Now Deep State DOJ Claims A "Glitch" Is To Blame For "Missing" Clinton-Lynch Tarmac Docs

Bill Hillary

When Bubba & Hillary Ripped Off Earthquake Victims In Haiti


Donald Trump
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Dreamers Map
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The Daily Account's Daily Cartoon

The Daily Account's Daily Cartoon


CNN Interviews Democrats That Voted For Trump, One Year Later

An Open Statement To Washington DC


Jeff Flake

The Flake's Speech Comparing Trump To Stalin Was Bizarre 

Tim Cook

Apple Announces Plans To Repatriate Billions From Over Seas & Contribute $350 Billion To US Economy - Winning

Schumer Pelosi

If You Think Democrats Want To Fix Immigration, Dream On

James Clapper

Lawmakers Want James Clapper Prosecuted For Lying Under Oath Before Statute Of Limitations Runs Out

Stormy Daniels

Since Trump Didn't Collude, Didn't Obstruct Justice, Isn't Racist, Is Sane, Is In Good Health, Not A Nazi, Doesn't Drink, He Must Be Having Affairs...Opoos, There Is A Problem With That Also

Capital Building

"Dreamer" Deal A Long Way Off

Right Wing News

Once Large Conservative Website Shutting Down - Slowly Strangled By Left-Wing Social Media 

Woman In Siberia

Thermometer In World's Coldest Village Breaks As Temperatures Plunge To -62C

Kirstjen Nielsen

DHS Secretary Recommends Arrests For Sanctuary City Leaders

James Woods

James Woods Shreds Bill Clinton And His "S***Hole" Foundation In Haiti

B-52 Bomber 

The Daily Account's Daily Cartoon


 The Daily Account's Daily Cartoon

Yesterday, in Japan, someone sent a false alert about a North Korean missile. Then the guy who sent it said, “Yeah... I might’ve lied about why I left my last job in Hawaii.” - Jimmy Fallon

Middle East 

Levin: Mueller Investigation Is Sickening

Donald Trump Jr. On The FISA Abuses


Luis Bracamontes

Twice Deported Illegal Alien Who Murdered 2 Cops Grins At Trial - "I Wish I Killed More Of Those MotherF***ers"

Alveda King

Alveda King: "President Trump Is Not A Racist"

Dick Durbin

Lying Dicky Durbin Says Release The Tapes...Knowing Full Well There Isn't One

Donald Trump

President Nobama

Greyhound Bus

Illegal Alien Arrested For Threatening To Kill Passengers On A Greyhound Bus

Lewandowski Bannon

Lewandowski & Bannon To Testify This Week At House Intel Committee

College Students

Nearly 40% Of Student Loan Borrowers To Default By 2023

Trey Gowdy

Trey Gowdy Resigns From House Ethics Committee

Robert DeNiro

Anti-Trumpers Are BatSh*t Crazy - Even Piers Morgan Now Admits It

Sarah Sanders

Sarah Sanders Releases Audio That Proves The WSJ Misquoted Trump & Now Lies About It

Lizzie Crocker

Left-Wing Reporter Can't Even Make Up Stories, Fired For Plagiarizing

Auto Workers

MAGA: Mexico Loses Chrysler Car Plant & Jobs To Americans

Church Tower Italy

Italy: Muslims Demand Church Bells Be Silenced

Hillary Clinton

First Indictment Handed Out In Russian Bribery Case, Uranium One & Hillary

Port-Au-Prince, Haiti

Even If Trump Said It...Port-Au-Prince, Haiti Is A City Of Millions With No Sewer System, That's A "S***hole"

Capital Building

What Happens During A Government Shutdown

Devin Nunes

Devin Nunes Accuses FBI, DOJ Of "Abuse" Of Government Surveillance Programs

Ted Kennedy

Libs Meltdown Over Trump's "True" "S**thole" Comment, Forgets What Ted Kennedy Said

Donald Trump

Trump's Approval Rate Jumps Back Up To 46%

Waste Management

Waste Management CEO Slams Pelosi For Her "Pathetic Crumbs" Comment


Shadow Banning - How Twitter Censors Conservatives

U-Haul Truck

Illinois, New Jersey, New York Are Top States For Outbound Moves In 2017

Obama Library

The Battle To Shut Down Obama's Monument To Himself

Jamie Lee Curtis

Is It Possible That Jamie Lee Curtis Is Really This Stupid

7-Eleven Robbery

Bad Ass Security Guard Stops Punks From Robbing Convenience Store - Makes "Dirty Harry" Look Like An Amateur

Mike Rowe

Mike Rowe Destroys Left-Wing Woman Who Wants Him Fired

Keith Ellison

Communist Dem Rep Keith Ellison: There Will Be "Problems" For Dems Who Don't Back "Clean " Dream Act

Trump Derangement Syndrome

New York Times Rushes To Make Hawaii Missile Alert All About Trump

DACA Supporters

The Cost Of A DACA Amnesty

Capital Building

10 Things Every Voter Should Know About Money-In-Politics

James Dolan

Another Tech Guru, Who Helped Wikileaks Get Clinton Emails, Found Dead

Bill Clinton

Slick Willy Says Haiti Relief Funds Didn't Pay For Chelsea's Wedding - Then Wikileaks Drops This Bomb & Bubba Caught Lying Again

Chelsea Clinton

Chelsea Clinton Slammed For Attacking Trump On Haiti Comment, When Clinton Foundation Scammed $3 Million From Haiti To Pay For Her Wedding

Rush Limbaugh

Rush: Trump "Blew Up" Dems Election Strategy With 1 Question

Restroom Sign

Court Decided Bathroom Rights Outrank Privacy Rights - School Pays $1,000,000

Isaac Newton Farris Jr.

Dr. King's Nephew: Trump Not Racist In "Traditional Sense" 

Elizabeth Warren

Was Pocahontas Throwing Something At The TV When Libs Swooned Over Oprah?

Ben Carson High School

Leftist Detroit School Board Member Wants To Rename Benjamin Carson High School Because Of Carson's Conservative Views


Seattle Shakedown: Consumers Gouged By Excessive New Beverage Tax


Winning: Walmart Raises Wages, Gives Bonuses To Over One Million Employees Thanks To Tax Reform


Rand Paul

Rand Paul Reveals What Trump Did For Haiti As A Private Citizen, Delivers Blow To Left-Wing "Racist" Narrative


CIA Asked Moby To Spread Rumors About Trump & Russia 

Angela Merkel

Germans Being Mass Brainwashed By TV To Submit To Islam

Mitt Romney

Romney Running

Al Gore

Al Gore & Global Warming Activists Suffering From Factophobia

David Perdue

Senator Perdue: Durbin Is Wrong... Trump Did Not Make "S***hole" Comment

Laura Ingraham

Immigration Experts Thought Latest "Gang Of Six" DACA Compromise Was A Joke

Tom Cotton

Republicans Who Attended Meeting Don't Recall Trump Making "S***hole" Comment - Dick Durbin Has A History Of Lying About WH Meetings

Lindsey Graham

Typical Hypocrite Lindsey Graham: In 2013 Said Repeatedly Not Everyone In "Hellholes" Can Come To US 

Bradley Manning

Bradley/Chelsea Manning, Fresh Out Of Jail, Files To Run For US Senate In Maryland

Boeder Wall

We Already Have A Wall & It Works Great

Pamela Harris

Another Day, Another Dem Caught Stealing - New York Assembly Woman Indicted On 11 Counts Of Fraud

Dick Durbin

Uh-Oh...Dicky Durbin Has A History Of Lying About Private White House Meetings

American Psychiatric Association

American Psychiatric Association Tells Shrinks To Stop Analyzing Trump, It's "Unacceptable & Unethical"


House Votes To Renew FISA Program

Guy Verhofstadt

EU Boss Calls Hungary, Poland "Racist" For Refusing Muslim Migrants


US Condemns Iran's Attempted Crackdown On Civil Unrest


US Media Bias Ranked Worst In The World

Trudeau Trump

Canada Very Worried Trump Will Pull US Out Of NAFTA


NBC Plans On Promoting All Players Taking A Knee Including Super Bowl 

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Bradley/Chelsea Manning's First Campaign Ad For US Senate

Liberals Are Going Crazy Because Trump Is Winning


Chinese Church

Second Christian Church Ordered Destroyed By China's Communist Central Government

Mohammed Abraar Ali Andrew Camilleri

A Christmas Story Postscript In Sanctuary Criminalfornia

Donald Trump

Numbers Don't Lie - Working-Class Families Are Winning Big Under Trump

Chuck Schumer

Is There A Single Democrat Anywhere Who Gives A Damn About America

Stephanie Ruhle

MSNBC: Even If "Not All" Of The Book Is True, "The Sprit Is Accurate"

Hillary Clinton

The Hillary Scandal Everyone's Ignoring


Democrats: White Christian Women Need Not Apply - This Will Shock You


Pakistan Aid Cutoff Is Wise & Long Overdue

Barbara Streisand

Barbara Streisand's Meds Just Wore Off - She Is Fuming Mad She'll Have To Pay More Taxes While Working Americans Get A Break


Britain's Singler-Payer Healthcare Cancels 50,000 Surgeries, In Chaos - Bernie Sanders Loves This System 

Nancy Pelosi

Video: Pelosi Repeats Words, Slurs Words - Everybody Knows She Should Not Be There

James O'Keefe

Bombshell Undercover Video: Twitter Engineers Admit Censoring Conservatives

Martin Luther King

Trump Honors MLK, Called "Racist Traitor" By Despicable Left

Palestinian Terrorist

Palestinian Authority Paid Terrorists Over $347 Million In 2017


I'm Still Trying To Figure Out How Hillary Lost The Election, This Will Help



The Daily Account's Daily Cartoon

The Daily Account's Daily Cartoon

Global Warming Is The Biggest Scam In History

Jordan Peterson Masterfully Dismantles A Leftists Talking Points

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Jan Morgan

Gun Range Owner Who Declared A "Muslim Free Zone" Will Run For Arkansas Governor

Whole Foods

Whole Foods - Entire Aisles Are Empty - Here's Why


17 Of The Most Alien-Looking Places On Earth

Google Office

Take A Rare Look Inside Google Offices In Zurich...Where "Zooglers" Work

Mike Pence

Check Out The Often Overlooked But Stunning Vice President's Residence Were The Pences Live


30 Locations Where January Temperatures Reach 85 Degrees


Car Made Of Snow

Man Fools Cops With Car Made Of Snow

Tom Hanks

20 Actors Who Have Made The Most Money At The Box Office

Michael Jackson

The 50 Best Selling Albums Of All Time

Open Garage Door

Homeowner's Association Enacts Insane Policy Forcing Residents To Keep Garage Doors Open

New York Times

Latest NY Times Smear Of President Trump Completely False

Raw Water

Prices Of Dangerous "Raw Water" Are Skyrocketing To $60 As Silicon Valley's Latest Trend Flies Off The Shelves


Proof: Google Fact-Checks Only Conservative Websites Not Liberal Ones

Smart Phone

Your Smart Phone Is Spying On You

Construction Worker

25 Most Dangerous Jobs In America

Government Employees

Federal Government Cut 16,000 Jobs In 2017

Bad Day

The Strange History Of One Of The Internet's First Viral Videos - Vinny's Bad Day

Kate Steinle

Illegal Immigrant Who Killed Kate Steinle Sentenced To Time Served

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Liberal Logic 

Niagra Falls

Parts Of Niagara Falls Frozen...Parts Of US Colder Than The Surface Of Mars


If You're Over 30, You Won't Know What These Words Mean

Farmer's Market

Why Farmer's Markets Must Be Banned

New Yok City Underwater

Climate Expert James Hansen: New York City Will Be Underwater By Tomorrow 

Winter Wonderlands

30 Winter Wonderlands Around The World

Sahara Desert

Sahara Desert Sees Third Snowfall In 40 Years

Monica Lewinsky Scandal 20 Years Ago

Disgusting Media Behavior On Trump's Health

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