Rex Tillerson

Crime, Money, Power, & Democrats

College Halloween Costume Guide, No Indians But Bashing Trump OK

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Austria Election: Populist & Freedom Take Back The Country

California Fires

Law Enforcement, Legal Marijuana Industry Suspect Mexican Drug Cartels Behind California Wildfires

David Clark

Sheriff David Clark: "Hillary's Ethics Elevator Has No Bottom Floor"


Bureaucrats & Unions Put Bad Teachers Right Back Into The Classrooms


Tesla Fires Nearly 700 Employees As The Company Struggles


It's About Time Trump Ended Obamacare's Illegal Insurance Company Subsidies

Steve Bannon

Steve Bannon Squashes "Trump Has 30% Chance Of Completing Term" As Fake News

Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks Shocks Hollywood

Portland Protesters

Portland Protesters Try & Stop ICE Raids On Illegal Aliens

College Student

Education Fail: Princeton Student Unhinged - First Amendment Doesn't Apply To Conservatives - Read It & Weep



Harvey Weinstein Is Not The Nastiest Thing Going In Hollywood

8 Truly Unsustainable Policies

No Documents In Obama Library? No Mystery There

Brad Sherman

Dimwitted Dem Lectures HUD Secretary Ben Carson To Get Familiar With Procedure For Removing Trump

Trump Thumbs Up

Conservative Army Will Help Trump On Tax Cuts

Brandon Collins

Illegal Alien In Sanctuary City, He Should Have Been Deported Twice, Kills Sheriff's Deputy

Las Vegas Cop

Something Just Isn't Right With Police Explanation: Vegas Cops Block Investigative Reporter For Exposing Security Guard Fraud

German Flag

German Industry Group Warns All Politicians Promises On "Green Energy" Were False - Prices Continue To Rise Significantly


Hollywood Calls For Gun Control, Yet Features Gun Violence 212 Times In Four Of Its Top Movies

Chelsea Clinton

Brain Dead Chelsea Clinton Runs From Questions About Giving back Harvey Weinstein's $250,000 Donations To The Corrupt Clinton Foundation

James O'Keefe

NYT Makes Vicious Statement Against James O'Keefe & Gets Instantly Roasted

Chuck Schumer

Exposing Dem's Lies On Trump Tax-Cut Plan


Oops! Sea Levels Dropping Everywhere According To NASA - Somebody Tell Al Gore


Newt Gingrich

Swamp Draining: "The Alligators Are Really Unhappy"

Steve Bannon

Bannon Declares War On GOP Establishment & Is Enlisting His Troops

Kent Fuchs

University Of Florida President "Shocked" To Learn He Must Uphold The First Amendment

Susan Collins

Anti-Trump RINO Susan Collins: Steve Bannon's Words "Not Helpful" - You're Right, The Swamp Hates Him

Nancy Pelosi

Watch Closely - There Is Something Wrong With "America's Embarrassment"

Donald Trump

Trump Delivering On His Promises For His Base Voters

Geraldo Rivera

Geraldo Rivera's Trip To Puerto Rico Opened His Eyes To "Wicked & Negative" Treatment Of Trump By Lying Media & Democrats


Who Benefits From The State & Local Tax Deduction Which Is Part Of Trump's Tax Plan

Race Card

A Racist & A Homophobe Walk Into A Bar

Patrick Moore

Greenpeace Founder Tells Us Why We Shouldn't Buy Into "Global Warming" Claims

Jesus Campos

Stranger By The Minute: Vegas "Hero" Security Guard Goes Missing


 Harvey Weinstein
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The Daily Account's Daily Cartoon

The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons


Democrats Are The Party Of Slavery & Victimization

Nikki Haley & The Iran Deal


Border Patrol

Build The Wall: Obama's Dreamers Arrested For Smuggling Illegal Aliens Into US

Hillary Clinton

Ever Wonder What Hillary Planned To Do As President - She Slipped Up In An Interview

Auto Worker

Dumbass Autoworker Unions Driving Plant Mass Layoffs

Donald Trump

Recap: Trump Calls For "Lower Taxes, Bigger Paychecks, & More Jobs" - & The Dems Hate Him

Jeff Sessions

Sessions Gives "Last Chance" For Sanctuary Cities To Comply


5 Illegal Alien MS-13 Gang Members Charged With Murder In Maryland

Corey Feldman

Flashback: Corey Feldman Calls Out Hollywood Pedophilia - Barbara Walters Scolds Him - Watch

Al Green

Meet Dem Rep. Al Green - Introduces Articles Of Impeachment Against Trump 

James Mattis

James Mattis Goes "Mad Dog" On NBC's False Report

Harvey Weinstein

Dirt Bag Weinstein Tries To Blame The New York Times

Samantha Power

Obama Admin Is A Crime Scene - Corrupt Samantha Powers Meets With House Officials To Explain Her Daily "Unmasking" Of Trump Officials

Elizabeth Warren

Great News Republicans: The Fake Indian Is The Future Of The Democratic Party

Jesse Arreguin

US Mayor Assures Mexican Consul His "Sanctuary City" Will Provide Safe Space For Illegal Aliens

Loretta Lynch

Uh-Oh...FBI Suddenly "Finds" Clinton-Lynch Tarmac Documents 

Donald Trump

It's About Time Trump Ended Obamacare Illegal Insurance Subsidies

Donald Trump

Trump Halts Illegal Obamacare Subsidies - Legal Fight Likely But Don't Mess With Trump

Trump Iran

Trump Has Iran In His Crosshairs

John Kelly

WH Chief Of Staff John Kelly: Sets The Press Straight...I Don't Think I'm Getting Fired Today & I'm Not Quitting


Winning: Unemployment Claims Fall To Lowest Level In 43 Years, Despite Hurricanes

Anthony Bourdain

Hillary's Senior Advisors Attack Boyfriend Of One Of Weinstein's Alleged Rape Victims - & He's A Far Lefty  

Amazon just announced that teens can now shop on their parents’ accounts, but the order will only go through if Mom and Dad approve it. Or if they click the button that says, “Mom and Dad approve it.” - Jimmy Fallon

China's Geography Problem

The “Administrative State” Is The Leading Threat To Civil Liberties


Hogan Gidley

Hogan Gridley Named New White House Deputy Press Secretary


9 Republicans Co-Sponsor Bill For More Gun Control For Law-Abiding Americans


Rocket-Man Says Trump Has "Lit The Wick Of War"


Several Prototypes Of Trump's Mexico Border Wall Are Nearly Complete - See What They Look Like

Mandelay Bay

Mandalay Bay Owners: What The Cops Are Telling You May Not Be Accurate

Melania Trump

Photos: Melania Trump Shows Hillary How To Rock A Paintsuit

Ann Coulter

Media Begging Us For Conspiracy Theories On Las Vegas

American Flag

Watch: College Football Players Sing National Anthem When PA System Fails, Fans Go Wild

Nancy Pelosi

Pelosi: We Will Screw Americans & Shut Down The Government If Trump Doesn't Deal On DACA's Illegal Aliens

Mike Rowe

Non-Controversial, Full Of Common Sense, Mike Rowe Just Got Restricted By YouTube - Double, Triple Secret TOS 

Waffle House

Woman In Waffle House Shocked When Manager Makes Announcement


This University's Free Speech Policies Will Drive Liberals Crazy

Marsha Blackburn

Twitter Blocks Marsha Blackburn's Campaign Announcement Video For "Inflammatory" Pro-Life Message - You Decide

Iran Nukes

Iran Attempted To Buy Nuclear Technology Illegally 32 Times

Donald Trump

Winning - Trump To Terminate Cornerstone Of Obama's Economy Killing Climate Change Policy

Poles Praying

Thousands Of Poles Pray On The Border Against "Islamisation Of Europe"


News Flash To Media: Antifa Is "Communist"

Erdogan Khamenei

Erdogan Blames "The Jew" For Kurdistan "Treasonous" Referendum - Threatens War

Wasserman Schultz

Debbie Wasserman Schultz's IT Scandal Just Got Even More Bizarre - MSM Refuses To Cover Scandal

Illegal Alien

Trump Unveils New Strict 70-Point Immigration Enforcement Plan


Chuck Schumer

Dems Shocked At New Poll Numbers Backing Trump's Proposed Immigration Plan

Roger Goodell

Trump Breaks The NFL: Goodell Issues New Statement About National Anthem

Bill Hillary Clinton

The Pathetic Liars Haven't Been Speaking For Months

Dianne Feinstein

Dianne Feinstein Admits Gun Control Doesn't Work, Introduces Gun Control Bill Anyway - That's What Liberals Do

Jamele Hill

ESPN's Jamele Hill Finally Suspended For Turning Sports Show Into Political Joke


Facebook Bans Conservative Page For Criticizing Hillary's Stance On Gun Control

Robert Mueller

Fire, Indict & Prosecute Political Hack Robert Mueller Says Former Federal Prosecutor

Jerry Brown

California Crazy: New Law Allows Jail Time For Using Wrong Gender Pronoun 

Bob Corker

Swamp Monster Corker (CR Rating Of F-) Calls White House "Adult Day Care Center"

Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan Praises Trump's "Tremendous Compassion" Something Is Not Right There

Illegal Aliens

Jerry Brown Forbids California Landlords From Cooperating With ICE To Deport Illegal Aliens

Wind Farms

Duck: "Global Stilling" Is Coming At You Now

Dan Palmer

GOP Donors Says Senate Republicans Creating Major Fundraising Problems

Haslam Corker

Breitbart Goes "Old Hickory" In Tennessee & Gets 2 Establishment Scalps

Muslims Camels

Watch: The Early Muslim Contributions To America


Promise Kept: Trump Administration Protects American's Religious Freedom

NFL Player

NFL Fans Just Took A Knee - Latest Polls

Harvey Weinstein

Hollywood Leftist Harvey Weinstein Blames Decades Of Sexual Harassment On "Right-Wing Conspiracy"

James Woods

James Woods Retires From Acting After Saying He's Blacklisted Because He's Conservative

Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Latest: The Wasserman Schultz Scandal Is So Bizarre It Will Some Day Be A Movie

Megyn Kelly

How Long Can Megyn Kelly's "Trainwreck" Last

Trump Hannity

Pennsylvania Crowd Cheers President Trump For Taking On The NFL

Wasserman Schultz

Shocking: Wasserman Schultz Pakistani IT Staffers Had Access To All DNC Info & Emails From PAKISTAN! 

Carter Page

Trump Campaign Adviser Says He Will Plead The Fifth Before Senate Intelligence Committee

Donald Trump Jr.

Trump Jr. Vindicated: Wall Street Journal Debunks Trump Jr. & Russian Collusion Narrative

Cowboy Boots

Here We Go: Las Vegas Shooting Victims Starting To Sue Hotel, Festival Organizer, "Bump Stock" Maker

Gene Hanson

Farmer With Anthem Message Gets Noticed By President Trump

New York Times

Project Veritas Catches NYT Slanting The News, Hammering Trump & Claiming Bizarre Comey Connection

Harvey Weinstein

From Sexual Overtures To Now "Rape"

Donald Trump

Trump Calls For End To NFL Tax Breaks - Bill Already In Place

StubHub Canter

California's Breakup With The NFL

NFL Player

NFL Continues Its Spectacular Fall - Worst Ratings In 20 Years

Fareed Zakaria

One Of CNN's Geniuses Proposes Gun Laws That Already Exist 

Gun Control

It's Not The Gun: 325 Chicago Shooting Victims In September, 2,961 So Far This Year...Some Of The Toughest Gun Control Laws

Bob Corker

Roger Stone: The Truth About Coker's Quitting - Anti-Trump Sen. Bob Corker's Criminal Probe

Mitch McConnell

Guess Who, Defends Swamp Monster Corruptocrat RINO Bob Corker?

Lisa Bloom

Bombshell: Feminist Attorney, Lisa Bloom, Sought To Discredit Weinstein Accusers - Handle The "Bimbo Eruptions"

FEMA Director

FEMA Head Calls San Juan Mayor's Complaints "Political Noise"

Donald Trump

Pop Goes The Liberal Media Bubble


Pork-Barrel Spending - 2017 Prime Cuts



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Getting Zuck'd – Facebook Is In Decline

Flashback: How Is Muslim Immigration To Sweden Working Out?


Roger Goodell

Einstein Of The Grid Iron: NFL Massive Viewer Losses Among All Key Demos 

Soros NFL

NFL Players Union Partner's With George Soros To Bankroll Anti-Trump "Resistance"


As You Already Know, YouTube Has Joined, Twitter, Facebook & Google In Censoring Conservatives

Tom Cotton

Senator Tom Cotton Calls On Trump To Decertify Iran Nuke Deal

Raul Castro

Trump Stands Up To Castro Regime

Shinzo Abe

Japan Fully Backs Trump On North Korea

Wayne LaPierre

NRA Breaks Silence, Says It May Support Regulating Obama Approved "Bump Stocks"

Las Vegas Shooting

Leftist Teacher Celebrates "White Trump Supporters" Being Killed In Las Vegas Massacre

Angela Putman

Penn State Prof: Believing In Hard Work Is White Ideology & Racist - This Is The Crap They Are Teaching Your Kids 

Mark Zuckerberg

Make Sure You Know - Facebook Did Collude With Hillary's Campaign

France's Islamic Problem

France's Islamic WWIII - Afghanistan Is Safer Than Paris

Shannon Sharpe

Shannon Sharpe: US Flag Just "A Piece Of Cloth" Like Pants, "Nobody Fights For A Piece Of Cloth" - Now You Know 


CBS Executive Fired Over Shocking Las Vegas Massacre Victim Comments

Swiss Flag

Swiss Parliament Votes To Ban Foreign-Funded Mosques & Arabic Preaching - A Country Starting To Save Itself

Tech Companies

Dwarfing Past Monopolies, The Rapid Growth Of "Big Tech" Alarms Both Left & Right


The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons

The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons

Full Measure – Bucking The System

Faith Goldy On The Rise Of Girlie Men

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Feminist Econoics 

The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons


The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons
Illegal Aliens 
Guo Wengui 

Small Apartment

28 Micro-Apartments Around The World 

Tennis Balls

10 Brilliant Uses For Tennis Balls

1979 Pontiac Trans Am

This Incredible Pristine 1979 Pontiac Trans AM Has Only Traveled 65 Miles Since It Was Purchased 


Walmart Announces Speedy Returns Program


Oymakon, The World's Coldest Village

Jack Daniels

Tour America's Oldest Distillery

College Football Players

Nearly 40% Of All NFL Players Come From 18 Schools

Airport Karaoke

Passenger Sings Karaoke During Delays At Airport Gate

Toyoda Gosei

Rubbery Shift-Shaping Concept Car

New York City

50 Strange But True Facts About The US

Christopher Columbus

History Shows Columbus Worth Celebrating


Restaurant Workers Take A Hit In Latest Jobs Report

Bernie Sanders

Reason TV: Why Medicare-For-All Is An Insane Idea

Anthony Weiner

The Weiner Gets 21 Months & Is Frightened Of Pedophile Label In Prison 


Drone Captures Dramatic Footage Of Erupting Volcano In Japan

Hong Kong

20 Most Crowded Places On Earth


Budweiser Getting Very Nervous - "800" Number Asks For Your Opinion/Comments

Volkswagen Van

VW Bus Gets Smashed By A Falling Tree, But Keeps On Running - Watch


Napa Fires 
Yestrerday's Headlines 
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US Embassy Cuba

Were US Diplomats In Cuba Victims Of A Sonic Attack, Or Something Else

Active Volcanoes

The Most Active Volcanoes Around The World

1967 SS Camaro

She Bought It New In 1967 & Still Has It

SuperSonic Car

Wanna Go 763 MPH On Land

Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick Donates $25,000 To Group Named In Honor Of Cop Killer Assata Shakur


North Korea Decoders Are Sounding The Alarms

Obama's Presidency Destroyed The Democratic Party

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