Louis Farrakhan

For The Left, Punishing McCabe Was The Crime

McCabe Is In The News Because He's A Liar

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Robert Mueller

Robert Mueller Has Been Botching Investigations Since The Anthrax Attacks

Alcee Hastings

House Admits To $1 Million To Secretly Settle Complaints By Staffers

Laura Ingraham

If Any Of Us Had Done What McCabe Did, We'd Already Be In Jail

Supreme Court

3 Supreme Court Cases To Watch This Month

Jim Carey

Actor Jim Carey Paints Ghastly Portrait Of Sarah Sanders. Where Are The Left's Defenders Of Women Now?

Shelter Shapiro

Ben Shapiro Calls Out CNN's Gun Coverage To Brian Shelters Face

Comey Clinton

Crime Pays: Comey's Book Selling Out Faster Than FBI Agents On The Clinton Payroll

James Kallstrom

Ex-Asst FBI Director: High-Ranking Officials Protected Hillary From Being Indicted - John Q Public Has Gone To Prison For Less

Food Stamps

Trumponomics: Food Stamp Rolls Plummet

Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook Is Facing Its Biggest Test Ever - Lack Of Leadership Could Sink The Company



Students: A Lesson On The Modern Left

FBI Stats Counter The Media's Anti-Gun Culture War

McCabe Domino Is Only The First To Fall

Andrew McCabe

Conspiracy: Former FBI Official Cites Clear Evidence Of High-Level, Pro-Hillary Government Plot

Supreme Court

Supreme Court Rejects Arizona's Attempt To Deny Driver's Licenses To Dreamers

Joe DiGenova

Former US Attorney, Joe DiGenova Joins Trump's Legal Team

Donald Trump

Trump Announces Three-Pronged Strategy For Opioid Epidemic

Andrew McCabe

Lies About The McCabe Firing

Keith Ellison

DNC Deputy Chair, Keith Ellison Denies Farrakhan Associations & Tries To Blame Trump Supporters - Of Course He's Lying

Eric Holder

Discredited, Contempt Of Congress, Eric "Fast & Furious" Holder Sends Ominous Warning To Deep State Officials


UK Muslims Riot, Assault People To Shut Down Free Speech - Watch

Trump Comey

Comey Caught Lying & Trump Tweets About It

David Sorensen

Trial By Media: I Was Presumed Guilty & Facts Didn't Matter


Facebook Isn't Worth Using Anymore, Thanks To The Cambridge Analytical Revelation

Lamar Alexander Susan Cillins

Left-Wing RINO Republicans Propose Billions In New Obamacare Funding

David Hogg

Left's Gun Control Poster Boy, David "Camera" Hogg Makes A PSA: Utterly Humiliates Himself

Jerry Brown

California City Deciding Whether To Tell Jerry Brown To Shove His Sanctuary Law

James Comey

FBI Agents Say Comey "Stood In The Way" Of Clinton Investigation & Aren't Happy With Him

Border Fence

Border Patrol Agents Arrest 7 Bangladesh Nationals In 2 Days - 122 So Far This Year

Turley McCabe

Law Professor Suggests McCabe Worry Less About His Pension & More About Prison


Going To The Gun Range With Family Got These Students Suspended From School

David Hogg

Lefts Latest Anti-Gun Guy, David Hogg, Gets Rejected From College & Liberals Go Nuts 

Mueller Comey

Mueller Crossing Trumps "Red Line" Wants Business Records - What's The Russia Connection



Obama Comey Mueller
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Trump Comey
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The Daily Account's Daily Cartoon

The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons


John Bolton On Andrew McCabe's Firing

Al Sharpton, Black Lives Matter Team Up To Embrace Anti-Semetic, Kill All Whites Louis Farrakhan


Lovequawn Scott

Mass Murder In South Carolina Ignored Because Killer Didn't Use A Gun

Students Protesting

Yes, There Is Hope For The Future From The "Everybody Gets A Trophy" Generation


Disgraced Media Already Hit With Massive Layoffs In 2018

Andrew McCabe

Corrupt, Lying & Now Finally Fired, Ex-FBI's McCabe Has The Balls To Fire Back 


IRS Documented 1.3 Million Identity Thefts By Illegal Aliens...Can't Say It Referred Any For Prosecution

Chuck Grassley

Demand Grows For Second Special Counsel For DOJ, FBI & Clinton Corruption

Lizbeth Mateo

California Illegally Hires Illegal Alien To Head State Office


Facebook Fascists - Suspends Trump Campaign Data Firm 

Adam Schiff

Bug Eyed Dem Adam Shifty Schiff Loses Confidence In Mueller To Find Trump-Russian Collusion 


Is The USA Really The Worst Country For Mass Shootings Like Liberals Claim 


Samatha Power

WOW: Ex-UN Ambassador & Radical Lefty Samantha Power Threatens President Trump With "Not A Good Idea To Piss Off John Brennan"

Andrew McCabe

Report: Andrew McCabe Threatened To "Take People Down With Him If Fired"


6 Reasons Gun Control Will Not Solve Mass Killings

Maddie Rooney

Must Read - US Olympic Hockey Champ Gets Blown Away By Clever Personal Letter From "Mad Dog" Mattis 

Ryan McConnell

GOP Leadership Is Going To Fund Sanctuary Cities - Doesn't Give A Rats Ass For Americans That Voted For Them


MIT Scientist: Senator Is A "Moron" On Global Warming

Michael Flynn

Shocking Collusion Behind The Michael Flynn Case

Virgina Phillips

LA Judge Bars Police From Enforcing Gang Restrictions That Has Reduced Crime

Border Wall

Trump: Pay For The Border Wall With Sanctuary City Funds

Stephhanie Fuhl

MSNBC Airhead Anchor Mocks Larry Kudlow For Saying This About God

Illegal Aliens

America's Most Murderous City Spends Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars To Keep Criminal Illegal Aliens

Andrew McCabe 

The Daily Account's Daily Cartoon

 The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons

  After residents in Birmingham complained about the terrible smell, New York City has agreed to stop sending railcars full of the city’s excess sewage to a landfill in Alabama. Yeah, train cars filled with human waste and an unbearable smell — or, as that’s called in New York, the subway.

Liberty Score 

Kim Dotcom & The Deep State

Tomi: The American People Are Sick Of This Witch Hunt


James Clapper

Clapper & Flynn - The Double Standard On Perjury

Student Walkout

Student Walkout - Backlash Begins

Tucker Carlson

Tucker Blows The Lid Off Of Dishonest Coverage Of ICE's Arrest Of "Innocent" Mom

Larry Kudlow

Larry Kudlow Takes Job As Top White House Economic Adviser

Donald Trump

President Trump Making Latinos Republicans Again

Steve Crowder

Conservative Comedian Steve Crowder Gets Suspended From Twitter For Mocking "Gender Fluid" Conference

Lauren Southern

22 Muslim Terrorists The UK Let Into The Country Instead Of Lauren Southern

Donald Trump

Trump At The Border - Build That Wall

George Soros

Guest Who Has Been Bankrolling The Disgusting "Fusion GPS"

U Of Texas

Irate Grad Pens A Furious Complaint At The University Of Texas Alumni Association - He's Right

Chuck Schumer

Trump Says "No Way" To Chuck E. Cheese Schumer's $900 Million Pork Stuffed In Spending Bill

Devin Nunes

Devin Nunes: House Intel Panel Is Done, We Will Start Writing Our "Trump-Russia Collusion" Report - No Collusion

Joy Reid

MSNBC's Crazy Joy Reid Makes New False Claims About The NRA

John Deutch

When Hillary Met Johnny

Lauren Southern

Conservative Canadian YouTuber, Lauren Southern Detained In UK Then Banned


We Need To Start Fighting Back Against Twitter, Facebook, Google - Their Censorship Can Topple A Democracy

Jerry Brown

President Trump Won't Meet With Batshit Crazy Gov. Jerry Brown While In California

Julian Assange

Assange Lashes Out At The UK Government: "Hypocritical MotherF*ckers

Jeff Sessions

Finally: Sessions Blasts Federal Judges For Injunctions Against Trump's Legal Admin Policies

Bernie Sanders Event

Watch Liberals Defend Socialism At Bernie Sanders Event

Secret Staffer

Confessions Of A Congressional Staffer - "Trump Is A Political Genius"


Ready To Be Shocked: Obama's DOJ Forced FBI To Delete 500,000 Fugitives From Background Check Database

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Fractures Wrist In Latest Fall In India

Capital Building

Senate Passes Bi-Partisan Bill To Roll Back Dodd-Frank

Construction Workers

Whistleblower Says Illegal Aliens Have "Taken Over Every Trade" In California Construction & Driven Down US Wages

Elizabeth Holmes

Silicon Valley Wunder Woman Charged With "Massive" Fraud

Rex Tillerson

"REXIT" Tillerson's Farewell Address

Nancy Pelosi

This Woman Is Truly Nuts: Read Her Comments About Rex Tillerson & Russia


How The Southern Poverty Law Center Attacks & Terrorizes Conservatives

Jason Riley

Black Speaker Preaching Self-Reliance To Blacks Protested By Black Students

Linda Sarsour

Muslim Operative & American Trader, Linda Sarsour's Most Controversial Tweets

Joy Behar

ABC News Refuses To Apologize For Ding-Bat Joy Behar's "Mike Pence Christian Faith Is A Mental Illness" Statement

James Clapper

One Dirty Cop: James Clapper Himself Leaked Info To CNN

Free Speech Zone

Huge Win: Florida Gov. Signs Measure Outlawing "Free Speech Zones"

Capital Building

A Member Of Congress Explains Why The Corruption In Congress Is Much Worse Than You Think

Betsy DeVos

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos: States Should Consider Letting Teachers Carry Guns In The Classroom

Hillary Clinton

Shocking: Hillary Clinton Says Trump Voters Don't Like Black People Getting Rights Or Women Having Jobs - Watch

Zamarripa Castaneda

Illegal Criminal Alien Caused Fatal "Hit & Run" Accident Released Before ICE Could Pick Him Up

Clinton Foundation

Former CIA Officer Exposes Clinton Charity Fraud As Biggest Scandal In US History

Plannd Parenthood

Planned Parenthood Rakes In Taxpayer Dollars

James Clapper

James Clapper Avoids Charges For "Lying" To Congress...For Now


Vicente Adolfo Solano

Honduran Living In Miami Pleads Guilty To Attempting To Bomb A Shopping Mall To Support ISIS

Rex Tillerson

Tillerson's Firing Was Abrupt, But It Was Necessary

Comey Clapper Brennan

Comey, Clapper & Brennan Are Operatives Of The Deep State - Must See

Mark Levin

Mark Levin Challenges Democrat "Shifty Schiff" To Take A Lie Detector Test To Prove He's Not A Leaker

Crime Sene

Boy's 13th Birthday Turned Into Bloody Nightmare Over Teen's Muslim Faith


8 Times Law-Abiding Citizens Saved Lives With An AR-15 

Ryan Zinke

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke Blasts Senate Dems: "I Resent Your Insults"


An Immigrant (Legal) Reminds Us What Is Worth Defending

Ann Coulter

Secret Debate Tip For The GOP

Gina Haspel

First Woman To Be Named Head "Spook" Of The Central Intelligence Agency

SE Cupp

SE Cupp Wrecks "Self-Centered" Hillary For Smearing Trump Supporters Again


Muslims Raped, Beat, Prostituted Or Killed 1,000 Girls In This UK Town

Donald Trump

For The Media, The Russia Collusion Investigation Is Forever "Closing In" On Trump

Angela Merkel

Merkel Effect: Tens Of Thousands Of Muslim Migrants Heading To Germany From Poorer EU Nations Because Welfare Payments Are Larger 

Home Schooling

State To Force Homeschoolers To Submit To Warrantless Home Inspections, Trampling Parents Rights

Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill's Beliefs On Islam Would Get Him Jailed & Deported From The UK Today

Student Protest

School Walkout Wednesday - Polls Rip Lack Of School Discipline

Hasta Muerte Coffee

Hasta Muerte Coffee Shop, Oakland CA, Cops Not Welcome

Elizabeth Warren

Pocahontas Emphatically Claims She Is Not Running For President...That Could All Change Right After The Mid-Terms 

Harris Schaaf

Who Are These People? Kamala Harris I Support Oakland Mayor Who Helped Criminal Illegal Aliens Evade ICE



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Laughing At The Fake Feminists

Judicial Watch Reveals Another Smocking Gun On McCabe


Adam Schiff

Shifty Schiff Panics: He Knows His Lies Won't Stop The Investigation Into Dems Fraud 

Donald Trump

"Lopsided & Hostile" Trump Media Coverage Is 91% Negative

Nancy Pelosi

This Woman Is Actually In Congress: Pelosi Says It's "Unjust & Cruel" To Arrest Illegal Alien Sexual Predators


Nothing Has Changed - Obama Lies His Ass Off About Debunked School Shooting Numbers

Bruce Ohr

DOJ Sued For FBI Agent Bruce Ohr Who Met With Christopher Steele & His Wife Who Worked For GPS Fusion, Documents This Will Get Ugly

Christopher Steele

The Clinton Dossier Gang That Knew Nothing

Elizabeth Warren

Liberal Massachusetts Newspaper Wants Elizabeth Warren To Take A DNA Test To Prove She Is A Freaking Indian 

Maxine Watters

Crazy Old Lying Lunatic With A Bad Wig, Mad Max Promises African Americas "Reparations" In 2020

Jerry Brown

Winning - Judge Tells Left-Wing Loon Jerry Brown Feds Can Withhold Funds For Not Complying With Immigration Laws 


Liberals Are Idiots: NRA Memberships Surge After Gun Protests

Chicago Police Chief

As Bullets Fly, Chicago Police Chief Blasts Plan For Civilian Oversight Of His Department


Lawless: Desperate Democrats Starting To Call For The Complete Elimination Of ICE

Susan Rice

Surprise, She's Back: Susan Rice Gave The "Stand Down" Order To US Intel While Russians Were Attempting To Meddle In Election

Christopher Steele

Ex-British Spy Knew Who Funded Dossier: FBI Told FISA Court Something Different

Lynch Comey

Lynch & Comey Thwarted Probes Of Sexual Misconduct At The FBI


The Daily Account's Daily Cartoon

The Daily Account's Daily Cartoon


Uber & Other Self-Driving Cars Have Crashed

Stunning: Paul Ryan Unmasked

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Elon Musk Trump

Elon Musk Makes Trump's Case For Tariffs

Ricardo Anaya

Shocker: Candidate For President Of Mexico, Campaigning In California


Poll: Feminism Makes People Less Attractive To The Opposite Sex - Watch The Video

Hillary Clinton

Dumbest Narrative To Date, "Crooked" Hillary Pleads With Trump To Protect America Against Russian Bots Coming After US

Maxine Waters

Twitter Suspends User For Calling Maxine Waters "Crazy Old Lying Lunatic In A Bad Wig" 


Gun Store Selling AR-15's Unleashes Brutal Attack After Dick's Unveils New Firearm Policy

Armed Robber

Anti-Gun Leftist's Plan For Dealing With An Armed Robber Is Simply Insane

Farrakhan Obama

7 House Democrats & Obama Have Direct Ties To Notorious Anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan


Bingo: Obama's Stupid School Discipline Policy Likely Played A Roll In Broward School Shooting 

Hillary Clinton

Truth About The Clinton Foundation Is Finally Being Exposed

Michael Moore

Russian Stooge & Mentally Impaired Michael Moore Claims The NRA Worse Than ISIS - So What Do You Do With Something That Stupid

Food Stamps

USDA: 35,891 Retailers Engaged In Food Stamp Fraud


Mitch McConnell

The Head RINO In The Senate Is Against Trumps Tariffs - His Special Interest Donors Must Have Called


2018 Texas Primary Election Results

Jim Acosta

Bitter, Sad Man: CNN's Jim Acosta Complains Sanders Didn't Call On Him At WH Briefing


College Refuses To Approve Conservative Student Club, Calls It "Hateful"


The Fight Against Extremism Is Turning Into A Fight Against Freedom

Chuck Schumer

Dem Leaders Demand $300 Million More To Fund FBI's Russia Witch Hunt 

Trump Mueller 
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