Netanyahu Obama

Democrats & Their Economic Illiteracy & Somebody Votes For This

Black Chicago Activists Finally Get It

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Obamacare Premiums Soar As Much As 78%


Economy Remains Key Issue For Voters Despite Other Crises

 Scott Walker

Scott Walker Surges To 7 Point Lead


The Navy SEAL Who Killed Bin Laden Will Reveal Himself


Wow - Flood Of Democrats Unleashes Against Their King & Savior

Bill Maher

Libs VS Libs - It Has To Be A Mental Disorder


GOP Leads 50-44 In New Poll & Obama Hurting Dems

Capital Building

DHS Increasing Security At Federal Buildings - But Not At Borders & Not For You

Kim Jong Un

Kim Jong Un, Bad Hair Cut & All, Is Back - They Knew Where He Was 

Black Man Unemployment

Civil Rights Advocate Tells Obama Amnesty Harms Black Workers - 6 Years Prove He Doesn't Care




Africa - A Tragic Continent

Why The Welfare State Isn't Well & Isn't Fair

ISIS Is Islam

Mark Levin

Levin - Dems Criticizing Obama Must Be Racist

Annise Parker

Judgment Day Is Coming For The Left-Wing Lesbian Houston Mayor

Illegal Alien

Government Funded, Backed & Supported "La Raza" Promotes Guide On Where To Vote Without ID

Motorcycle Cop

California Faces Death By Pension


QE Is Over


Christians Outraged By Government Orders To Teach "Other Religions"


We Must Highlight "Our Profound Respect" For Islam

Paul Ryan

Obama's Executive Amnesty Plan Is "Blatantly Unconstitutional"


Obama Internal Memo Pushers To Bring "Non-Citizens" For Ebola Treatment To The US & You Pay For It 

Rob Ford

Rob Ford Is Gone - Toronto Elects A New Mayor


GOP Leaders Fire Back At Obama's "ChickenShit" Aids


White House Tries To Down Play Outrage Over Netanyahu Insults

Mary Burke

She's Perfect For Governor - Fired By Her Own Family For "Incompetence"

Voting Button

This Is How They Win - Democrats Accused Of Posing As Republican Election Judges

San Francisco

Why Americans Can't Afford To Live In Liberal Cities

Charles Krauthammer

If The GOP Doesn't Win The Senate, They Should "Look For Another Country"

Ron Klain

New Ebola Czar Must Be In Quarantine

Voter Fraund

Here Comes The 2014 Voter Fraud

White House

Hackers Hit The White House


Obama Administration Most "Dangerous" To Media In History

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The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons  The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons

Gutter Politics In The Midterms

Close Senate Races Across The Country


Darren Wilson

Look Out - Anonymous Report, Darren Wilson Will Not Be Charged

Boko Haram

Terrorists Turn To Women For Suicide Missions

Green Card

Immigration Officer's Union Sounds Alarm Over White House Order For Millions Of Blank Green Cards

Voting Machine

More Voting Fraud On Voting Machines On Maryland

Red Light Camera

Court Says No To Red Light Camera Tickets

Barack & Michelle

The Rumors Are Back, First Lady - The Marriage Is A Sham


Oregon Adding "13th Grade" To Boost States Horrible On-Time Graduation Rate

Charles Barkley

Charles Barkley "Unintelligent Blacks Brainwashed" To Keep Successful Black Men Down

Ron Klain

Ebola Czar Faces First Big Test

Italy Protesters

Italy's Brain Dead Socialists Protest Job Reforms That Would Improve Unemployment

Reid McConnell Obama

One Week To Go - Republicans Confidence Builds

Dr. David Samadi

Dr. David Samadi - 230 Doctors Have Died From Ebola - Watch

Mark Steyn

Mark Steyn Jumps Into Obama's Eligibility Debate

Illegal Aliens

New Study - Voting By Non-Citizens Tips Balance For Democrats

Special Forces

US Special Forces - Afghan Army Not Up To The Task


IRS Seizing Bank Accounts Of Innocent Americans


2-Year-Old & 4-Year-Old Shot In Drive By Shooting In St Louis - Where Are The Race-Baiters

Kerry Netanyahu

Top Israeli Minister Declares "Crisis" In Relationship With US

James O'Keefe

Facebook Shuts Down James O'Keefe's Page


The Marysville School Shooting Was Politicized In About...3 Minutes



Government Mandated Hysteria

Corey Brooks

Black Pastor Forced To Hide Family After Supporting Republican For Governor

Hassan Rouhani

This "Moderate" Iranian Leader Continues To Kill Citizens In Record Shattering Numbers


IRS Seizing Bank Accounts For Deposits Under $10,000

Sharyl Attkisson

Highly Sophisticated Hacking Of Sharyl Attkisson's Computers

Annis Parker

Black Pastor Speaks Out On Houston Mayor - You Can't Play Nice With Evil


ISIS Indoctrination Of Kids - Forced To Watch Beheadings

Mia Love

Meet The GOP's Fresh Faces

Free Speech

Obama's Dems Push For New Heavy Regulations On Internet Postings

Jeb Bush

Will Another Bush Run For The White House In 2016

People running for re-election are distancing themselves from President Obama. He's very lonely. He has no close friends in the White House. In fact, an intruder hopped the fence on Sunday, made it all the way to White House, and Obama begged him to stay and watch football. - David Letterman

American Dream On The Ballot

Scary – Government Grants At Halloween


David Cord

VA Administer Promoted For Hiding Deadly Legionnaires Outbreak 

Illegal Aliens

Will Illegal Aliens Decide The November Election


California DR Writes Over 42,000 Illegal Narcotic Prescriptions

Police Killing

Why Was He Here - California Cop Killer Had Criminal Record & Deported Twice


Shocking - Democrats On The FEC Want To Regulate Political Speech


Everything Is Fine - NYPD Caught Throwing Ebola Gloves Into A Street Trash Can

John Kerry

You Caught Me - Kerry's Wife's Foundation Funds "Anti-Israel" Restaurant

Dirty Harry

Hey Dirty Harry - Wealthy Liberals Top List Of Super PAC Donors In 2014 - You Lied


NYC Ebola Patient Passed All "Enhanced Screening" At JFK

Israel Attacked

Jews Under Siege In Jerusalem Amid Obama's Support For Hamas

Michelle Nunn

Georgia Dem - It's OK To Use Race-Baiting To Get Elected

Annise Parker

Houston Has A Problem - LGBT Mayor Way Over Steps Her Authority Over Free Speech


Jihad In America - Terrorist "Radicalized" By ISIS Propaganda 

Julian Assange

Assange - Google Is Not What It Seems


Democrat's Fundraising Emails Are Out Of Control

Light Rail Car

Union Demands Send Japanese Company & Hundreds Of Jobs Right Out Of California


Tesla Blocked From Michigan With Law Backed By Dealers & GM - Gov't. Picks The Winners

Wendy Davis

Amazing, Wendy Davis Literally Has The Worst Twitter Campaign Of All Time

Canada Shooting

ISIS Sympathizers Cheer Canada Shooting

Carol Castello

CNN & On Air Host Refuse To Apologize On-Air To The Palin Family

Head In Sand

You're A Climate Denier If You Believe This

US Dollar

The End Of The US Dollar Dominance

Cornel West

Race-Baiter Religious Sanctimony In Ferguson


Iranian Official "Obama Is The Weakest Of US Presidents"


ISIS Inc. - How ISIS Makes Its Money

Little Girls

Shocking - Little Princesses Use F-Bombs To Advance Feminism

Josh Earnest

New White House Propaganda Minister Thinks Printing 9 Million Green Cards For Illegals Is Funny


Liberal MSM Ignores "Anti-Obama" Midterm Election - Complete Dereliction Of The Press

Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin Absolutely Unloads On Liberal Feminists

Afghanistan Poppy Field

Afghan Poppy Crops Surging After US Spent $7.6 Billion On Anti-Drug Campaign


Saudis Sounding Alarm On Obama "Caving" To Iran


Obamacare Penalties Coming - Companies Trying To Escape Those Penalties

Al Sharpton

Oops...Obama Tells Sharpton, Dems "Are All Folks Who Vote With Me" My Politics Are On The Ballot 

Ground Beef

Ground Beef, $4.10 Per Pound Nation Average - Do You Ever Stop & Think Why?

Alison Lundergan

CNN Tears Into The Hypocrite Dem So You Know It's Bad

Campaign Worker

Operation Ground Game


Once Proud CNN Is Self Destructing See The Sad Photo

Hillary Ebola

Progressive Socialist Claiming To Have Ebola, Tries To "Lick" Protesters At Hillary Rally


Third UN Employee Dies From Ebola


Putin Tells West To Pay Ukraine's Gas Bill

Sharyl Attkisson

Ex-CBS Reporter Reveals How Liberal Media Protects Obama

Nikki Haley

Nikki Haley's Dem Opponent "Escort Whore Out The Door" 

Muslim Women

Muslim Woman Rips Fellow Muslims For Demanding Free "Halal" Food At Minnesota Food Banks

Ban Ki-Moon

UN Secretary General "Shocked & Alarmed" By Gaza Tunnels - But We Will Still Give Hamas Billions To Rebuild

Anthony Weiner

The Weiner Man Is At It Again

Valerie Jarrett

Fast & Furious & Valerie Jarrett - She Knew And Told The President

State Rankings

How Red or Blue Is Your State

US Tanks

US Air Strikes Destroy Scores Of Estimated 2,500 Tanks Stolen By ISIS


Federal Judge Rules IRS Can Target Conservative Organizations 

Polar Bears

Top Meteorologist Proves Global Warming To Be "Nothing But A Lie"


Alan Keyes "Obama Destroying Everything American"

Eric Holder

Obama Tries To Assert Executive Privilege Over Some Of Holders Emails

Voting Machine

It Has Started - Illinois Voting Machines Caught Casting GOP Votes For Dems


They're Back - Taliban Making "Alarming" Gains In Afghanistan

Ron Klian

New Ebola Czar Working On Bigger Problem Than Ebola

Newt Gingrich

Newt Gingrich Slams Obama's "Delusional" Response To Ottawa Shootings

Obama Holder

Obama VS Holder On Voter ID, Obama Steps On Holder


Another US City Protesting Influx Of Refugees - Sucking Social Services Dry


Uh-Oh...Civil War - Dems VS White House

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Rigged Voting Machine Only Votes For Dems

Activist On Trial For Videotaping An Arrest


Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Turkey's President - Susan Rice Is Full Of Crap & We Don't Give A Rats Ass About The Kurds

Troops Ebola

Expert "Very Real" Chance US Troops Deployed To Africa Hot Zone Will Get Ebola


Hey $15 Minimum Wage Advocates - Read & Learn Something 


Obamacare Costs To Soar After Election & HHS Is Hiding Increase From You


Voting Map Exposes Myth Of "Racist Voter ID Laws" 

Ismail Haniyeh

Hamas Leader Who Threatens The Destruction Of Israel Has Daughter, Granddaughter & Mother-In-Law Treated In Israel Hospitals 

Bowe Bergdahl

Obama Bans Release Of Bergdahl Desertion, Treason Investigation Results

Democrats Flyer

Georgia Democrats Political Flyer Steps Way Over The Line


Watchdog Group Attacks Obama's Secret Gun-Grabbing "Choke Point"


It Has Begun - Obama Administration Prepares To Print Millions Of Illegal Alien IDs

Gun Free

92% Of Mass Shootings Since 2009 Occurred In Gun-Free Zones 


It's None Of Your Damn Business - White House Refuses To Disclose How Much You Pay For Obama's Fundraising

William Barber

NAACP Speaker Tells Blacks To Create Confusion During 2014 Elections 

Detroit Water Protesters

Amazing - Loony Libs Caused The Water Problem In Detroit - Calls In The UN To Investigate


Watch - My "Larger Role" Then "Taking Care Of American People" Is "My Obligation To Make Sure Africans Are Safe"

Romney & Clinton 
The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons

Legality Of FBI Using Fake News Story

The Myth Of The Tiny Radical Muslim Minority

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Rupert Murdoch

Rupert Murdoch's One-Word Answer For Why He Is Still Working At 83


Which Bills Affect Your Credit Score


Cord-Cutter's Guide To The Best Streaming Services


Earth Size UFO Spotted

Man Retired

10 Best Places To Retire On Social Security Alone

Woman Shopping

Want To Be Happy - Psychologist Gives You 8 Principles

Pot Workers

Pot Business Is Looking For Workers - Are You Qualified

Billy Joel

The Piano Man Hasn't Released A Pop Album Since 1993 And He Will Never Release Another One


Watch This Toyota Supra Break The Import Speed Record At 240 MPH

Black Bear

Black Bear Eats Northern California Man

Ancient Wonders

Ancient Wonders That Will Take Your Breath Away

Corn Maze

World's Largest Corn Maze

Windowless Airplanes

Windowless Airplanes Are Coming

Super Yacht

This Is A Super Yacht & It Will Cost You $500 Million

 Alan Eustance

Google Exec Sets World Record For Highest Altitude Jump - 135,908 Feet

Credit Card Machine

"Massive" Switch To New Credit Cards Ahead


Insurance Companies Already Writing Ebola Exclusions Into Policies

Audi A3

834 Miles On One Tank Of Gas

Larry Ellison

Take A Look At Larry Ellison's $300 Million Hawaiian Paradise


5 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Every Monday Morning


Here Is Why CVS & Rite Aid Blocked Apple Pay

Pininfarrina Sergio

Ferrari's Latest Super Car - Wanna Buy One, You Can't They're All Sold

Eric Frein Manhunt

Pennsylvania - Eric Frien Massive Manhunt

Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa Done On Microsoft Excel Spread Sheet

Girls Bikini

Are Girls In Bikinis Good For Football

Smart Gun

Gun Technology For Cops & You - You Decide

Bodies Recovered

6 Bodies Recovered From Oklahoma Lake - Missing Since 1970

UNC Athletics

Massive Academic Fraud At The University Of North Carolina

Apple Pay

Apple Pay Has One Big Problem

Giant Spider

This Puppy Sized Spider Will Creep You Out


Suspension Bridge 
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Thank You Dems, You Now Own It


Chris Christie

Chris Christie For President


Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby Does It Again


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