John Kerry

IRS Chief Now In Hot Water Over New Found Emails – Criminal Intent?

Iran & Netanyahu's Speech

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Jeh Johnson

DHS Chief To Congress - Essential DHS Employees Will Continue To Work If You Refuse To Fund Obama's Amnesty

Illegal Aliens

Another Illegal Alien Commits Quadruple Homicide - What Does DHS Have To Say 

Hillary Clinton

Emails Show Clinton's Top Aids Knew Benghazi Was A Terrorist Attack Within Minutes


Obama Threatened To Shoot Down Israeli Jets If The Tried To Strike Iran


10 Things You Won't Believe The ISIS Lunatics Want


Antarctic Ice - Point-By-Point Rebuttal Using The Facts

The Daily Beast

2 Scott Walker Hit Pieces From The Daily Beast Found To Be Completely False - Journalism Out The Window

Jen Psaki

Jen Psaki, The Redheaded Rube - We Have No Idea Why Islamists Hacked An American Writer To Death Even After Islamist Group Takes Credit

Dream Act

Surprise - Limited College Financial Aid Going To Illegal Aliens Cutting Aid For US Citizens

Jeff Sessions

In An Surprising Move, Jeff Sessions Unloads On Jeb Bush At CPAC



The Stranger In The White House

Will The Real Leader Of The Free World Please Stand Up

All Republican Presidential Candidates Support Amnesty, Except For One


Leaked Report Confirms Dangers Obama's Illegal Alien Policy Is Putting You In

Ted Cruz

The Fix Was In - Cruz Claims GOP Sabotaged Bill To Defund Obama's Amnesty

Scott Walker

Walker, "My View Has Changed" On Immigration Reform

Boehner McConnell

Conservatives Gave These Guys What They Wanted & They Turned On The Voters

Ajit Pai

Dissenting FCC Commissioner Demolishes The Governments Take Over Of The Net


Verizon's Throwback Response To Net Neutrality & Others

Tom Wheeler

Time For Congress To Gut The FCC

Hillary & Bill

Big Media Blacks Out The Clinton Foreign Money Scandal

Lois Lerner

Here Is A Lois Lerner Email You Need To Read For Yourself

Polar Bears

Some Bad News For Global Warming Nuts



Feds Raid Texas Political Meeting Seizing All Phones, Fingerprinting Everyone 

John Boehner

Boehner Claims The Republicans Are Ready To Fight Obama's Illegal Amnesty

Adm. James Lyons

Must Listen - Adm James Lyons Explains Obama, Muslim Brotherhood & ISIS

Kim Jong Un

The Bad Haircut Dictator Tells Army, "Prepare For War" 

Jeb Bush

FYI - Jeb Bush Refuses To Sign Tax Pledge

Susan Rice

Jewish Group Blasts, I'll Lie My Ass Off Susan Rice, In NYT Ad

Mark Levin CPAC

Levin Slams "Would Be King" - "We Are Not A Nation Of Immigrants, We Are A Nation Of Citizens"


Why Obama Is Afraid Of Netanyahu's Speech

Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush's Epic Fail At CPAC

John Cornyn

Senate "Unanimously" Welcomes Netanyahu To America 

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Capital Building
The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons  The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons
Rand Paul

Black 12-Year-Old Goes Nuclear On Obama

Scott Walker – You Decide

 Lerner Koskinen


Iran Cleric Vows To "Raise Flag Of Islam On White House" - Did Obama's Happy Talk Tell You That

Rahm Emanuel

Liberals In Charge - Chicago Nears Fiscal Freefall With Latest Downgrade


Tea Party Groups Finally Suing The IRS


Worst Example Of Government Intervention, Ever

Jeb Bush

FYI - Jeb Bush, US Must Be "Fundamentally Transformed" With Mass Immigration

Clapper Kerry

One Of These Guys Is Lying To You -  Guess Which One


Walker Delivers The Goods At CPAC

Gaza Tunnel

The Underground War

Emauuel Cleaver

How Did Someone This Stupid Get Elected To Anything, "We Won't Let Tea Party Take Us Back To Segregation & Repeal Woman's Rights" 

Jihad John

ISIS Militant "Jihadi John The Beheader" Named As Brit From London


Betty McCollum

Dem Rep. Why I Won't Attend Netanyahu's Speech - Here Are The Obama Approved Talking Points

Jeb Johnson

When Asked To Cite Law Authorizing Obama To Give Social Security Numbers To Illegal Aliens - DHS Chief Can't

Sheriff Joe

One Brave Sheriff Trying To Hold Obama's Refusal To "Abide By A Court Order", Accountable


Obama Openly Declares - I'm Above The Law


Shocking - Obama's BATF AR-15 Bullet Ban 


FCC OK's Secret Bureaucrat "Net Regulation"


New Documents Show State Dept. Mislead Benghazi Investigation

Pastor Mike Olive

Bureaucrats Spying On Churches, Then Demanding Business Licenses Or Shut Down 

US Navy

China Tells Obama To Go Pound Sand Over South China Sea Island Take Over 

David Scott

Listen To This Congressman's Reason For Food Stamps

Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz On The Loretta Lynch Hearings - She Will Continue The Lawlessness

Jeb Bush

Tea Partiers Walk Out Of CPAC As Bush Holds Firm On Illegal Immigration & Common Core


Lawmakers Taking Aim At Obama's Illegal Bullet Ban

John Bolton

John Bolton - Hillary "Unfit To Command" 

Tusli Gabbard

Junior Democrat Now Facing Backlash From Other Dems For Telling The Truth About "Islamist Extremism"

Sarah Palin

Palin Demands Obama Put Veterans Ahead Of Illegal Aliens


"Death By Delay" Conservative Groups Still Waiting For Answers From The IRS

Ted Cruz

Cruz At CPAC - Hillary "Embodies The Corruption Of Washington"

Wall Street

After Obama Promises To Get Rid Of Lobbyists, 33,000 Of Them Insure Cronyism Stays Put 


The Federal Porn Crisis In Government Agencies Is So Bad Congress Is Passing A Law To End It

Tom Wheeler
The Kardashian family has signed a deal keeping them on the air for four more years and paying them $100 million. So let that be a lesson. If you really work hard and apply yourself, you are wasting your time. - Seth Meyers
Keystone Pipeline

Proof We Need To Secure Our Southern Border – You Decide

Bill Nye The Denial Guy


Jonathan Gruber

We Can Fool The American Voter Because They Are Stupid Professor, Gets Canned

Hillary Clinton

Oops...The Characterless Hypocrite Demands Equal Pay For Women, But Won't Pay Her Women Employees Equal  


Obama's DHS Can't Round Up Enough Illegals To Fill Detention Quotas, Must Be Looking In Siberia 

Lois Lerner

The IRS Agent From Hell Received $129K In Bonuses For Screwing Conservatives


Yes They Are Here - Right In NYC

Daniel Rosen

Top State Department Sexual Pervert Arrested

Dirty Harry

DUH! The Political Hack, Dirty Harry Finally Accused Of Ethics Violations


US Military Decimated Under Obama Only "Marginally Able" To Defending The Country


Uh-Oh...Investigation Into Climate Data Tampering By NASA

Sheriff Joe

Sheriff Joe Now Takes On Obama's $144 Billion Plea For Amnesty

Mall Of America

As Somali Jihadist Threaten Mall Of America - US Importing 800 Somalis A Month

Corrina Brown

Top Dem On House Veterans Affairs Committee Wants No Part Of The Annual American Legion Conference

Scott Walker

Scott Walker Is A Threat To The Existing Social Order

Al Sharpton

Al Sharpton Named In $20 Billion Racial Discrimination Lawsuit

Hillary Clinton

Meet Hillary's Welfare Queens


Taxpayers - Stop Sending Our Money To Anti-Christian Nations


Flashback - Your President During The Pledge of Allegiance 

Arfan Bhatti

Islam Came To Norway - Everyone Denied It Until Now

Debbie Wasserman Schultz

DNC Chair, Wazz-Up Schultz, Lies About Her Lies & Cover-Up Despite Email Chain

Illegal Aliens

Obama Ignores Federal Ruling - Rushing Amnesty At "Full Throttle"


William Baer

Now Famous Father Arrested At School Board Meeting Hits Back

Loretta Lynch

Senate Panel OK's Obama's Very Corrupt AG Nominee

Navy Seals

Tough Men For Hire - Ex-Special Forces In Demand For War On Terror


Millions Of Taxpayers Duck Obamacare Tax, Snubbing The IRS

John Kerry

Yea, We Knew Iran Had Illicit Nuke Facility But It's No Big Deal


Saudi Arabia To Let Israel Use Their Air Space To Bomb Iranian Nuke Plants

Illegal Aliens

Texas Governor - Since Jan 1, "We Have Had More Than 20,000 People Come Across The Border" 

Mitch McConnell

Backlash From Conservatives Against McConnell For Allowing Obama's Illegal Immigration


Chilling New ISIS Video Shows Children Being Trained At Jihad Camp


Beef Producers Claim Obama Is Trying To Kill Their Industry

Jeremiah & Jeri Wright

Rev Jeremiah "God Damn America" Wright's Daughter Sent To Prison


Air Force Is Unlawfully Dismantling Strategic Airlift Wing For Political Purposes 

Robert McDonald

New VA Secretary Caught Lying About His Military Service


Government Documents Reveal A Huge Parallel Immigration System Outside Limits Set By Congress Since 2009

Patricia Arquette

Hollywood Nitwits Prove They Know Nothing About Constitution, Economics Or Politics


Did The MSM Tell You Obama Kept Reform Muslims Out Of His Summit On Extremism

Scott Walker

Scott Walker Destroys Liberal Media After "Gotcha" Question


Obama Will Betray America To The Islamic State


Powerful - Muslim Dutch Mayor To Muslims - Accept Western Values Or Leave, Now


Did The President Of The United States Really Say This...Yes He Did

Carly Fiorina

Fiorina Takes On Hillary

Susana Martinez

7 GOP Governors Elect Not To Fight Obama's Illegal Amnesty

Illegal Aliens

Another Federal Judge Strikes Down Obama's Executive Order On Illegal Immigration


Army Veteran Returns To Iraq To Battle ISIS & Wonders Why More Won't Help 

Hillary Clinton

Clinton's Cash Raking Is A Clear Violation Of Its Ethics Agreement


Liberal Insanity, Cher Claims Scott Walker Is A "Racist, Sexist, Liar" But Can Give No Evidence Or Facts

Elizabeth MacDonough

The Fix Was In & RINO Mitch McConnell Knew It

College Student

Affirmative Action - Asians Need Not Apply At Top Colleges

Judge Napolitano

Judge Napolitano - This Is Crazy, Gov't Argues "We Must Help Lawbreakers Break The Law More"


Surprise - Most Obamacare Enrollees Have To Pay Back Portion Of Subsidies

Ronan Farrow

The Fall Of MSNBC

Jeb & Columba Bush

Expensive Tastes Of Jeb Bush's Low-Key Wife

Capital Building

Senate Dems Block GOP Effort Not To Fund Obama's Illegal Immigration Actions

Hillary Clinton

New Wrinkle In The Old Girl's Quest For President

John Koskinen

White House - The IRS Doesn't Need To Cooperate With Congress Investigation

Tammy Baldwin

Openly Gay Senator Sued For Sexual Discrimination & Caught Covering Up For The VA

Mexican Counslate

Mexican Consulates Working Overtime To Issue IDS & Documents Despite Federal Injunction


ISIS Following "End-Of-Days" Scenario

Nicolas Maduro

Liberals Paradise - Venezuela, The Country With Four Exchange Rates


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CBS Bombshell – VA Still Denying Veterans Benefits

Flashback – The Liar Claims He Won't Try & Take Your Guns Away


Egyptian Protesters

Watch - Egyptians Protest Against The Muslim Brotherhood While Obama Supports Them  


Claims Of "Massive Criminal Fraud" By Islamic Terrorist Group CAIR, That Obama Is Protecting


California Provides 59,000 Illegals With Driver's Licenses In First Month


Obama Administration Attacks Egypt & UAE For ISIS Raids - This Is Not An American President


The Granny Who Stood Up To ISIS



DHS Shutdown, Not Even Close - Most Workers Are Listed As "Essential"

Keith Ellison

Dem Congressman - Why Do People Even Have To Register To Vote? This Is Not A Fake Story!

Geert Wilders

Geert Wilders Calls For The "De-Islamization" Of The Netherlands, Again...Who Will Listen


Here Comes Putin - Russia Sending Arms & Training To Latin Militaries

Allen West

Allen West Reminds You That ISIS-Controlled Libya Is Clearly Obama & Hillary's Fault 

Ben Carson

Somebody With Guts - I Call It Treason  

Founding Fathers

"Convention Of The States" Gains Ground To Rein In The Federal Government

Great Lakes Ice

4 Of The 5 Great Lakes About To Freeze Over

Luis Gutierrez

Moron, Idiot Or Liar - Amnesty Backing Congressman Claims He Knows Nothing About Tax Refunds For Illegals


Aiding Islamic Terrorists "Is" Our Foreign Policy 


The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons The Daily Account's Daily Cartoon

Freedom Of Speech On College Campuses Is Under Attack

A Look At Obama's Associations Over The Years

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  Julio Urias

Xiaomi Phone

Watch Out - Powerful $75 Phone Is Coming

Tesla D

Badass - The Tesla D Could Have A Top Speed Of 210 MPH

Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett's Secret To Staying Young, "I Eat Like A 6-Year-Old"


Here Is What You Can Earn Working At Microsoft

Alexander Karp

$10 Billion Club - Meet The 9 Most Valuable Startups In The World

Nahanni National Park

According To Experts - This Is The Best National Park In The World

Construction Worker

Where Have All The Construction Workers Gone


How Cold Is It? 16 Pictures Show You

Chevy Corvette

Consumer Reports - The Highest Scoring American Vehicles


How Walmart Plans To Lure Shoppers Back To Stores



Latest Space Alien Debate - Should We Say Hello Or Keep Quiet

Robert De Niro

Oops...Robert De Niro Hit With $6.4 Million Tax Bill

Servando Gomez

Former School Teacher, Now Mexico's Most Wanted Drug Kingpin "La Tuta" Captured


The Best Caribbean Island For Every Type Of Traveler

1972 Corvette

Corvette Stolen 42 Years Ago Found, But Owner May Lose It Again

Shao Dongming

Think You Have Problems - This Guy Owes $160 Million In Gambling Debts


Should You Turn Your Computer Off At Night Or Leave It On

Fairy Tale Homes

Fairy Tale Homes For Sale

Danica Patrick

The Best Of Danica Patrick


Scientists Have Found The World's Strongest Natural Material

Black Students

The Rise Of Homeschooling Among Black Families

1969 Camaro RS

Chevy Designers Pick Their Favorite Camaro - You Decide

Leonard Nimoy

Leonard Nimoy Dead At 83


The 10 Most Useless Graduate Degrees

David Pyott

This Guy Will Make $100 Million If He Gets Fired


10 Things About Canada That Shocks Foreigners


10 Things The TSA Won't Tell You


Need A Job - Post Office Is Hiring For Antarctica

Car Dealer

10 Things Car Dealers Won't Tell You

Bacon Wrapped Pizza

Yes, Bacon Wrapped Deep Dish Pizza...Who Has It

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Bill Cosby Does It Again


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