Ted Cruz

Trump, Cruz Campaigns In Indiana

Carly Fiorina Falls Off Stage Announcing Ted & Heidi Cruz & They Just Keep Waving

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Florida Synagogue

Muslim Plotted To Bomb Florida Synagogue During Passover

Hillary Coal Miner

Hillary Confronted By A Laid-Off Coal Miner

Mexican Kids Protesting

Watch These Little Kids Flip Off & Cuss Out Trump Supporters

Bernie Sanders

Anti-Big Money Sanders - Spends The Biggest Amount Of Money

Bill Hillary Clinton

"Clinton Corruption" Premiers At Cannes Film Festival - Watch The Preview

Alexis Adams

TG Woman's Humiliated Story Backfires On Him Her

Heidi Cruz

Big Ooops...Heidi Cruz, "Ted Is An Immigrant"


Obama Is Suffocating Business Investment & The Economy

Homer Simpson

D'oh! - The "Bern's" Climate Change Agenda Would Actually Increase Carbon Emissions "Dramatically"

Carly Fiorina

The Trouble With Carly Fiorina

She Posed As A Predator & Said She Wanted To Use The Mens Restroom

Clemson Poli Sci Professor Stands Up To Activist Bullies

Saudi Family Therapist Releases Helpful Video On How To Beat Your Wife The Islamic Way

Boehner McConnell

6 Months After These Two Establishment Elites Cut A Budget Deal With Obama - Debt Up $1 Trillion

Bernie Sanders

The "Bern's" Fundraising Gets "Burned"

Detroit Abandon School

Even During Bankruptcy, Left-Wing Detroit Public Schools Can't Make Payroll After June 30, They Have Run Out Of Other Peoples Money

Ted Cruz

Uh-Oh...Cruz Delegates Get Cold Feet

Anti-Trump Rally

Federally Funded Groups Take Part In Anti-Trump Rallies


"Do We Still Have A First Amendment?" Bundy Ranch Political Prisoner Speaks From Prison

Computer Code

Nation State Cyber Actors Focus On "Maintaining Persistent Access" To US Energy Infrastructure

Larry Wilmore

Larry Wilmore Roasts The Press In White House Correspondents Monologue - Watch

Syrian Refugees

New Jersey Withdraws From Federal Refugee Resettlement Program

Ted Cruz Rally

Uh-Oh...Ted Cruz Rally In Indiana With Only Several Hundred Turn Out

Donald Trump

California Shock Poll - Trump 54%, Cruz 20%

$15 Minimum

Junk Economics At Work

Clinton Trump

Stunning Turnaround In Trump VS Hillary Matchup

Communist party USA

Communist Party USA Feels The "Bern"

Hillary Clinton

Hillary's VP Plan - Leaking Liberal Names To The Press

Trump & FOX News

Fair & Balanced - Not Any More, Conservatives Leave Because Of Move To The Left

Bernie Sanders Supporters

The Emotional Life Of Bernie Sanders Supporters

Terry McAuliffe

Gov. McAuliffe Violated State Constitution By Restoring The Vote To Felons


Stories Of Despair From The Left Behind Americans


Obama Takes His Last Shots At White House Correspondents Dinner


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The Daily Account's Daily Cartoon The Daily Account's Daily Cartoon

Facebook Suspends Woman's Account After Anti-Transgender Posts

US Economy Shows Near Zero Growth

Obama Raul Castro

Donald Trump

Poll - American Voters Now Agree Trump Is The "Presumptive Nominee"


Another Government Agency Tries To Take The Rights Of Landowners

Donald Trump

Black Leader - Trump Will Absolutely Do Better With Blacks Than Romney


More Than 100 TSA Screeners Quit Each Week - Agency In Crisis - DUH The Government Runs It


Obama Vows To "Speed Up" Efforts To Admit Terrorists Into The USA

Donald Trump

Trump Outlines "America First" Foreign Policy Vision

Holiday Inn

Billionaire Trump Stays At Holiday Inn Express In Indiana - Says He Likes It

Fiorina Cruz

Why Did Cruz PAC Give Money To Fiorina


Check Out The Liberty Score Card Of Your Senator, You Will Probably Be Shocked

Bruce Rauner

Paychecks For Illinois Officials Delayed, Because They Have Run Out Of Other Peoples Money


Hillary Clinton

Clinton Crash - Hillary Getting Hundreds Of Thousands Less Votes In 2016 Than 2008 

Illegal Aliens

Here's The Problem

Obama & Jack Lew

Destroying National Security By Busting The Dollar

Scott Uehlinger

Hillary's Email Server Greatest Intel Breach In Country's History

Cruz Kasich

A Slow-Talker & A Homeless Guy Walk Into A Bar...

Donald Trump

GOP Warms To Trump

Nancy Pelosi

America's Embarrassment - The Courts Gave Us Victory On Same-Sex Marriage We Couldn't Get Legislatively

San Bernardino Shooters

San Bernardino Shooter's Family Arrested - More Terrorists & Obama Approves, Wants More Unvetted Muslims

Newt Gingrich

Gingrich - Cruz Naming Fiorina VP At This Time "Doesn't Make Sense"

Super Storm Sandy

Super Storm Sandy Was A Storm - FEMA Is A Tragedy


Total Disaster, USPS Entire Workforce Is Abjectly Miserable


US Economy Slows To 0.5% - Worst Growth President In USA History

Social Security

More Bureaucrat Morons - SSA Putting Millions Of Americans At Risk For Identity Theft

Illegal Aliens

Surge Of Illegal Aliens Crossing

Supreme Court

Supreme Court Denies Bid To Block Texas Voter ID Law

Orrin Hatch

Senator Seeking "Secret Memo" Obama Uses To Hide Executive Actions 

Ted Cruz

Cruz In Indiana - Do Or Die

Trump Protesters

Shocking - National Review Editor Blames Trump Supporters For Bloody Mob, Thug Violence Instead Of Liberal Anti-Trump Protesters 


Liberal Policies Destroy Small Business - Look At Minnesota

Donald Trump

Check Out Trump's Athleticism To Avoid Protesters - Could Hillary Do This?



Anti-Trump Protesters 
The NFL Draft started last night and the Los Angeles Rams used the first pick to select quarterback Jared Goff. He's a college student who just got a job worth over $20 million, or as he put it, “I no longer support Bernie Sanders!” Or as fans in LA put it, “They went to Jared!” - Jimmy Fallon

There Is Evidence To Convict Hillary Clinton, But Will They

What It's Really Like To Fight For The Islamic State


Bernie Sanders

Clinton Backers "Feel The Bern" Of Angry Sanders Supporters

Carly Fiorina

Uh-Oh...Trump Reminds Us Fiorina Ripped Cruz Before They Teamed Up - Watch

Mitt Romney

Trump +2 Million Votes Over Mitt Romney So Far - Could Land More Votes Than Any Presidential Candidate In Modern History

Anti-Trump Protesters

Anti-Trump Protester Pepper Sprays Little Girls In The Face - Trump Protesters Not Supporters Are The Problem

Jason Chaffetz

20,000 Illegal Aliens With Criminal Convictions Released Into US Communities In 2015


Your Tax Dollars Are Paying Salaries To Murderers & Congress Knows It

Bernie Sanders

Sanders Announces Huge Staffer Layoff

Tom Perez

Tom Perez Is Scarier Than Hillary, But Likely To Be Hillary's VP & Hates The First Amendment 


Obama Appointee - We Are Serious About Forcing Transgender Agenda On America

Paul Ryran

Paul Ryan & GOP Leadership Fears Media - Refuses To Hold The IRS Accountable So They Continue To Terrorize Americans, Thank You Paul

John Kerry

Well, Well...The Left-Wing Pay Your Fair Share Gigolo Has Millions Hidden In Offshore Tax Havens


VA Employee Charged With Armed Robbery Still Employed - No Problem, They Didn't Rob The VA


6 Hidden Taxes That Cost The Average Household $1,000 


Trust In Media Sinks To New Low

Al Gore

New Long Term Satellite Study - Increase In CO2 Is Making The Earth Greener

Voting Sticker

More Than 60,000 Disgruntled Pennsylvania Democrats Switch Parties

Ted Cruz & John Kasich

Uh-Oh...3% Of Voters Think Cruz-Kasich Alliance Tag Team Will Stop Trump

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Has A Major Problem If She Doesn't Go To Jail, Democratic Women Have Lost Interest In Her


Fed-Up GOP Mega-Donors Sitting On Their Checkbooks

Scalia Prince

Officials Perform Autopsy On Prince, But Not Scalia...Why?

John Boehner

John "The RINO" Boehner Uncorks On Ted Cruz, Calls Him "Lucifer"

Bernie Sanders

Did The Bern Just Hand The Presidential Race To Trump?


Obama - Accessory To The Crimes Committed By Illegal Aliens Under His Illegal Executive Orders


Obama Says He's Proud Of Saving The World From Another Great Depression...What An Embarrassment

Donald Trump

Trumps Tuesday Wins Shatter The "Wrong Again" Pundits Claim Of "Ceiling" Of Support

Pennsylvania Capital

Check Out The Misleading Pennsylvania Ballots - Notice Anything Strange

Ted Cruz

GOP Leader - Cruz Would Be A "Great Replacement" For Scalia On The Supreme Court

John Kasich

Kasich Refuses To Tell Supporters To Vote For Cruz - Cruz-Kasich Deal Falls Apart In One Day

Hillary Clinton

Yes There Is A "Cover Up" - State Dept. Under FOIA Law Suit Just Released Email That Could Have Blown Lid Off Hillary Email Scandal 

Donald Trump

Latest Polling - Trump With Huge Lead In Northeast


More Than 500,000 Boycott Target


Number Of Foreign Fighters Joining ISIS Plummets

$20 Dollar Bill

GOP Is Caving Into Political Correctness

Toilet Paper

Another Socialist Utopia Ends Up In The Toilet As Predicted

Hillary Clinton

As Hillary Refuses To Release Speech Transcripts, New Details Emerge

Donald Trump

Trump - Establishment & Special Interests Are Killing The Country - Help Me Stop Them


No One Works In 1 In 5 Families


This Is What Genderqueer Looks Like - Photographer Capturers Them - You Decide


We Need To Arrest Obama

Chelsea Clinton

Chelsea Clinton - Now That Scalia's Gone We Can Enact Gun Control - Watch


Target Employee Tells Guy He Can Use Whichever Bathroom He Self-Identifies With - Watch

Female Marine

The "Commander-In-Chief's" Forced Diversity Military Experiment Just Failed Miserably For The 30th Time 

Trump & Union Members

Dems In Full Panic - Union Members, Not Union Leaders, Support For Trump Tops Support For Hillary & Bern-Me

John Kasich

Kasich Claims He Is Busy Looking At VP Picks...Who The Hell Knows Why

Transgender Restroom Sign

"Obliterating Morality Is What The Left's Culture War Is All About"

Ted Strickland

Here Is The Exact Problem In Congress


Nearly 5 Million More Republicans Have Voted In 2016 Than Democrats So Far

Andrew Napolitano

Judge Napolitano - Justice Dept. Shielding Hillary From Indictment Will Be "Catastrophic" For Her


What To See The Future Of Obamacare - Read It & Weep 

Cruz & Kasich

Cruz & Kasich Team Up In All Out Effort To Stop Trump - Didn't Work

Hillary Clinton

Flashback - 5 Hillary Scandals The Media Is Missing

Jacqui Kendrick

Canadian Mom Investigated For Letting Kids Play Alone In Fenced Backyard

Time Magazine

This 1979 Time Magazine About Islam Proves The Left Has Learned Nothing & Helping To Commit Suicide

Bill De Blasio

Who's Going To Jail First, Hillary Or Bill De Blasio

Obama Netanyahu

Flashback, Obama Blasts Netanyahu For Traveling To US To Speak Out Against Then Iran Nuke Deal - Then Goes And Does The Same Thing With The EU

Hillary Clinton

White Lies Matter

Ted Cruz

Watchdog Group Sues GOP & Reince Priebus For Allowing Cruz To Steal Florida Delegates

Harvard Law Students

Harvard Law Student Group Demands Free Tuition As A "Matter Of Justice" - Brilliant

Obama Saudi King

Obama's Saudi Problem Is Of His Own Making

Reince Priebus

RNC Rules Committee Won't Change Convention Rules (At Least For Now)


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What Is Wrong With Putting America First

Are Americans OK With Boys In Girl's Bathrooms

Marco Rubio 


VA Officials Not Paying Veterans "Free-Choice" Doctors - Stiffs Outside Doctors Because They Are Not Part Of The System 

Gas Mask

7 Enviro Predictions From Earth Day 1970 That Were Just Dead Wrong


UnitedHealth, Nation's Largest Health Insurer Bolts From Obamacare Fearing Huge Losses

Women's Pay

Are Women Paid Less That Men?


Another Stupid Obama Backed Green Energy Company Collapsing Even After Massive Taxpayer Dollars 


"Pig Book" - GOP-Led Congress, 88.9% Increase In Earmarks In 2 Years

Cliven Bundy

This American Freedom Fighter Writes To You From Jail - Are You Going To Let Patriots & Veterans Stand Alone

People Running Away

"Inversion" - Where Have All The Corporations Gone?

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Vows To Have Your Favorite Gun Makers Sued Out Of Business


Rift Between Obama & Top Navy Advisers Exposed 


Hillary Clinton

Yes, I'm Going To Raise Your Taxes By A "Trillion" Dollars

Syrian Refugees

Tracing The Path Of 4 Terrorists Sent To Europe By ISIS


Senior CENTCOM Analysts Say They Were Kicked Out For Contradicting Obama's ISIS Agenda

Bill Nye

Bill Nye, The "None" Science Guy, Is Open To Criminal Charges & Jail Time For Climate Change Dissenters

Bernie Sanders

The "Bern's" Plan To Punish The Working Class - His Supporters Don't Even Get It

Black Lives Matter Organizer - "Black-On-Black" Crime Is A "Myth"


Cruz & Fiorina 
The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons The Daily Account's Daily Cartoon

What Is Behind The Push For Brexit

Flashback – Milton Friedman Schools A Young David Brooks On Free College

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John Daily  
Tom Brady 

Nickerson Nebraska

Tiny Nebraska Town Says No, To 1,100 New Jobs

Wooden Car

Nebraska Cop Pulls Over Car Made Of Wood


How You're Making Facebook A Money Machine

House For Sale

US Home Ownership Falls To Nearly Lowest Level In History


17 Abandoned Castles Around The World

Green Mountain Falls

Residents Baffled After Entire Police Force Suddenly Quits

O J Simpson

Guess Who O J Simpson Is Planing On Dating When He Gets Out


Prince - Dead At 57

Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett's Epic Rant Against Wall Street

Microsoft's Surface Book

Microsoft's First Laptop Knocks Out The MacBook & iPad With One Punch

Shipping Container Apartments

Shipping Container Apartments

EcoBlue Diesel

Ford's Game-Changing EcoBlue Diesel Engine

Apple Watch

Next Apple Watch May Include Cellular Connectivity - Dick Tracy Is Here


It's Official - Millennials Are Now America's Largest Living Generation - God Help Us


17 Disappearing Middle Class Jobs

1969 Camaro SS

A Camaro Like No Other





Liberal Left-Wing Starbucks Loon Sues Them For $5 Million For Putting Too Much Ice In Her Drinks


Cadillac's Big Problem

Inground Traffic Lights

Inground Traffic Lights Help Phone Zombies From Not Getting Run Over By Freaking Cars

Stars Hollow

18 Reasons Stars Hollow Is The Best Small Town Ever

World's Oldest Tree

World's Oldest Tree Turns 4,847 Years Old - Top Secret Location


The Worst Product Flops Of All Time

House For Sale

14 States With The Hottest Housing Markets

Sports Mascots

11 Worst Mascots In Professional Sports History


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Liberal Logic 



Best & Worst Airlines In The US

Rat Rod

Must See - Rods, Customs & Gassers From Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend


3 Castaways Rescued After Spelling "Help" On Remote Deserted Island


Best Places For Women To Travel Solo

World's Tallest Building

Dubai To Build "New" World's Tallest Building

Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin Sued Over "Stairway To Heaven"

Appropriate This

$15 Minimum Wage Worker Denies Reality

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