Two Faces of Michelle Obama

We want all first ladies of the United States to be elegant, gracious and a wise good will ambassadors of this country. We think of them as non-political and know that some didn’t want the job to begin with. In recent history, the first ladies have done a fairly good job of fulfilling their role as an unpaid good will ambassador with a few exceptions.

Michelle ObamaHowever, this time we didn’t get the usual and typical first lady. We got something quite unexpected. We got a first lady, who like her husband, is glad she is in public service because she knows how to spend taxpayer’s money.

Officially the White House reports Michelle Obama has a personal staff of 22. That’s not White House staff, that is personal staff. Unofficially there is between two and four more staff. We will never know the exact number because the White House refuses to release exact numbers. So much for transparency as promised. No other first lady had a personal staff anywhere near this.

The tax advocate group Judicial Watch is suing the White House under the freedom of information act for disclosure on Michelle Obama’s vacation expenses, not staff expenses at this time. We will get to the outrageous vacation expenses in a minute.

Michelle Obama’s staff has been called the Million Dollar Staff. Unfortunately, that is not true. Just the direct salaries of the reported staff total more than $1.3 million dollars. Now we have to add in benefits, phones, iPads, computers, offices, travel, office supplies…etc. A much more accurate estimate is just over $2 million per year. That’s $2 million of your tax dollars despite the fact Michelle Obama has no official duties. Michelle Obama 1

Now to be fair, the first lady has picked a social problem to champion and bring attention to just like other first ladies. Michelle’s is children’s nutrition, a worthy cause. She is passionate about the nutrition of your children and has successfully, with Barack’s approval, been able to allocated $5 Billion of your tax dollars to combat food deserts. Food deserts are everywhere you go, not everywhere Michelle goes. Lunch at a Hollywood restaurant for her and one friend came to $157.85 with out tip after the appetizers, lobster and drinks. No food desert there. Don’t worry; she will continue looking in kids lunch boxes.

How do you so flagrantly spend taxpayer money on yourself when so many Americans are hurting? You do it because you feel entitled, its owed to me and therefore don’t care.

You’re beginning to see why Michelle Obama made the statement, “For The First Time In My Life I’m Proud of My country” She also doesn't give a rats ass about the flag

 First Time In My "Life"                                                     First Lady Says  "All This For A Damn Flag"

The two videos above are quite telling.  The most disturbing is Michelle whispering in Barack ear "All This For A Damn Flag!"

The First lady of Luxury is proud that you are providing for her with your taxpayer dollars. Michelle doesn’t mind sticking it to hard working Americans. I believe this has become a learned behavior. Let’s go back to Chicago before Barack became president of the United States.

Back in 2004, Michelle was working at the University of Chicago Medical Center. Her title was executive director for community affairs making $121,910 per year plus benefits and expenses. Barack was making twice that amount and they were broke according to Barack. If you’re a couple making $350,000 plus per year and you’re broke you have spending problem.

Well no worries. In 2004 Barack was elected to the senate and the University of Chicago Medical Center promoted Michelle to vice president for community and external affairs raising her salary to $316,962 per year plus all the goodies. The medical center claims Michelle was doing a great job and the fact that Barack was now supplying pork filled grants to the medical center to the tune of millions had nothing to do with it.

Michelle knew exactly what was going on, theft of taxpayer dollars, but she loved the money and felt entitled. Her self-absorbed attitude and feeling of entitlement has been nurtured. Besides, once you go on the take and know where the bodies are buried others around you on the take will start treading on thin ice.

Just imagine what is going through Michelle’s head when she arrives at the White House having been on the take. Since her husband can’t say no to what ever she wants she has turned every day into Christmas at taxpayer’s Michelle Obama 2expense.

As mention before, Judicial Watch is suing the White House under the FOIA to disclose the true cost of Michelle’s vacations. They are as likely to get those numbers, as we are to get a birth certificate from Barack.

The estimate of her vacations through just the first three years by watchdog groups is $10 Million taxpayer dollars. This includes 16 vacations from Spain to Africa to Vail Colorado and almost every place in between. On the Spain vacation we know she listed her daughter as staff so you can pay for her.  Michelle’s taste for luxury massages, 5-star hotels, top shelf liquor and over the top shopping can only be met with public service.

Judicial Watch wants to get the real numbers of this public distrust. Michelle uses Marine One, Air Force Two, when not on official business, or other specially outfitted Air Force Planes. You know, the kind Nancy Pelosi tries to get to fly her grand children around.

Every trip comes with a 68-man security detail, staff members, motorcade vehicles flown to the destination, military fighter escorts…etc. The cost of these vacations will be much higher. All paid for by you.

Currently the White House is refusing to release details on any of these trips sighting security reasons. Really, for a vacation that happened two years ago with no political or official business?

Many political pundits have now said Michelle’s vacations have become a liability to Barack. Well they said that after the crazy expensive Spain Trip. Then they said that after the crazy expensive African trip. They said that after the almost 20 day Martha Vineyard trip. The fact is Michelle Obama doesn’t care. Bad political PR, I don’t care I’m going. Remember, she knows where the bodies are buried.

Michelle will come out with a pleasant demeanor and a smile when she has to, but make no mistake. The first lady holds nothing but contempt for you because she believes you owe her. Her many outrageous taxpayer spending habits prove it.  I wonder if she will steal some historic furniture from the White House like Hillary did when she moves out?

Written By; The Accountant

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