Canada Terrorist Shooting

Violence Against The State Isn't Senseless

Actual Video Of Shots Fired In Canada's Parliament Building – 2 Killed

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Voting Machine

It Has Started - Illinois Voting Machines Caught Casting GOP Votes For Dems

Obama Holder

Obama VS Holder On Voter ID, Obama Steps On Holder

Newt Gingrich

Newt Gingrich Slams Obama's "Delusional" Response To Ottawa Shootings


Uh-Oh...Civil War - Dems VS White House


Tesla Blocked From Michigan With Law Backed By Dealers & GM - Gov't. Picks The Winners


PEW Survey Of Liberals - Who Do They Trust 


Stand By Your Scab - UAW Intimidates Non-Members


Paid To Watch Grass Grow - Government Bureaucrats At Work

Ballot Stuffing

Arizona Primary Ballot Box Stuffing Caught On Tape - Guess Who

Mark Udall

Lying Again - Dems Profess Distaste For "Dark Money" But Secretly Grab All They Can Get


Latest News From The 8th Century

10 Things Liberals Believe The Government Does Well

Democratic Campaign Platform - Lie To Win


Liberal MSM Ignores "Anti-Obama" Midterm Election - Complete Dereliction Of The Press

Wendy Davis

Amazing, Wendy Davis Literally Has The Worst Twitter Campaign Of All Time

US Map

Suspected Ebola Passengers Taken To Hospitals In NJ, Chicago, D.C.


Obamacare Penalties Coming - Companies Trying To Escape Those Penalties

Ground Beef

Ground Beef, $4.10 Per Pound Nation Average - Do You Ever Stop & Think Why?


Another US City Protesting Influx Of Refugees - Sucking Social Services Dry

Afghanistan Poppy Field

Afghan Poppy Crops Surging After US Spent $7.6 Billion On Anti-Drug Campaign


ISIS Fighters Seize US Air Drop Weapons Meant For The Kurds


No Joke - NY Medical Society Tells Doctors To "Follow Twitter" To Stay Informed


Russia Re-Opens Arctic Naval Base Army Force To Secure US Missile Defense

Ron Klian

New Ebola Czar Working On Bigger Problem Than Ebola

Josh Earnest

New White House Propaganda Minister Thinks Printing 9 Million Green Cards For Illegals Is Funny

Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin Absolutely Unloads On Liberal Feminists

Canada Shooting

ISIS Sympathizers Cheer Canada Shooting

Democrats Flyer

Georgia Democrats Political Flyer Steps Way Over The Line

Bob Just

Dem Talk Show Host - "Something Ruinous On An Epic Scale Controls Our Party" - Boycott Election


Saudis Sounding Alarm On Obama "Caving" To Iran

Al Sharpton

Oops...Obama Tells Sharpton, Dems "Are All Folks Who Vote With Me" My Politics Are On The Ballot 

William Barber

NAACP Speaker Tells Blacks To Create Confusion During 2014 Elections

Alison Lundergan

CNN Tears Into The Hypocrite Dem So You Know It's Bad


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The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons  The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons

Who Is Racist – Liberals Or Conservatives

Mark Levin On Midterm Elections


Campaign Worker

Operation Ground Game


Once Proud CNN Is Self Destructing See The Sad Photo


Third UN Employee Dies From Ebola


It Never Ends - NYC Gun Registry Deems 35,000 People Too Mentally Ill To Carry A Gun

John Kerry

Characterless & Obama's Puppet Blames Israel For Rise Of ISIS


Aggressive, Virus Transmitting Mosquito From Central America Found In California - Now Did It Get Here

Marcia Fudge

Hilarious - Liberal CNN Stokes The Fires of Diversity Gets In Ugly Fight With Black Congresswomen Over Diversity 

Global Warming

Antarctic Ice At Record Levels, But Global Warming Believers Refuse To Believe It

Ismail Haniyeh

Hamas Leader Who Threatens The Destruction Of Israel Has Daughter, Granddaughter & Mother-In-Law Treated In Israel Hospitals 

Ron Klain

White House - Ron Klain's Work Handing Out Stimulus Money Good Experience For Ebola Czar


"Utopia" What Happens To Cities Under "Progressive" Control

Michele Bachmann

Bachmann Under 24/7 Guard After ISIS Threat


Hey $15 Minimum Wage Advocates - Read & Learn Something 


Obama Tries To Reinforce Argument Against West Africa Travel Ban

Hamas & Turkey

Turkey's "On The Surface" Love Affair With Hamas


US Defies Turkey & Drops Arms, Ammunition To Kurds In Kobani


Uh-Oh...Crowd Of Democrats Walk Out On Obama

Detroit Water Protesters

Amazing - Loony Libs Caused The Water Problem In Detroit - Calls In The UN To Investigate


How Could An Annual Pumpkin Festival Go So Wrong

Hillary Monkey

Uh-Oh...Hillary Monkey Posters Flying High Even In LA


Donald Evelyn Knapp

City Threatens To Arrest Ministers Who Refuse To Perform Same-Sex Weddings

Iran Weapons

Iran's Show Of Weapons Called Junk & Knockoffs

Empty Office

Tens Of Thousands Of Federal Workers On Extended Paid Leave


What Americas Got From 6 Years Of Democratic Rule

Hillary Ebola

Progressive Socialist Claiming To Have Ebola, Tries To "Lick" Protesters At Hillary Rally


It Has Begun - Obama Administration Prepares To Print Millions Of Illegal Alien IDs

Minimum Wage

Seattle's Freedom Socialist Party Pushing $20 Minimum Wage - Posts Job Opening For $13


California's Poverty Rate Way Above National Average

Hillary Clinton

Oops...More Holes In Hillary's Claim On Benghazi Security

Ted Cruz & Senators

Senators Call For Travel Restrictions From West African Countries


At a polling station while President Obama was standing next to a woman, a man shouted out, "Hey, Mr. President, stay away from my girlfriend." He didn't say this because Obama was flirting with her, but because his girlfriend is a Democrat running for re-election. - Conan O'Brien

The Myth Of The Tiny Radical Muslim Minority

EPA Attempts To Regulate All America's Water


Obama Golfs

Yes He Did - Goofs During The Day Holds Ebola Meeting At Night & New Ebola Czar Nowhere In Sight

Darren Wilson

Police Officer In Ferguson Speaks Out


Rogue IRS Still Not Getting The Message

Annise Parker

The Fascist Lesbian Mayor Of Houston Backs Down After Nation-Wide Outcry


Watch - My "Larger Role" Then "Taking Care Of American People" Is "My Obligation To Make Sure Africans Are Safe"

Ebola Patient

Inside Report - Obama Planing To Bring Ebola-Infected Foreigners To US For Treatment

Greorge W Bush

Bush Didn't Lie - Why Did He Hide The WMD's Found

Hospital Room

Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Now Two-Thirds Empty - Ebola Scare Costing Millions


Left-Wing Politico Loads Front Page To Rescue Obama

Annise Parker

"Send The Witch A Bible"


Pentagon Ignores Law - Funnels Billions Overseas

Michael Brown

New Witness Claims He Saw The Shooting Of Michael Brown From Start To Finish


Uh-Oh...Army Warns Of Potential "Airborne" Ebola For Years

Eric Holder

Another Gun Linked To "Fast & Furious" Found At Crime Scene - DOJ Hide It For A Year

Erdogan Obama

ISIS Opens Consulate In NATO Member's Capital

Black Woman

Shocking - New Democratic Ad - Group Warns Blacks, If You Don't Vote You'll Need A Bullet-Proof Vest

Vonderitt Myers

St Louis Shooting Victim Was A Thug - Gun Powder On Hands, Stolen Gun, Charged With Murder At 16

Roger Gay

Oops...Dimwitted Dems Pick Wrong Guy For Attack Ad


There Are Hundreds Of Bodies With Their Heads Cut Off - The Brutality Of ISIS


Union Enrollment Plummets For Wisconsin Teachers Under New Law

Solar Panels

Britain Tells Farmers, The Massive Handouts For Solar Are Over - Go Back To Farming

Mark Udall

Healthcare Cancellation Avalanche Hits Colorado & Lefty Udall Wanted To Hide It Until After The Election


Obamacare Costs To Soar After Election & HHS Is Hiding Increase From You

Sean Eldridge

Is This The Worst Candidate Of 2014


Obama Plans To Illegally Allow 100,000 Haitians Into US Without Visas - Which Counties Are Next?


War On Coal - Virginia Town's Painful Decline

Chris Christie

Watch Chris Christie Light Up A Union Goon, Like Nobody Else Will

Ron Klain

Ex-Biden Chief of Staff Named "Ebola Czar" - Political Fixer With No Medical Experience


UN Agency Blamed For Hundreds Of Millions Diverted From Afghan Fund


Targeting Cops - Man Goes On Shooting Rampage Against Police In 3 Cities

Jeff Verzi

Man Ordered To Remove American Flag Display Draws Huge Support

Mitt Romney

It Ain't Over Til It's Over

Economic Freedom

2014 World Index of Economic Freedom


Appeals Court Reinstates Texas Voter ID Law

Ann Coulter

We'll Tell You How Dangerous Ebola Is After The Election

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Turkey's President - Susan Rice Is Full Of Crap & We Don't Give A Rats Ass About The Kurds


It's None Of Your Damn Business - White House Refuses To Disclose How Much You Pay For Obama's Fundraising

No Way

Australia Launches Impressive Border Control Message

Chuck Hagel

Hagel Unveils Pentagon Global Warming Strategy - He Is Flat Out Embarrassing

Paul Krugman

Left Wing-Nut, Paul Krugman Says Obama's Low Poll Numbers Don't Matter

Adam Neuman

Afghan Vet Does Battle With Michigan Teachers Union

Illegal Immigrants

Local Jails Refusing To Hold Illegal Alien Criminals

NY Daily News

Ouch!...NY Daily News Rips The "Hemorrhoid With Ears" - They Had Enough


Report - ISIS Flying Captured Syrian Fighter Jets


Watchdog Group Attacks Obama's Secret Gun-Grabbing "Choke Point"


Delusional Dems - Obama Proposed $73 Million In CDC Cuts In 2012 Not Republicans

Thomas Frieden

CDC Chief - Africa's Porous Borders Made Ebola Outbreak Worse

Frontier Airline

Airlines On Edge, Costing Millions & Still No West Africa Ban

Chemical Weapons

Pentagon Withheld Information About Chemical Weapons During Iraq War 

Joe Biden Hunter Biden

Joe Biden's Son Kicked Out Of The Navy

Thomas Frieden

Lawmakers Grill CDC Chief - Makes Ebola Fear Worse

Alison Lundergan Grimes

Here's Proof The Dodging Dem Voted For Barack Obama

Pennsylvania Lawmakers

2 Pennsylvania Lawmakers Involved In Shoot-Out With Robbers Near Capital

Thomas Frieden

CDC Director "Clearly" Something Went Wrong In Texas

Church Pastor

Twitter Blocks Campaign To Protect Pastors From Having To Hand Over Their Sermons To Government


Pennies From Hell - Change We Can't Believe In

Hillary Barack

Move Over Obama, The Clintons Are Taking Over


UN Worker Dies Of Ebola In Germany


Fear & Firepower, But Bloodlust Is ISIS's Biggest Weapon

Thomas Frieden

Dems Blame Republicans For Ebola - You Voted For The Morons

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Shake it Off – Obama Style

News Busted


Illegal Aliens

Welcome To "Bizarro World" Where Immigration Law Doesn't Mean What It Plainly Says

Troops Ebola

Expert "Very Real" Chance US Troops Deployed To Africa Hot Zone Will Get Ebola

James Comey

FBI Director - Americans Fighting With ISIS "Entitled" To Come Back


Talking Turkey


Voting Map Exposes Myth Of "Racist Voter ID Laws"



Is ISIS Using Chemical Weapons - Report Says Yes

Bowe Bergdahl

Obama Bans Release Of Bergdahl Desertion, Treason Investigation Results

Alison Lundergan Grimes

Kentucky Senate Candidate Caught Lying About Coal 

Al Gore

Hey Al, NASA & NOAA Confirmed Your Scam Is Over


MSNBC Hits A New Ratings Low - Viewers Tired Of Disinformation

Gun Free

92% Of Mass Shootings Since 2009 Occurred In Gun-Free Zones


State Department Promotes Pro-Jihad Handbook "Is Anyone In Charge At The White House?"

Yemen Rebels

Obama's Success Story "Death To America, Death To Israel" - The True Story Of Yemen


$500 Million Worth Of US Supplied Military Airplanes Scrapped For 6 Cents Per Pound By Afghan Military

Sal Alinsky

Alinsky Tactics Gone Wild In This Congressional Race

The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons

Must Watch “Border States Of America”

3 American Girls Caught Trying To Join ISIS

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Tiger Woods 

Billy Joel

The Piano Man Hasn't Released A Pop Album Since 1993 And He Will Never Release Another One


Watch This Toyota Supra Break The Import Speed Record At 240 MPH

Black Bear

Black Bear Eats Northern California Man


Google's Growth Is Slowing & Google Won't Say Why


Cable TV Subscription Is Changing Fast - Cord Nevers & Cord Cutters Now Have Internet Streaming

Foliage Season

It's Foliage Season

Jean Tirole

Frenchman, Jean Tirole Wins Nobel Prize For Economics

Sail Boat

15 People Who Are Living The Dream


Uber Gets An "F" From The Better Business Bureau


Man Claims Comcast Got Him Fired After He made Customer Service Complaints


Insurance Companies Already Writing Ebola Exclusions Into Policies

Audi A3

834 Miles On One Tank Of Gas

Larry Ellison

Take A Look At Larry Ellison's $300 Million Hawaiian Paradise


5 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Every Monday Morning

Redneck Repair

What Do You Get When Rednecks Repair Cars


$150 Pair Of Sneakers Taught Me A Lesson That's Lasted 22 Years

Light House

50 States - 50 Of The Coolest Hotels


Shapchat Isn't Private. Period.

Quantum Computing

Quantum Computing Is About To Be The Biggest Breakthrough Of The Century


10 Ways To Protect Your Home Network From Hackers

UNC Athletics

Massive Academic Fraud At The University Of North Carolina

Apple Pay

Apple Pay Has One Big Problem

Giant Spider

This Puppy Sized Spider Will Creep You Out

Air Plane

Which Airline Is The Worst At Nickel & Diming You


Apple Quietly Announced A New Technology That Could Change The Wireless Industry As We Know It

Mark Kuckerberg

The Zuck Buys $100 Million Property In Hawaii


Fusion Reactor Promises "Cheaper Than Coal" Energy


Secretive X-37B Is Back - What Was Its 22 Month Mission


Check Out The World's Biggest Driving Machines


Idiot Passenger On Plane Yells Out "I Have Ebola" - See What Happens

Boone T Pickens 
Yestrerday's Headlines 
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