Tea Party

America's Unfair & Unbalanced Tax Code

What's Next For Cliven Bundy

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Tyranny - It Doesn't End With The Bundy Standoff

Open Land

Biggest Land Grab In The History Of The World


Yet Another Crazy Conservative Conspiracy Theory Proven Correct


IRS Wants Private Tax Collectors To Collect More Tax

Betsy McCaughey

Uh-Oh...A Million Or More Obamacare Subscribers Will Default

Rory Reid

Company Tied To Dirty Harry's Son Wants Land In Bundy Standoff


It Just Gets Worse - Obama's Justice Department Selectively Blocks Mergers By Republican CEOs

Edward Snowden

Snowden's Revenge - Journalists Win Pulitzer For His NSA Leaks


Can You Guess How Many Tax Increases Obama Has Proposed So Far - Take A Shot

USS Donald Cook

USS Donald Cook - Russian Jet Makes Several Unauthorized Passes Near US Warship

White Is Not Right - Campus Admin Asks For Help Weeding Out White People

Obamacare In Pictures For Your Liberal Friends Who Can't Be Bothered To Read 

The Dark Side Of The Sebelius Legacy


86 Million Full-Time Private Sector Workers Sustain 148 Million Benefit Takers

Desert Tortoise

Just So You Know - BLM Is Lying To You, Desert Tortoises Thrive From Cattle Grazing

Cliven Bundy

How Many Of Cliven Bundy's Cows Did The Feds Kill 


The Biggest Addition To The Debt Will Be The Debt Itself

Lois Lerner

The IRS Official From "Hell" Lives In This Lavish House, Instead Of Jail, While You Pay Her

Global Warming

How The Obama Administration Turned The Latest IPCC Report Into Meaningless Gobbledgook


Breweries Fight Back Against New Government Grain Rules - Regulation Nation

Dirty Harry

Surprise - Tons Of Democrats Took Money From Koch Industries

Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin On Sebelius Replacement "You Can't Make This Stuff Up"

Solar Panels

Solar Companies Take Govt. To Court Over Not Getting Enough Grant Money Or Something

The Daily Account Outrage

Ron Paul

Now The IRS Is Targeting Ron Paul

Pot Smoker

Uh-Oh...New Marijuana Study Explains Why It's Called Dope

Ben Carson

Ben Carson - White House Wanted Me To Apologize For "Offending" Obama

James Lovelock

Climate Change Alarmist Reverses Course In Bombshell Interview

Brit Hume

Notion GOP Won't Repeal Obamacare "One Of The Silliest" Arguments

Roland Martin

The Election Of Obama Has Made Black Folks Act Like They Stuck On Stupid

Military PX

Obama's Pay Hike For Federal Contractors Threaten Closure Of Military Base Facilities

Tom Reed

Oops...Congress Has Troubles Paying Their Own Taxes


35,570 Double Votes Counted In North Carolina - Obama Decries "Bogus"

Kirsten Dunst

Feminists Go Bonkers Over Kirsten Dunst's One, Simple Comment

 The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons The Daily Account's Daily Cartoon

Elijah Cummings Coming Under Fire For Collusion With IRS

Watch The New HHS Secretary In Action, Pathetic


Catherine Engelbrecht

True The Vote Witness Helped Expose The Corruption In The IRS

Bonnie Youn

Obama "Champion" Scrubbed From White House Website After Indictment For Immigration Fraud

Obama & Putin

Obama Is Trying To Surrender To Putin Again Against The Defense Department & Intelligence Agencies Objections  

Russian Tank

Obama Gets Tough - Imposes Sanctions On 6 Crimeans, 1 Ukrainian And A Gas Company

Dannel Malloy

"Assault Weapon" Rebellion - The Gun Registration Everybody Forgot To Show Up For

Michelle Obama

The "Mooch's" Ban On All Junk Food In Public Schools Going Into Effect While She Eats A Burger & Fries

 Scott Walker

Wisconsin Gov, Scott Walker Hits 59% Approval Despite Left's Continued Attacks


7 Blockbuster Obamacare Charts Obama Doesn't Want You To See


Bureaucratic Pinheads Try To Close Church For A Mistake The County Made 3 Decades Ago


IRS Scandal Pointing To Obama

Muslim Brotherhood

Muslim Brotherhood Flees London After Investigation Launched


Conservative Leader Calls For Movement For There To Be A Constitution Again


Background Check Backlog To Blame For Gun Sales To Maryland Fugitives & Felons

Live Free Or Die

It Begins - Pumped Up GOP "Grassroots" Rally In New Hampshire

Clive Bundy

Feds End Nevada Standoff, But Vows To Take Rancher Down

Dirty Harry

The Nevada Ranch Fight Blows The Lid Off Dirty Harry's Plans With The Chinese


Shocking - Common Core Portrays Obama As America's Voice Of Racial Healing, Calming Racist White Voters

Wendy Davis

Why Does She Lie? Wendy Davis Slams Opponent For Pay Gap, Which She Has More Of 

Eric Holder

2 Federal Judges Said Holder Had "No Authority" (He Went Outside The Law) To Cut Drug Sentences

Jay Carney

This Will Explain Why Jay Carney Is A Huge Liar - His Home Proudly Displays Soviet Propaganda Posters - Take A Look

Al Sharpton

Al Sharpton's Greed Forced Him To Be A Snitch For The FBI

Gearge Will

Even George Will Says The Obama Administration's Constant Claims Of Racism Are Becoming A Joke

Charlie Rangel

83-Year-Old Charlie Rangel Says "Qualifications" Don't Matter In Re-Election Bid


TSA To Expand "Behavior Screening" Program Even Though GAO Says It Doesn't Work

Kathleen Sebelius

Even Libs Can't Figure Out How She Kept Her Job For So Long

Gina McCarthy

Finally, EPA Admits It Is Lying - Can't Produce Data Justifying Draconian Clean Air Rules

Hugo Chavez

Why Libs Love Dead Commies

Chemical Weapons

Assad, Al Qaeda Blame Each Other For Latest Chemical Attack

Condoleezza Rice

Condi Keeps Her Job - Survives Left-Wing LGBT Attack

Hillary Clinton

Uh-Oh...MSNBC Screws Up, Panel Can't Name One Thing Hillary Has Accomplished


"In a recent survey, 84 percent of Americans were unable to locate Ukraine on a map. When he heard this, Vladimir Putin said, 'That's easy, it's in Russia now.'" –Conan O'Brien

Dimwit Dem Who Wants “War On Fox” Turns Into A Rout

Must See- 65 Outrageous Lies By Obama


Trey Gowdy

Watch Trey Gowdy Open Up A Can Of "Whoop-Ass" On IRS Criminal Lois Lerner

Sharyl Attkisson

Sharyl Attkisson Dubbed A "Troublemaker" At CBS For Looking Into Scandals


Get Ready - IRS Gearing Up To Go After Obamacare Mandate Fines

Bangladeshi Women

You Just Spent $6 Million To "Increase The Empowerment Of Women" In Bangladesh

Obama Election

Shock Claim - Obama Used The IRS To Steal The 2012 Election


Sickening - Muslims Are Slaughtering Christians Like Chickens Around The World

Robert Bray

Air Marshal Director Resigns Amid Agency Gun Scheme

White House

Shocking Scheme To Neutralize 36 States Votes Advances - Exactly What The Founding Fathers Didn't Want

Obama & Adviser

Another Big Fat Lie - Economic Advisers Admit White House 77 Cents Pay Gap Claim Is Bogus

Michael Morell

Now Congress Considering Contempt Charges For Former CIA Deputy Chief For Lying

General Motors

GM Being Fined $7,000 A Day For Not Turning Over Investigation Documents - Why Can't They Do That To Eric Holder

Eric Holder

Watch The Politically Corrupt, Lawless Lawman Discuss Your 2nd Amendment Rights


The Gun Running Brainless ATF Now Planning To Use Drones To Infringe On Your 4th Amendment


The Federal Budget In 2013 Was Completely Dysfunctional  

David Petraeus

Is The DOJ Using Leverage To Keep David Petraeus Quiet

Global Warming

New UN Global Warming Report Is Nothing But "Hot Air"


Tax Freedom Day - Americans Pay More Taxes Than What They Spend On Food, Clothing, Housing Combined


US Sees Sharpest Health Insurance Premium Increases In Years - DUH!

Al Sharpton

Truth Challenged, Tax Cheat Al Sharpton - I Wasn't A Mob Informant, But I Did Inform On The Mob 

La Raza

Obama Gives $30 Million To Radical Group "La Raza" With Hundreds Of Millions More Promised


Senate Report - CIA Misled Congress On Interrogation Program

Illegal Aliens

Illegal Aliens Flooding US Claiming "Credible Fear"

Jeff Sessions

Sen. Jeff Sessions "Deliberate Plan By The President" To Collapse US Law Enforcement System

Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi's Secret Hand In The IRS Stonewall

Pat Roberts

Sen. Pat Roberts - IRS Is Still Targeting Conservatives, They Haven't Stopped


Obama's Equal Pay Mandate Gives Feds Extraordinary New Spying Powers

Gina McCarthy

EPA Chief Pulls An Al Gore - No CO2 Emissions  For You, But Plenty For Me

Eric Holder

Holder Blames "Racism" For Congress's Tough Questioning Of His Political Corruption

Michelle Obama

Great News - The Mooch's Ireland Junket Came In Under $10 Million

Obama & Holder

Obama Request $1.1 Billion For DOJ To Force Gun Control 

Lois Lerner

House Panel Asks DOJ For Criminal Prosecution For Lerner - Holder Will Say No

Obama Grear

Completely Illegal - IRS Employees Urging Callers To Voter For Obama

Ted Cruz

Senate Miracle - Cruz-Backed Bill Unanimously Approved In Senate

Tea Party

A Battle Plan For Conservatives To Take Over The GOP

Michelle Obama

How Kids Are Fighting Back Against The "Mooch's" Government Approved Lunches

Eric Holder

The Lawless Lawman Has Some New Ideas For Gun Control


New Testimony By IRS Agents - No Progressive Groups Were Targeted

Kathleen Sebelius

Americans On Medicaid Exceeds Population Of UK

Fast Food Worker

The Fastest-Growing Jobs In America & Boy Is It Depressing


Virginia Democrat Calls All NRA Supporters "Pure Trash" & Doesn't Want Their Vote


Jeb Bush

Establishment Non Conservative GOP Insider, Jeb Bush, Defends "Act Of Love" Not A Felony Remarks


Insanity - Arguments Heat Up In California's "Bathroom War"

Sylvia Mathews Burwell

Just So You Know - New HHS Secretary Was Caught Picking Through Vince Foster's Classified Trash

John Boehner

Is Boehner Out 

Kathleen Sebelius

Sebelius One Week Ago - I'm Absolutely Sticking Around

Blake Farenthold

GOP Lawmaker Suggests Eric Holder Should "Be In Jail"...To His Face

Red Tape

Regulation Nation & The Rise Of The Red Tape Is Shocking


Rand Study - 3.9 Million Signed Up For Obamacare, Not 7.1 Million - Have You Had Enough Of This Guy Yet?

Steve Burke

Hey Loony Libs, By Your Definition, Your Guy, NBC's-CEO Is A Homophobe 

Illegal Aliens

New Massive Wave Of Illegal Aliens Coming

Nancy Pelosi

Stupidity Of Legend - Obamacare Consumers Decry Higher Costs, Fewer Options - Pelosi, No You're Going To Love This 


Military Madness - Bad Accounting Costs $700 Million For Coalition's Food & Laundry In Afghanistan

Al Franken

Al Frankenstein Freaks Out Over Sara Palin's Endorsement Of GOP Rival 


Congress Preps For Illegal Immigration Executive Orders

Ibrahim Bin Shakaran

Another Gitmo Detainee Released Killed While Leading Jihadist In Syria - Did NBC Tell You About This

Illegal Aliens

Texas - 50 Illegal Alien "Convicted" Criminals Arrested In 3 Days


We Have The Capacity To Get Benghazi Attackers, But Obama Won't Do It

Lois Lerner

House To Vote Whether IRS Official From "Hell" Will Be Held In Contempt


Another Mass Shooting In A Gun-Free Zone, Fort Hood

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Sharyl Attkisson On White House Pressure

Judge Napolitano – The Most Dangerous Part Of This Is About To Come


Ben Carson

Ben Carson Stuns Black Left Wing Liberal With Attack On The NAACP 


A Criminal Organization Masquerading As A Political Party

Tim Scott

Senator Tim Scott Makes More Sense About Fixing The Economy In 3 Minutes Than Obama In 5 Years

Al Gore

An Inconvenient Truth Part 2

Muslim Brotherhood In The Oval Office

Barder Patrol

Mexican Military Holds Border Patrol At Gunpoint Inside US

"Religion Of Peace" Urges All Muslim Supporters To Kill Christians 

Shocking - Leaked DHS Drill: Military, Veterans, Capitalists & You Are The Enemy - Watch



The Insane Fantasies Of The Marxist EPA Exposed By One Simple Chart

The Worst Idea In The World 

Michael Savage

WOW Alex Jones & Michael Savage Discuss Obama's Corruption - Listen To The Truth

Illegal Aliens

Obama Released Tens Of Thousands Of Illegal Alien Criminals "Treason"

Illegal Aliens

Obama's Illegal "Catch & Release" Policy Endangers Every American 

USS Sterett

Obama To Kill Navy's Tomahawk & Hellfire Missile Programs - Makes No Sense

Common Core Asks Kids To Write The "Friendly" Math Answer Not The Correct One 

Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren, A Genuine Moron, Not A Fake One, Believes Corporations Create Poverty 

Voter Fraud

Thousands Of Cases Of Voter Fraud In North Carolina

Woman Convicted Of Voter Fraud Honored By Ohio Democrats - Read It & Weep

Michael Morell

Sources On Ground During Benghazi Attack Slam EX-CIA Boss  Testimony

Chuck Schumer

Chuck-E Cheese Schumer - We Need To Continue Attack Ads On The Koch Brothers

Growing Opposition To Obama's Internet Giveaway


Socialism - Failures For 5 Generations & Sponsored By Democrats Everywhere


The Daily Accounts Daily Cartoons The Daily Account's Daily Cartoon

Flashback – Reminder Of What The IRS Is Doing To Conservatives

Judge Jeanine – What Ever Happened To Truth And Justice

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John Daily
Michael Phelps

SD Girls

WOW - Two Girls Missing Since 1971 Found


The Most Normal States In America

Navajo Family

Navajo Families Receive Electricity For The First Time


$90 Tax On An Ounce Is Too Much - Colorado's Marijuana Black Market Is Alive & Well


Bend It, Charge It, Dunk It, Hardest Material In The World

Marjorie Margolies

Chelsea Clinton's Mother-In-Law Knows How To Cheat The Taxpayers Just Like Her Mother

Mikey Rooney

Mickey Rooney's Body Remains Unclaimed Due To His Family's Feud

Message In A Bottle

101-Year-Old Message In A Bottle Returned To Sender

Joseph Perella

Wall Street CEO - Here's What Could End My 40-Year Career In A Day

Vince Megna

Uh-Oh...Tesla Hit By First Lemon Claim From "King Of The Lemon Law"


5 Things You Must Do Before You Trash Your Old Tech Gadgets


Windows XP Is Done - Tech Tips On Your Options


McDonald's Trying To Supersize Its Growth

Jess Belhumeur

This Couple Built Their Tiny Home For $10,000 - Check It Out

Golf Digest

New Golf Digest Cover Pisses Off Female Golfers

Why Aren't Millions More Americans Working?

1 in 68 US Kids Diagnosed With Autism 


10 Best & 10 Worst Jobs For 2014


The 5 Most Addictive Human Behaviors


How To Get More Time To File Your Tax Return

Microsoft Uncle Sam

IRS Tastes Its Own Medicine, Will Pay Microsoft Millions

Gloria Valle-Clas

Woman Living In Luxury Caught Stealing $377,000 In Government Benefits

Kim Jong Un

The Little Murdering Dictator Declares Himself "Re-Elected"

Warren Buffett

Has The Oracle Of Omaha Lost His Edge


Apple Is Sitting On $159 Billion In Cash

Navy Ship

US Navy "Game Changer" Sea-Water Into Fuel


Death Toll In Washington Mudslide Rises To 33

Old Couple

Danger Zone - America's Retirement System Is Breaking Down

Smartphone Payment

Retailers Push Into Mobile Payment  Market - Pay With Your Smartphone

Gabriel Weinberg

Search Engine DuckDuckGo Is Taking On Google, But With A Big Difference


Is This The Future Of Tailgating

Lawn Mower

Ready To Mow - World's Fastest Lawn Mower


Silicon Valley Disaster - 21-Year-Old Stanford Kid Got $30 Million, Then Everything Blew Up


What Is It - It's A Helicat


The 5 Best Chick-Fil-A Secret Menu Items


You'll Want To Scream After Finding Out How Much Money Was Spent On Each Obamacare Sign Up

Dana McCallum

A San Fransicko Story - A Transgender Man/Woman Accused Of Raping His/Her Wife Who Maybe A Man/Woman - You Figure It Out

Plastic Camel

Congratulations - Taxpayers Just Sent $400,000 On A Plastic Camel...In Pakistan

Michael Lewis

"Flash Boys" Is The Stock Market Really Rigged

James Hellwig

WWE's Ultimate Warrior Dies At 54

Jonathan Fleming

Man Cleared Of NYC Murder After 25 Years In Prison

Carol Thebarge

Teacher Dismissed After Refusing To Un-Friend Students On Facebook

Rob Lowe

Here Is A Twist - Rob Lowe Says There's A Bias Against Good Looking People

Darth Vader

New "Star Wars " Movie Has Started Filming

ATM Machine

Broken ATM Spits Out $37,000

Military Jet

9 Minutes Of Making Jihadists Closer To Allah - Watch

David Letterman

David Letterman's Top 10 Career Milestones


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Bill Cosby Does It Again


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