Greeks Have Problems With New Debt Deal 
Donald Trump & Unions

What Do Americans Know About Memorial Day

WOW – MSNBC Doesn't Believe Hillary's Excuse For Her Private Emails

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Hillary Clinton

Ex-Aide's Testimony Exposes Hillary's Lie About Emails

Ashton Carter

Defense Secretary Pondering How To Change All Military Job Titles To "Gender-Neutral"


Another Obamacare Insurer Co-Op Closes

Bernie Sanders

The Bern Panics Dems With Trump Debate

Hillary Clinton

Clinton Campaign How Taking Hits From All Sides After IG Email Scandal Report


43 Republicans Join Democrats To Support Obama's Transgender Agenda


Graduating Class Defies Ohio School Bard's Ban On Lord's Prayer

Donald Trump

Trump Packs The House In Bismark North Dakota

Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Wazz-Up Schultz Fights To Keep Her Job

Border Patrol

Somali Muslim Entering The US Illegally Tries To Run Over Border Agents




When The White House Lies To The Media & Laughs Doing It

The Fictional Iran Deal

The Redskins & Liberal Logic

Muslim Immigration

Former DHS Officer Discusses Trump's "Temporary Halt" To Muslim Immigration

Obama In Vietnam

Obama Embracing Evil


Shocker - Half Of Misogyny On Twitter Comes From Women

Restroom Sign

Bathrooms & Private Property

Hillary Clinton

Hillary's Really Bad Week -The Bern Ties Her In California

Jesus Christ

Just So You Know - Huffington Post Claims Jesus Christ Was Transgender - Continues To Lose Credibility

Donald Trump

Trump Hands Off Key Aspects Of His Presidential Campaign To RNC

Hillary Clinton

Clinton Investigator Reveals - She Was In Charge Of The Bimbo Eruptions & Running A Criminal Enterprise  

Katie Couric

Left-Wing Katie Couric, Makes A Deceptive Gun Documentary

Dick Morris

Dick Morris - Private Aide Ran Hillary's Email Server Without Security Clearance 

Kim Jong Un

Kim Jong Un's Aunt, Who Lives In The US Speaks Out

Trump Sanders

Trump, Sanders - No Debate, Trump Decides It Would Be "Inappropriate"

Brad Sherman

Flying Pig Alert - A Democratic Congressman Admits ISIS Is Islamic - Breaks With Obama Doctrine

Man For Hillary

Remember Lib-Tard's "Pajama Boy" - They Blow It Again 

Bernie Sanders

Shocker - Univision Grills Sanders On Latin America's Failed Socialism, The Bern Clammed Up - Watch

Bob Iger

Disney CEO Not Happy With Bernie Sanders - Hey Big Mouth Socialist, How Many Jobs Have You Created


Guess What - The Liar-In-Chief Is Not Leaving Washington

Venezuelans Looting

Daily Looting - Venezuelans Looting Truck Full Of Milk

Donald Trump

Trump Blasts "Loser" Bill Kristol For Trying To Start Third Party For 9 Months - Watch

Paul Ryan

Paul RINO Secretly Rushes Puerto Rico Bailout Through, Just As He Promised Nancy Pelosi - You're Going To Pay For Their Reckless Spending



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The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons

Europe Is On It's Death Bed

Glenn Beck Is The New American Psycho


Washington Post

Washington Post Does It Again - Attacks Voter ID Laws, Claims Lefties Are To Stupid To Get An ID 

Hillary Clinton

Hillary's Plan For First 100 Days In Office Is Terrifying


Disney Blasts The "Need To Be Fired" VA Secretary - "We Take Wait Times Very Seriously"

Joseph Stiglitz

Top Hillary Economic Adviser Praised Chavez Venezuelan Socialism - Now You Know

Bernie Sanders

The Bern - Democratic Convention Is Going To Be "Messy"

Budget Book

House May Advance Appropriations Bill That "Spends" More Than Obama Requested


Hey Moron Millennials - A Burger In Bernie's Socialism Paradise Costs $170 - Want To Know Why

Rush Limbaugh

Rush - Trump Is Doing The Job The Media Won't Do, By Discussing Clinton's Past


Media Was Paid To Run Pro-Iran Nuclear Deal Stories

Muslims In Washington

Trump - Hillary Can't Say She Cares About Women While Importing Radical Women Oppressing Refugees To America

Anti-Trump Protesters

Anti-Trump Mexican "Thugs" Chant "Viva Mexico" While Burning American Flag & Assaulting Cops

John Koskinen

Celebrate - House Launches Effort To Impeach IRS Commissioner

Bowe Bergdhal

The Deserter/Traitor, Bowe Bergdahl's Defense Team Says Trump Calling The Traitor A Traitor Taints The Case

Ontario High School

This Graduation Diploma Sums Up America's Public Schools 

Illegal Aliens

Illegal Aliens Sue After Landlord Demands Documentation For Housing

Robert McDonald

Veterans Outrage - VA Secretary - Disney Doesn't Measure Wait Times So Why Should The VA


Shocking - Portland State Students Donate For Hamas To Blow Up Israeli Hospitals, Cafes, Schools

Terry McAuliffe

Another Clinton Ally, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, Under FBI Investigation

Marilyn Mosby

Freddie Gray Case - 2nd Police Officer Found Not Guilty Of All Charges

Harry Reid

Dirty Harry On Elizabeth Warren As Hillary's VP - "Hell No"






11 States Sue Obama's Transgender Demands Violate State, Federal Law & Unconstitutional

Paul Ryan

RINO Ryan - I'm Still Not Ready To Endorse Trump Even Though He Is The Nominee, He Has Not Assured Me He Will Help Us Screw Americans

German Police

Migrant Crime Explodes In Germany

Ann Coulter

Truth Telling Coulter - Fantasy Baseball, Beltway Style

Hillary Clinton

Clintonville Is Hitting The Panic Button - Check Out This Graph


Obama's America - 33% Of Millennials Broke, Single, Living At Home

Illegal Aliens

Illegal Alien Border Crossings Surge To Highest Level In 2 Years

Fields Huffington

Well, Well - "Discredited" Trump Campaign Manager Accuser Signs On At The, Damn The Facts, Just Make It Up, Huffington Post 

Trump & Gingrich

Will Trump Pick Gingrich


Coca-Cola To Stop Production In Bernie Sanders Socialist Paradise




 Military Women 
President Obama today spoke at the G7 summit in Japan. Bernie Sanders was like, "G7?! Bingo!" - Seth Meyers

New Busted

Lies Upon Lies Over Emails


Hillary Clinton

How Corporate America Brought The Lying Queen For $21 Million

Bernie Sanders

Sanders Suing To Extend California's Voter Registration Until Primary Day

Anthony Weiner

"Carlos Danger" Calls Trump "F-ckface Von Clownstick" - Still A Very Troubled Man

Tammy Bruce

Real Facts About The Democrats War On Women


Preparing To Fight The Government

Iranian Commander

Iranian Commander - We Can Destroy Israel In Under 8 Minutes


Obama Accelerates His "Emasculation Jihad" On The US Military - This Story Is Shocking


ESPN Reporters - Native Americans Who Aren't Offended By "Redskins" Don't Know What They Are Talking About - (Only 90%)

Bill Clinton

Bill's Rally For Hillary Packs In 300 In Montana 

Kenneth Brissette

Democratic Official Arrested On Union Extortion Charge - Tip Of The Iceberg

Louie Gohmert

Lawmaker Predicts FBI Will Stay Silent On Clinton Indictment, But Wants Trump To Come In And Clear Out The DOJ "Cesspool"

Newt Gingrich

Gingrich On Hillary's Muslim Comments - "I Think She Is Crazy"

Jim Justice

West Virginia Governor Hopeful Has Left A Trail Of Unpaid Fines & Bills

O'Hare Airport

TSA Is In A Full-Blown Crisis - Bureaucrats At Work 

Bernie Sanders

Sanders Defiant On The Stump, Sneakily Negotiating Dem Unity & A Job 

Ta-Nehisi Coates

The Victimhood Of Black Millionaires - What Do You Do When You Aren't A Victim Anymore

Bill Kristol

Long Time "No Clue" Establishment Pundit, Bill Kristol's New "Renegade Party" Misses Goal Of 3,000 Twitter Followers

Elizabeth Warren

The Fake Indian Goes After Trump Again

Lorretta Lynch

Judge Orders Ethics Classes For "Deceptive" DOJ Attorneys - You Would Have Been Charged




US Army Lt. Colonel Denied A Concealed Carry Permit In New Jersey

Dolly Kyle

One Of Bill Clinton's Girlfriends - Why People Are Going To Trump


Homeland Security Tells Airlines To Eliminate Baggage Fees To Speed Up TSA Lines

Tom Brokaw

Tom "No Facts" Brokaw Tells College Grads, Owning Firearms Leads To Terrorism

Hugo Chavez

Sean Penn's Favorite Dictator's Daughter Is Worth $4.2 Billion & She Didn't Earn It

Pope Francis

The Pope Celebrates The Islamization Of Europe

Jesse Hughes

Band Performing During Paris Terrorist Attacks Kicked Out Of Festival For Anti-Muslim Remarks

Bernie Sanders

The Bern Says He "Came From The Working Class" - But That Depends On Your Definition Of "Working" & "Class" 

Hillary Clinton

Uh-Oh...41% Of Hispanics Have Negative View Of Hillary, She Only "Desires" White House For Herself

Mitt Romney

Romney Cuts & Runs From #NeverTrump Movement

Monica Crowley

How Trump Is Drawing In Democrats


Shocking - Bureaucratic Pinheads Give Millions Of Your Money To Agencies That Will Not Account For The Money 

Giant Grocery Store

Security Guard Arrested For Booting Man From Ladies Room

Michelle Obama

Oops...Michelle Obama's Nutrition Facts Labeling Not Based On Science

Juanita Broadrick

Clinton Rape Accuser Blasts "Biased" NBC Anchor

Robert Gates

Former Defense Secretary, Robert Gates Blasts White House On ISIS Mission

Bernie Sanders

Bernie Backers Get Violent, Now It's The Democrats

Donald Trump

Deja Vu All Over Again - Washington Elite Still Trying To Block Trump's Nomination

Venezuela's Hospital

Welcome To Bernie's Socialism - No Electricity, No Antibiotics, No Beds, No Soap, Blood On The Floor

Syrian Refugees

Obama's Muslim Syrian Refugee Program - Christians Not Welcome

Gary Johnson

Libertarian Presidential Candidate Picks His VP

Lindsey Graham

Loony-Toons Graham, Now Urging Republicans To Vote For Trump

Barbare Boxer

Left-Wing Anti-Gun Barbara Boxer - My Armed Security Saved Me - This Woman Shouldn't Be Let Out Of The House Without Supervision

Solar Plant

Obama-Backed Solar Plant Incinerates Itself & Billions Of Your Dollars


Former White House Reporter - Media "Happy To Be Managed" By Obama


American ISIS Fighter Defects After Witnessing "Unexpected" Brutality - Ivy League Educated, Claims He Was Clueless


Border Patrol Agent - 80% Of Illegals Apprehended Are Released Into The US

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Campaign Accused Of Mass Cheating In Kentucky To Give Her The Win

Dominique Blair

College Radicals - 5 Conservative College Students Who Stand Up To PC Culture 

Kelli Ward John McCain

Washington Insider John McCain - His Challenger Ties Him In The Polls

Illegal Aliens

California Dems Lied To Everyone - Illegal Aliens With Driver's Licenses Not Buying Insurance, You Better Read This

Clinton Obama Sanders

The Democratic Party Civil War - Obama Won't Intervene

Mary Fallin

Oklahoma Governor Vetoes Abortion Ban

Bill De Blasio

Welcome To The Liberal Loon's NYC - Businesses Greeting Customers As "Mr" Or "Mrs" Could Get You A Hefty Fine


Brilliant - Chicago's Pension Problem Just Got $11.5 Billion Bigger

Illegal Alien Children

Expanded Health Benefits For Illegal Alien Children & American's Will Pay For It

Trump & Clinton

New Poll - Which Do Voters Trust More

Jeff Sessions

Jeff Sessions - Obama's Federal Prison Break Order Means Thousands More Crime Victims - Due You Get What Obama's Doing Yet



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George Clooney Is A Fake

ISIS Terrorists Mixing With Refugees

Bernie Sanders  


Exxon Threatened With Climate Deceit - Lawsuit To Penalize Climate Change Deniers

Mark Levin

Levin's Wake-Up Call - The Middle Class Decline Is Not Because Of Capitalism

Hillary & Bernie

Progressive's Lust For Power & Their Hidden Agenda

Women Focus Group

Women Focus Group On Hillary - "Corrupt, Liar, Deceiver, Opportunist" - Watch


Wendy's Decides The Minimum Wage Should Be $0.0 


Democrat's Utopia - Racism, Riots, Economic Ruin & Poison Water - The Con Job Continues


Preppers Say Obama "Has Divided The Country & Put Us On A Course For Civil War"

Muslim Terrorist

Insane Muslim Terrorists

Homer Simpson

D'oh! - The "Bern's" Climate Change Agenda Would Actually Increase Carbon Emissions "Dramatically"

Bill Hillary Clinton

Huge Conflict - Persian Gulf Sheikhs Gave Bill & Hillary $100 Million

Jane Sanders

People Are Says Bernie Sanders Wife, Jane Drove This Vermont College Into The Ground

Gina McCarthy

You Were Never Suppose To Know - EPA Gave $190 Million In Grants To "Independent" Science Advisers For Reports They Wanted 


How The Democrats Destroyed Camden

Cal Poly

California Campus Socialists Are Struggling - Claim Students Are Living A Good Life & That Has To End - They Gotta Love Bernie


New Military Survey - Troops Overwhelmingly Want Trump, Not Clinton


The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons

The Bern Refuses To Drop Out Of The Presidential Race

Gingrich – The Democratic Party's Corruption Coming Home To Roost

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Harmony Of The Sea 

Super Gun

WOW - New Military Supergun

Spider Web

Scientists Created A Wire That Acts Like A Spider's Web

Brendan Bechtel

Meet The Private Company That Has Changed The Face Of The World


Boots On The Ground - Where Our Soldiers Are Deployed


Oddball Cars You've Never Heard Of

Bill Gates

25 Quotes From Bill Gates That Take You Inside The Mind Of The World's Richest Man

Blue Marlin

Gigantic Ship Carrying Gigantic Ships

El Chapo

Cartel Boss "El Chapo" Moved To A Prison Just Across The Boarder From Texas


Charles Lindbergh

13 Of The Luckiest People In History

ATM Machine

Thieves Steal $13 Million In 3 Hours From ATM Machines

Blues Brothers

16 Best Action Comedies Of All-Time

Andy Johnson

Wyoming Rancher Beats EPA In Pond Fight - Won't Have To Pay $16 Million In Fines

Chair & Lake

30 Small Towns You Should Visit This Summer


2 Fighter Jets Do Battle With UFO


Nordstrom's Plunging Sales Confirms A Troubling New Trend Among Wealthy Shoppers

Self Driving Car

10 Million Self Driving Cars Will Be On The Road By 2020


Sun Flyer

Could This Plane Change Aviation

Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby Ordered To Stand Trial In Sex Assault Case

Sophia Amoruso

From Dumpster Diving To Self-Made Millionaire, Nasty Girl Now Looks At Money Very Differently

George Zimmerman's Gun

The Gun George Zimmerman Used To Shoot Trayvon Martin Sells At Auction


The 20 Worst Casual Dining Restaurant Chains

Russian City Car

The Russian City Car - Very Cool, Check It Out

Global Brain

New AI Platform That Blows Siri Out Of The Water

Married Couple

Decades Of Research - Having Kids Lead To A Depressing Conclusion About Marriage


Glass Cable Cars 
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 Trump & Clinton

Donald Trump


6 Hidden Taxes That Cost The Average Household $1,000 


50 Most Expensive Movies Ever Made

USS Sea Hunter

The US Navy's New "Crewless" Ship

Computer Hacker

Russian Hacker Steals Over 200 Million Email Passwords

1970 Barracuda

1970 Plymouth Barracuda Worth $1.4 Million Stolen - One Hot Ride


Ugly, Ugly Stuff Coming Out Of The Democratic Nevada Convention

Bill Clinton Rapes – You Should Know

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