Baltimore Violence Is Now Out of Control

Ted Cruz Confronts Local Reporter

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During Special Obamacare Enrollment Period, Zero People Enrolled In Crazy Expensive Hawaii Exchange

Sid Blumenthal

A Trip Down Memory Lane With Sid Vicious - Clinton's Sleazeball

GOP Canididates

Ten Is Too Few

Freedom Of Speech

Majority Of Democrats Support Criminalizing Free Speech

Mitch McConnell

Republican Controlled Senate Hands Obama A Major Victory


The Union That Refused To Leave

Ruben Gallego

Dem Rep. - The Border Is Never Going To Be Secure, It's Republican Double Speak

JP Morgan

5 Major Banks Guilty Of Currency Manipulation, Acting As A Cartel


Boy Scouts Of American Forced To Ban Water Guns

Bill Clinton

Congress Votes To Limit Ex-Presidents Taxpayer Funded Office & Travel Expense


Death To Infidels!

The Progressives Thug Agenda

Amtrak Is No Way To Run A Railroad


Uh-Oh...NBC Calls Obama's ISIS Strategy "Definition Of Stupidity"

James Comey

FBI Admits No Major Cases Cracked With Patriot Act Snooping Powers


Chinese Military Using Jamming Against US Drones


FEC Backs Off Regulating Political Internet Content...For Now

Bill & Hillary Clinton

Surprise - Clintons Reveal, Under Pressure, Another $26 Million In Additional Donations


Feds Pay $8,000 To Teach Other Feds How To Use Email

James P Hoffa

Teamsters Continue To Spend Big On Politics While Preparing To Cut Members Pensions

Ann Coulter

Knowing What We Know Now, Would You Say Jeb Bush Is Retarded?

Kim Jong Un

North Korean Submarine Launch Photos Were Fake

TSA Body Scanners

Morons At Work - Government Selling $160,000 Naked Body Scanners For As Little As $10

San Franciso Illegals

San Francisco Holds Special Graduation For Illegals - Who Paid For Their Education


Domino's Customers Call Obamacare Regs "Obnoxious, Costly, Annoying"

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Less Popular Now Than In 2008 - What Sane Person Could Possibly Support Her?


Americans Greatly Overestimate Percentages Of Gays & Lesbians


Civil Asset Forfeiture - Is It The Fancy Way Of Saying State-Sanctioned Theft

James McGovern

Democratic Lawmaker - $74 Billion Food Stamp Benefit To Low

Gay Marriage

Study Of Attitudes To "Same-Sex" Marriage Retracted Over "Fake Data"

Usama Bin Laden

Bin Laden Documents Released


Say What? Obama Links Global Warming To Boko Haram, ISIS

Mitch McConnell

The Fake Republican Struggles To Save NSA Phone-Snooping Program

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The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons  The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons

What Happened To The “Summer Of Recovery”

Study The Past



Liberals At Work - Murders, Shootings Surge In Baltimore


Benghazi Revelations Deepen Scandal For Hillary

Scott Walker

Scott Walker's Problem

Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi

Read It & Weep - Liberals Claim Republicans Aid ISIS Recruitment


Obama Trying To Ban Police Weapons, Riot Gear, Cammo Because They Lead To Blacks Having "Fear" & "Mistrust"

Amtrak Crash

The Amtrak Crash - Government's Ideology Instead Of Facts 

Tamara Holder

Left-Wing FOX News Contributor Accused Of Having Affair With Jesse Jackson Sr.

Supreme Court

Supreme Court Strikes Down Maryland Double-Tax Law

Loretta Lynch

New & Improved DOJ Plans To Pay "Community Organizers" $163 Million To "Build Trust"

Christiana Figueres

Australia Alerted To Real Reasons Behind Climate Scare - Now You Know



Iran Missile Launch Leaves Neighbors With 4 Minute Reaction Time

Rahm Emanuel

Chicago Municipal Bonds Rated "Junk" - Another Democratic Run City


LA City Council Votes For $15 Minimum Wage

Hillary Clinton

She Lied Again - Had More Than One Secret Private Email Account

Dan Mitchell

Instead Of Ending Poverty, Big Government Subsidizes Dependency

John Kerry

Half-Wit Kerry Says The Internet Needs More Government Rules To Work Properly


States With The Biggest & Smallest Governments

George Steohanopoulos

Stephanopoulos's Long, Long Record Of Loyal Service To The Clintons


Members Union Dues Going To The Clinton Foundation

School Lunch

The Administration Has Heard Your Complaints About Lousy School Lunches - Their "Fix" Is Laughter

Angela Davis

1960s Communist Queen of Counter-Culture Lets Cat Out Of Bag 

Diosdado Cabello

Top Officials In "Socialist Paradise" Venezuela, Being Investigated For Drug Trafficking

Home Schooling

1,773,000 - Homeschooled Children Up 61.8%

Julian Castro

Is This Hillary's Running Mate?


Stunning - New Judicial Watch Docs Reveal Obama & Hillary Knew Of Benghazi Attack 10 Day In Advance

Sid Blumenthal

Hillary Confidante Counseled State Department On Behalf Of Business Interests While Employed By Clinton Foundation

Ben Stein

Hillary Clinton Hasn't Accomplished Anything In Her Life


Immigrants Applying To Enter US Legally Facing Longer Waits


NRA Plans 2016 Voter Outreach As Gun Rights Support Grows

Al Sharpton Daughter

Al Sharpton's Daughter Sues NYC For $5 Million After Spraining Ankle 


President Obama broke a world record after he reached a million followers on Twitter in just five hours. The only guys not following Obama? His Secret Service agents. They lost track months ago. - Jimmy Fallon

“You Are White” You Don't Belong Here – Hispanic KKK

Rand Paul Wraps 10-Hour Filibuster Over NSA Surveillance


Marilyn Mosby

Over Her Head Mosby Wants A "Gag Order" In Baltimore


ISIS Takes Ramadi As Iraqi Troops Flee

Michael Johnson

Affirmative Action Firefighter Refuses To Fight Fires

Hillary Clinton Botton

Clinton Campaign Didn't Like This Parody - Shut It Down

Pope Francis Mahmoud Abbas

Pope Francis Just Called Palestinian Terrorist Leader Mahmoud Abbas "Angel Of Peace" - I'm Not Sure His Boss Would Approve

James Madison

What Would James Madison Do?

Nancy Pelosi

Thank God - Pelosi's Power Waning In House

Dzhokbar Tsarnaev

Death Sentence


Amtrak Collected $1.3 Billion From Stimulus, Plus Much More

White House

Poll - Voters Believe White House Is Incompetent

Associated Press

Liberals Pressure AP & Large Newspapers To Call Global Warming Skeptics, "Deniers"

Illegal Aliens

20 Traitors - Republicans Who Voted To Gut America's Military Using Illegal Aliens

Iran Ship

Showdown Coming - Iranian Ship To Defy US Orders, Sets Course For Yemen


New Report - VA Wastes $6 Billion Annually - Doors Wide Open For Fraud, Waste & Abuse

White Mercenaries

Interesting - Old White Mercenaries Have Boko Haram On The Run

Capital Building

House Leadership Bans Lawmakers From Amending Key Iran Oversite Bill

Saudi Arabia

Arab Leaders Revolt Against Iran Nuke Deal 

Baltimore Correctional Officers

Baltimore Correctional Officers Caught On Video Looting

Mike Morell

Very Sad - Ex-CIA Director Still Lying About Benghazi

Hillary Clinton

The Clinton Foundation's Criminal Board Of Trustees


The Real Immigration Issue

Sunlight Foundation

How A Small Minority Funds Our Elections - The 1% Of The 1%


Shocking - Razed, Bulldozed & Destroyed, A List Of ISIS Obliteration Of History

Mohamed Morsi

Update - Obama's Hand Picked & Supported, Muslim Brotherhood, Ex-President Of Egypt Sentenced To Death  

Jeh Johnson

DHS Chief Blames Tech Glitch For Violating Judge's Amnesty Injunction

South China Sea

China Tells John Kerry To Go Pound Sand Over Their South China Sea Encroachment


US Special Forces, Boots On Ground, Kill Top ISIS Commander In Syria 


Obamacare Enrollees Forced To Pay IRS For Billions In Subsidies Agency Improperly Gave Away

Dirty Harry

The 5 Dumbest Tweets Of The Week

Dr. Mauricelm Lei Millere

"Blacks Must Kill Cops, In Self Defense"

Palestinian Protesters

Palestinians Anti-Peace Campaign

Marilyn Mosby

"Historic Conflicts Of Interest" - Cops File Motion To Dismiss Corrupt Leftist Marilyn Mosby Case


Parents Furious - Schoolboard Approves Teaching "Gender Fluidity"

Scud Misslies

US Aircraft Carrier Near Yemen No Deterrent Against Iran's Scud Missiles


Class Warfare Card Again - Calls Wealthy "Society's Lottery Winners"

US Navy

Pentagon - US Will Defend Against China's Illegal Maritime Claims In South China Sea


Secret ObamaTrade Deal - You Stupid Republicans Have To Pass It To See What's In It


Obama Admin Is Training "About 90" Syrians To Defeat ISIS...(That Ought To Do It) 

Randi Weigarten

Teacher Union Survey Shows Teachers Union "Massively Fails" Teachers

Cher's House

The Grass Is Greener In Hollywood - Despite California's Drought Check Out These Libs Who Don't Care

Hillary Clinton

Iowa Dems Flee Hillary, Call Her "Bride Of Frankenfood"

Muslim Leader

Muslim Leader Who Said Israel Is "Enemy Of God" Invited To White House

Tea Party

Official Government Documents Label These 72 Types OF Americans As Potential Terrorists

Golden Hammer

Amtrak Gets The Golden Hammer Award - "The Most Egregious Examples Of Government Waste"

Obama Arab Leaders

Arab Ally Leaders Not Buying What Obama is Selling


Left-Wing Loons Have Lowest Demo Day In Decade 

Jeb Bush

Conservative Group Continues To Call Bush "Unelectable"

Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio - One Of The Least Wealthy Candidates Seeking The White House

Ayatollah Mohammad Ali Movahedi Kermani

US Is "Hallucinating" If They Think They Are Going To Inspect Our Nuke Sites

Hank Johnson

Loony Dem, "We Don't Have Enough Taxes" - To Do What The Government Needs To Do

Romney Holyfield

Romney Fights For Charity - Charity Won

Alexander Hamiton

The Second American Revolution

Military Woman

Congress Pressing Military To Design Special Combat Boots, In Different Styles, Just For Women


"Not How They Roll" - Pentagon Asks Media To Scrap Old Footage Of ISIS Columns

Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi

ISIS Chief - "Islam Is The Religion Of War"


Russian Aggression Prompts Baltic Nations To Seek Help From NATO


South Carolina Deputy Shot Multiple Times At Gas Station


ISIS Runs Circles Around US Bureaucracy In War Of Ideas

Donald Trump

Uh-Oh...Donald Trump Also Donated To The Clinton Foundation

George Stephanopoulos

Why George Stephanopoulos Blew His Credibility 


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Americans May Soon Be Able To Sign Up Over The Phone For Food Stamps

“What The Hell Happened” - One VA Firing Over VA Scandal


Supreme Court

The Most Important Obamacare Case You've Never Heard Of

Hossein Salami

Iran Military Commander "We Welcome War With The Americans"


The EPA Water Rule Is A Power Grab & Attack On Property Rights

Bill & Hillary Clinton

How & Why Foreign Governments Made The Clintons Rich

Hassan Rouhani

Iran Escalates Persecution Of Religious Minorities


Decline Of Black Family On Full Display In Baltimore

Ernist Moniz

Obama's Favorite Solar Plant Slaughters Hundreds Of Birds Every Day-Environmentalists Don't Care


Chief Surgeons Group Warns - Obamacare Is Going To Collapse 

Hillary Clinton

Judicial Watch Files 7 New FOIA Lawsuits Against State Department

DHS Vehicle

DHS Caught Moving Illegal Somalis & Africans Late At Night


Kirsten Powers

Left-Wing Columnist Shocks Everyone - Confesses Left Lies & Intimidates To Silence Right

Capital Building

Finally - Congress Rips Obama On Illegal Immigration, Unconstitutional

Bill De Blasio

NYC Left-Wing Mayor's "Pro-Crime" Policies Turning Central Park Back Into "Mugger Park" - Does it Get Any Clearer?

American Flag

Why Americans Oppose Economic Redistribution Despite Income Inequality 


20.7% Of Jobs In Baltimore Are Government Jobs


The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons The Daily Accounts Daily Cartoon

Obama Sticks With Failing ISIS Strategy

Why Gyrocopter Pilot Flew Into Capital Hill

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Rory Mcllroy 

W T Waggoner Estate

Biggest Ranch In America Goes On Sale For $725 Million


7 Uncomfortable Truths About Living In Norway

Custom RV

12 Of The Coolest RVs On The Road

Lawn Painting

Is Your Lawn Brown? Paint It Green


The Man Who Quit His Job To Make An $8,000 Van His Home

Apple Computer

Dial-Up Internet Isn't Dead Yet


Here Is What The People Who Control The Internet Are worried About

Victoria's Model

Victoria's Secret Is Making One Big Mistake


Verizon Buys AOL 

Outrageous Limos

Limos You Won't Believe

Cruise Ship

Cruise Ship Runs Aground


Here Is The Safest Place To Sit On A Train


Which Airline Ranks Highest In Customer Satisfaction


ISIS Militants Using Russian Web Payment System To Raise Cash

David Letterman

Retiring David Letterman - Look Back At His "Top Ten"

FAO Schwartz

The World's Most Iconic Toy Store Is Suddenly Shutting Down

Ice Cave

Tours Put The Ice In Iceland

Richard Overton

109-Year-Old WWII Veteran Smokes & Drinks Whiskey Every Day

Levi Charles Reardon

Is It Possible To Be Any Dumber Than This Guy



Dr. Beach's Unofficial Favorite Beaches


This June Will Be Longer That You Thought


20 Metro Areas Where The Locals Are Least Likely To Feel Safe

Self Driving Car

Google's Plan To Eliminate Human Driving In 5 Years


Google To Put A "Buy" Button In Your Search Results


The Best Bourbon On The Market Right Now

Mad Max

The Outrageous Cars Of Mad Max

Radio Telescope

Scientists Discover Origin Of Mysterious Radio Signal 

Kraft Goodell

Kraft, Goodell Relationship "Pretty Much Dead"

Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest Reacts To "American Idol" Cancellation

 Jet Bike 
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Irrational Liberal Logic

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After America, There Is No Place To Go

Executive Orders

Executive Orders


Thank You Dems

Thank You Dems, You Now Own It


Chris Christie

Chris Christie For President


Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby Does It Again


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