Obama VS Baghdad On Sunni Cleansing Of Mosul 
Presidential Debate

Trump Keeps Scoring, Hillary Keeps Failing

Part 2 – Dems Rigging The Election, This Is A Crime

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Hillary Clinton

Debate Whopper!! - Hillary, Dressed As Chairman Mao, Claimed 90% Of The Clinton Foundation's Money Goes To Programs, In-Fact It Is Only 6% 

Hillary Clinton

Finally, A Formal Complaint Filed Against Clinton Campaign For Violating Campaign Laws

John Podesta

Hillary's Slimbag Campaign Chair Heckled During CNN Interview "We Got Your Emails John Podesta"

 Podestra Clinton

WikiLeaks Email - Podesta Actually Says "It's OK For Illegals To Vote"

Who Ever Restroom Sign

Federal Judge Blocks Obama's Transgender Decree Nationwide 

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Caught Calling Black Servants The "N-Word", Maybe Because Founding Member Of The KKK Was One Of Her Mentors 

Donald Trump

Trump Reveals Term Limit Details

Hillary Clinton

I Want Paid Thugs At Trump Rallies To Disrupt Everything - Yes It's True & Now You Know Why That Happened

Illegal Aliens

Illegal Alien "Surge" At The Border Ahead Of 2016 Election

Hillary Clinton

The Clinton Record - The Most Unfit & Undeserving Individual Ever To Seek The American Presidency


Hillary & The Fundamental Legal Premise Of Tyranny

The Worst College Professor In America

Voter Fraud Investigation In Texas

Ann Coulter

Hillary's Advantage: The Media - Trump's Advantage: The Issues


The Cowboy Nation Rides Again


Ex-DOJ Election Attorney Says 4 Million Dead People Voting & DOJ Doesn't Care

Hillary Clinton

Uh-Oh...Podesta Email, Staffer Claims Hillary "Doesn't Seem To Know What Planet We Are Living On"

Ayatollah Khamenei

Iran Seeking "Many Billions" Of Dollars In Ransom To Free More US Hostages

Hillary Clinton

Team Hillary Responds To Latest FBI/State Dept. Controversy - "Quid Pro Quo" Is Latin For "This Is How We Do Things" So Shut Up!

Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan & Republican Leaders Plot Against Trump & The American People


American Faces Cybersecurity Threats...One Of Them Is A Presidential Candidate

Malik Obama

Obama's Brother Will Be At The Debate...Cheering On Donald Trump

Trump Protesters

Dems Planted Paid Agitators At Trump Rallies, Then Claimed Trump Supporters Are Violent

Donald Trump

Third Debate, Finally A Fair Fight

Jullian Assange

John Kerry Lied Again - US Did Urge Ecuador To Act Against WikiLeaks Leader Assange

Donald Trump

Financial Times - "Disruptive Donor" Fuels Trump's Republican Revolt

Elizabeth Warren

Dems Pull The Fake Pocahontas Off The Reservation To Go On The War Path To Attack Trump 

Trump Clinton

Polls Methodology Review - Analysis Shows Trump Win


First Muslim Majority American City Council Inching Towards Sharia Law...Shocking


Brooke Baldwin

CNN Host, Brooke Baldwin Doesn't Understand Trump's Call For Term Limits Because There Are Already "Term Limits" On Congress - Do People Really Watch CNN?

Republican Campaign Office

Another Republican Campaign office Vandalized

Supreme Court

Will The Supreme Court Rein In The Department Of Education's Ridiculous Transgender Locker-Room Edict


NBC Paints Republicans As "Violent" Following GOP Office Firebombing & Proof Clinton Campaign Paid Thugs To Disrupt Trump Rallies

Barbi Twins

2 Playboy Models Making Stunning Trump Claim


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The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons The Daily Account's Daily Cartoon

Scandals Make Hillary Even More Frightening

FBI & Quid Pro Quo On Hillary's Email


Hillary Clinton

Uh-Oh...Emails, Hillary Needs A Podium, "Can't Walk Around"

Hillary Clinton

"Huge" Gender Pay Gap Found At The Clinton Criminal Foundation, Screw Women


We Have A Problem Huston - Millennials Have Little Or No Knowledge Of Socialism Or Communism

Hillary Clinton

"Take The Money!" Clinton & Aides Agreed To Take Foreign Money


Voter Fraud Exists - 3 More Cases

Hillary Clinton

Surprise, 96% Of Campaign Contributions Of More Than $200 By People Who Work In News Media Have Gone To Clinton

Rudy Guiliani

Rudy Giuliani - Why Is It Dead People Almost Always Vote Democratic

Michael Isikoff

Hillary Was Very Much A Part Of Discrediting Women Accusing Bill & The "Bimbo Eruptions"

Peter Thiel

Conservative Silicon Valley Billionaire Feels The Wrath Of The Corrupt Obama Admin.

Hillary Clinton

Clinton Campaign "Hyper Sensitive" Of Health, Tax Issues




Violent Anti-Trump "Bird Dogging" By 2016 Hillary Clinton Campaign & The DNC - Watch

James O'Keefe

A Nation Owes James O'Keefe A Debt Of Gratitude

George Soros

Trump Has Courage - Standing Up To Those Trying To Steal The Election

Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan, A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing

Kushner & Trump

Now Politico Writer Accuses Trump's Jewish Son-In-Law Is Catering To Nazis

Patrick Kennedy

Uh-Oh..."Quid Pro Quo" Between The State Department & The FBI - Unprecedented Corruption

Progressive Lunacy

Progressive Lunacy - Science Must Be "Decolonized" & Scrapped, Yes...Science Is Too White

Sidney Blumenthal

Hillary's Bottom Feeding Adviser, Sidney Blumenthal, Illegal Aliens Are "Underserved Poor" & Democrats Are The Party Of "Wall Street"

Republican Office North Carolina

Fire Bomb Thrown Into Republican Office In North Carolina "Nazi Republicans Leave Town Or Else"

Tree Huggers

Uh-Oh...WikiLeaks Reveals Hillary Trashes Environmentalists In Private - Tells Them To "Get A Life" 


Trey Gowdy

Leaked Emails - Hillary Wanted Trey Gowdy Discredited

Hillary Clinton

Everybody Knows She Stole Furniture From The White House, But She Was Also Accused Of Stealing State Department Furniture

College Students

Hillary Supporters In College Struggle To Name One Accomplishment, Yes These Kids Can Vote - Watch

Man In The Shadow

Clinton's FBI Files Actually Mention The "Shadow Government" At The State Department

Glenn Thrush

Politico Reporter Caught Sending Story To Hillary Aide For Approval, Admits He Is A "Hack"


Judge Orders IRS To Clear, Still Held, Tea Party Applications Within The Month - IRS Scandal Continues


Milo Speaks To Millennials For Trump - "Free Speech Is What Makes America Great"

Michele Fiore

Nevada Assemblywoman Calls The BLM A Domestic Terrorist Agency

Uncle Sam

America's Biggest Fear, The Government, Not ISIS

Goldman Sachs

Another Hillary Goldman Sachs Speech - System Designed To Protect Political Elites, We Must Cut Conservatives Out

New data from the Hubble Space Telescope shows that the universe has two trillion galaxies, which is 10 times more than previously thought. The good news is, none of those galaxies are made by Samsung. - Jimmy Fallon

Trey Gowdy Shows You Why Hillary Should Never Be President

Gun Store Owner Hosts “Pre-Hillary” Sale


Chris Cuomo

Read This Very Carefully, CNN Host Tells Its 2 Listeners It's Illegal To View WikiLeaks Emails - CNN Has Crossed The Line

Hillary Clinton

Hillary's Speech To Goldman Sachs: Americans Who Want To Limit Immigration Are "Fundamentally Unamerican" - Now You Know Why She Calls You Deplorable

Hillary Clinton

Matt Drudge Fires Warning Shot At Hillary - Your Lesbianism Bomb Is About To Drop

Comey Lynch

Calls For Comey & Lynch Impeachment For Hillary's White Wash

Jason Chaffetz

Secret Service Leaks Private Information On Rep. Jason Chaffetz In Retaliation, Then Refuses To Make IT Security Corrections

Anthony Senecal

Trump's Butler Debunks Another Alleged Groper's Story: "That Never Happened"

Summer Zervos

Another Trump Accuser's Claim Debunked By Relatives - Very Sad

Michelle Obama

Rush Takes Apart The 2 Faced, Hypocritical "Mooch" After Her Comments About Donald Trump

Anthony Gilberthorpe

Witness Comes Forward, Refutes Trump's Sex Assault Accuser

Hillary Clinton

WikiLeaks Reveals - Hillary Campaign Was Posting "Fake" Sexist Trump Job Ads On Craigslist - Approved By Podesta

Donald Trump

All Out War - 10 Signs Attempts Being Made To Sabotage The Trump Campaign

Hillary Clinton

Leaked Emails - Hillary Supports TPP, Gutting Of America, But Lied To The Public

Supreme Court

Email Leak - Did The Clinton Camp Know Justice Scalia Would Be Murdered 

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Backed The Terrorist Muslim Brotherhood As Secretary Of State

Chris Wallace

Final President Debate Topics Announced

Ann Coulter

Casting Call For Another Anita Hill

Comey, Lynch

FBI Agents & DOJ Attorneys About To Revolt Over Hillary's Email Investigation

Hillary Clinton

WikiLeaks - Clinton Advisers Discuss Capitalizing On Flint - Say GOP Poisons People

Hillary Clinton

"Entire Investigation" Into Hillary's Private Server In Doubt

Donald Trump

Trump Threatened To Appoint Special Prosecutor On Opposition, Dems Went Nuts - But The Democrats Actually Did It Many Times





Chelsea Clinton

"Spoiled Brat" Chelsea Clinton Hires The Wrong Law Firm To Audit The Clinton Criminal Foundation & Proves Trump Was Right

Donald Trump

By Exposing The Federal Reserve, Trump Does America A Huge Favor

Political Polls

Don't Trust The Polls - Election Dynamics Not Accounted For

Barack & Michelle

How Barack & Michelle Really Lost Their Law Licenses

Tim Kaine Rally

Only About 50 People Show Up To See Hillary's VP Tim Kaine In Miami

Cars Spraypainted

Hillary Supporters Spray Paint 20 Cars Outside Trump Rally

Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett Is No Saint When It Comes To Taxes, Avoided More Than Trump

Sylvia Burwell

47 Lawmakers Demand Answers To HHS Chief's New Rule Requiring Doctors Perform "Gender Transition" Procedures & Hillary Wants Complete Government Run Healthcare

Mindy McGillivary

Disgusting - Trump Accuser Claims Trump Abusively "Nudged" Her At A Concert That "Never Happened"

UN Troops

UN Soldier Says They Will Soon Occupy America - Going Door-To-Door

Antonio Gramsci

Antonio Gramsci's Theories Have Ben At Work In The US For A Long Time & You Had No Clue

Donna Brazile

New Head Of The DNC Dropped At CNN & She Is Not Happy About It - Doesn't Have A Clue That What She Did Was Wrong

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Answers Written Judicial Watch Questions Under Penalty Of Perjury In Email Lawsuit - 20 Times She Says "I Don't Recall"

Jeff Sessions

Sessions - No Borders, No Country - Hillary Is Pushing For Complete Open Borders Which Will Collapse The Country

Hillary Clinton

100 Agents In FBI's Hillary Investigation "Unanimous" On Pulling Her Security Clearance

Hillary Clinton

Another Leaked Speech - Hillary Claimed More Food Stamps Will Fix The Economy


College Students Chanting "Blue" Lives Don't Matter - Leftists Love These Useful Idiots

Sharyl Attkisson

Award Winning Journalist, Sharyl Attkisson Ignites Firestorm About Media's Onslaught - "Somebody Is Very, Very Worried"

Jullian Assange

Wikileaks Reveals Hillary Carefully Handpicks Shootings To Exploit For Her Gun Control Agenda

US Navy Ship

US Missiles Destroy Iran Backed Houthi Controlled Radar Sites On Yemen Coast

Hillary Clinton

Hillary's Forgotten Foreign Aid Fiascos - Doled Out Billions To Corrupt Governments 


Somebody Cuts WikiLeaks Internet Link, Claims It Was A "State Party"

Hillary Clinton

In Her Own Words - 13 Acts Of Treason By Hillary Clinton


Germany - Watch Muslims Throw Themselves In Front Of City Buses, Attack Cars While Screaming "Allah Akbar"

Peter Schweizer

Hillary Lied To The White House, Congress & Sold Favors On A "Global Scale"


Watch - Police Confront Armed Black Man With A Very Different Out Come - Why?

Tomas Martinez-Maldonado

Another Illegal Alien From Mexico Rapist, Deported 10 Times - Will Hillary & Obama Apologize To The Victim? Read This

Megyn Kelly

Trump Hating Megyn Kelly Gets Pummeled In Ratings

Marlee Matlin

Marlee Matlin, Deaf Actress, Responds To Claims Donald Trump Called Her "Retarded"

Victoria Hughes

Another Former Miss Teen USA Defends Trump On Dressing Room Allegations

Hillary Clinton

Google Trends Shows Users Far More Interested In WikiLeaks Than Trump Allegations


WikiLeaks - Podesta Email Asks Clinton's Lawyer, "Think We Should Hold Emails To & From Obama?" - Obama Denied Even Knowing Hillary Had A Private Server


Canadian Security Screening "A Joke" As Canada Commits "Settlement Jihad" 

Hillary Clinton

Is Hillary Still Running The State Department?


Regulation Nation - Digital Regulations Will Put Some Trucking Companies Out Of Business

Hillary Clinton

Happy Birthday Bill - Qatar Gives Bill Clinton $1 Million For His Birthday While Hillary Was Secretary Of State

Michelle Obama

The "Mooch" Is "Shaken To Her Core" Over Trump's Comments - But Rapist Bill Clinton Is Super Charming, What A Fraud

Hillary Clinton

Wikileaks - Hillary Willing To Play Refugee Roulette With American Lives

James O'Keefe

James O'Keefe's Project Veritas Goes Under Cover & Finds Out Hillary Might Issue Executive Order On Gun Control

James O'Keefe

Twitter Suspends James O'Keefe As He Releases New Hillary Video

Jack Abramoff

Former Super Lobbyist, Jack Abramoff, Who Served Prison Time Warns, Hillary Is The Most Corrupt Person To Come Close To The Presidency

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WikiLeaks Exposed The True Level Of Government Corruption

Flashback – Recap Of The President Of The United States


Marc Turi

Arms Dealer Says White House Tried To Make Him A Scapegoat On Failed Libya Operation To "Protect" Screwup Hillary

Roger Stone

Big Banks Own The Clintons Lock, Stock & Barrel 

Hillary Clinton

Leaked Emails - Hillary's Top Aides Picked Which Emails To Turn Over "AFTER" Subpoena


Afghanistan - Never Has So Much Been Spent, Over So Long, To Accomplish So Little

Clarence Thomas

Shameful - The National Museum Of African American History & Culture, Snubs Justice Clarence Thomas

Al Gore

Al Gore Gets Excited - "Hillary Will Make Solving The Global Warming Crisis A Top Priority"

Bill Clinton

Trump Holds Pre-Debate Press Conference With Bill Clinton Accusers

Bob Bennie

Read It & Weep - Government Destroys Tea-Party Leader For Opposing Obama

Clinton Obama

White House Approved Hillary's Private Server - Lied Again When He Said He Didn't Know It Existed

Waffle House

"Gun-Free" Georgia Waffle House Robbed 2 Times In 3 Weeks - Damn Robbers Can't Read


Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Obama's Department Of Injustice Goes After Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Hillary Clinton

Hillary & Obama - The Conspiracy To Weaponize Iran

Clinton & Comey

FBI Agents Are Ready To Revolt Over Fake Clinton Investigation

Hillary Clinton

Gen. Mike Flynn - Hillary's Record On Libya Is Even Worse Than You Think

Syrian Refugees

Obama Official Won't Say How Many Syrian Refugees US Will Import In 2017



The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons The Daily Account's Daily Cartoon

Obama Is Refurbishing Mosques With Your Tax Dollars

Hacked Emails – Elite Want Dumbed Down Americans

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 Chinese Bridge 


WOW - Fisherman "Never In My Life Have I Seen Anything This Big"

Woman VS Man

Who Swears More At Work, Men Or Women

Solar Panels

Walking On Sunshine - Company Debuts Solar Sidewalks & Solar Roadways

Pontiac Tempest

This Is One Of The Oddest Cars To Come Out Of Detroit

John Stumpf

CEO Sold Millions In Wells Fargo Stock Before Fraud Revealed


Can A Computer Beat Humans At Poker

Police Attacked

"We Run The Streets" Mob Surrounds Police Car & Attacks With Officer Inside

Arcada Providence

America's Oldest Shopping Mall Has Been Turned Into Beautiful Micro-Apartments



Neil Lassen

2 Guys In Their 20's Built A $150,000 Side Hustle Selling T-Shirts On Amazon

AMC Pacer

"Wayne's World" Pacer Was The Star Of The Barrett-Jackson Auction, If You're Stoned

Stock Market

Hybrid Robo-Advisors Will Manage 10% Of All Investable Assets By 2025

School Bus Home

9 School Bus Homes That Are Way To Cool For School


53 Million Americans Don't Have A Traditional Desk Job, Here Is How To Freelance


900 HP 70's Winnebago Like No Other

Giant Pumpkin

Dad Squashes Son's Giant Pumpkin Record


US Traffic Fatalities Rise 10% In 2016

Underground Church

Beautiful Underground Buildings


It's Raining In Los Angeles & People Are Losing Their Minds


Top-Paying & Lowest-Paying College Majors

USS Zumwalt

Navy's New Destroyer Rides Like A "Really Souped-Up" SUV

Home Library

22 Home Libraries That Will Give You Serious Reading Goals


10 Best TV Shows Of All Time

1970s Bathroom

This House Hasn't Been Touched Since The 70s - It's For Sale, Check It Out


Meet The Family With 3 Kids That Has Been Sailing Around The World For 8 Years




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